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Learn with a real teacher, Ms Rachel! You can trust Ms Rachel because her program is backed by research by and designed to encourage speech development, language development and help toddlers meet important learning standards! Her educational videos for toddlers are incredibly interactive. They are active screen time, not passive screen time. Watch how your toddler engages with her, fills in words, sings dances and plays! It’s time to learn to talk and grow their brain with Ms Rachel!

Ms Rachel absolutely loves kids and is so passionate about teaching and early childhood development! Your toddler will love learning new words and colors in this educational and fun Toddler Learning Video. Your toddler will also learn about animals and animal sounds. Ms Rachel also always incorporates fun learning songs and dancing! She uses things that motivate children to use their voices and show them the power of communication such as surprise eggs and surprise toys. She will get your chid up, moving and singing! Ms Rachel has the best videos for kids because she has the education and experience with children needed to engage and inspire them to learn! 

If you think your child may have a speech delay, definitely consult your pediatrician. You can also get an evaluation from a speech therapist. You may be able to get free speech therapy through early intervention so google “early intervention” with the name of your state and call the number. As a parent, you can request an evaluation. Getting help when they are as young as possible is so important. 

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[Music] Friends I’m so excited to learn with you Today Ah it’s a surprise Peg yes maybe if we say open it will Open can you say open open Wow it’s a Ball Red ball Red ball maybe if you say ball the ball Will bounce say ball say ball say It’s bouncing can you bounce like a ball Bounce bounce bounce Bounce bounce we’re bouncing like balls Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce Bouncing good job So much fun [Music] Foreign Ball is red Red It’s another egg it’s another egg it’s Another Egg good job it’s a surprise egg whoa Oink oink oink oink oink oink do you Hear that what’s that sound oink oink Oink oink oink Animal makes that sound Uh A pig Yes a pig maybe if we say open we can Meet the pig Say Open

Hooray it’s the pig whoa Oh More pigs are coming Oh let’s count how many pigs there are One Two Three There are three pigs [Music] [Music] [Music] Can you pretend to roll in the mud like A pig A roll in the mud So silly Rolling [Music] The pig is pink the pig is Pink Pink another Hey Wow should we see what’s inside this egg Yes Yes Stay open Wow it’s a Car Blue car blue Car Yay Maybe if you say car the car will drive Say car say car say Cars [Music]

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It’s driving wow [Music] You made the car drive can you say beep Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep good Job can you pretend to drive a car Driving a car from from from That was fun The car is blue The car is blue Blue [Music] Oh wow look over there I see and Egg yeah it’s Ed Hey good job let’s say open really slow And maybe that egg will open Good job okay are you ready Say open say open say Oh Oh Ben [Music] It worked Wow hmm what is that it’s a [Music] Frog wow and the Frog is on the lily pad The frog is on the lily pad I wonder if The Frog could hop into the water that Would be so much fun Hmm maybe if we say hop The Frog will hop into the water Say The Frog hopped do you know how to hop Hop hop hop Hop hop Dance

And stop [Music] Laptop fast Stop We like hopping like frogs foreign [Music] I wonder if there are any more frogs Around maybe if we do the sign for more More frogs will come out should we try It Say more say more say More oh wow another frog let’s say more Again more frogs Wow let’s try it again more frogs oh wow More So many frogs [Music] The frog is green the frog is green [Music] Red Orange yellow green Blue indigo Violence Red Orange yellow green blue Indigo Violet I love a rainbow I love a rainbow I love a rainbow Red Orange yellow Green indigo [Music] I love a rainbow

I love a rainbow I love a rainbow oh I love a rainbow I love a rainbow I love a rainbow [Music] Thank you Peekaboo I’m back I like to play peek-a-boo peekaboo Oh and it’s another Egg yes [Music] This time let’s do the sign for open and See if the egg will open can you try it Open good job open okay let’s try it Together one Two Three Open It worked Yay it’s open [Music] What is What ah it’s uh Doc you got it you did it it’s a duck Wow Hmm maybe if we quack the duck will Crack can you try it with me Quack quack quack quack quack quack Quack come on Duck let’s quack louder Quack quack quack quack quack quack We did it Oh bye bye duck bye bye can you say that Bye bye duck bye bye

[Applause] The duck is yellow Duck is yellow Yellow [Music] Oh [Music] It’s another surprise Egg good job do you know what’s inside I don’t know can you do that I don’t Know I don’t know what’s inside I don’t Know This time let’s say please Yeah it’s nice to be polite and say Please we’ll say open please can you try That open please one Two Three open please Yay oh it’s an orange Flower Orange [Music] Wow we have to help the flower grow I Need you to say up and the flower will Grow can you say up Say up say up say Up Wow say it again up It’s growing let’s say it louder up Whoa we made the flower grow so tall We did it The flower is orange the flower is Orange Orange I’m having so much fun learning colors

