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Have your toddler learn with a real teacher, Ms. Rachel! In this Toddler Learning Video, your child will learn colors, fruits, vegetables and all about healthy eating! Ms. Rachel uses techniques recommended by speech therapists and early childhood education experts to engage children and encourage speech and language development. She uses early intervention techniques to teach important toddler and preschool skills! We also include fun songs with gestures and baby signs to encourage gestures and imitation; the building blocks of speech and language development! 

Make sure your child is meeting their milestones! If you think your child may have a speech delay, definitely consult your pediatrician. You can also get an evaluation from a speech therapist. (Speech language pathologist) You may be able to get free speech therapy through early intervention so google “early intervention” with the name of your state and call the number now! As a parent, you can request an evaluation. Getting help when they are as young as possible is so important. 

If you are looking for more toddler learning videos, speech practice videos, early intervention skills videos, preschool class videos, educational videos for toddlers, learn to talk videos, or music class videos, our channel has them all! We have the best educational videos for kids! We also have baby learning videos for babies. 

Our videos are not passive screen time! They are incredibly interactive and our methods are backs by experts and research. We put your baby first! We know you will love this learn colors for toddlers video with toy fruits and vegetables! 

Rachel has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has had training in early childhood development from Harvard and Bank Street College. She has also been a toddler teacher at a preschool for children with special needs including autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other developmental delays.

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[Music] Hi friends today Let’s learn about colors and yummy Fruits and vegetables it’s going to be So much fun [Music] Can you think of any yellow foods hmm [Music] Maybe if we say food some yellow foods Will come out Say food Food [Music] Wow You said food and the yellow foods came Out It’s a little yellow Lemon Wow lemons are so sour Can you do that A yellow Apple yeah There are some apples that are yellow This is Corn good job Let’s feed doggy some corn He loves the corn A yellow Pepper Wow Yum me And a Yellow You got it banana

Ring ring hello Ring ring hello This isn’t a phone that’s so silly i’m Pretending that the banana is a phone Hello Hello Let’s sing apples and bananas with my Step dad papa tim i like to eat eat eat Apples and bananas I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas I like to eat eight eight aprils and Bananas I like to eat Eight eight aprils and big name days I like to eat eat eat eepless and Benini’s i like to eat eat eat eeples And benini’s I like to eat bite eight apples [Music] I like to [Music] I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas Wow that was so much fun Thanks guys Which bowl of fruit has more fruit in it Yeah this one This one has more fruit Let’s count the Fruit one Two Three Four Five

Six Six pieces of fruit And what do we do with all this fruit We eat it Good job Can you think of any red foods Hmm Let’s save food and maybe some red foods Will come out Food Let’s do it louder Food Wow A bucket of red food came out let’s see What’s inside A red Apple apple starts with a can you do the A sound Ah Good job I know a song about an apple tree can You sing it with me Yeah Okay let’s sing it Are you ready [Music] Way up high In the tree One red apple smile down at me so i Shook that tree as hard as i could down Came the apple Good Great job Let’s see what’s inside

Some Raspberries A red Tomato A red Strawberry Mmm so yummy Yummy [Music] Let’s feed doggy a strawberry You say eat and he’ll eat it [Music] We are the healthy super kids We eat yummy vegetables We eat yummy fruits Healthy foods help us run play and think Healthy foods give us energy and make us Strong We eat foods from the rainbow Can you be a healthy super kid too Eat fruits and vegetables to get your Superpowers Vitamins and minerals I like to oat oat oat [Laughter] Opals and but no nose That’s funny For this next song let’s pretend that we Keep dropping our pumpkin you can play Along and use a stuffed animal are you Ready I dropped my pumpkin pick it up pick it Up i dropped my pumpkin pick it up pick It up i dropped my pumpkin pick it up

Pick it up and put it on my head can you Balance it on your head I dropped my pumpkin pick it up pick it Up why drop my pumpkin pick it up pick It up i dropped my pumpkin pick it up Pick it up and put it on my shoulder can You do that it’s hard to balance I drop my pumpkin pick it up pick it up I drop my pumpkin pick it up pick it up I drop my pumpkin pick it up pick it up And put it on my hand I drop my pumpkin again I drop my pumpkin pick it up pick it up I drop my pumpkin pick it up pick it up I dropped my pumpkin pick it up pick it Up and put it on my back Can you do that It’s so silly Can you try it on your tummy Whoa Whoa Can you try it on your knee Can you balance it on your foot try that Good job Let’s sing it one more time i drop my Pumpkin pick it up pick it up i drop my Pumpkin pick it up pick it up i drop my Pumpkin pick it up pick it up and hold It with two hands That was so much fun good job can you Think of any orange foods hmmm You say food and some orange foods will Come out Food

