The Cool Bean: AS COOL AS IT GETS ūüéĀ Holiday Read Aloud

The Cool Bean Presents: As Cool as It Gets ūüéĀ Holiday Read Aloud. The Cool Bean loses his cool over the annual holiday gift exchange! The pressure to find the perfect gift is overwhelming him. KidTime StoryTime reads this holiday story that reveals how anyone can give the perfect gift!

Published by our pals at Harper Kids! From Jory John & Pete Oswald, the team behind hits like The Cool Bean, The Bad Seed, The Couch Potato and more!




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Be sure to like and subscribe! Yeah! Hey Kid do you feel that chill   In the air? yeah I think a cool front 
is coming a cool front or a cool Bean Cook Happy it's so good to see you back 
again thank you it's good to be   To be in what have you been up to since 
the last time we saw you when you got   Your confidence and and you faced your cool 
friends and and you got all that kindness in   Return and then you were confident again and 
full of friends well I gotta tell you Lagoon Awesome two days when I totally lost my cool what 
what oh you didn't know what happened well I got   With a big attack of um shall we call it gift 
insecurity oh I think I know what you're talking   About yeah I had quite like a journey yeah right 
there and it was as I say as cool as it gets Oh okay so since last we saw the cool Bean 
uh cool Bean did not feel cool then regained   A sense of cool and then apparently completely 
lost all coolness once again and then apparently   Regained it I think that's how that went well 
let's just dive inside as cool as it gets shall   We and look at cool being looking adorable 
and there are all the super duper cool being   Friends they are seriously the coolest the 
one with the leather jacket the one with the   Sideways cap the one with a whole pink matching 
outfit and look there's a new cool being there   That I didn't remember seeing before let's 
Dive In oh already the coolness has begun   We have stickers stickers stickers and we have 
another page of stickers stickers stickers use   These holiday stickers to make gifts for your 
cool friends and they even have like two and   From tags so you could use these to stick on 
gifts but then look you have cool beans and   You have squiggly things and then you have 
lights and you have like bulbs and you have   More cool beans and Candy uh oh oh and look at 
that green bear green beer come here take a look I know right let's go let's go you 
know this is gonna be good because   The cool Bean well and then like all 
of his friends all his cousins you   Know The Bad Seed and The Good Egg and 
the couch potato they're all super cool Face bells are ringing those 
are jingling tinsel is tingling   Yep whatever it doesn't matter wait wait what I 
feel like I just got hit with emotional Whiplash   One moment we're happy about the holidays and 
next moment where whatever it's all part of   The journey oh Journey the truth is I don't 
usually feel very festive Jolly or Mary this   Time of year oh I'm starting to like this I 
may be a cool Bean but I don't always have   The coolest holiday season oh no oh yes no no no 
no yes yes yes here's why talk to me Beanie Baby Fancy oh holiday party all the beans in town are 
there to celebrate and whip it up and there's   Cool Bean holding the holiday party you're 
invited invitation I don't see a problem here  

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Like seriously this house sounds pretty awesome so 
far and if every single year we have a gift it's   Exchange and there they are he's thinking about 
exchanges past and everybody looks happy and   Everything is beautifully decorated feeling very 
festive again I am not seeing the problem no right   To enter this gift exchange you select a Bean's 
name out of the out of a hat this year I randomly   Picked B J not to be confused with being a dead 
ass of course not those two are totally different   But that Jay is one of the coolest of the cool 
beans hi and I knew she would be expecting one   Of the coolest of the cool gifts it's kind of a 
big deal there's a lot of pressure to be a great   Gift Giver during the holidays yes the pressure 
the pressure is a pressure cooker oh it's terrible   Which episode there's a lot of pressure to be a 
great Gift Giver during the holidays after all   What's cooler than making someone stay with an 
amazingly expensive present am I right I okay   Well I mean it's not that cool being you're 
completely wrong so you're saying that I'm a   Little wrong well it's just the whole expensive 
part that's really what's gotten me hung up I   Mean why on Earth do you think that you could 
afford to buy an expensive jacket or a fancy   Watch or a really pricey tricked out bicycle or 
even video games electronics are expensive cool   Bean I know there is the struggle you know I know 
you want to give a good gift but you know where's   That money gonna come from of course I couldn't 
buy her something extravagant like that I had no   Bean bucks to my name I can learn you some bat 
bugs no don't give cool beans bad bucks besides   Nobody takes bath bucks that's where you're 
wrong oh really what Jefferson said who in the   World takes bat bucks I'll tell you which Mark oh 
Amazon amazonk and also don't forget trainer bats   Are these real never mind so I tried finding a 
gift for being a dad oh okay so we're lacking   On a bit of a treasure hunt I went on 
a treasure hunt oh that's not exactly   What I thought across town alas all I found 
was an acorn a button a rock an apple core   A broken leaf and a single solitary shoe and 
not just any kind of shoe but a fly-filled shoe   Jealous sign I'll be like Bernadette wouldn't want 
any of that stuff and apparently digging through   His Bean buckless Pockets only turned up another 
solitary shoe and an empty tomato can and a bone   And a small leaf and a half used tube of ointment 
I considered not going to the party at all no I   Really want to go to the party I could hide in 
my house with the lights out in case anybody   Came looking for me things would be easier that 
way oh no but easier isn't always better but then   Just as I was starting to panic oh I like a panic 
part let's Panic some more no which have his head I spied some pens and paints and 
paper in a Dusty forgotten cabinet   Oh this cabinet does look like it's basically 
loaded with goodies and fun potential stuff hmm   I hmmed suddenly I had a cool idea it had been 
a while since I done anything creative but I   Decided to give it a whirl I drew a line then 
another then another oh this is right up my   Alley getting all creative it started out as a 
simple landscape then I added a couple of tigers  


