Unicorn Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ¦„ Christmas Read Aloud

Unicorn Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ¦„ Christmas Read Aloud… This sparkling holiday adventure is packed with color, magic and EXTREME HAPPINESS. And just when you think the Unicorns are pretty great, they get even MORE awesome when they SAVE Christmas! KidTime StoryTime is reading for you!

Published by Sourcebooks. Written by Diana Murray and illustrated by Luke Flowers.




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Oh My God like And subscribe [Music] Hi unicorn Christmas Thank you corny the Unicorn welcome kid Do you like sparkly yes do you like the Holidays yes do you like Adventure Well then do we have a perfect book or What what a sparkly holiday Adventure Awaits us and it is so sparklerific the Background is sparkly the book look at That the book is sparkling my hands are Sparkling your eyes are sparkling oh Yeah I can see you Let's get our Sparkle on but first a Winter Wonderland And look at that a Yeti playing a banjo Inside a snow globe perfect Thank you It's Christmas Eve a magic night when Four is glow with twinkling light Unicorns this time of year are busy Spreading Christmas cheer and look at That this one right here is making a Snow Pig corn Yeah let's go with that and oh this Little rabbit is carrying the other Little rabbit with a presence and the Mother unicorn is carrying the baby Unicorn with a sled full of toys and There is Merriman in the air and look at That a dragon with a baby dragon and a Yeti and a decorated mousse because this

Is the time of year when even the mooses Like to you know Light It Up Or is it nice or is it Musa They send out cards by shooting star to Friends and Neighbors near and far Inviting them to celebrate there's lots To do first Decorate but first I want to go back Because this page is such an explosion Of unicorn copia colors that I want us All to be able to really Soak it in like these kids right here Are soaking it in and there's the yeti Catching the flying invitations for the Party and is that is that a unicorn Mermaid Um Murmicorn A universe are you in a maid We'll work on that and here's a giant Sea creature but not a scary kind and And is that a giant rainbow hued octopus You can also call him a kraken Thank you Octavius the octopus everyone Is looking cheery getting their Invitations for the party but first Decorate they trim a tree with Lolly Pops with butterflies and lemon drops And rainbow flowers on a string with Jolly Nays they start to sing sparkly Snowflakes candy canes velvet ribbons Tied in manes jingle jingle Clap your hooves for Christmas day Sparkly snowflakes candy canes velvet

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Ribbons tied in Mains jingle jingle Nae Nae Nae clap your hooves for Christmas Day well I got away I've never felt this way before about a Tree what do you mean by Red bear little pink bear I've never Wanted to eat a tree before do you think I could Oh sounds like something that would get You right on the naughty list Tell you what Fred Bear what maybe you Can clean up the tree after Christmas Next the presents time to wrap with Magic hordes blue and they point at a Fancy brush for mermaid's hair for Yeti Long wool underwear for Dragon Coins Inside a chest they guess what each Friend might like best They whip up pies and cakes to eat and One real extra special treat a crispy Batch of Ginger corns with swirling Icing on the horns they sprinkle fairy Dust on top and off the cookies And Hope Better oh which episode if you're gonna Say bat I'm not okay what is that one Horn three horns You know I don't know if this is the Spirit of Christmas all over me but I'm Gonna agree with you what I I know a I feel slightly disoriented three horns Better than one sometimes right Especially if it's Ginger corn unicorn

Horns Buy one they join the festive party fun Dancing and pressing and cookie chasing Carol singing ice skate racing snow to Riding down a hill all goes is planned Until wiser and until until means Something is about to go wrong corny Okay Courtney um I thought that this Book is supposed to be sheer unicorn Christmasy Perfection yep yep so why is There an until A Twist sounds like reality just barge Into your unicorn Fiesta Reality okay you know what before we Have to turn the page into reality let's Enjoy this moment shall we look at the Ice skating happening and this mermaid And this Kraken are exchanging presents And and the little baby unicorn is Chasing that cookie catch that cookie And these guys are And these guys are snow tubing down and Oh there's the mama unicorn holding the Baby unicorn who's got the pacifier wait Wait wait sorry sorry okay Buried you have a lot of the Lamb And what are you wearing it's just Running up while I made me she said They'll grow into it okay so uh you had Something to say because I'm reading oh Yeah yeah You cannot call it a pacifier you have To call it a binky that's right okay a Binky the unicorn baby has a binky Lana