Food A bucket of orange foods came out Yay We have an orange An orange pepper An orange Carrot Good job If you make a snowman you can use a Carrot as the nose So silly carrot nose Boop Boop boop Should we feed the dog a carrot Yeah Okay you say eat and he’ll eat the Carrot Eat Om nom He loves it So Yummy Yummy Can you say that Yummy Yummy in my tummy And an orange Pumpkin Wow [Music] Pumpkin begins with pee Can you do the p sound Let’s do the p sound quietly Sometimes on halloween

We make pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns it’s so much fun it’s Time for a magic movie Look we’re at the pumpkin patch I see lots and lots of orange pumpkins So Many pumpkins Hey look it’s a green tractor There are people riding on the back of The green tractor this is called a Hayride Ah I see two happy babies sitting on the Pumpkins Now the babies are riding in a green Wagon The babies found a pumpkin to take home It’s fun to go to the pumpkin patch and Find a special pumpkin to take home Now it’s time to make the pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern for halloween first you Have to cut open the pumpkin that’s only For grown-ups then you scoop out the Pulp and the seeds Next you carve a face into the pumpkin This little girl is carving a pumpkin With her grandpa Finally we can make the jack-o-lantern Light up It’s so fun to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween let’s pretend we’re in a Pumpkin patch looking for our pumpkin Can you walk with me to the bead Good job and when you find the pumpkin

You could dance with your grown-up or Someone in your family or a stuffed Animal are you ready Pumpkin patch pumpkin patch i’m looking For a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch Here is one one for me Turn into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween that was so much fun should we Do it again Should we do it again Okay Pumpkin patch pumpkin patch i’m looking For a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch here is One One for me Turn into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween yay You did a great job can you think of any Green foods Green foods are so yummy [Music] Let’s say food and maybe some green Foods will come out Look It’s green Broccoli Yay I love broccoli it’s one of my favorite Foods A green Cucumber [Music] A green Apple

Yeah Apples can be green too What do you call an apple that plays the Trumpet A tutti frutti Wow Look a green [Music] Pepper Wow And a green Lime Awesome Limes are sour too Let’s feed doggy some broccoli say eat Eat So gummy He loved it good job [Music] Which group of fruit are the Strawberries Yeah those are Strawberries what color are all of these Fruits Yeah they’re red Red fruit Good job Do you know where apples come from Trees that’s right they grow on trees Called apple trees and we have to pick Them Pick the apples can you pretend to pick An apple off a tree Pick the apple


Pick the apples off trees good job Pretending Let’s learn more about apples from our Magic movie Here is an apple growing on a tree Wow there are many apples on this tree The man is picking apples Pick the apple Reach for the apple tree She is reaching for the apple tree Look at all the apple trees A place with many apple trees is called An apple orchard can you say orchard Orchard The little girl is putting apples in the Bag In Some apples go to the store and we can Buy them the daddy is looking for apples With his son Apples are a fruit that we can eat yum Eating the apple We can eat apples plain they’re so yummy There’s other things we can make out of Apples too do you know any of them There’s apple What is this Apple Sauce yeah you can make applesauce you Have to smush the apples to make Applesauce and cook them too Let’s pretend we’re cooking some apples And making applesauce stir the Applesauce can you stir the applesauce

Stir the applesauce good job It’s starting to rain can you help me Sing mr golden sun so the sun will come Back out If you have a shaker at home it’s time To get out your shaker Oh mr sun Sun mr golden sun please shine down on Me Oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun Hiding behind a tree These little children are asking you to Please come out so we can play with you Oh mr sun sun Mr golden sun Please shine down on me Wow The sun is coming out but it’s still a Little cloudy let’s sing it again and See if the sun comes out are you ready Okay get your shaker oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun please shine down on me I’ll miss your sun sun Mr golden sun hiding behind a tree [Music] These little children are asking you to Please come out so we can play with you Oh mr sun sun Mr golden sun please shine down on me [Applause] Yay

