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The Witchling’s Wish | Kindness & Friendship Story For Kids | This Witch Read Aloud has the sweetest little witch we’ve ever seen! All she wants is a friend to ease her loneliness. So she’s going to cast a spell to make one! What comes next is a KidTime StoryTime about the magical power of human kindness.

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books, written by Lu Fraser and illustrated by Sarah Massini!




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Foreign A cat a bat a pointy black cat I'll tell You what I wish for oh hello which Episode if that is your real name what What Yeah that's my real name You are the imitator here and I'll tell You what I wish for I didn't really ask I'm gonna tell you anyway I wish for all You imitators to go away oh that would Be awesome or if you also turned into Bats and then like flew into my bad suit That would be pretty good too oh we Jeff Is saying that is not very nice oh a Well a bear I I I didn't see you there Cheers I'm right here oh this is this is Really awkward Do you like my outfit Are you a limitator of me yes for Halloween and you should be honored I Should she should yes imitation is the Sincerest form of flattery oh well well When she puts it that way Okay well in that case what would you Wish if you were a witchling that's Right the witchlings wish so what am I Saying to you right now put down your Broom turn down your cauldron give your Cat a cat nap because we're gonna find Out what oh which lane wishes for when She wishes on a star wishing Witcher yes Here we go oh Stars pretty orange stars And an orange Sky up there's The Cauldron classic classic

Well you know I gotta say we've not even Begun the book yet and look She looks so cute she doesn't look like A wicked witch at all no I was gonna say It's like really cool like I would Totally hang out with her okay yeah I Might too well actually we are about to Hang out with her but Above the Misty Mountains below a Glowing Moon lived a lonely little Witchling with a wobbly knobbly broom And a squeaky leaky cauldron and a not So pointy hat and a spell book full of Magic in a cave of Inky bats I want to Go no go back Now the little witchling didn't mind the Beetles in her bed and she didn't mind The drip drip drip of water on her head But deep inside her witchling heart There was an empty space I wish I had a Friend she said to fill this lonely Place She is a sweet witch and she just wants A friend oh no And can we just look at how adorable her Place is Look at the bed and The Beetles are Actually literally cozied up in her bed When the bat is hanging up overhead and She's got spider webs and live trees And she has a coffee maker just like Storytellers and abuela bears and that's How you know she's a good witch also a Cute little fire and look a jar of

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Rainbow we are definitely in Good Witch Territory here But she wishes she had a friend to fill This lonely place I can't grow one I can't sew one hmm the Whistling scratched her head Oh she cried I'll cast a spell and Magic One instead we can do that we can magic Up a friend okay let's do it so she Opened up her spell book and she checked Her shopping list for all the things She'd need to weave a friendship making Wish there's no such thing there is go Back to your room A cup or two of cobwebs some earwax from A lizard poop a pirate's boot a blue Owl's hoot and snowflakes from a Blizzard Oh something's happening do you see that Do you see that do you feel that Something's starting to happen right now At last the little whistling humped my Spell is almost there all that's missing Is some furiness from a one-eyed teddy Bear What what about him Oh Dill that's so sweet but you don't Have any fur oh nope nope nope nice of Him to offer though A bear the little witchling frown I bet It's huge and hairy With spiky Claws and gnashing Jaws it Sounds extremely scary but if I want my Wish to work I'll have to face this all

And there's a bear in acorn drive so Says my crystal ball oh so she's gonna Have to face her fears and find this Enormously scary bear that's apparently Living in this really cute house on Acorn Drive okay well friendship takes Courage so Let's do this thing So off she washed into the night aboard Her wobbly broom and when the house Loomed into sight She peered into a room but The curtains twitched her broomstick Pitched whoa she tumbled through the air Oh and landed on a little girl and a One-eyed teddy bear Okay I don't know about you but if I Have a witch fall out of the sky into my Bed in the middle of the night I would Be freaking out right now Okay I'm Lily said the little girl it's very Nice to meet you stand back the Whistling cried in fear before that Fierce bear eats you oh oh she thinks That the bear is going to eat her Because it's Fierce and you know the Image that she had in her head My bear said Lily firmly is not the Eating kind he may look a little Scraggly but that's not a thing I mind And though I've hugged off all his fur And one ear hangs in tatters Ted's been My friend forever and to me that's all

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That matters I just met Lily and I love her I can see why look she's had time since She was a baby barely is the size of Ted Himself and they've grown up together Done kid time story times together play Together hug together seen the world Together and back then he had well two Two eyes and two ears but now there's One I'm missing and there's one floppy Kind of ear but Doesn't matter [Music] How tough all He cried Oh well without Ted's fur she sighed you See I'd hoped to Magic up a friend the Witchling said and her not so pointing Whistling hat droops sadly on her head Meanwhile the lizard that came on that Crazy trip is looking up at the stars Twinkling in the sky Well said Lily thoughtfully there is Just one last hair there it is and if You really need it then Ted and I will Share You'd give the whistling set amazed your Ted's less hair to me Well I think your heart is bigger than I Thought a heart could be See that Yeah that's a big deal that is Ted's Last hair that's not just of act of Kindness even though these two just met

And act this big this giving That's an act of Love kid that is love That's why she's holding her heart she's Feeling it fill up with love But she saw how lily loved her bear and Then the witchling knew that taking Ted's last lonely hair she simply Couldn't do and sign just a little the Witchling turned away but Lily and her Much loved bear jumped up and called out Stay you Don't you see laughed Lily that's what a Friend would do you thought of me you Thought of Ted you didn't think of you Then Lily hugged the witchling and they Both hugged dear old Ted in a big squish Your whistling heart is big enough for All of us she said And look they're gonna read some spells Maybe it's like a little spell time Story time and this has been a true act Of kindness and friendship and what else Yep Love And that was how through kindness the Witchling made a friend and though her Spell was never cast her wish worked in The end And this picture right here a thousand Words because right here They're all together looking out to a New day and it truly is a brand new day Because they Are now friends and she has learned the

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Greatest lesson of all had friendship Is a massive act of kindness and giving And sometimes not taking history teller That was beautiful I thought so too Abuela bear I made a promise to which Efficient oh yes I told her that you Were going to let her sing what her Witch was did you now Jace so you have To do it okay oh okay all right all Right so everybody here we go what would You wish if you were wish hey what would You wish if you were a witchy what would You wish if you were a witch hey a black Ending night of Darkness that takes you To the abyss oh There She Goes butts not Just spotsu extra large extra juicy and Like super sleepy so it like they're Really easy to catch okay I think we're Good now I'm not done oh boy I also wish For a pack of coyotes why so they can Howl all the time especially right when You're about to go to sleep okay well That does it for us here at kid time Story time also I'd like to see more Spider webs in modern decor and don't Forget to make a friend you must first Be a friend also I'd like to get a Subscription to Modern bat I mean I hear That that's where it's at also I'd like To get more dungeons why don't we have More dungeons nowadays and another thing

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