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Our preschool videos include circle time, songs and are packed with learning. If you are looking for dinosaur videos for kids, you will love this phenomenal dinosaur video that includes dinosaur songs and dances, and so much fun learning about dinosaurs. We cover many different dinosaurs in this one learning video. We have packed many preschool learning standards into this exciting and entertaining video! This preschool learning video includes phonics, science, math, social emotional learning, music, movement, dance, crafts, dramatic play, a read-aloud book, art, reading, finger plays and action songs. If you need a dinosaur song for a lesson, you will love these high energy, educational dinosaur songs. This video is so much incredible information about dinosaurs for kids.

In our preschool learning videos we also teach letters, numbers, shapes, colors, rhymes, the weather, days of the week, how to count and more! In this episode your child will learn all about dinosaurs and the letter D. They will also learn about the number 4, the color orange and a rectangle. Your child will learn the sound the letter D makes and how to recognize words that being with D.

You can watch this video in segments and do the projects and lessons along with us or you can enjoy the whole episode. Also on our channel you will find full videos on A for Apple, B for Beach, Beach field trip and C for caterpillar. Next will be E for emotions.

”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

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All of our videos are made by educators who are so passionate about teaching and inspiring children. Our preschool shows are educational, thoughtful content. This episode includes
Rachel, a certified music teacher with a masters in music education from NYU and a composer
Frida, a speech therapist (speech language pathologist) reading specialist and creator of Playful Literacy
Aron, a Broadway associate music director, pianist, puppeteer and composer
Jules, an award winning songwriter, powerhouse singer, and rockin’ guitar player

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Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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[Music] Hi [Music] Welcome to class today we’re going to Learn all about dinosaurs Let’s start with our welcome song Hurray are you hello hello we’re so Happy to see you [Music] When you clap down Low come on let’s go [Music] For our circle time song let’s jump and Pretend to go back to the time of Dinosaurs can you jump with me One Two three Jump Now let’s pretend we’re dinosaurs and do The dino pokey Get out your claws You put your claws in you put your claws Out you put your claws in and you Scratch them all about you do the dino Pokey and you turn yourself around That’s what it’s all about You put your feet in you put your feet Out you put your feet in and you stomp Them all about you do the dino pokey and You turn yourself around that’s what It’s all about You put your tail in you put your tail Out you put your tail in and you swing It all about you do the dino movie and

You turn yourself around that’s what It’s all about how about teeth you put Your teeth in you put your teeth out you Put your teeth in and you chomp them all About you do the dino pokey and you turn Yourself around that’s what it’s all About yay Great job Next let’s sing our names i’m miss Rachel and i’m herbie What’s your name That’s a wonderful name yeah i’m so Excited about dinosaurs i wore my Dinosaur sweatshirt wow herpe i also Wore a dinosaur shirt for this special Dinosaur day at school I love dinosaurs What’s a dinosaur Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived so Long ago Millions and millions of years ago Some were so big big and some were small Some of them were smaller some mate Plants those were called herbivores Some ate meat those were called Carnivores Some ate both plants and meat those were Called omnivores so if i was a dinosaur I’d be a herbivore That’s herbivore herbivore Can you help herbie say it Herbivores oh Herbivore good job herbie i wonder if There were any dinosaurs named

[Music] In herbie Times [Music] Dinosaurs stomped around all day No play Some of them preferred to fly [Music] Let’s pretend that we’re tiny dinos Eating leaves off the ground twigs [Music] Now pretend you’re the biggest i know [Music] [Music] Now pretend you’re a bigger dino who Likes running around charging around Now pretend you’re a t-rex [Music] [Music] Run around [Music] Next let’s check the weather What’s the weather what’s the weather What’s the weather like today Is it sunny is it cloudy what’s the Weather like today What’s the weather like where you live Wow Where we live it’s Cold it’s cold and when it’s windy Yeah it’s windy What would we wear if it’s cold and Windy How about on our legs

Pants Good job Yeah pants because shorts would be too Cold yeah How about here Hmm A shirt uh-huh maybe a sweatshirt Yeah a sweatshirt yeah i like Sweatshirts like a diamond like a Dinosaur sweatshirt yeah yeah what would We wear on our feet Not sandals What would we wear Maybe boots yeah we could wear boots or Sneakers yeah Good job raising your hand herbie what Do you think a jacket yeah yeah if it’s Pretty cold we could wear a jacket yeah I thought of that good job Yeah and then if it gets too warm you Could take off the jacket and keep on The sweatshirt yes layers are key yeah Layers are key [Music] I’m very good at picking up Beep beep dumping the sand dump dump Dump Dumping Hey herbie did you know an excavator can Do the work of 20 people wow that’s Great oh georgie look What i found A dinosaur bone Which side has more dinosaurs

