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Little Blue Truck, Time for School | Read Aloud for Kids… The most beloved truck in all of kid-lit is here with a school day adventure that proves that heroes come in ALL sizes, and you’re never too small to come to the rescue of a friend who missed the bus! KidTime StoryTime is taking a wild ride!

Published by HarperKids! Written in crazy-awesome rhyme by Alice Schertle and vividly illustrated by Jill McElmurry.




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0:00 Time for School, Little Blue Truck
1:10 Back to School Read aloud start
6:51 Truth bomb


Hey Kid! Super excited because I have a book that you 
have wanted me to read for so long and it is… DRUM ROLL Little Blue Truck!!!! Why isn’t it green? Why isn’t it red? That’s not the reaction I was expecting Yeah, what I just want to know is why is it 
Little Blue Truck and not Little Green Truck? Now everybody knows that the best trucks 
are red trucks because they’re faster!  That’s not even technically real! Excuse me? Uh huh?
Yes? The Little Blue Truck is blue because… Yeah?
This better be good It’s blue Oh. So it’s blue because it’s blue.
Yeah I guess it’s kind of like us… HOOTY HAPPY-HOOTS!!!! Hooty the Owl! I’m happy to see that at least 
you are excited about Little Blue Truck. HOOTY HOOTS! I know! It’s a “Time For School, 
Little Blue Truck” so it is perfect for   Back to school. HOOT HOOT HOOT! Are you ready? AFFIRMATIVE HOOTING! All right. let’s fly in, shall we? Little Blue Truck – oh! And there we are. Little Blue Truck in his farmhouse 
because we are on the farm. ROOSTER CROWS! Thank you, Random Rooster, wherever you are… Horn went BEEP! Engine purred.
Friendliest sounds you’ve ever heard Little Blue Truck came down the road
early one morning with good friend Toad Hey Toad! Little Blue Truck called beep beep hi
to a big bright school bus passing by What a wonderful bus all shiny and yellow
she stopped and smiled: hi little fella!

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And look at the headlights! The headlights 
are the eyes. But you know what they say:   The headlights are the eyes to a car’s soul. No no no!
Olivia the Ostrich, what do you mean no? The saying is the eyes are the windows to the soul Not the headlights are the eyes of the soul? No! I- I’m pretty sure both are right. No! Oh, okay Inside everyone sat in a row
they waved out the windows to Blue below Little duck called QUACK! There’s school today!
Little goat said BAH, little horse said NEIGH! Lamb chick calf called Bah! peep! moo! We’re taking the bus to school, Little Blue  Taking the bus / taking the bus 
bah peep moo / we’re taking the bus What a wonderful job, said Little Blue
I wish I were a school bus, too You’re a good little truck the school bus said
but this job needs a bus instead I’m shiny yellow, I’m long and wide
with lots of windows and seats inside Isn’t that just life for you? You are a popular 
Little Blue Truck with, like, a million books   All about you because you are so beloved. And yet 
you still dream of being a big yellow school bus. It’s like having curly hair 
but then you want straight hair It’s like being Green Bear, but I really 
want to be the owner of a bear claw bakery Well you could actually still do that… Oh it’s like being a Red Bear, 
but you really want to be a race car  Oh you mean a race car driver. No. I mean a race car. It’s like being a pickle but –
but what do you want to be, Dill? A pickle
okay… II’s like being a White Rat, but you 
really want to be a cheese inspector Okay… aren’t you kind of that already? You see? Dreams can come true! As his bus drove off Blue heard her say
mustn’t be late for school today! Down the road went Little Blue
still wishing he were a school bus, too There he is, still dreaming of being a big 
yellow school bus when he is an incredibly  

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Popular character in a popular line 
of children’s books. But you know… It happens to the best of us They were almost home when blue said Toad!
That’s Piggy crying by the road! Oink! Oink! I’m late, poor Piggy wept.
I missed the bus! I overslept! She missed the bus! She overslept! Oh no!!! Beep beep don’t cry, said Little Blue
Climb in, let’s see what I can do By now the bus is way ahead
We’ll take another way instead Blue made a turn and left the road
Hang on, Piggy! Hang on, Toad! I know a path right through the wood
I’ll get you there like a school bus should You’ll get us there like a school bus 
should! But whoa! And it’s so much ruckus   That this guy is peeking out at- whoa! 
There’s eyes. And oh, there’s some eyes. Um okay Hold on a second. Testing, testing. Please keep your hands and snouts inside 
the Little Blue Truck at all times. Please, manténgase alejados de la puertas. Thank you. Bump! Bump! Bump! The path was rough and Blue was little but Blue was tough There were bushes and brambles and towering trees
Croak, said Toad it’s quite a squeeze There’s no room here for a great big bus
BEEP said Blue, there’s room for us! Cause we’re little! There’s room for us! HOOT called an owl with mild surprise
and looked at blue with big round eyes A grey squirrel chatted CHEE CHEE CHEE!
jumped along from tree to tree  When they came to a stream, Blue splashed right in
BEEP BEEP he said with a Little Blue grin  I’m good at streams and getting wet 
a little water never stopped me yet Through the woods, what a bumpy ride
Then there was a road on the other side On the other side / on the other side Why did the Little Blue Truck cross the road?
Oh, why did the Little Blue Truck cross the road? To get to the other curbside!
That was a good one Oink!, yelled Piggy, you did it, Blue!
I see the school and the school bus, too Beep!, said Blue it wasn’t hard
And he drove right into the school bus yard BEEP! TWEET! NEIGH! BAH! TWEET! QUACK! NEIGH! BAH! Everybody’s so excited! The school bus stared and blinked her eyes
looks like this job is just your size

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You’re not big, not yellow, not long and wide
but you had room for a friend inside He had room for his friend inside 
/ he was just the perfect size You did this job in your very own way
we needed a tough little truck today NEIGH! PEEP! OINK! QUACK! BAH! MOO!
Everybody cheered: Good Job, Blue! Yeah let’s do it again… NEIGH! PEEP! OINK! QUACK! BAH! MOO!
Everybody cheered: Good Job, Blue! So see? It didn’t matter that he wasn’t 
big and yellow with lots of windows and lots of doors. The deal is he was 
just the right size for the job. Which means everybody gets to play 
their part, no matter what their size!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.