A lightning bolt a sporty car an electric 
guitar and a double rainbow I love a double   Rainbow I topped it off with a sketch of being 
a debt herself looking oh so very cool cool After an hour or two I admired my illustration 
it had humor it had heart it had a lightning bolt   Really good one was it the best thing I'd ever 
made perhaps I put the drawing in a folder and   Headed to the party before I could talk myself out 
of it there we go that's the spirit let's do this   Let's party finally I'll be named Charlene 
ding the glass like this ding ding ding   It's gift time she hollered gather round all the 
beans sat in a circle a few friends waved me over   Yeah they should be really fun I said way 
too loudly then I laughed awkwardly oh gosh   This is getting super awkward and everybody 
though somehow seems to not mind or notice   Uh yeah the beans are just having a cool time 
you know and the tunes are playing and they're   In Good Company good spirits then I sneeze 
on us somebody's plate of cookies had you   Isolate that then I bumped my knee on the 
coffee table yeah hey everybody just stared I spotted Bernadette sitting straight across from 
me looking excited sorry in advance I thought It's gonna be fine why do I feel so nervous   All the beans exchanged gifts immediately there 
were Yelps of approval it was a Cavalcade of shiny   Expensive stuff like Electronics whoa clothes 
jewelry wowzers you name it giant bear finally   It was my turn oh The Dread oh The Dread but there 
was no way out just like I like it no way out I'm   So excited about the forthcoming disaster and 
embarrassment and shame the screaming the cry   The blood curling screams in particular I'm really 
looking forward to that yeah what can it happen Maybe it will happen I don't Bernadette took 
the folder and shook it listening for a rattle   She smelled it in case it was sweet finally 
she opened it and gently removed my artwork   Holding it in both hands she stared at it 
for a full minute there was only silence And the beads of sweat forming on Cool Beans brow 
definitely feeling the Heat I knew it I thought   The worst gift of the party time to disappear 
forever forever forever into a black hole of   Abyss and sadness and blood curly screams yeah I 
don't think no not forever no I I don't think so   I started plotting my Escape just as I was about 
to Sprint to the door and never looked back and   Start a new life somewhere where somewhere being 
a dad finally spoke up wait you drew this for me   She asked um yes I said feeling a bit queasy you   Goodness this is the absolute coolest present 
I've ever received she said it yay [Music]   I asked it's totally and completely wonderful 
she said this gift is as cool as it gets Everybody crowded around my drawing all the beans   Had nice things to say about it 
like wow neat cool what a coffee Cool Bean I'm not kidding you're 
totally stressing me out yeah me too And original and you know Storyteller loves unique 
and original I've given it away and it had made  

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Somebody happy all in a day did you see that fly 
apparently the flyer wants to get in on the kids   Exchange too all right the rest of the party sped 
by in a blur of holiday music sweets and fun games   Some of the other beans asked if I would make 
drawings for them oh look and there's a little   Dance party going on oh it's so big this morning 
and ain't no party like a phoenix party and that's   The coolest party what ain't no party like a bean 
dance party it's the coolest party in town some of   The other beans asked if I would make drawings 
for them and look at that they're all gathering   Around and they're still dancing because 
ain't no fun it's like a cool Bean party oh   And I received a neat present too it was a 
scarf that a bean named Jean had made it for me   He'd been really nervous about my reaction he 
said I told Gene how much it meant to me that   He'd taken the time to make me something okay 
I have to make a confession I was gonna wait   Till the end of the book but I can't hold it in I 
have to tell you no because I saw a scarf on cool   Bean and I just wanted to tell you that everything 
that Storyteller is wearing right now was knitted   By someone close to her a friend a family member 
that's right everything the gloves handmade this   Headband handmade this Poncho handmade uh-huh 
that's right so it just goes to show you people   Love gifts from the heart and sometimes gives 
from your hands but wait there's more sorry And my new scarf kept me cozy when I went outside 
it was truly a cool and also warm gift indeed bye   Everybody bye it was great seeing you that's an 
amazing party let's do this again next year and   Going home and everybody's in super happy Spirits 
because you know how could you not be happy after   That loving gift exchange the walk felt shorter 
this time I had a pep in my step and a smile on   My face yeah this has actually turned into 
a pretty cool holiday season after all I've   Realized that a gift is a gift whether it's bought 
found or created from scratch I even came up with   A new motto when in doubt just make something 
I like that just make something something that   Wasn't there before so that's what I'm gonna do 
from now on and I see the cool Bean is already   Beginning Gathering supplies I see brushes 
of different kinds different styles of paper   Happy holidays everybody and what a perfect way 
to spend a holiday evening by a cozy fire and   Playing the holiday Tunes a nice cup of hot 
cocoa and you see the marshmallows floating   In there oh yeah all the colors and crayons and 
brushes and paper and nothing but imagination   To unleash upon the page wait where's the 
blood curly screams I guess we didn't have   Any where's the eggs gone where where's the 
sadness the recrimination the disappointment   Um I guess it didn't come oh it came all right 
I got it all oh well it's better with you than   Everybody else and remember you can make stuff 
look you can make this and you can make a drawing   And you can make a poem there's so much in your 
hands and if you happen to get your hands on   This book which is as cool as it gets you also 
are gonna get the stickers in case you want to   Put a little extra something something on 
someone that you love happy holidays kid

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.