More dinosaurs That’s right This side has six dinosaurs Now which side has fewer dinosaurs Fewer dinosaurs That’s right This side only has three dinosaurs Good job Let’s pretend we’re Really tired dinosaurs Most dinosaurs slept at night like we do Can you pretend to sleep on your floor And lay down and then we’ll wake up and Stomp around are you ready See the dino sleeping till it’s nearly Noon Shall we wake them with a merry tune They’re so still Are they ill Wake up soon Wake up little dinos Stomp little dinos Dump little dino stomps down stomp sound Little dinosaur Stomp and freeze Now let’s go back to sleep i’m tired From all that stopping See the dino sleeping till it’s nearly Noon shall we wake them with a merry Tune [Music] That’s our alarm clock we have to wake Up and run Run little dinos run

[Music] I think we should go back to sleep one More time See the dino sleeping till it’s nearly Noon shall we wake them with a merry Tune They’re so still Are they ill Wake up soon [Music] Wake up little dinos Jump little dinos jump jump jump jump Little dinos jump jump jump jump little Dinos jump jump jump jump jump jump and Freeze Should we jump even higher Jump little dinos jump jump jump jump Little dinos jump jump jump jump little Dinos jump jump jump jump jump jump and Freeze That was awesome You jumped really high What do you call a sleeping dinosaur A dino snore [Music] It’s time for our circle time book the Title of this book is evie and the Dinosaur birthday wish This is the front cover of the book evie Loved dinosaurs She loved them so much she decided to Have a dinosaur birthday party Evie and her brother made dinosaur Decorations

Evie’s daddy made a green dinosaur cake When it was time to blow out the candles Evie closed her eyes and wished as hard As she could for a real dinosaur pet Evie’s mommy told her that dinosaurs Were extinct which means they are no Longer on our planet They have been gone for millions of Years evie How do you think evie felt I think so too Evie felt sad She really wanted a dinosaur pet for her Birthday wish evie’s daddy said he could Dress up as a dinosaur for her birthday That made evie laugh her daddy would Make a funny dinosaur Just then evie had a spectacular idea Could i get a dinosaur stuffed animal And pretend it’s real Of course said evie’s mommy that’s a Great idea You could make a water bowl and a food Bowl for your dinosaur Said evie’s brother Evie liked that idea She could use play food from her toy Kitchen to feed her pretend dino pet I could also make a leash for her said Evie What will you name your dinosaur asked Evie’s daddy Evie thought for a minute I’ll name him happy

Evie and her brother and her mommy and Daddy smiled They were happy too If i had a baby dinosaur I would give him lots to eat A comfy bed where he could sleep and if I had a baby dinosaur I would take him for a ride Up the ladder then down the slide [Music] But then i could ride him all the way to School And that would be really cool If i had a baby dinosaur I would put a diaper on him Brush his teeth and tuck him in But then he’d grow And grow And grow So big But then i could climb him like a jungle Gym I could swing on him If i had the baby dinosaur We would run and we would play And i would say I love you every day [Music] Miss rachel miss rachel oh hi herbie we Found a dinosaur bone oh great i hid a Bunch of dinosaur bones in the sandbox So you and georgie could pretend to be a Paleontologist and discover a whole Dinosaur that’s so fun and you can put

It together what kind of dinosaur do you Think it’s going to be oh Maybe it’s a stegosaurus ooh maybe Since we don’t know what kind it’s going To be maybe we should give it a name Sure what should we name the dinosaur How about sheila Okay Sheila the dinosaur yeah can you march With me to a steady beat while we sing About all kinds of dinosaurs Great let’s do it ready and Good job marching Do you know the stegosaurus of the Stegosaurus the stegosaurus do you know The stegosaurus he had plates on his Back Great job now let’s get out something to Shake I found this tupperware and put some Seeds in it let’s do it [Music] [Music] Yay Now let’s find two things to tap I found two blocks Are you ready Do you know tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus rex tyrannosaurus rex do You know tyrannosaurus rex he was very Fierce [Music] [Applause] For this next one let’s clap to the

Steady beat can you do that Do you know the triceratops triceratops Triceratops do you know the triceratops He had three big horns One Two Three big horns Yay We learned so much about all the Dinosaurs that was awesome Next let’s do our letter of the day yeah To find out what our letter of the day Is we have to open this surprise egg Can you help say open Oh open [Music] It’s a Duck i get [Music] Let’s look at our other clues let’s take A look our other clues are Dog dog and Dinosaur oh dinosaur hmm What do you think the letter of the day Is hmm Yeah let’s sing our d song D is a letter They sound like d Good job Good job i got it when we did the song You said d and the d came out great job We figured it out because duck and Dinosaur and dog all start with the Letter d

