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Our preschool videos include circle time, songs, reading, movement and more! In our learning video, “Preschool for Littles” you’ll learn all about the letter C and discover how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly! Our videos are packed with a weeks worth of lessons for your child! Ms Rachel has a masters in music education from NYU and worked with early childhood experts, a speech therapist and reading specialist (Frida from Playful Literacy) a Broadway music director (Aron, who plays all the puppets and piano) a child and family therapist, an award winning songwriting powerhouse (Jules!) to create content that teaches, nurtures and brings little ones joy! Our episodes also include special guests from around our vibrant community of New York City! The videos include phonics, art, math, reading, science, dramatic play, read alouds, finger plays, action songs, social emotional learning, music and more! We hope your child enjoys this learning video for kids!

”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

This video is great for toddlers, preschoolers and even older siblings that are 4 years old, 5 years old and up through second grade. 2 year olds and 3 year olds will love this video and other videos on our channel. We even have videos for babies! We have full music and movement classes for 0-5 year olds, speech practice videos for babies and toddlers, and preschool videos for preschoolers. Our videos are great for kindergarten prep and kindergarteners.

Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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Hi Hi Welcome to class i’m so happy you’re Here me too Today we’re going to learn about Caterpillars So why are we dressed like butterflies Do you know Because caterpillars turn into Butterflies Wow First Let’s sing our welcome song it’s circle Time yay Hello how are you hello how are you Hello how are you how are you today Can you clap your hands can you clap Your hands can you clap your hands clap Your hands with me Can you walk like a caterpillar can you Walk like a caterpillar can you walk Like a caterpillar walk like a Caterpillar with me That was so fun it’s hard to say Caterpillar it’s a long word catapillar Wow can you say it caterpillar Good job Let’s do a circle time song If you’re happy and you know it clap Your hands If you’re happy and you know it clap Your hands If you’re happy and you know it and you Really want to show it if you’re happy

And you know it clap your hands If you’re happy and you know it stomp Your feet If you’re happy and you know it stomp Your feet If you’re happy and you know it and you Really want to show it if you’re happy And you know it stomp your feet If you’re happy and you know it shout Hooray hooray if you’re happy and you Know it shout hooray all right if you’re Happy and you know it and you really Want to show it if you’re happy and you Know it shout hooray hooray do you think We could do all three If you’re happy and you know it do all Three All right if you’re happy and you know It do all three Hooray if you’re happy and you know it And you really want to show it if you’re Happy and you know it do all three Now let’s pretend to fly like a Butterfly If you’re happy and you know it flies Like a butterfly Good flying If you’re happy and you know it fly like A butterfly Oh beautiful If you’re happy and you know it and you Really want to show it if you’re happy And you know it flies like a butterfly So pretty

Good flying wow That was so much fun Great job If you’re happy and you know it clap Your hands If you’re happy and you know it clap Your hands if you’re happy and you know It and you really want to show it if You’re happy and you know it clap your Hands Yay Wow you did such a great job Let’s say our names i’m miss rachel i’m Herbie what’s your name That’s a great name i can’t wait to Learn with you yeah Next let’s check the weather Can you check the weather where you live What’s the weather what’s the weather What’s the weather like today Is it sunny is it cloudy what’s the Weather like today What’s the weather like where you live It’s rainy here yeah here it’s raining What are some things we can wear when It’s rainy outside Good ideas oh oh oh did you hear Something yeah a raincoat Good idea Rain boots yeah and we can stomp in the Puddles oh that’s so much fun I love puddles What do we hold to keep us dry from the Rain

Yeah An umbrella good job let’s put an Umbrella up umbrella Yeah umbrella i like how colorful it is Me too Hi georgie hi miss rachel you’re just in Time for our circle time book great i Love this part me too i love to read hmm What do you think this story is about I’ll read the title the title is the Very hungry caterpillar And it’s by eric carl In the light of the moon a little egg Lay on a leaf Do you see the egg One sunday morning the warm sun came up And Pop Out of the egg came a tiny and very Hungry caterpillar he started to look For some food On monday He ate through one apple but he was Still hungry On tuesday he ate through two pairs but He was still Hungry On wednesday he ate through three plums But he was still hungry On thursday he ate through four Strawberries but he was still Hungry on friday he ate through five Oranges but he was still hungry on Saturday he ate through one piece of

