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Lotty learns has the Best learning videos for toddlers! In this episode, your Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will learn about the long and short sounds that the letter E makes, along with other letter sounds. Have fun with Lotty as she sounds out new words, and shows how to blend letters together. This kids learning adventure will teach children letter blending, ABC Phonics, letter sounds, and vowel sounds. The Lotty Learns reading lessons will have your child reading in no time! Make sure to practice these reading concepts with your toddlers to maximize results.

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Learn Shapes for kids: reading lessons for kids Long and short vowel sounds with the Letter e Hi friends welcome back are you ready to Have some fun Me too this lesson will be about the Letter e But before we can start our lesson I Need to eat some food I do a good job eating my meal I can go To the playground Let’s eat [Music] Um This looks yummy for breakfast we’re Having eggs cheese and berries Sweet I just noticed that the letter e Isn’t all of these words I’ll take a bite of food for every Letter you say with me let’s try it Eggs E g g s Uh Eggs cheese C h e e S e E Cheese berries B e r r i e s U is Berries You did great Since we ate all our food let’s go to The playground and have some fun yes

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It’s time to play Okay this is awesome I see a swing Sand pit And a sea salt Do you know which of these fun Activities have the letter e in it Hmm The letter e is in the word seesaw [Music] See Ah Seesaw The letter e is a special letter because It’s a vowel vowels have two sounds Short in a long sound The long e says its own name like in the Word seesaw or tree while the short e Sounds like e like in the word help Do you want to try and say some words With me Awesome First let’s do some short e words Hen h e n [Music] Kent T e n t Uh [Music] Tense Help H e l p Uh [Music] Help

You did creep okay now let’s write some Words with the longing sound remember The long e likes to say its own name T e a c h E E Teach Eat E a t [Music] E [Music] E Eat eat Bees B e e s [Music] E [Music] ’s Nice job okay I think it’s time for me To go play now I’ll be right back [Music] Foreign [Music] Ouch this hurts I need to take care of This Should I use to help heal my cut Let’s take a look at my backpack Can you help my hand feel better Which one of these items would help me Out Hmm Tape gloves

Or markers Oh I need some medical tape for my cut I’m already starting to feel better I just noticed the letter e is in the Word deep Strange because I didn’t hear any e Sounds The E can be tricky because it likes to Be silent when it’s the last letter in Word When this happens it makes the vowel Before it say its own name just like in The words gate bite or cute Check this out without the e we see the Word tap Ah Cap Let’s put the e at the end and see what It says Now it says tape A Tape by adding the e at the end we made The letter A have a long sound Isn’t That cool Let’s add the e to the end of a Different word This word says cuts Uh Cut Now let’s add the magic e to the end and Make the you say its own name Now we have the word cute You Cute you did great

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Let’s get back to playgrounds [Music] I had a great time learning the long and Short e with you These words can be really tricky Sometimes so keep on practicing okay Time to play bye bye Let’s do a worksheet together First let’s write the capital letter E [Music] Now the lowercase e Now let’s go over words with a short e And long e sounds first let’s draw a Line connecting the short e box with the Short e words Pencil Foreign Bench Eggs Cheese And leaf Use a short e word in the first space in The long e word in the last space I see a Pen On the beach Gold star Okay Now it’s time for us to review all the New words we learned today We learned these words with the short e Sound the short e says F this happens When there is no e at the end of the Word let’s read these words together

Eggs hand Tent [Music] And help We also learned about the long e sound In this word there are two vowels next To each other E it’s a when this happens the first Vowel says its own names it makes the Long e sound the a is the second vowel So it will stay silent So this word says teach Let’s try reading a few more words with The long e sound Eat Seesaw [Music] Cheese And bees We even learned a few other words for Practice Tape And cute Wasn’t that fun make sure to watch this Lesson again if you need more practice Visit for more reading Lessons and don’t forget to subscribe to Our Channel see you soon Foreign

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