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And these are both d’s this is an Uppercase d and this is a lowercase d Yeah big d small d yeah i know lots of Things good job herbie [Music] We all love dinosaurs yes we do A long time ago they left us [Music] Rock Dinosaur fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock [Music] We all love dinosaurs yes we do I left a story for me and you Written in rock and pictures in stone They tell the story Of when they [Music] [Applause] [Music] Dinosaur fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock You might see a head You might see a jaw You might see an arm [Music] Or a whole dinosaur From its head To its toes Fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock [Music] Dinosaur fossils rock

[Music] Dinosaur fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock Dinosaur fossils rock [Music] Digging for dinosaur bones Oh look Look at this Wow Digging for dinosaur bones is so fun It’s time for a magic movie Dinosaurs lived a very long time ago They lived millions and millions of Years ago That was before any people lived on the Earth Dinosaurs were a kind of reptile Some dinosaurs were so Big The biggest animals ever As big as 15 elephants A single dinosaur tooth could be as big As a banana Some dinosaurs were very small As small as a chicken Some dinosaurs ate meat and some ate Plants Some ate both meat and plants Dinosaurs laid eggs in nests Their babies hatched out of eggs Can you find the dinosaur eggs in this Picture Yeah great job there they are Can you say paleontologist

Paleontologists are people who dig up Dinosaur bones and fossils They learn about dinosaurs and what the World was like when dinosaurs were here You could be a paleontologist when you Grow up We can see dinosaur bones and fossils at Museums Dinosaurs are extinct can you say Extinct extinct which means they aren’t Around anymore But it’s fun to learn about dinosaurs And play pretend with dinosaur toys we Can even pretend that we’re dinosaurs What kind of dinosaur play do you like To do Great job learning about dinosaurs you Did it [Music] The musical word of the day is tempo can You say that Tempo Great job Tempo is how fast Or slow Music is first let’s pretend we’re a Fast green dinosaur Fast green dinosaur fast green dinosaur Give a roar give our [Music] Next let’s pretend we’re a slow Orange dinosaur because orange is the Color of the day Slow orange dinosaur slow orange

Dinosaur give a roar Give a Roar Walking on the ground Walking on the ground go explore Go Explore Great job If we were a little dinosaur running Away from a big t-rex would we want to Have a fast tempo or a slow tempo Yeah we wouldn’t want to run fast let’s Pretend we’re a fast green dinosaur as Fast as we can Fast green dinosaur fast green dinosaur Give a roar give a roar running on the Ground running on the ground go west More go explore We got away good job Yay The rhyme of the day is Frog and Dog Rhymes are words that sound the same at The end can you hear it Frog Dog and dog frog and dog rhyme Good job If they were dinosaurs it would be a Frogasaurus and a dog asaurus That’s so silly Just kidding put them in put them in put Them In

Good job we put them in Do you see a pattern What’s next Yeah a blue dinosaur Good job [Music] Wow look at all the bones we found wow Great job friends thanks now what Well they’re kind of dirty yeah they’re Dirty so let’s clean them off like a Real paleontologist would like a real How would a real paleontologist clean Them off with a brush a brush yeah like This let’s brush them Cleaning The bones Clean clean clean brush brush brush Because they had sand on them yeah And now we’re cleaning them off so we Can see them better exactly Good What part of the dinosaur do you think This is can you raise your hand Yes herbie i think it’s his head Wow Good job and good job raising your hands You know how i knew that how Because i can see his teeth Good observation wow He’s a lot of teeth He really does do you think you know What kind of dinosaur it might be yet I don’t know i don’t know either it’s Rachel maybe this is an allosaurus

Or a t-rex Wow georgie that’s a good hypothesis Thanks yeah i guess an educated guess Uh-huh to figure out what kind of Dinosaur it is we have to put them Together yes But miss rachel uh-huh There are so many pieces i don’t think We’ll ever get him together i know it Seems hard but we can do it one step at A time We can do hard things one step at a time One step at a time one step at a time we Can do hard things one step at a time One step at a time It might seem really hard but when we Break it down into one step at a time we Can do it yeah we can do one bone at a Time That’s right good job Say we can do it we can do it let’s Start yeah Hello sheila Are you a herbivore I’m herbie let’s get you back together Putting dinosaur bones together makes You hungry snack time soon herbie yeah Okay Can we put on the feet yet not yet Herbie i can’t wait to put on the feet Can you help me push the last piece of The tail in Let’s say push One