Chocolate cake One ice cream cone one pickle One slice of swiss cheese one slice of Salami One lollipop one piece of cherry pie One sausage one cupcake and one slice of Watermelon Let’s pretend we’re the very hungry Caterpillar eating all the food That night he had a stomachache the next Day was sunday again the caterpillar ate Through one nice green leaf and after That he felt much better now he wasn’t Hungry anymore and he wasn’t a little Caterpillar anymore he was a big fat Caterpillar He built a small house called a cocoon Around himself he stayed inside for more Than two weeks Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon Pushed his way out and He was a beautiful butterfly Wow That was a great story That was one of my favorite books when i Was a little girl wow i loved that story Me too can you remember anything that Happened in the story I remember What do you remember Well he ate a lot of food uh-huh and Then he went into a chrysalis yeah and Then my favorite part He changed into a butterfly yeah

He changed into a beautiful butterfly Caterpillars are my new favorite thing Oh I’m gonna go find some that’s a great Idea For the next song I’m going to dance around with these Pieces of fabric you could get out some Scarves or some little dish towels or Anything you have old fabric and let’s Dance around it’s gonna be so much fun [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar moving oh so Slow whoa Caterpillar caterpillar munching as you Go Whoa Some people might say that you’re a Problem Some people might call you strange But caterpillar hang in there cause Things are gonna change [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar climbing up your Plant Whoa Quiet little caterpillar never saying Can’t No Every day you’re growing bigger You once were a little guy And caterpillar caterpillar soon you’re Gonna fly Where you’ll go

[Music] I don’t know [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar wrapped in your Cocoon Fuzzy cozy caterpillar you’ll come out Real soon [Music] I wish you could stay with me forever But it doesn’t work that way So caterpillar Butterfly It’s time to fly Away [Music] Bye bye Guess what it’s time for Letter Of the day Yay I love when it’s time for things me too Inside this magic box are some clues for What the letter of the day is You say out and i’ll put one out okay Take it out take it out take it Out It’s a toy Car Let’s see what the next clue is Take it out take it out take it Out it’s some pretend Corn [Music] I love corn

Here’s our last clue Take it out take it out take it Out It’s a Carrot Hmm yummy So the clues were Car Corn corn and Carrot carrot what letter do those sound Like do you know Let’s sing our c song C is a letter k is the sound that it Makes c is a letter Goes the c What do you think the letter of the day Is C You said c and the c came out great job Put it on put it on put it On We did it together Teamwork Let’s do where is thumpkin put your Hands behind your back Where is thumpkin where is thumpkin here I am Here i am how are you today sir very Well i thank you run away Run away Yay great job singing Here are two words that start with c Do you know what these are what’s this It’s a

Cow good job And this one is something that you have On your birthday It’s a Cake Cow and Cake they both start with c Let’s put these in the circle time mat Put them in put them and put them Good job I love cake high fives yeah Yeah High fives for everyone Hey guys it’s jules and i’m out in my Garden right now Do you know who loves gardens and plants Caterpillars Do you know what caterpillars transform Into That’s right butterflies Can you pretend to be a caterpillar And eat like this And fly like a butterfly All right you can follow along right up Here Let’s go [Music] Lunch munch munch like a caterpillar Breakfast lunch don’t skip dinner [Music] Flap your wings like a butterfly Let me see how hot You can go [Music]

Take a flower nap [Music] Say hello to all my friends waiting on Wings it’s a caterpillar butterfly thing [Music] Let’s do that again [Music] Lunch munch munch like a caterpillar Breakfast lunch Don’t skip dinner [Music] Start down [Music] And have a snack Say hello to all my friends waiting on Wings it’s a caterpillar butterfly thing [Music] Metamorphosis [Music] Transform joy to bliss Now i have my wings Cause it’s a caterpillar butterfly thing [Music] Thank you so much for pretending to be a Caterpillar and a butterfly with me will You go enjoy some outdoor time today Awesome Bye guys Next let’s see how many gumballs are in Our gumball machine can you count One Two Three Three gumballs can you hold up three

Fingers Good job Let’s put the number three in oh Put it in and put it and put it Good job There are three gumballs and so we put The number three down here good job Herbie yeah let’s take a bubble gum Break Today Let’s make your hands stick to our head Can you touch your head Good job okay so let’s take out a piece Of pretend bubble gum can you get one Out of your pocket What color is yours Mine’s pink Okay so put it in your mouth Now we’re gonna chew it Now let’s blow a really big bubble [Music] Oh no the bubble popped in the icky Sticky bubble gum is all over our hands Icky sticky sticky sticky bubble gum Bubble gum bubble gum sticky sticky Sticky bubble gum makes your hands stick To your head And you pull them and you pull up and You pull them away Good job That was so much fun It’s time for our magic movie We’re going to watch a sped up video of A caterpillar turning into a butterfly