The sun came out oh it’s so warm now Thank you so much can you think of any Purple foods Hmm Let’s say food and maybe some purple Foods will come out Food You said food and the purple food came Out Wow It’s purple Grapes wow This is a purple Eggplant A purple Plum A purple Onion And some Blackberries that are purple [Applause] [Applause] What color Are these bananas Yeah they’re yellow Which fruit shares a name with a color I’ll give you a clue Yeah It’s an orange orange Good job One of my favorite foods is blue can you Guess what it is Hmm Can you guess

Yeah Blueberries Yummy in my tummy um Yummy It’s time for a super fun Game Let’s sort these apples by size okay Does this apple go with large or small Large good job How about this one large or small Small good job Large or small Large good Large or small Small Uh-oh i’m not sure where this goes large Or small Small Good job Large or small Large great work What about the last two Yeah this is large and this is small Yay we did it i’m so proud of you Let’s do five little pumpkins Out your arm and we’ll pretend it’s a Gate and then get out five little Pumpkins good job Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate The first one said oh my it’s getting Late the second one said there are Witches in the air the third one said But we don’t care the fourth one said Let’s run and run and run the fifth one

Said i’m ready for some fun who went the Win and out went the light and the five Little pumpkins rolled out of sight good Job What do you call a bunch of strawberries In a band [Music] A together session [Music] This song’s called the hokey pokey i bet You already know it Are you all ready Okay let’s go you can follow along with Me right here [Music] That’s what it’s all about You put your right foot in you put your Right foot out And you shake it all the way [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] That’s what it’s all about What else should we put in this circle How about our elbows yeah Put your right elbow in you put your Right elbow out you put your right up a Win and you shake it all about you do The hokie poking you turn yourself Around That’s what it’s all about Let’s do the left elbow ready You put your left elbow in and you put

Your leftover out you put your left Double and you shake it all out [Music] All right let’s do our hands [Music] [Applause] [Music] You put your left hand in put your left Hand out [Music] [Applause] That’s what it’s all about [Music] [Applause] [Music] That’s what it’s all about Let’s pretend to cut some fruit together This is a pretend knife remember real Knives are only for grown-ups Do you remember what this fruit is Called Yeah it’s a strawberry a red strawberry You say cut and we’ll cut the strawberry Cut We did it We cut the strawberry into two halves Do you know what this fruit is called Yeah it’s a pear a green pear You say cut and we’ll cut it ready set Cut We did it We cut the whole bear into do halves Do you remember what this is called Yeah it’s a banana

A yellow banana You say cut and we’ll cut it Ready set Cut Cup Oh wow Let’s see how many pieces we cut it into One Two three Three pieces of banana great job The next song we’re gonna sing is about A tiny little bug called an ant We’re gonna sing a song about them Marching and we’re gonna count them as They march Can you march with me let’s go Here we go [Music] The ants go marching one by one Hurrah the ants go marching one by one Hurrah hurrah the ants go marching one By one the little one stop to suck his Thumb and they all go marching down to The ground to get out of the rainbow [Music] The ants go marching two by two the Little one stopped to tie his shoe and They all go marching down to the ground To get out of the ring Boom the ants go marching three by three Hurrah hurrah the ants go marching three By three hurrah hurrah the ants go Marching three by three the little ones Stop to climb a tree and they all go

Marching down to the ground to get out Of the rainbow [Music] The ants go marching four by four the Little one stop to shut the door and They all go marching down to the ground To get out of the rainbow boom boom boom Boom boom boom the ants go marching five By five hurrah hurrah the ants go Marching five by five hurrah hurrah the Ants go marching five by five the little Ones stop to give a high five And they all go marching [Music] Now i’m going to put the apples in my Refrigerator into two groups Green apples i have one green apple And red apples i have three red apples One two Three good counting Do i have more green apples or more red Apples There’s more red apples More red apples Less green apples only one green apple Three red apples wow Good job [Music] Do you know what this fruit is called It’s very sour Yeah it’s a lemon let’s cut it you say Cut Ready set cut Push down we did it

We cut the whole lemon into two halves Do you know what this fruit is called Yeah It’s an orange An orange orange That’s so silly You say cut and we’ll cut it cut We pretended to cut it yay Look inside wow We cut the whole orange into two halves Good Job have you ever seen this fruit it’s Really fuzzy It’s called a kiwi let’s cut it open and See what’s inside Ready set Cut You did it Oh the inside is Green Wow Say kiwi kiwi One whole kiwi Two halves Ooples ooples and banunus Window knows but new news So silly do you want to pretend to be a Train with me All right What sound does a train make That’s right [Music] So we’re gonna pretend to be trains We’re gonna walk in a circle with our

