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Learn the primary colors, red yellow, and blue, with The Primary Colors song by Learning Time Fun! This kid’s learning song with subtitles teaches your child red, yellow, and blue with fun animation and upbeat music you can jump around to (only if you want to of course). We love making educational songs for kids! Sing along and dance to The Primary Colors song and stream it too (links below). We hope you and your child or classroom enjoy learning the primary colors with us! Happy Learning!

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Red yellow blue red yellow blue These are the primary colors Red yellow blue red yellow blue These are the primary [Music] Heart colors red the heart Is red and that’s a primary Color the crab Is red the crab is red [Music] [Music] Is yellow Yellow’s a primary color The sky is blue the sky Is blue and that’s a primary Color the butterfly is blue Butterfly is blue and blue Red yellow blue red yellow blue These are primary colors

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