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There’s the caterpillar Now it’s shedding its skin and turning Into a chrysalis Wow It’s in the chrysalis Now the chrysalis becomes kind of See-through Can you see the butterfly in there Wow It’s starting to break open whoa there’s The butterfly Its wings were crumpled and wet but now They’re drying Wow look at this butterfly i think it’s Drinking nectar from the flower Wow look at this beautiful butterfly It landed on a piece of grass Grass is green which is the color of the Day Hey look we found a green butterfly and That’s the color of the day It’s green and black So beautiful Can you find something in your house That’s green Good job Do you know what this shape is It’s n Oval good job Oval is the shape of the day Put it in in Put it in good job miss rachel Grass is green Good job herpe grass is green yeah i

Just thought of that Let’s pretend to be butterflies can you Fly around with me Good job fly fly like a butterfly fly Fly like a butterfly fly fly like a Butterfly fly around the yard Now let’s pretend we land on a flower Did you know that butterflies taste with Their feet Yum yum yum this flower tastes yummy Then they drink the nectar like this Land on a flower and drink the nectar up Land on a flower and drink the mixture Up land on a flower and drink the nectar Up the nectar tastes so yummy good job Now let’s fly around a little more Are you getting tired Let’s take a rest on a leaf butterflies Don’t sleep but they rest let’s rest on A leaf Land on a leaf and take a rest land on a Leaf and take a rest land on a leaf and Take a rest because we are so tired Oh let’s rest on this leaf So nice to take a rest Let’s get up and fly again are you ready Fly fly like a butterfly fly fly like a Butterfly fly fly like a butterfly fly Around the yard Great job wow You did a wonderful job being a Butterfly Hi friends hi let’s go on a nature Scavenger hunt in our yard yeah we’re

Gonna go on a scavenger hunt yeah what’s A scavenger hunt Well We have all these items on our list and We’re going to hunt for them in our yard Or if you don’t have a yard you could go To the park when we find what we’re Looking for we’ll put a check next to it Check next to it yeah Are you ready Yeah Let’s go Look miss rachel A flower it’s so beautiful Now we can check that off our list Uh-huh a beautiful pink flower [Music] Wow look what we found it’s a Pinecone Awesome Now we can check that off our list Look what i found there are so many of Them here It’s a tree Tree [Music] Miss rachel i found a spiderweb and a Bug Wow herbies two things on our list we Can check off great yeah Come see [Music] It’s a Stick

Wow i found a big stick [Music] Look what i found it’s an Acorn wow The acorn was hanging on an oak tree Yeah acorns come from oak trees acorns Have a little cap on them This one fell off An acorn is on our list so we can check It off great job we found an acorn yay I found this branch on the ground and Guess what There’s still an acorn attached would You like to see what it looks like Okay [Music] I found a rock which is on our list i Can check it off [Music] That was so much fun yeah we found so Many great things yeah we did great job It’s music time hooray Let’s go see ms alexa and learn all About opera Hi I’m alexa and i love music More than anything i like to sing and i Like to sing a certain kind of music Called Oprah So in opera It’s kind of like a play but instead of Speaking to each other hi how are you We will sing to each other so we might

Say hi It’s really fun and sometimes we sing Really high [Music] And sometimes We sing really low Sometimes we sing um loud And sometimes we sing really soft [Music] The most fun thing about opera is that You can make all kinds of sounds And You can let your voice be sad Or happy or Mad or In love or all kinds of things Now some things we do to help our voices Get warmed up and ready to sing is that We make really funny sounds so we might Warm up our face We might warm up our lips [Applause] Try that one [Music] [Applause] We might sing things like scales Or we might sing things that jump around La la la la la la I wonder if you can find some time next Time you’re singing to experiment with Your oprah Voice See you soon Next song we’re going to sing is about a

Tiny little bug called an ant We’re gonna sing a song about them Marching and we’re gonna count them as They march Can you march with me let’s go Here we go [Applause] The ants go marching one by one Hurrah the ants go marching one by one Hurrah hurrah the ants go marching one By one the little one stops to suck his Thumb and they all go marching down to The ground to get out of the rain boom Boom boom boom boom boom boom the ants Go marching two by two hurrah hurrah the Ants go marching two The ants go marching two by two the Little ones stop to tie his shoe and They all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rainbow [Music] The ants go marching three by three the Little ones stop to climb a tree and They all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rain The ants go marching forward The ants go marching four by four hurrah Hurrah the ants go marching four by four The little ones stop to shut the door And they all go marching down to the Ground to get out of the rainbow [Music] The ants go marching five by five the Little ones stop to give a high five

