Spookley the Square Pumpkin’s FIRST Thanksgiving Read Aloud

Spookley the Square Pumpkin’s FIRST Thanksgiving Read Aloud – A Family to be Thankful For….. Halloween is over, and Spookley learns a new holiday is coming: Thanksgiving. New to Spookley, that is! But as KidTime StoryTime found out, finding reasons to be thankful wasn’t easy for him!

Published by Holiday Hill Enterprises, written by Joe Troiano & illustrated by Mary O’Keefe Young.




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Like And subscribe thank you! Well hello, Pilgrim! Even though we're here celebrating Thanksgiving we're 
bringing a little Halloween into it with a very special guest Oh, I bet it's gonna be Spookley. 
Oh I bet you're right. Shh, I haven't said it. Sorry ~ Sorry Anyway, without further ado, let's welcome our 
very special guest: Spookley the Square Pumpkin! See? I totally knew it. ~ I knew it, too. Okay, I need you to do a little CLAP So Spookley will know that Spookley is welcome. Whoa, what a warm welcome. Thank you all very much. I am Spookley the Square Pumpkin,  
and this is my Thanksgiving story Well we're very excited to have you, Spookley, because we know that Halloween is associated with pumpkins like yourself Yep! But Pumpkins are also around at Thanksgiving time, 
so you must have had your first Thanksgiving   And it was so exciting Yeah it was totally depressing.
What?! Yeah, I didn't have the best first Thanksgiving. I mean it was the 
best. Was it the best or was it not the best? Well honestly it was a journey. ~ A journey Yeah. And it was a little tragic. 
Tragic? Yeah. I was really a sad Spookley No…. Yeah, sometimes some of us don't know about Thanksgiving, and when we're asked to be thankful for something  we have a hard time finding it, 
and I had a journey to find my gratitude   Oh wow, so let's take this journey because I 
guess Spookley's not the only one that sometimes   Has trouble finding what to be thankful for. But if 
Spookley could do it… right? Let's see what happened   Halloween had come and gone. It was time for 
Thanksgiving on Holiday Hill Farm Spookley wondered about this new holiday. Did you get treats and wear costumes and give candy away? Jack Scarecrow said: No, it's not like that at all.  
Thanksgiving's another holiday that comes every Fall It's a day when families gather together and give thanks for 
having each other forever. That's a great intro to Thanksgiving. Basically got the whole Thanksgiving 101 right there. As you could see, Jack Scarecrow is taking down the Halloween decorations & putting them away. Goodbye, bats. Spookley thought about Thanksgiving and felt a little sad. 
Everyone gathered around to see why he felt bad  

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I don't have a family, Spookley said with a moan 
I'm the only Square Pumpkin that has ever grown   I know it is Thanksgiving but I'm not really sure 
A Square Pumpkin has something to be thankful for   WHAT?!? What did I tell you? I was a party 
pooper pumpkin. Jack said Spookley my friend, maybe you should think a bit more. Look at 
wah-wah that face and Look at all these glowing happy pumpkin faces looking happily 
at him. And poor Spookley. I think Spookley just had to find his way. But I'm sure he 
will, right? Right on the next page, I bet. Nope. It's gonna get a lot worse, first. Oh okay. Nevermind. 
Let's see what happens Spookley thought and thought as he shuffled along. He thought: 
I wish I had a family and a place I belong Spookley was shuffling down the first Garden 
row when a pod full of peas shouted Spookley! Don't go!   Hey bud! What's up? Good to see you! Stick 
around, why doncha? Spend Thanksgiving with us   And you'll have lots of fun. You may not  
be a pea, but we'll treat you like one. That is a massive honor in the Pea community. Maybe later, Spookley said then he turned and once more
shuffled off to find something to be thankful for And in the next row… 
You're gonna find it in the next row, right Spookley? Nope I'm still a Blind Betty. I've never heard that expression, 
but I understand what you mean. The Tomato said HOWDY, the corn called YOOHOO, the 
carrots said: stay Spookley stay, and we'll play with you  Spend Thanksgiving with us, and you'll have lots of fun. 
You may not be a carrot, but we'll treat you like one  Again, big vegetable honor here Not now, Spookley said, then he turned and once more shuffled off to find something to be thankful for And in the next row… Will you now realize all the great friendships that are being offered to you & be grateful for that? Nnnnnope. I'm still a depressed Danny I've never heard these Expressions before The squash called Good Morning! The pepper said 
Hi! The bee said why Spookley, why are you passing us by?  Spend Thanksgiving with us, and you'll have lots of 
fun. You may not be a bean but we'll treat you like one Can't stay, WAH-WAH, Spookley said 
then he turned and once more Shuffled off to find something to be thankful for I mean, Kid, you 
see it , right? Do you see the Open Arms – I mean if vegetables had arms – But you know what I mean – 
the welcome that Spookley is getting? He's been told that the peas will treat him like a pea.  And
the carrots will treat him like a carrot . I mean friends everywhere! So do you understand on the next page everything you have to be thankful for, Spookley?