Two three Push we did it Wow Wow friends we’re almost done i just Need your help putting the head on You say on and it will go on One Two Three [Music] It came out so Awesome Now friends can you help us figure out What kind of dinosaur this is Oh it’s rachel Yeah georgie i think it’s a t-rex Yeah it’s a t-rex great job we figured It out Do you see a pattern What’s next Yeah t-rex That’s a pattern Good job I’m so excited to show you my little toy Pet dinosaur Isn’t he cute can you say hello to the Kids at home That was so cute let’s sing a little Song about him [Music] He’s happy we’re gonna sing did you hear That Can you sway with me good job Did you ever see my dinosaur my dinosaur

My dinosaur did you ever see the Dinosaur i have for my pet he hides in My bedroom he wears my pajamas if you’ve Never seen my dinosaur you’d like to i Bet [Music] The shape of the day is a rectangle Rectangles have four sides and four Corners you stay in and we’ll put it in Put it in put it in put it And you did it Can you look around your house and find Something that’s shaped like a rectangle [Music] What are we doing in the woods We’re going to look for a dinosaur nest And a dinosaur egg a real one No it’s just pretend oh yeah i made it This morning let’s be really quiet and Let’s tiptoe around the woods and try And find the dinosaur nest and the Dinosaur egg can you help us yeah let’s Go look you can let’s go I haven’t found it yet This is so fun [Music] Rachel is it that dirt over there i Don’t think so i don’t see an egg no That’s not it okay [Music] Is this it No herpe this is a Pine cone oh yeah [Music]

I wonder i wonder where that nest is Is it over there no Is it over there hmm No i can’t find the nest anywhere Do you know where it is Oh you do where Oh it’s behind me Oh there it is miss rachel we found the Nest Yeah we found it good job everyone yeah Good job We found the nest We found the nest Wow you found the nest yeah we found it Dinosaurs hatch from eggs Good job good job For this song can you crawl around on Your floor on all fours some dinosaurs Moved like that And then when i say upright stand up on Two feet some dinosaurs moved like that [Music] Dinosaurs live long ago Some move fast and some moves Saw me plant and summate meat some Walked up right on two feet Dinosaurs were big and small i’d love to Learn about them all Great job color of the day is orange That’s my favorite color can you find Something around the house that’s orange Yeah i’m gonna go find something Oh wait herbie i wonder if herpe Remembers that he’s orange can you help

Me tell him later Okay thanks Which one is the rectangle That’s right This is the rectangle Good job Put it in put it and put it In Good job Miss rachel i couldn’t find anything Orange but i did get a snack that’s Orange yeah i know it’s an orange but i Was looking for something orange that’s Orange no it’s an orange Herpe That fruit it’s the color orange You’re right Orange is orange yeah the orange fruit Is orange I wonder if banana is the color banana Herbie the kids and i also have Something else to tell you let’s tell Him he’s orange You’re orange oh yeah yeah Orange I found two things me and the orange Good job Now i want a banana These are my friends levi and chloe Can i ask you a question yes do you know What a dinosaur is yeah it’s wow it’s a Giant fin that but has a body and a tail And it stops around and it has a big Mouth

Are you petting my hair yeah thank you What else do you know about dinosaurs Well i also know that when they walk and In sand we make breed giant whoa we’re Like giant whoa Could we pretend like we’re walking like Dinosaurs yeah okay show me Boom boom boom boom boom i’m a dinosaur I’m so big bro Thanks for talking with me Thanks for the hug I like that dance let’s do a dance You see a pattern What’s next A purple dinosaur You found the pattern Good job Oh greetings Did you know that dinosaurs are related To us birds yes In fact we are technically dinosaurs My favorite nighttime activity is to Read about dinosaurs in my dictionary Shall we sing some names of dinosaurs Maestro g flat major please [Music] Dinosaurs dinosaurs Dinosaurs [Music] Allosaurus pachycephalosaurus Apotasaurus tyrannosaurus rex Stegosaurus Dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus apotasaurus

[Music] Hi friends i’m so excited to make Dinosaur magic fizzing eggs with you are You ready can you help Okay great first we’re going to get one Box of baking soda do you see one box Yeah And we’re gonna pour it into the bowls Can you help me pour Okay You say pour and i’ll start to pour it Ready set Pour Pour it in Wow Now let’s pour some in this bowl ready Set Pour Pour it in Oops i spilled a little but that’s okay I can clean it up now i’m going to add Some food coloring to our bowls since The color of the day is Orange I’m going to add the two colors that Make orange what two colors make orange Yellow Plus red Makes orange So let’s add some red to this bowl Open the food coloring And can you help me say squeeze Squeeze Good job