And they all go marching down to the Ground to get out of the rain boom boom Boom boom boom boom [Music] Look herbie i have a butterfly magic Wand [Music] I can turn you into a cat oh Boom You’re a cat Now i’m going to turn you into a car Another sea worth poop you’re a car Can i use the magic wand they don’t have One Herbie looks sad because he doesn’t have A magic wand i do have a magic wand Should i share my magic wand with herbie Yeah Yes i should share sharing makes your Heart feel happy Sharing yeah I’ll give him a turn and then i’ll just Wait and i’ll get it back again and i’ll Get another turn i’m gonna turn you into A cow Butterfly us calculus And back Wow Good job herbie thanks you were a good Cow thank you now i’m gonna be a carrot What do you think it’s funny i like that It was fun letting her use my wand i Liked being the one who was pretending To be the cow and i had fun too

Great Sharing is so much fun it makes your Heart happy Sharing is caring Let’s sing about animals and insects we See outside Are you ready Here we go Caterpillar caterpillar where are you Here i am here i am how do you do Butterfly Butterfly where are you Here i am here i am how do you do Jumping froggy jumping froggy where are You Here i am here i am how do you do Sleeping owl sleeping owl where are you Here i am here i am how do you do that Was so much fun what do you think this Is It’s a bird Little bird little bird where are you Here i am here i am how do you do That was so much fun great job Pretending to be animals and insects That we see outside my these are my Friends levi and chloe How does a caterpillar turn into a Butterfly First they started their caterpillar and Then they build a home right but they Always taught a tattoo nothing then They magically turn into a butterfly When they come out for a butterfly wow

I’ll i’ll show you a button that’s so Magical That’s a butterfly is that a real Butterfly no it’s fate oh it’s pretend Yeah it’s a costume i like to pretend Thanks for talking with me oh Thank you for the hug I’m so excited to make an egg carton Caterpillar with you i can’t wait let’s Get started Okay first i’m going to dip my Paintbrush in the green paint And paint the egg carton Green Green caterpillar What color are you going to paint yours You could do any color you want do you Like painting Me too I love it [Music] Now i’m going to paint the head red Wow this is so fun Wow that looks really cool thanks for Helping me Now i’m going to let it dry for a little While and then we’ll paint the face and Put in the antennas do you remember how We learned about bubbles I’m going to make some ovals for the Eyes [Music] Next i think i’ll make a little nose Huh

So cute There’s a little tiny nose Next i’ll put in the antennas [Music] It looks so cute It’s starting to look like a caterpillar [Music] Now let’s try the inside of the eyes And he’s all done hello Thank you for making me miss rachel I’m gonna go eat I’m so hungry you could draw him Something like hmm what’s something in The book he ate i think he ate an apple So you could draw an apple And then if your grown-up has a Hole puncher you could punch a hole in The apple You made me an apple thank you so much You could cut that out too with a Grown-up’s help Can you make me more food okay What else could i make him I think i’ll do a banana Drawing him a banana Oh thank you I love fruit it’s so yummy Wow that was such a fun craft thanks for Helping me Which one is the oval That’s right an oval Is this an oval Yes a balloon is shaped like an oval And so is a watermelon

And a football These are all ovals Good job let’s sing hickory dickory dock Yay Hickory dickory dock the mouse went up The clock the clock struck one the mouse Went down hickory dickory dock let’s do It again that was so much fun Let me hear you sing Hickory dickory dock the mouse went up The clock the clock truck won the mouse Went down hickory dickory dock Great job The rhyme of the day is bug and rug Rhymes are words that sound the same at The end Do bug and rug sound the same at the end Yeah they do good job Put them In [Music] Since the number of the day is three can You find three of something in your House i found three Yay One Two Three What can you find You could do three stuffed animals or Three books find three of something and Then count them One Two

Three Four Five Six [Music] Seven Eight Nine Ten [Music] 11 12 13 14 15 16. 17 18 [Music] 19 20. Caterpillar to butterfly by laura marsh Oh here’s a riddle What starts as an egg then walks on many Legs and then uses wings to fly A butterfly Beautiful butterflies butterflies are Fun to watch they fly with loops and Dives some have bright colors some have Bold patterns too Wow look at those beautiful butterflies There are four stages in a butterfly’s Life Stage one is an egg