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I'm still a Confused Calvin. 
Where do these expressions come from? The eggplants said Slow Down! The Onion said 
Whoa! The potato said Stop Spookley stop!   That's as far as you should go! And in the next row… 
Well, there was no next row! He has turned his little pumpkin back on everybody. Look at all the friends, the friendly faces,  
the shocked faces now, the alarmed faces, because he's just… Where is he going? Where are you going? To have an existential crisis. Oh! An existential crisis. You know, when you are wondering where you are, and who you are, and what's the point of it all… You know, like one does… usually on a Monday morning Spookley had shuffled too far.  
He was lost and alone.    He wondered why he had wandered so far from his home.  
I wonder why I wandered so far from my farm   Now he wished he had stayed with his friends 
and played. Instead he was alone. Alone and Afraid   He called out for HELP and hoped in his 
heart that someone would hear him. Someone did.   And that was just the start I think finally we're 
about to turn a corner here on this whole sad Saga   Of confused calvins and depressed dannies and 
all those other phrases that I've never heard of   The potatoes heard spookly and knew something was 
wrong so they told the onions who passed it along   And the audience told the eggplants who let the 
beans know so they could tell the peppers growing   In the next row then the peppers told the squash 
who let the carrots know so they could tell the   Corn growing in the next row then the corn told 
the tomatoes who let the peas know so they could   Tell Jack standing in the next row and that is 
the original information super highway no Wi-fi   Required and when Jack heard the news he came 
running on the double so did all of spookley's   Friends once they heard there was trouble 
there they go they've got the roll on now   We go rolling rolling spooky saw them all coming 
and was thankful as could be and they hugged him   And hugged him and hugged him times three spookly 
smiled at them sweetly and could finally see they   Were more than just friends they were his family 
all this time that was the thing spookly thought   He didn't have a family to be thankful for yep 
I would Eddie I was lost but now I I'm found And that's what spookly really had to discover 
that no one family tree grows quite the same as   Another did you hear that you hear that that was 
a um draw the microphone and I'm gonna repeat it   Because I want to and that's what spookly 
really had to discover that no one family   Tree grows quite the same as another and that 
is true of pumpkins and people crazy coincidence   And that's why thanksgivings such a special day 
it's a chance for people who love you to say my   Life is much better because you are here and 
that a family is something to be thankful for   Each and every day of the year foreign spookly 
thought about Thanksgiving and all he had seen  

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And decided it was his favorite holiday well 
right after Halloween whoa I cannot believe   What uh Saga that spookly went through yes 
I I agree it was quite the song I took the   Dinosaur whoa you know my name yeah I watch you 
all the time oh I am back before that also me too   Spookly thank you for taking us on your rather 
complicated Thanksgiving Journey yeah you saw   That others could learn from me too that you know 
sometimes you have to get out of your funky Fiona   Place funky Fiona place to find your happy Herald 
your happy Harold okay I hope you found your happy   Herald and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving 
full of goodies and a Heart full of gratitude

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.