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Squeeze Wow We put some red In The bowl Now let’s put yellow in this bowl stay Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze good job Now i put the cap back on next we’re Going to add 1 4 cup of water can you Help me Here it is say pour Pour Wow Say pour Pour Whoa It’s really red Next we need to mix can you help me mix Mix This is the way we mix the baking soda Mix the baking soda mix the baking soda This is the way we mix the baking soda For the eggs Yay Next we’re going to make this mixture Into Eggs and inside we’re going to hide These little Dinosaurs are you ready I’m taking the mixture and i’m forming It into a little egg now i’ll take one Of the dinosaurs and hide it in the egg

Now i’m going to shape another one into An egg my hands are getting kind of Dirty but it’s okay because i can wash Them after i have to cover up this Dinosaur Wow it’s starting to look like an egg Next we’ll put our eggs into the freezer To let them harden once they’ve spent a Few hours in the freezer we’ll take them Out and then we’ll hatch the eggs Yay Wow look we made two awesome Dinosaur eggs yay One two Thank you so much for helping me i can’t Wait to hatch them with you and get the Baby dinosaurs out of the eggs How do you know if there’s a dinosaur in Your refrigerator The door won’t shut For the next song tell me what kind of Dinosaur you would be if you could be Any kind of dinosaur okay fill it in Let’s go I’d like to be a dinosaur dinosaur Dinosaur and if i was a dinosaur i would Be a Wow That’s cool Do you know what miss rachel would be I would be an apotasaurus so i could Have a very long neck And eat leaves out of trees that were Way up high

I’m so excited our eggs are ready we put Them in the freezer and now they’re hard And they’re ready to hatch can you help Great See they’re hard and now we can hatch Them in this bottle we have some vinegar We’re gonna squirt it on the egg and It’s gonna make a chemical reaction Okay you say squeeze and i’ll squeeze Some on the egg Squeeze [Music] Oh wow it’s fizzing I see the beautiful orange color we made More fizzing Wow this is neat say squeeze One two three Squeeze Whoa You really helped and that was a big one We still need to get the baby out can You help Okay say squeeze Squeeze [Music] Whoa I think i see the baby thank you Squeeze Oh i see it good job Squeeze We did it we got it out of the egg Next we need to figure out what kind of Dinosaur it is can you help Yeah i think it’s a triceratops too we

Got the triceratops out of the egg great Job Thank you so much for getting me out of The egg you are so awesome Thank you for saying squeeze and helping Me get out of the egg Next let’s go to our gumball machine to See what the number of the day is can You help me count One Two [Music] Three Four The number of the day must be Four Four yummy gumballs and look miss rachel There’s an orange gumball wow and orange Is the color of the day Can you hold up four fingers That was easy i only have four fingers Let’s count four fingers one Two Three Four Yay Okay let’s count four toys together One Two Three Four Can you count four of your toys Um yeah four dinosaur toys uh-huh And four gumballs yeah

And four fingers Yeah You say n and let’s put the four in the Gumball machine Put it in put it and put it in The gumball machine We’re doing such a great job with our Circle time center let’s take a bubble Gum break Today Let’s make your hands stick to our head Can you touch your head Good job okay so let’s take out a piece Of pretend bubble gum can you get one Out of your pocket what color is yours Mine’s pink Okay so put it in your mouth And we’re gonna chew it Now let’s blow a really big bubble [Music] Oh no the bubble popped and the icky Sticky bubblegum is all over [Music] Stick to your head And you pull them and you pull them and You pull them away Good job That was so much fun Now let’s count the dinosaurs how many Are there One Two Three Four

Four dinosaurs Four is our number for the day Four dinosaurs Good job One Two Three [Music] Four Five Six Seven Eight [Music] Nine Ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 [Music] 19 20. Hey everybody welcome back to playful Literacy i’m so glad you could make it Today we’re in my new office and i’m so Excited to show you all the things i Have in here to play with And today we’re doing the letter sound d D for dinosaur are you ready to play

Come with me Guys i have a problem I can’t find my letter sound d I’ve been looking everywhere been Looking under And over and to the side And nothing do you know where it is Can you see it anywhere You do see it Where I’m gonna take out my binoculars Where is it It’s behind me I don’t know i thought i checked can i See again Wow you did find my letter sound d You guys are really good detectives Wow Here it is Hi d Nice to have you in class Do you know what sound my letter d makes D Says we try it again D says d I’m going to make my letter sound d First i’m going to make My street My street has two lines across And dashes in the middle kind of like The street that cars go on Now i’m going to draw my house My house Helps me make my letters