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Stage two is a caterpillar stage three Is a chrysalis Stage four is a Butterfly stage one egg A mother butterfly lays many eggs on a Leaf or branch Each egg is close to food caterpillar Food that is Stage two caterpillar the tiny Caterpillar bites a hole in the egg it Crawls out the caterpillar is very Hungry The caterpillar eats its shell then it Eats the leaf it’s on the caterpillar Moves to another leaf it eats that too The caterpillar grows and grows it gets Too big for its skin it sheds its old Skin like a snake The new skin fits for a while but then The caterpillar is too big for that skin Too Caterpillars shed their skin four or Five times Stage three chrysalis By now the caterpillar is ready to rest It hangs upside down it sheds its skin One more time The new layer is called a chrysalis it Is a hard shell inside the caterpillar Is changing it stays in the chrysalis For 10 to 14 days Stage four Butterfly The chrysalis moves it splits open the

Butterfly wiggles out its wings are wet And crumpled Blood pumps into the butterfly’s wings They get bigger and harden the wings dry Now the butterfly is ready to fly have a Good trip butterfly Time for lunch A butterfly doesn’t eat plants like a Caterpillar it has no mouth A butterfly drinks nectar from flowers It drinks juice from fruit A tube on its head works like a straw Slurp Wow look at these close-up pictures and See if you can guess what they are Picture one Hint a caterpillar starts here what do You think it is Yeah It’s an egg Picture too hint Big changes happen inside Yeah it’s a chrysalis Three Hint it’s an all-day eater Yeah it’s that hungry caterpillar Four Hint this is covered with scales It’s butterfly wings wow they have Little scales Five It uses this to hide from predators That’s called camouflage Six

You won’t find these on your head Let’s do our caterpillar poem Yeah have you ever had a caterpillar Crawl on you Ooh It feels so tickly than it is Yeah Okay are you ready Yeah Go like this and pretend that a Caterpillar is crawling on you can you Do that it looks like a caterpillar Good job Ready go Caterpillar caterpillar crawling on me Caterpillar caterpillar’s so tickly Tickly tickly Tickly Caterpillar caterpillar eat eat eat Caterpillar caterpillar leaves are a Treat Eat Eat Leaves are a treat Make a chrysalis and that is where You’ll stay When you come out you can fly away fly Away What does a cat sleep on A caterpillar Get it caterpillar Tatter pillow [Music] Hi everybody welcome back to playful

Literacy i’m so glad you could make it Again Today we’re doing the letter sound c C says Let me show you what it looks like This is my letter c and it makes this Sound When i open my mouth really big my Tongue hits the roof of my mouth Can you try Can you guys guess what we’re gonna make For our letter c today Look at this Do you know what this is this Is cotton And it becomes a little ball when you Rub it together it feels super soft on Your skin We’re going to make cotton ball seas Today For our letter sound And we’re going to dye them and count Them everybody ready I have my glue My Colorful paper All of my dies for the food Coloring And my cotton balls we have so many Things that start with our letter sound Of the day I’m going to put my dye in these plates And then i’m going to dip my cotton Balls in them to make my

Here we go All right everybody i’m going to make my C first All the way around with my glue And now i’m going to take A cotton ball And dip it in one of my colors I wonder what this color is going to be Can you tell me Let’s see Whoa It’s green Oh my gosh my fingers are going to get So colorful I’m going to put my green cotton ball On my letter All right now i want to do a different Color i’m going to do just white And put it on My c my c sound now i want to do a color I’m going to do This color Can you guess what that’s going to be It looks a little orange right now But i think it’s supposed to be yellow Let’s see what happens to it Oh my goodness it got mixed up with my Green that’s silly Let’s put it here Now i’m going to do another white one so I have a green White Orange white I’m going to pick a different color now

Let’s make this one Oh it’s red everyone a dark red Now i’m going to put white So i do color White Color White color white let’s keep going Let’s do this one Wow what color is that You’re right it’s blue And now i’m going to do a white one We’re halfway there Let’s keep going Dip dip place And then a white one Dip dip place And then a white one Dipped it place And then a white one Dip dip place And then a white one One more Dip dip place And then a white one Guys look at how fluffy and colorful our Cup is That is so much fun Can you show me what colors you made Do you all remember my notebook This is my house letter paper and where I learned how to write my letters my Letter c is going to go inside my living Room i start at the top of my living Room and i go around