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Lamb satisfied She I told you she listened to you well It's hard to say no to the adorableness That is Lana lamb but now Reality awaits on the other page shall We [Applause] They hear a jingle overhead and see a Flying Christmas sled the final party Guests are here it's Santa and his eight Reindeer this isn't bad at all this is Great the last guests are here for the Party and there's Colin and Cupid and Donner and fix it and comment and Cupid And Donner and Vixen okay I messed that Up completely but you know who they are Oh you know who they are so then look The Yeti's holding the baby unicorn and Oh this cup of cocoa is on Christmas Maximum Supreme with both the giant Dollop of whipped cream and the candy Cane and this guy right here is our whoa And then the mom's over there like hey Hi Santa and Santa's like oh He lands the sled Reigns in his crew and Starts to wave when huh [Applause] Did Santa just Germify everything here Okay we're sanitizing [Music] Okay okay okay I think I think it's been sanitized you know

These days a sneeze it's not just a Sneeze anymore Answers So tired he's dizzy can't stay long he Sighs too busy But still he accepts this beautiful Steaming cup of hot cocoa with of course The perfect dollop of whipped cream they Get it perfect every time do you notice That got to hurry on our way no time to Rest till Christmas day oh no but the Elves look at them exhaust did Reindeer are already falling asleep this One's sleeping like just right there on The snow and this guy at least accepting A cup of again perfectly swirled hot Cocoa and even the purple icing on Santa's cupcake cannot take away that Look of fatigue Concern it is definitely not the Jolly Look that we're accustomed to with that Twinkle In Santa's eye But unicorns can help them through They lighten Santa's load of toys flying Gifts to girls and boys this is Unicorn to the rescue look at that oh Shh on their own sleigh and no llama Drama they're on the ball getting all The toys the boys and girls a pair of Skates Bunch of paint and that thing with the Toy thing I think you meant to say a Scooter yeah I did mean to say a scooter

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Yes Yes meanwhile these unicorns on the Sleigh are slaying look at them just And Can we just zoom in on this guy right Here that one I feel like of all the Absolutely spectacular unicorns in this Book and there are many this one right Here I feel like that's The one who would have his own YouTube Channel probably some kind of an Influencer am I right he's got that look Santa can't believe his eyes they're Finished long before Sunrise look at the Twinkle back in Santa's eye and in Comet's eyes comments like You guys did They take him home and Tuck him in he Thanks him with a whiskered grin oh So grateful oh Santa you'll get better now They fly back through uh Wintery storm although it's cold their Hearts feel warm ho ho hooray unicorns And look Yeti is wearing a unicorn horn To celebrate the unicorns wow that's Where it Flying through the air and this elf has Stood away and it's all like whoa he's Living his best life right there YOLO And Here's our unicorn influencer type I'm Pretty sure this this guy right here has Some kind of a channel where he talks

About fashion and music and fitness I Mean this guy is just living his best Life The forest Sparkles snow y white has Unicorns get snuggled tight and look at The yeti banjoing away giving us a Little music to give us that festive Atmosphere and I love that it's a banjo Bluegrass in the North Pole why not And share a cup of fairy tea tired but Cozy as can be everyone Slurping away the Kraken has made an Appearance as has the non-monstrous sea Monster everyone feeling and looking so Cozy and bright As snow piles up 12 inches deep the Unicorns fall fast uh Sleep Y On Christmas morning rubbing eyes they Wake up to A big surprise Santa's back the reindeer too and They're full of spunk as good as new and Thanks to all that rest last night They're ready for Herself You have to be careful the ice ones can Really hurt Otherwise super fun Bells on horns and antlers ring as Joyful friends hold Hooves and sing Sparkly snowflakes candy canes velvet Ribbons tied in manes jingle jingle

Clap your hooves for Christmas day Sparkly snowflakes candy canes velvet Ribbons tied in manes jingle jingle Clap your holes for Christmas Day Foreign [Music]

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