My d goes inside my house Now i’m going to switch to my blue Marker because d is a consonant I’m going to make a circle And then A stick And go down I’m going to make a circle And a stick and go down The pteranodon’s wings when flap flap Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap Pteranodon swing swing flap flap flap All around the swamp The tyrannosaurus rex swing burger Burger the tyrannosaurus rex with burger [Music] [Music] The brontosaurus went [Music] The stegosaurus tail went spike spike Spike spike spike spike spike spike Spike the stegosaurs tail wind spike Spike [Music] Thank you so much for joining me and Singing along Bye-bye look at these cool toy dinosaurs Let’s sort them into two groups plant Eaters and meat eaters can you help me Great do you know what kind of dinosaur This is Yeah it’s the fierce tyrannosaurus rex They were meat eaters let’s put the meat Eaters on this side good job do you

Remember what this dinosaur is called That has three big horns Yeah the triceratops they were plant Eaters so let’s put The triceratops over here in the plant Eaters group do you remember what kind Of dinosaur had plates on his back Yeah the Stegosaurus they also were plant eaters So let’s put them over here with the Plant eaters this dinosaur is the Velociraptor velociraptors ate meat so Where would they Go yeah over here This is the meat eaters group do you Remember what dinosaur had a really long Neck Yeah the apotasaurus They had really long necks To eat leaves and plants so where would They go Yeah she would go over here with the Plant eaters good job This dinosaur is called the diplodocus They also were plant eaters so where Would he go Yeah over here with the plant-eaters hmm Do we have more meat-eaters or plant Eaters Yeah so far we have more plant eaters There are more on this side Wow this guy is spiky How do you think he would Feel yeah it kind of feels sharp and

Pointy This is an ankylosaurus They ate plants so where would he go Yeah With the plant eaters more plant-eaters This dinosaur is the allosaurus They ate meat So where does she go Yeah over on this side With the t-rex and the velociraptor This dinosaur has a really long name It’s the Pachycephalosaurus can you say that Pachycephalosaurus wow i wonder how many Syllables that is Khaki pachycephalosaurus Oh my goodness that was seven syllables Wow The pachycephalosaurus Is also a plant eater So where would she go Yeah On this side Wow we made two groups One with the meat-eaters and one with The plant-eaters Where did the most dinosaurs end up Yeah the most dinosaurs ended up on this Side the plant eaters One two three four five six And on this side for meat eaters we have One two three Great job [Music]

Hi sheila What are you having for lunch A hamburger Probably some kind of meat Do you see a pattern First comes the volcano Then the egg a volcano And what would be next An egg You found the pattern Good job Next we’re going to make salto fossils It’s going to be so much fun can you Help Yeah Great First we need some flour let’s open the Flour say open Open Yay This measuring cup says one cup and we Need two cups of flour so we’re gonna Put two of these cups in the bowl You say in and we’ll put it in Put it in put it in put it In Good job Now we’ll do the second pup put it in Put it in put it In Yay thank you for helping we put two Cups of flour in Next we need one cup of salt Can you help me pour the salt in the cup

Ready set Pour Thank you Say pour poor It’s not full yet let’s say poor again Ready set Poor [Music] It’s getting Full great work Now we can pour the salt in Pour it in pour it and pour it In Putting the salt in Wow Next we need one cup of water this is The sign for water You take your three fingers and do water Let’s pour the water in ready Set Pour Good job Hmm now we need to mix it what can i use To mix this Yeah a spoon this is the way we mix the Dough mix the dough mix the dough this Is the way we mix the dough to make the Salto fossils yay Next let’s knead the dough a little bit This is called kneading the dough This is the way we need the dough need The dough need the dough this is the way We need the dough for the salto fossils We’re done kneading the dough

Now we’re going to roll it can you help Great let’s sing this is the way we roll The dough roll the dough roll the dough This is the way we roll the dough for Our salto fossils yay This is called a rolling pin Now we’re gonna make some circles in the Dough it’s all flat Say circle and we’ll make the circles Circle Circle Good job Say it as loud as you can Circle So Many Circles Now let’s lift up the extra dough whoa Whoa so fun Next we’re gonna take our little Dinosaur skeletons and press them into The dough to make a fossil Yay You could even make a fossil of your Hand That would be really cool Say press Press Yay wow Look at this Triceratops press the triceratops down Cool fossil Wow this one’s really interesting Press it down