Just like that Let’s make another one i start at the Top and i go around I start at the top and i go around I start at the top and i go around All right guys we’re going to do a rebus Story and that’s when you hear our Letter sound of the day And then you do something I want you to clap because that also has Our Sound in it You could do other things like you could Kick you could kiss you could crawl Try to think of something else you could Do with that sound Let’s find words that start with our Sound of the day Whoa look at all of my animals I see one right away Do you know what this is That’s a Does that have our k sound at the Beginning Yes you’re right so let’s clap Let’s look for other animals I see a pig Does that have my car I see a chicken Wait a second that’s a sneaky Chicken It’s in the middle of my word sneaky What about this one A duck

Do you hear It’s at the end of my word Let’s keep going Look at this I see a new animal here And here Which one has my c sound Is it horse Or is it cat Hmm Which one starts with Horse Or Cat It’s cat everybody give me a big clap Let’s try this page and see if we find Any new animals I see a turkey Wait a second Is mike sneaking in again Turkey It’s in the middle of my word give me a Big clap You guys found so many words in my Around the farm book nice job guys i had So much fun making cotton balls with you And learning all about the sound today Remember c is for And now you can clap every time you hear It see you guys next time thanks for Coming to place of literacy bye Okay Which one is big That’s right a big truck

[Music] And a small truck Good job Let’s sing our days of the week can you Snap your fingers Good job days of the week Days of the week Days of the week days of the week days Of the week There’s sunday and there’s monday There’s tuesday and there’s wednesday There’s thursday and there’s friday and Then there’s saturday days of the week For dramatic play let’s act out Metamorphosis are you Ready first we have to make ourselves Into a little tiny egg a caterpillar egg How could we do that Great idea we could curl into a little Ball I drew a leaf we can get on the leaf I’m going on the leaves on the leaf And curling into a little ball can you Curl into a ball Good job we’re a little bo Now we start to come out of our egg can You break out of your egg Good job breaking out of the egg Now We’re going to eat the egg because we’re So hungry pretend to eat the egg Pretend to eat the egg Now we’re gonna look for more things to Eat because we’re such a hungry

Caterpillar I’m going to pretend to eat these leaves Pretending to eat leaves Pretending to eat leaves Now we’re becoming a really really big Caterpillar growing so big We’re so so big can you make yourself so Big Now we shed our skin and we make Ourselves into a chrysalis Let’s pretend to be a chrysalis hanging From a leaf Wow can you bend like this and pretend You’re a chrysalis hanging from a leaf Good job Now we wait and wait and wait Oh i think it’s time for us to come out So we come out of the chrysalis and We’re a butterfly but our wings are Really wet Oh we’re a butterfly but our wings are Wet They’re starting to dry They’re starting to dry And we’re a beautiful butterfly Our wings are dry we can fly let’s fly Around Flying Flying Flying Great job acting out Metamorphosis Yay If all the raindrops were lemon drops

And gum drops oh what a rain that would Be [Music] If all the raindrops were lemon drops And gum drops [Music] Rachel i got an idea what’s your idea What if it was raining candy bars and Milkshakes such a great idea we’ll do Snowflakes with that okay great yeah The snowflakes were candy bars and Milkshakes oh what a slow that would be Standing outside with my mouth open wide [Music] If all the snowflakes were candy bars And milkshakes oh what a snow that would Be I love your idea You know what next let’s do Bubble gum and ice cream those are two Of my favorite things okay If all the sunbeams were bubbled i’m an Ice cream oh what’s up with me Standing outside with my mouth open wide [Music] If all the spotty beans were double gum And ice cream [Music] Great job If you could choose to make it rain any Food what would you choose I would choose i think blueberries and Strawberries if all the raindrops were Blueberries and strawberries oh what a

Rain that would be I’d love to hear what you would choose Yummy I like raspberries Those are good too Today is such an exciting day in music Because today we’re going to learn our First music note we’re going to learn How to read music wow The first music note Is Ta can you say that Ta Wow good job let’s say it together again On the count of three One two three Ta good job this note is ta Do you think you can do something really Tricky Okay We are going to do four toss in a row Do you think you can do it Yay i’m so proud of you Ready go ta Ta did you do it Yay Let’s do it again Ready go Ta Ta You read the music i’m so proud of you Do you think you can do it faster a Faster tempo You can

