Spookley the Square Pumpkin: The First Day of School 🎃 READ ALOUD for Kids

Spookley the Square Pumpkin: The First Day of School 🎃 READ ALOUD for Kids… We’re mashing up Back to School with Halloween vibes! After all, Spookley is a Halloween pumpkin. So why would be afraid of school? KidTime StoryTime is headed out to the farm for a spooktacular first day!

This Holiday Hill Farm book is written by Joe Troiano who was inspired to create a whole series of Spookley storybooks by his son! Illustrated by Keiron Ward.




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0:00 Spookley the Square Pumpkin the First Day of School
1:28 Back to School Read aloud start
9:27 Closing thought


Hey Kid! I know that the First Day of School 
can be totally spooky. So I’m thinking… Why don’t we just go full spooky?
That’s right! In 3-2-1! Magical puff of smoke! PUFF! And now we are ready to read Spookley the Square Pumpkin’s First Day of School! BWOAAAHAAHAAHAA Is that your idea of spooky? Yes Don’t quit your day job. Wow! What is happening right now? Well Green Bear, I decided that since   Some kids think that the first day of school 
can be spooky… Wait, I’m not… Where’d he go? I’m back!
That was unusually fast And I am with the program! I am dressed for 
Halloween as a pumpkin with spooky man hands!  Oooh that is kind of spooky And I will be the pumpkin’s friends, 
although I do not like those man hands All right, now that we’ve got all our 
spooky on, let’s get this read started! OOOOOOOO! Ghosty is here so you know it’s officially spooky. Spookley the Square Pumpkin…the First Day of School Why is Spookley worried? I mean, Spookley 
is a Halloween pumpkin. You would think that   Spookley – who is totally adorable 
– would not be scared of anything. But no, even Halloween pumpkins can be a little 
bit scared on the first day of school. Let’s go! Summer is over, the weather is cool,
today is Spookley’s first day of school And where’s Spookley going? The 
Holiday Hill Farm School. Lovely. He’s excited and nervous. He’s scared and glad.
He’s feeling feelings he didn’t even know he had Wait! He’s excited AND nervous? And he’s scared   AND glad? So many conflicting 
feelings on that first day, I know! Plus his face says I’m kind of freaking out right 
now, doesn’t it? I think it’ll be okay. I think! Spookley has trouble opening 
the old broken latch on the gate 

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And by the time he does, he gets to school late Jack sees Spookley shuffling along  He asks what’s the matter? 
What is it? What’s wrong? Spookley looks back at Jack with tears in his eyes
I’m afraid I’m in trouble. I’m late. he sighs Don’t worry, Jack says, it’ll all be okay
Come on, follow me! The classroom’s this way This away! There we go! When they get to the door, 
Spookley’s afraid to go in  Jack says: don’t worry, an amazing 
adventure is about to begin And Jack swings the door open, 
there’s a big welcome sign  Spookley’s friends are having a wonderful time Look at this. It’s smiles everywhere. There’s 
there’s there’s bugs and then there’s there’s   A cat and then there’s uh pumpkins and 
some other vegetables. And there’s a bear! You know it’s gonna be good if there’s a bear
You know it is And you know what else I spy? A future KidTime StoryTime! There are books for reading and games you can play  Instead of desks and chairs, 
there are bales of hay Because that’s how it is in farm school Hayyyyy!!! Spookley sees Beacon and Lyla flying around
Mistletoe and Jellybean playing on the ground Bobo and the Honeydews singing a song Big Tom and Little Tom singing along They all look so happy! 
Spookley goes through the door  And isn’t as nervous as he had been before The first lesson is how 
pumpkins glow nice and bright  So trick-or-treaters can 
see them on Halloween night Spookley doesn’t know if the 
glow he is glowing is right  So he glows soft and low and 
tries to stay out of sight In the corner where he 
thinks no one’s gonna see him But when the glow Spookly glows 
grows brighter than bright  Everyone stops and stares 
at his square orange light Isn’t that just resplendent and glorious? Yes. Spookley is nailing the whole glowing lesson Spookley thinks they’ll tease him 
because he doesn’t glow like they do 