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Arms like this and whenever i say the Word stop we’re gonna freeze and wait For the train to start back up again You can just follow along right up here Are you ready All aboard [Music] Salon Let’s go a little bit faster [Music] Singing [Music] Okay let’s do it a little bit faster you Ready [Music] All right we’re gonna go really really Fast this time are you ready [Music] [Applause] [Music] I think we can go faster [Music] That was fun thanks for pretending to be A train with me [Music] Apple prints So we take an apple and you have a grown Up help you cut it in half And then we’re going to make a print so We’re going to dip it in paint Did you know some apples are yellow so i Dip this in yellow paint now i’m going To stamp it on can you say stamp stamp Let’s see how it looks i’m so excited oh

It looks pretty i like it maybe i should Hold it down a little longer and push Wow that looks good i even see the stem Next i’m going to dip it in red paint Wow i dipped it in red paint now let’s Stamp it say stamp Stamp Let’s see what happens Push Pretty Oh my goodness i love it do another one Oh that one has a lot of spaces but i Like how it looks Wow i’m gonna mix the yellow And the red together a little bit Wow i like printing them on top of each Other it looks nice I even see the seed prints a little bit That’s so cool I really like my picture You know we learned also that apples can Be green so i’m gonna try green and see How that looks let’s see how the green Looks i dipped it in green paint Push Printing with apples Whoa Whoa it’s pretty messy That’s okay i can wash my hands after That one looks like a lot of colors i Like it Push again Oh it’s slippery Ah we did it we made the apple print

Picture I’m proud of myself and i’m proud of you It always feels good to make something Doesn’t it Which pumpkin is green That’s right this is the green pumpkin Which pumpkin is purple Yeah that’s the purple pumpkin Which pumpkin is orange That’s right this is the orange pumpkin Good job What does a frog say Ribbit Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit in this song They say something else it’s so silly I went the little green frog one day I went the little green frog I went the little green frog one day and They all went um [Music] [Music] That was so silly Good job Do you know what this fruit is called It’s called cantaloupe Let’s cut the cantaloupe Say cut Cut You did It you did it Cut Let’s do it again for fun Cut Cut

Cut Let’s see how many pieces of cantaloupe We have We touch each piece and say a number When we touch the piece one Two Three Four Four pieces of cantaloupe four is the Last number we said so we know we have Four pieces We cut all the fruit great job you did It next let’s talk about the parts of an Apple if you have a grown-up to help you You can cut open an apple i cut open This apple This part’s the skin of the apple This part is called the flesh of the Apple This little part is called the stem The stem is where the apple was hanging From the tree Wow This part is called the core of the Apple Good listening yeah so we have the skin The flesh the white part The core The stem Sometimes there’s a leaf hanging off This apple does not have leaf hanging Off And then i almost forgot Inside the apple this is really special

There’s apple seeds Wow Yeah let’s see if we can get one out Wow here’s one of the apple seeds that Was inside the apple It’s a brown tiny seed do you know what Would happen if we planted this seed in The ground and gave it sunlight and Water and soil when i was a little girl We planted an apple tree in my front Yard it was so fun guess how many seeds Were in my apple One Two three Four Five five seeds were in the apple how Many seeds were in your apple if you Looked inside Wow It’s so fun learning about the parts of An apple great job i’m so proud of you One Two Three Four Five Six [Music] Seven Eight Nine 10 11 12

13 14 15. [Music] [Music] Do you like play-doh i love play-doh do You have play-doh at home Cool you can even make play-doh hey Since we’re learning about apples let’s Make an apple out of play-doh Open Okay we gotta take some out pull it out Oh good job I’m gonna take a lot of play-doh out Okay Now i’m gonna roll it into a ball roll Roll roll the play-doh roll roll roll The play-doh roll roll roll the play-doh We are rolling play-doh Oh it’s kind of starting to look like an Apple hooray Okay let’s see what color this is Oh i made some brown play-doh here so i Can do a stem Remember we learned about the stem Put on the stem Wow it’s starting to look like an apple That is cool Oh yay here’s some green for the leaf Sometimes a leaf comes off the tree when You pick the apple so i’ll put the leaf Right by the stem We made an apple that was so much fun What do you like to make out of play-doh