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Ready go You did it faster great job reading Music today Next week we’ll learn your next note Which butterfly is blue A blue butterfly Which butterfly is orange That’s right orange butterfly Which butterfly is green A green butterfly So many beautiful colorful butterflies Good job Our next book is so silly and so funny i Can’t wait to rate it to you it’s called The very impatient caterpillar Is there time yet by ross baruch Hey what are you guys doing We’re going to metamorphosize Meta what now Transform into butterflies Right right i know that Wait you’re telling me i can become a Butterfly Yes With wings Yes For real Yes Wait for me Now what Build your chrysalis Chrysalis right right i knew that What how did you do that is it a spin or More of a twirl

Am i a butterfly yet Ugh Now what Just be patient and let nature take its Course patience right right i got this Am i a butterfly yet No How about now No Now No be patient I have a question Not yet You don’t even know what i was going to Ask Fine Ask How’s your day going Also Am i a butterfly yet No just be patient [Music] Shh We’re trying to metamorphosize Okay okay Obviously i know this But do you know how long this takes Two weeks Right right two weeks Two weeks Oh what am i going to do in here for two Weeks can i get a comic book or Something what if i want a snack hello Two pizzas please my address a chrysalis

Click Hello hello how long have i been in here Boing bling What if i need the bathroom anyone want To play a game It’s still day one This is taking forever That’s it i feel metamorphosized enough Look out world feast your eyes on this Beautiful Butterfly How do i look transformed time to spread My wings and fly Wait Where are my wings splat Time for a new approach okay you can do This you can be patient oh who am i Kidding i can’t be patient get a grip You can i can’t i can’t you are the Little caterpillar that could i am the Little caterpillar that couldn’t you can I can’t You can i can’t you can i can’t can Can’t I can be patient patience is all in the Mind be one with the chrysalis i’m doing It just be patient just be patient deep Breathe in And out look Day six Two weeks later I did it I’m a butterfly You know i do feel transformed starting

Now i’m going to be way more patient That’s great Hey where are you all going we’re Migrating migrating right right Wait for me Are we there yet Ah [Music] Hi friends it’s time for art i can’t Wait to make coffee filter butterflies With you it’s going to be so much fun Okay all you need for this are two Coffee filters some water Markers and pipe cleaners let’s get Started okay so the first thing we need To do is decorate Two coffee filters all right So that’s Start in the middle and you can do any Designs you want work from the inside Out I think i’ll do a wavy line next Wavy line [Music] Then you can spray it with water or you Can fold it Fold it again Fold it again into a triangle shape And do something kind of magic with it I’ll show you So you get a little thing of water And then you put just the tip in the Water and you wait for the water to Climb up

Up Up the coffee filter to the top It takes a lot of patience to just wait For this water to come to the top [Music] Wow I waited the whole time I’m so proud of myself Now it’s time for the magic we’re gonna Open it and see how beautiful it is Okay let’s open the coffee filter Oh it looks really really cool i love it I used to do this all the time when i Was a little girl Oh wow that looks so pretty doesn’t it And then we let it dry Has to dry for quite a while because we Want it to be really nice and dry to Make the wings so you’re gonna do that Two times one two My hands are all dirty that’s okay Though i don’t mind because i can go Wash them Okay the wings are dry and they look so Nice Now we’re going to fold them like a fan So you fold it and turn it over Fold it Holding it like a fan [Music] Now let’s put the two wings together I love this butterfly so much oh my Goodness spread out the Wings and i’m going to add a pipe

Cleaner and it’s a beautiful butterfly Yay It’s flying away I’m so proud of us for making a coffee Filter butterfly with two beautiful Wings Thank you so much now i can go fly away Do you know what this is It’s a hair Brush yeah it’s my hairbrush it kind of Looks like an oval on the Back yeah can you find anything that Looks like an oval in your house The more we get together together Together the more we get together the Happier we’ll be Cause your friends are my friends and my Friends are your friends the more we get Together the happier we’ll be Can you try the sign for more More Good job do you like making things from Things you find around your house Me too I’ll show you what i made this time and You could make one too if you want I made a flower crown With some butterfly antennas I made it out of some scrap poster board Putting it on Being a butterfly and then i made some Wings out of some scrap poster board i Put two pieces of paper here One two and one long piece of paper here