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Whoa that looks neat i even see his Little feet What can i be a fossil Sure we can also do it with little Dinosaur toys let’s try press It’s squishy You’re so silly Oh that looks cool good job Time for one more Press it in Press down And take off Cool we did it Say i did it Here are some finished ones i made with My little boy Salto fossils [Music] The dinos go marching one by one hurrah Hurrah The dinos go marching one by one The dinos go marching one by one one of Them stop to suck his thumb and they all [Music] Go marching two by two hurrah Hurrah The dinos go marching two by two while I’m stopped to tie his shoe and they all Go marching down And up And up And [Music] Marching three by three one of them

Stopped to eat some leaves and they all Go marching down And up and up And down The dinos go [Music] One of them stopped to give a roar And they all come marching down And up And up [Music] Whoa Good job pretending to be dinosaurs for That song And good job marching Next let’s pretend we’re paleontologists And we’re digging in this dirt for Dinosaur bones can you help Awesome Oh i think we found one All right I need your help figuring out what kind Of dinosaur this is Let’s use our brush so we can get all The dirt off so we can really see what Kind Out of all the dinosaurs we learned what Kind do you think this is Yeah i think it looks like an Apatosaurus too good job Let’s look for our next dinosaur Here it is Let’s take our brush and wipe it all off Out of the dinosaurs we learned what

Kind does this look like Yeah it looks like a stegosaurus good Job We found the last one let’s brush it off What dinosaur does this look like out of All the ones we learned about it has Three horns Yeah i think so too it’s the triceratops I’m gonna look at it closely with the Magnifying glass Definitely a triceratops thank you so Much for helping me figure out what kind Of dinosaur bones we found Good job What does a dinosaur use to cut wood A dinosaur Get it [Music] Probably probably just uses his teeth Though Where’s miss rachel I’m on top of a rock miss rachel is on Top of a rock If you had a dinosaur for a pet what Would you name it Wow And maybe you can make it a leash what Would you feed your dinosaur If you had a dinosaur for a pet what Activities would you do with your Dinosaur Wow Maybe you could ride it to school Do you remember what the name of the

Main character was in our story What was the name of the little girl who Wanted a pet dinosaur Yeah her name was evie good job Do you remember why she couldn’t have a Real dinosaur Yeah because dinosaurs aren’t here Anymore they’re extinct can you say Extinct Extinct good job What do you think happened that made the Dinosaurs extinct That means they’re not here anymore some Scientists think a big rock from space Hit the earth Other scientists think it was all the Activity from volcanoes hmm I wonder what it was Can you solve the mystery Can you get out five enormous dinosaurs One two three four five do you know what Enormous means It’s a word for really big Five enormous dinosaurs letting out a Roar one went away and then there were Four Four enormous dinosaurs munching on a Tree One went away and then there were three Three enormous dinosaurs don’t know what To do One went away and then there were two Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of Fun

One went away and then there was one One enormous dinosaur acting like a hero He went away and then there were Zero good job [Music] Guys guess who came to class today to Celebrate that we’re doing d is for Dinosaur Bert Charlie And sam And you know what we’re going to make a Dinoland Here are some of the things we need for Dinoland we need salt We need food dye We need a whisk a bowl and our dinosaurs Don’t forget your plate Okay I’m going to take some salt and make my First dinoland color for the ground It’s going to be green [Music] Okay Now i’m going to make My salt Green and add some food coloring to it And then i Whisk Let’s watch it’s gonna turn green Whoa [Music] That’s so cool Now i’m going to add more salt

And make my sun For dinoland I added a lot This is my sand salt Here i go Adding some yellow And now i’m gonna whisk Let’s see what happens Wow It turned orange Cool I’m going to add my sand salt To My tray My blue And my orange Wow Now my dinosaurs Can play But wait They really want to make D for dinosaur First i’m going to whisk my colors Together [Music] Wow it started making a green color I’m gonna make a d Circle And a stick let’s do it again A circle and a stick one more time A circle And a stick now we can make a d With our dinosaurs they could be Dinosaur pencils

Circle and stick Let’s try another one Shake it up Circle and stick Shake it up [Applause] Circle and stick Cool I’m going to draw a picture and you try To guess what d word it is remember We’re practicing the letter sound d so All of my pictures will start with a d Here i go What is it going to be Can you Guess what What is it going to be It’s a dog okay here’s the next one this Is a food that’s really delicious and a Lot of people like to eat It actually just looks like a circle and It has a hole in the middle Does anybody know what it is You’re right it’s a donut There’s my d at the beginning Hi sheila did you see the man with a Dinosaur t-shirt I know if he saw us Dinosaurus Get it I made that up [Music] Hi friends I looked for something that’s a