With you That surprised me Oh that surprised me it’s another egg Let’s say open please and maybe we’ll Get a surprise Open please [Music] Wow can you say that Wow wow wow it’s a penguin I like Penguins Maybe if we say go the penguin will dive Into the water ready Set Go [Music] Penguin dove into the water wow [Applause] Maybe if we wanna like penguins the Penguin will waddle with us Oh good job Modeling waddle waddle waddle the Penguin’s waddling peekaboo Not so much fun bye bye penguin Bye bye bye bye penguin see you later [Music] The penguin is two colors the penguin is Black and white Penguin is black Hey Black And white Hooray [Music] Oh another egg let’s say open and see

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What’s inside Oh [Music] It’s a toy spider Cool it’s a gray spider gray spider Hmm the spider needs help the spider Needs to go up the water spout We need to help the spider let’s say up And it will help the spider go up the Water spout Are you ready [Music] Say up say up say Up It’s working up Do you see King Up We’re helping the spider go up the water Spout up We did it Yay Oh it came back down that’s so silly The spider is gray the spider is gray Gray The itsy bitsy spider went up the water Spout down came the rain and washed the Spider out out Came the Sun and dried up all the rain And the itsy bitsy spider went up the Spout again Let’s do more let’s do that again Itsy bitsy spider went up the water Spout down came the rain and washed the

Spider out Out came the Sun and dried up all the Rain and the itsy bitsy spider went up The spout again Great job with your spider Hmm there’s no egg but I would like Another one what do I need to do I need To ask let’s try that I Want an egg Please We did it let’s try that again louder I Want an egg please No let’s say open say open say open say Open it worked and it’s a beautiful Purple Butterfly wow and the Butterfly is on a Flower a purple flower wow Hmm maybe if we fly around like Butterflies the butterfly will fly with Us let’s try it oh flying like beautiful Butterflies we’re beautiful butterflies Flying around Oh and the Butterfly is flying we helped Her fly flying Flying and now let’s land on a flower oh We landed on a flower that’s so nice The butterfly is purple the butterfly is Purple purple [Music] Wow friends this egg is really really Big I wonder what’s inside the big egg Let’s say open and see what’s in the big Egg say open say open say

Open [Laughter] What is that Is that It’s an Elephant Wow an elephant elephants are the Biggest land animal they’re so big Wow Let’s Pretend that we have a trunk Like the elephant and maybe the elephant Will move his truck should we try it we Can stomp around like elephants together Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp We’re elephants how [Music] Foreign [Music] Let me see your trunk Whoa Whoa good job that was fun The elephant is gray The elephant is gray Gray Thank you If you should need an elephant upon a Summer’s day what would you do and what Would you say say good morning elephant How do you do lovely morning elephant Now may I dance with you [Music] [Music] La la la [Music] Fitness egg how do you feel I feel

Excited excited let’s open it say open Oh Open [Music] Wow I know what that is do you it’s a Hat it’s a hat wow it’s an orange hat Orange hat Where does a hat go A hat goes on our [Music] Head you’re so smart I want the Hat on my head can you help Me I need your help I need help let’s Practice that sentence I need help I need help Okay you say on and the hat will go on My head thank you here we go Put it on put it on put it On [Music] To me the hat is on my head the hat is On my head the hat is on my head Great job I like my hat I like my hat The hat is orange the hat is orange [Music] Green means go go go go go Yellow means slow Slow slow slow Red means stop Go go go Hello Hello stop Good job should we do more

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Let’s do more Green means go go go go go Yo means slow slow slow slow slow Red means stop Go go go Slow slow Stop Good job I’m so happy jump I’m so happy jump clap I’m so happy today jump clap spin stomp Stomp hey I’m so happy jump I’m so happy And nothing’s gonna bring me down today I can sing and dance I can hang out with My friends I can draw a picture of the Sky I can spin around I can go upside Down even if it’s hard I wanna try I Wanna try I’m so happy jump I am so Happy chocolate I’m so happy today I’m so happy jump I’m so happy and Nothing’s gonna bring me down today What if it rain no no no no I can dance In the rain one in this hole I’ll have Hot chocolate to drink It’s okay I can get back again my is in The way I choose to think It is [Music] [Music] [Music] Let’s sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a cow E-i-e-i-o with a moo moo here and a moo Moo there hear a moo there a moo

Everywhere a moo moo old MacDonald had a Farm E-i-e-i-o what’s next Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a pig E-i-e-i-o with an oink oink here and an Oink oink there hear an oink there Annoying everywhere annoying going old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o what’s next It’s a horse Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a Horse E-i-e-i-o with a Nae Nae here and a Nae Nae there hearing a there an a Everywhere old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o [Music] It’s a chicken [Music] Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a Chicken E-i-e-i-o with a quack quack here and a Clock clock there hear a clock there Clock everywhere cluck Cluck Old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o [Music] Wow it’s a sheep Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a Sheep With a baba here and a baba there hear

About their about everywhere above old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o I see a duck Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-o and on that farm he had a duck E-i-e-i-o with a quack quack here and a Quack quack there here a quack there a Quack everywhere quack quack Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Music] You did such a great job learning colors Learning to talk and playing pretend wow I’m so proud of you I’ll see you next Time bye bye bye bye friends Bye bye friends Bye bye friends we’ll see you again real Soon Bye bye Foreign [Music]

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