So I can Put it over my head Put this around here And then i have a pair of homemade Butterfly wings and i can pretend i’m a Butterfly what can you make out of Things you find around your house let me Know Wow look at this it’s a guessing game Book let’s play the game together can You guess the food in this book The very hungry caterpillar thinks you Can Yay It’s round and sticky Hmm Do you remember anything he ate that was Round and sticky Yeah it’s a lollipop good job It’s pink and juicy Hmm Do you remember anything he ate that was Pink and juicy It looks like it has seeds and it’s pink Hmm i think i know it begins with w Watermelon it’s a slice of watermelon Let’s do the next one it’s yellow and Stinky Hmm What do you think it is I’ll give you another clue Mice like to eat this It’s

It’s cheese Yum yum yum yum yum eat the cheese Hmm do you know what this one is it’s Green and tangy I see some seeds and it’s green It’s a Kiwi Have you ever tried a kiwi I have they’re yummy okay here’s the Next one It’s frosted and sweet [Music] Here’s another clue you have this on Your birthday What could it be do you know It’s chocolate cake yum Okay here’s the next clue it’s red and Crunchy Here’s another clue we learned about it In preschool episode one Yeah It’s an apple He he went in the apple that’s funny Wow there’s all the foods together let’s Go over them one more time Apple Lollipop Watermelon Kiwi Cake And cheese that was a fun game good job Since the color of the day is green can You find something green in your house I found this green

Dump truck Dumping out the dirt Dumping out the dirt it’s the color Green Good job what did you find Let’s play a fun game Do you see two cards that are the same [Music] Which ones are the same Yeah good job These two Are the same Two caterpillars one two And they’re the same These two are different this one’s a Horse and this one’s a zebra good job Let’s play a fun game Do you remember which happened first in Our book Was the caterpillar first or the Butterfly Yeah First there was the very hungry Caterpillar and then he turned into a Butterfly Good job Do you see two pictures that are the Same Yeah These two butterflies are the same This is a butterfly and this is a Butterfly these two cards are different This is a turtle and this is a Bumblebee

Good job Do any of these match are any of them The same [Music] Good job yeah there’s two Sons and there’s two Purple cats Great job i found a puzzle What do you think it’s going to be Can you guess Let’s do the puzzle and see You say n and i’ll put the pieces n put It in put it in put it And [Music] So cute do you think it’s a caterpillar Hmm Put it in put it in put it In [Music] Put it And put it in put it in put it In put it in put it in put it In Wow What is it It’s a beautiful Butterfly Wow thanks for helping me with the Puzzle good job Friends next i’m going to show you how a Straw wrapper can kind of look like a Caterpillar it’s a magic trick the first

Thing you do is you scrunch up the paper So i’m just gonna tap it like this and Scrunch up the paper Scrunch it up Scrunching the paper oh get it so Scrunched up so it’s like a little Caterpillar scrunched up so tight Then i slide it off Sliding it off Oh there we go Okay Now I’m going to dip the straw in some water So i dip it in and then i put my finger And close this so i can get little drops Of water to make this Caterpillar but it’s really a straw Wrapper move Okay so we get one little drop of water And now i put it on the paper Oh did you see it move Whoa Did you see it move It’s kind of like it’s crawling or Growing Let’s try it again Whoa it really moved that time That is so neat Here’s an activity in our book by laura Marsh You can make your own butterfly garden Wow But first ask an adult for help This is how you can bring butterflies to

Your backyard Here’s what you need Plants that are local to your area Plants that bloom at different times Orange purple yellow pink and red Flowers Flowers that are clustered together Flat top flowers a sunny spot for Butterflies to rest like a flat stone a Wet or watery spot for butterflies to Drink no chemicals That would be fun to have butterflies in Your yard have you ever seen a butterfly In your yard or at the park Wow Can you wave goodbye Good job Goodbye friends Goodbye friends Goodbye friends we’ll see you again real Soon Great job today i’m so proud of you you Learned so much you did awesome Bye Always remember you Are wonderful You Are valuable You’re Important You’re an amazing kid [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar moving oh so Slow

Whoa Caterpillar caterpillar munching as you Go Whoa Some people might say that you’re a Problem Some people might call you strange But caterpillar hang in there cause Things are gonna change [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar climbing up your Plant Whoa Quiet little caterpillar never saying Can’t No Every day you’re growing bigger You once were a little guy And caterpillar caterpillar soon you’re Gonna fly Where you’ll go [Music] I don’t know [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar wrapped in your Cocoon Fuzzy cozy caterpillar you’ll come out Real soon [Music] I wish you could stay with me forever But it doesn’t work that way So caterpillar Butterfly It’s time to fly

[Music] Bye You

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