Rectangle around my house and i found This kleenex box see how it’s a Rectangle guess what i did with the Tissue boxes i made them into Dinosaur feet So much fun i’ll show you how they work At first i got a little sad because i Wanted to make green dinosaur feet and i Couldn’t find enough green felt around My house Then i wanted to make blue dinosaur feet But i couldn’t find enough blue felt but I realized that’s okay i can make them a Different way And i just use a lot of different colors On them Sometimes we have to do things a Different way but that’s okay sometimes We do things a different way a different Way a different way sometimes we do Things a different way and that’s Okay yeah it’s okay We can be flexible Maybe you could make some too preschool So guys now that you know d And you know b you know so many letters Can i teach you a fun trick so you don’t Confuse b and d Ready we’re going to use our hands go Like this make a fist Punch them together Raise your thumbs And look I have

A b on one side And a d on the other side Ah Whoa Bed Look at your thumbs and now you can put Your hand on the paper and make the d The way your hand looks Cool Thanks for coming to playful literacy i Hope you had so much fun i sure did i’m Gonna go play with my dinosaur puppets Now bye Hi i’m miss maria and today i’m gonna Teach you how to dance on the piano like A dinosaur Wait I’m a little too big to dance on a real Piano that’s pretty silly so i drew my Own piano keys on the sidewalk using Chalk Maybe you can do this sometime So in music we have Steps Skips And leaps and we’re going to talk about Those today Can you march in place Get up come on march in place with me Ready march march march March march march March march march Great Are you marching yeah you are great

Okay Now we’re going to step from side to Side Can you step from side to side with me There we go step step step step Awesome Step step step Step step step again step step step Step step step Now these three notes are my friends do Re And me So i can sing step step step Step step step Or i can sing do re me Me reto Can you sing that with me can you sing Do re me me ray do with me Do reign me Me reto Very good again Do [Music] Rey reign Fantastic All right what if i want to go from do To me Without playing rey I can do something called a skip i can Skip from do To me And then back to Do Can you try that let’s try just jumping

First ready That’s great that’s called a skip again Awesome now let’s add the notes Do Me Do Again Me Go One more time go Fantastic Wait what about that note over there Do you think we can skip up to that note Up there That note’s called so I think we can come on jump with me Ready Do Me So Me Very good again Do Me So [Music] Very very good Now What if i want to get from do All the way up to so Without playing anything in the middle I’m gonna have to use a leap A leap is a very big jump Where you skip over a whole bunch of

Notes Ready So Dough Do that again with me ready joe So Dough one more time Dough So So Amazing So let’s try All three steps we learned today Step step step Step step step Very good now let’s try skipping Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip And let’s try to leap again ready Leap Weep Sleep Very good now we can’t finish up today Without learning a song right So the song goes Dancing lights got Dinosaur Roar Roar roar So repeat after me Dancing like a dinosaur

Roar roar roar Very good now the whole thing dancing Like a dinosaur Roar Roar Very good Now i’m gonna teach you how to dance it Ready we’re gonna use steps Two skips Steps And then our big leap At the end It’s gonna go like this Dancing like a dinosaur Roar Roar Roar Again Dancing like a dinosaur Roar Roar Roar let me watch you do it Okay can you be a big scary dinosaur now Dancing like a dinosaur Roar Roar Roar can you be a nice dinosaur and Think like a dinosaur big roars roar Roar Roar Really really good everybody thanks for Dancing like a dinosaur with me Remember you can draw this on your own Sidewalk at home i hope you guys had fun

Dancing on the piano like a dinosaur Take care it was so fun learning about Dinosaurs with you today yeah this was My favorite day today aww Let’s say some nice things about Ourselves and then we’ll do the goodbye Song Repeat after me I am a wonderful kid i am a wonderful Kid i am important i am important i am Valuable i am valuable now let’s sing Our goodbye song we can’t wait to see You next time for e for emotions Good bye friends Good bye friends Good bye Friends we’ll see you again real soon Bye bye [Music] Back in mesozoic times [Music] Dinosaurs stomped around all day No play Some of them preferred to fly They’d spread their dino wings and fly Away Let’s pretend that we’re tiny dinos [Music] Now pretend you’re the biggest [Music] They jump and jump and [Music] Let’s pretend that we’re tiny dinos Eating leaves off the ground twigs on

The ground [Music] [Music] Play run around we’re playing dino play [Music] [Music]

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