Awesome One thing i like to make out of play-doh Is a bowl i’ll show you It’s so much fun to make a bowl out of Play-doh Making a bowl Making a bowl And then i like to make little balls and Pretend that it’s cereal Cereal [Music] Making pretend cereal do you like cereal I like cereal Making a bowl out of play-doh is fun now I’m going to make the spoon Gotta use a spoon Wow Here’s a little spoon I love playing with play-doh Oh Picking up the cereal with a spoon So fun Let’s explore the apple with our five Senses do you have an apple at home you Can use if not you could try another Fruit or any food We can smell the apple with our nose It smells Fresh and Sweet We can feel or touch the apple with our Hands This apple feels smooth A nice smooth apple

How does your apple feel Wow I can listen to the apple with my Good job ear There’s no sound but if i bite the apple It makes a sound listen Do you hear the chewing I can taste the apple with my Mouth good job The apple tastes really yummy and it’s Very juicy and sweet it was crunchy I can look at the apple with my Eyes good job can you look at your apple My apple looks red and a little bit Brown And it looks shiny how does your apple Look It’s so fun to explore an apple with our Five senses we looked at the apple We tasted the apple we smelled the apple We listened to the apple and we touched The apple wow good job High five I have something special to show you It’s in this little bag Let’s open it can you say open Open Open the bag and see what’s inside [Music] It’s a Mouse The mouse is sleeping but it’s time for The most to wake up Let’s say wake up mouse one two three

Wake up mouse oh good morning hi I’m a little mouse I wanna climb up the clock can you sing Hickory dickory dock Sure we can sing that Hickory dickory dock the mouse went up The clock the clock struck one the mouse Went down hickory dickory dock Tick tock tick tock tick tock hickory Dickory dock That was so much fun thank you for Singing my song i’m gonna go back to Sleep now good night oh shh the mouse Wants to go back to sleep let’s whisper Okay let’s put the mouse back In the little bag good night mel say Goodnight mouse Next i think i’ll draw an apple do you Want to draw an apple with me Yay Okay here’s the apple shape oh hello Apple I’m using a red crayon I color it in Sometimes it goes outside the lines and That’s okay It doesn’t have to be perfect it’s Wonderful because i made it It doesn’t have to be perfect It’s okay to make mistakes wow look at That apple it almost looks like a heart Now i’m gonna do a stem i have a brown Marker There’s my stem color it in color it in

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Color it In Now for the leaf I think i’ll use a green crayon Here’s the leaf And that’s my apple Maybe i’ll put it on a table Just draw a little table Yay I drew a yummy apple did you draw an Apple that was so much fun This is a large apple maybe next to it I’ll draw a small apple Oh i’m just a little tiny apple There are apples that are very small Called crab apples and a lot of people Like to use them for jelly I’m the tiniest little apple Well Actually maybe we can make one even Smaller do you think we could do it I’m even smaller So small Teeny weeny apple Oh that’s fun Now this one’s large this one’s medium And this one’s small that was so fun Thanks for drawing apples with me i Loved it Our next color is Blue Wow Blue begins with b can you do a b sound Can you do a fast silly b sound

[Laughter] You say open and it will open Open Good job It’s blue Glasses You say on and i’ll put them on put them On put them on put them On Wow these are cool Blue Glasses [Music] Whoa [Music] It’s a blue Whale Wow The blue whale is the biggest animal in The world it’s so big Whale begins with w can you do the w Sound Wha Wha what Let’s pretend we’re a whale blowing out Of our blow hole Good job Swim Swim can you swim around the room Swim Wow A blue Boat Blue and boat both start with b blue

Boat Row row row your vote gently down the Stream merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream That was so fun Now you fill in the words and We’ll pretend to see a crocodile Oh No Ah Gently down the stream If you see a crocodile don’t forget to Scream Ah Can you do that Ah Good job A blue Bear Bear also starts with b Wow It’s a teddy Bear So cute [Music] Bear Boat and blue all start with Bee [Music] It’s a blue Backpack Wow Have you ever worn a backpack Backpack also starts with the letter b

Our friend georgie’s doing an art Project with red puff balls let’s fill Up the truck and bring the puffballs to Georgie he needs red puffballs cause He’s making an apple project Should this one go in Yeah it’s red Does this go in No We want the red puff balls does this go In Yeah This is red This is red Does this go in No it’s blue Does this go in no it’s green We filled up the truck with red puff Balls yay awesome job now we can bring Them to georgie can you help me dump out The puff balls Say out and i’ll dump them out one two Three out Yay Oh we dumped them out great job so many Puff balls for georgie’s apple project What’s this color It’s Purple Wow Purple begins with p Let’s do the p sound Is that some popcorn popping It’s a