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But they don’t. Instead Big Tom and 
Little Tom try glowing square orange, too So does Beacon the 
butterfly but try as he might  His glow’s round and red when 
he lights his tail light Spookley realizes learning can be lots of fun  And is sorry when the bell 
rings and the lesson is done Don’t worry. There’ll be 
more where that came from. The bell means it’s recess time to go out and play  Spookley’s still a little 
nervous but goes out anyway And he sees mounds of peas 
HEY! piled on the ground  They’re smiling and waiting 
to be tossed all around And when Mistletoe calls out Ready! Set! Go!
They all grab some peas and start to throwwwwww! Little Tom tosses Big Tom two of the peas
no problem for Big Tom, he catches them with ease Big Tom tosses those peas up high in the sky
Beacon and Lyla catch them as they go flying by Then Beacon and Lyla turn around
and toss them to Mistletoe (meow!) Down on the ground Mistletoe 
uses his tail like a glove  And catches a piece sailing down from above He throws them to Bobo, who knows what to do
she catches Pea 1 and then catches Pea 2! And calls out Spookley, get ready! I’m 
throwing to youuuuu! Get ready to catch Spookley sees the peas and holds up his hands
he catches two peas before they can land Everyone cheers! Spookley’s proud of his catch.  And is glad he’s in school 
and not alone in the patch Recess is over. Time to go back inside  Spookley is happy and no longer 
wants to run off and hide That’s right, it’s back to the bales 
of hay at the Holiday Hill Farm School   HAYYY! Spookley’s the first one in the classroom He leads everyone in. The next lesson is about sharing
, and it’s time to begin Here we go… shuffling the page… Spooky fingers Spookley lends Bobo his favorite book to enjoy
Bobo lends Little Tom her favorite toy Big Tom show Spookley he knows what to do  By lending Mistletoe and 
Jellybean his favorite toys, too

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Beacon and Lyla – oh there they are up 
there flying around – share in the fun  And before Spookley knows it the lesson is done Wait a minute. Are you telling me that 
the lesson was “sharing is caring”?  Yes I think that was the lesson, Witcheficent. Don’t they know the real lesson?! Okay, what do YOU think is the real lesson? Sharing gives you rabies!
It does not! It does so
(No) Yes!
(No it doesn’t) I can see you mouthing at them. Yes, you heard 
it from me first – and also probably last. Sharing does NOT give you rabies.
I don’t know where she got that. Ding ding ding! The bell on the wall 
starts to ring. The school day is over.   So soon? Time to leave the barn. 
Spookley leads his friends back out to the farm. Now Spookley loves school and day after day, 
he learns something new in his special way. To tell the truth, he learns to play well 
with others, to be curious, to be confident,   To be proud of who you are. And if you listen to others, then they’ll listen, too  See? Like Big Tom and Little 
Tom listening to each other. And being curious. And to be proud that 
you are you, even if you are square   And everybody else is round. 
That just makes you… unique. Spookley’s favorite lesson – the most 
important one – the one he remembers when   Each school day is done -is learning 
with your friends can be lots of fun Is it over?
I just finished No! But I just got my First Day 
of School/Halloween costume ready!  What exactly are you, Red Bear? I’m Santa Cowboy!
Santa Cowboy? Listen, you didn’t give me 
a lot of time to get ready  Well no, I like it! And I am Frida Kahlo!
Frida Kahlo?! It’s really me! Abuela Bear! And I’m CowPickle!  I really need to send you to school, Dill BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK! No

Because you can’t go as a rooster 
if you’re already a rooster. BOK BOK BOK BOK
It’s Halloween rules. And what am I dressed as, StoryTeller?  Well Olivia the Ostrich, isn’t 
that your everyday tea wear? Look again!
Okay… oh! So you’re a diva pirate!
Ahoy and Avast, Mateys! So now you know. School isn’t 
spooky. It’s just spooky awesome!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.