Vowel Sounds | Vowels and Consonants | ABC Phonics for kids!

Vowel Sounds with ABC Phonics! Let’s learn all about vowels and consonants. Which letters are Vowels, and which letters are Consonants? What’s the difference? Whether you are learning or teaching vowels, vowel sounds, or pronunciation, this cute lesson will help explain what to do with AEIOU! Lotty, Fuzz and Chip will eat sweet treats while they learn which letters are vowels and which are consonants. Once they learn that… they go to a circus to find out how vowels can make more than one sound. Long and short vowel sounds!

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Hope you enjoy our ABC phonics lesson for learning vowel sounds!

LottyLearns.com Vowels and Consonants (Learning with ABC Phonics) Hi there, my name is Lotty Today we’re gonna eat some ice cream while we learn about vowels and consonants. In the alphabet, there are two different types of letters. Vowels and consonants. A, E, I, O, and U Are called vowels They are very special letters that can make more than one sound. Consonants are what you call all of the other letters in the alphabet. Let’s look at the alphabet with Chip. Do you remember which of the letters are vowels? That’s right! A,E,I, O, and U Now let’s take out the vowels and see what’s left… Great! These letters are called consonants. Gold star! Learning Vowel Sounds (abc phonics) Do you remember the vowels from our last lesson? That’s right! A, E, I, O, U Well today we’re at the circus and we want to show you how these vowels can make short and long sounds. Here we go! The short a sound says ”ah” (letter a phonics sound) like in apple. The long a sounds like it’s own name. ”Aye” (letter a phonics sound) like in ape. The short e sounds says ”eh” (letter e phonics sound) like in nest. The long e sounds like it’s own name. ”eeee” (letter e phonics sound) like in the word feet. The short i sound says ”ih” (letter i phonics sound) like in igloo. The long i sounds like it’s own name. ”eye” (letter i phonics sound) like in five. The short o sound says ”ah” (letter o phonics sound) like in top. The long o sounds like it’s own name. ”oh” (letter o phonics sound) like in rope. The short u sound says ”uh” (letter u phonics sound) like in up. The long u sounds like it’s own name. ”you” (letter u phonics sound) like in the word cute. Gold star! I love the circus. Don’t forget these vowel sounds. They are very important to remember. So watch this lesson whenever you have trouble remembering what sounds they make.


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