Purple Plane Wow Purple and plain Both begin with P A plane can fly through the air Can you zoom around your room like a Flying plane Zoom [Music] Oh wow It’s a A beautiful butterfly Butterflies Also fly Let’s pretend to be butterflies can you Fly around with me Good job Fly fly like a butterfly fly fly like a Butterfly fly fly like a butterfly fly Around the yard now let’s pretend we Land on a flower Did you know that butterflies taste with Their feet Yum yum yum this flower tastes yummy Then they drink the nectar like this Land on a flower and drink the nectar up Land on a flower and drink the mixture Up land on a flower and drink the nectar Up the nectar tastes so yummy good job Now let’s fly around a little more Are you getting tired Let’s take a rest on a leaf butterflies

Don’t sleep but they rest let’s rest on A leaf Land on a leaf and take a rest land on a Leaf and take a rest land on a leaf and Take a rest because we are so tired Oh let’s rest on this leaf So nice to take a rest Let’s get up and fly again are you ready Fly fly like a butterfly fly fly like a Butterfly fly by like a butterfly fly Around the yard Great job wow You did a wonderful job being a Butterfly It’s another thing that flies It’s a Dragonfly [Music] Can you fly like a dragonfly maybe we Can buzz a little bit Z z z z Can you do that Z z z z You’re a dragonfly wow i can’t believe It we found three things that fly a Butterfly A plane and a dragonfly One Two Three I found some puzzles can you help me With them Thank you So here’s an apple what letter does

Apple start with apple Yeah hey so let’s see if this fits Ah it fits good job Oh my goodness this puzzle looks Can you help me What do you think it’s going to be Hmm Let’s see Wow i see a lot of letters Let’s sound them out and see what it Spells The t says The r says er and the e’s say e T Tree I think it might be a tree Let’s see Put it in put it in put it in It’s coming together Put it in put it in put it in Wow I think we were right You got it It’s a Tree Cool t Er e tree An apple tree I like to ight i i Was in benign eyes So silly wow i have a big letter a Now can you help me glue some little Apples onto it be so much fun Okay let’s get out our glue stick

We put Glue on the apple See And then we put it On the a Wow That was fun Take a little apple put on the glue say On and i’ll stick it on On [Music] Wow this a is getting covered in Apples the glue is purple Wow And then i stick it on Can you help me with this one Put on the glue and then stay on On Good job Wow i think the a is so happy to have All these awesome apples on it On Let’s put one in the middle can you help You’re such a good helper i’m so happy To be spending time with you On Good job you helped me Stay on and i’ll put one right here On Good job See how i put the glue on Yeah fill it with glue so it sticks Put it on put it on put it On

Wow friends look what you helped me make I’m so proud of you we made it a With apples stuck all over it so awesome Why do oranges do so well in school they Concentrate Guess what i found in our music bag I found a shaker That’s an apple a red apple Apples are what we’re learning about Today and it’s red And it’s musical Let’s shake it and sing a song with it Hmm remember how we were doing a beat to The muffin man let’s try that do you Know the muffin man the muffin man the Muffin man you you know the muffin man Who lives on to reading [Music] Wow an apple shaker so fun can you Pretend your little thumb is a mouse and Then your other hand’s gonna be the House A quiet little mouse In a quiet little house When all was quiet as What a silly mouse let’s try that again That was so silly A quiet little mouse That was so silly The little mouse surprised us good job Look what i have it’s applesauce For our next project we’re going to pour The applesauce into the bowl we twist Off the cover twist

Twist Now we’re gonna pour the applesauce in Can you say pour Pour Good job Pour Since the color of the day is red i’m Gonna get out some red food coloring If you want to do projects remember Always to ask for a grown-up’s help Now we put a little food coloring in Let’s try one drop We’re gonna mix it can you say mix Mix wow The applesauce is turning red It looks kind of pink i think we need More drops let’s squeeze Squeeze it Two more drops and we’ll see what color It is It’s starting to get more red This is called mixing It still looks kind of pink let’s add More drops let’s add three drops One Two Three Wow We have red applesauce And the color of the day is Red yummy red applesauce good job let’s Mix it a little more Mix Mix

Mix the applesauce Wow Let’s pretend to eat it wow great job Making red applesauce with me [Music]

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I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.