Preschool for Littles by Songs for Littles – Letter B Part 2 – Ms Rachel Visits the Beach

This fun, educational video for kids with ”Preschool for Littles” includes phonics, songs, reading, math, movement and more! Join us for a fun field trip to the beach! We know you will love this educational video for kids where Ms Rachel visits the beach and learns all about the letter B!

Our preschool videos have songs, movement and lessons help children learn at home and include learning and songs for preschoolers. This is a perfect learning video for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k and kids. The online video is taught by Rachel, who has a masters in music education, and a team that includes early childhood education experts, speech therapists, a reading teacher, a child and family therapist, advised the curriculum and lessons. This is the third video in our preschool series!

Online preschool is not ideal but this video is real teachers on the screen. You can also do the lessons right along at home and separate from the screen! Though it would be more entertaining, we use hardly any animation, background music or effects, because we really want children to focus on the language and hear it clearly. We want it to feel like a preschool classroom, not another TV show!

Some helpful things to have handy for this lesson (but not necessary!) are:

A paper plate
Markers or crayons
Pipe cleaners
A tub of water

Be sure to check out “B part 1” and our “A is for Apples” video! We also have full music classes that include adapted versions of the K-2 learning standards and speech practice videos for babies and toddlers. We also have baby sign language videos! Our channel is wonderful for babies, toddlers, preschoolers

”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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Hi hi everybody welcome to class we’re So happy you’re here yeah today is a Special day It’s a field trip day We’re going to the beach hooray Yeah we’re so excited we can’t wait to Go to the beach with you let’s start With our welcome song okay Hello how are you Hello how are you hello how are you how Are you today Can you clap your hands can you clap Your hands can you clap your hands clap Your hands with me Can you pinch like a crab can you pinch Like a crab can you pinch like a crap Pinch like a crab with me Can you stretch like a starfish Can you stretch like a starfish Can you stretch like a starfish stretch Like a starfish with me With me Can you go in and out like a wave Can you go in and out like a wave can You go in and out like a wave in and out With me Yay great job with a welcome song i like How you changed it yeah for the special Beach day oh it’s the beach day Beach day going to the beach before we Leave for the beach let’s quickly review What we learned last week in beach Episode number one i’ll see if i can Remember to find out what the letter of

The day is we have to open this magic Bag and see the clue that’s inside it’s So magical you say open and it will open Okay It’s a Bus Bus yeah wow A blue bus b is the letter of the day Yes We figured it out and we learned the Number two and how to count to two we Have two balls one Two Two balls Throw the balls I can’t wait to do that at the beach Yeah We also learned the color blue And the shape of the day was the Triangle Because it has three sides and three Angles good job herbie i remembered good Let’s check one last time and make sure We have everything we need for the beach Good idea we don’t want to forget Anything Towel Check Water Check rubber chicken Herby we don’t need a rubber chicken for The beach that’s so silly oh yeah i Guess we i guess we don’t need it Snacks shack

Sunscreen Yeah we have sunscreen one of the most Important things to bring to the beach Okay i think we’re ready to go to the Beach are you ready Are you ready herpe yeah let’s go Oh wait i forgot my hat Herbie Can you tell herbie where his hat is Oh It’s on my head yeah you forgot your Hat’s already on your head so let’s go To the beach This way come on let’s go [Music] We’re at the [Music] It’s beach beautiful it’s so beautiful What do you see I see water And Sand Yeah what do you see Uh-huh seashells Yes sticks Sticks and rocks I see kids playing in the water yeah What are some activities we can do at The beach Great ideas going to the beach Going to the beach on a sunny day We’ve got books we can read we’ve got All that we need here to play going to The beach

Going to the beach to have some fun With the bucket We’ll dig holes in the sand we’ll build Castles and boats and we might see some Boats then we’ll splash [Applause] [Music] [Applause] With our water and fruits and our Sunscreen in suits we’ll feel the sand On our feet as we play in the heat we’ll Write our names in the sand on this Beautiful edge of sketch Land we’re going to the beach Hey guys Could you help me sing a song about the Deep blue sea We’re going to climb aboard a pirate Ship Maybe we can help the captain steer the Boat Are you ready It was a sunny day when i went to play Down by the sea I climbed aboard a pirate ship in the Captain said to me we’re going this way That way forwards backwards up and down Up and down over the deep blue sea Nice job was a windy day when i went to Play down by the sea I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me we’re going this way That way forwards backwards up and down Up and down over the deep blue sea

It was a rainy day when i went to play Down by the sea I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me we’re going this way That way forwards backwards up and down Up and down over the deep blue sea It’s getting cold out here by the ocean Was a snowy day when i went to play down By the sea I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me we’re going this way That way forwards backwards up and down Up and down over the deep blue sea Was a stormy day when i went to play Down by the sea i climbed aboard a Pirate ship and the captain said to me We’re going this way that way forwards Backwards up and down up and down over The deep blue sea [Music] We’re going this way that way forwards Backwards up and down up and down over The deep blue sea One more time We’re going this way that way forwards Backwards up and down up and down over The deep blue sea Good job steering the pirate ship Miss rachel miss rachel yeah i found a Triangle Where It’s that sail boat see look at the sail It looks like a triangle it does great Job i also found a triangle where it’s

That umbrella Oh it’s in the umbrella it has triangles On it Good triangle looking can you find any Triangles at your house [Music] Let’s pretend to be ocean animals Together it’s going to be so much fun Papa tim’s here again to help us with The guitar Hi kids First let’s pretend to be fish The fish in the sea go swim swim swim Swim swim swim swim swim swim the fish In the sea go swim swim swim all day Long now we’ll be an octopus The octopus and the sea go wiggle wiggle Freeze Wiggle wiggle freeze wiggle wiggle Freeze the octopus and the sea go wiggle Wiggle freeze all day long Now let’s be a lobster can you pinch Like a lobster The lobsters in the sea go pinch pinch Pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch Pinch the lobsters in the seagull pinch Pinch pinch All day long now we’re gonna be ah a Shark The sharks in the sea go chomp chomp Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp Chomp the sharks in this eagle chomp Chomp chomp all day long Now let’s be the waves going in

And out The waves in the sea go in and out in And out in and out the ways in the sea Go in and out All day long Yay it was so much fun being ocean Animals with you great job What’s the difference between a fish and A piano You can’t tuna fish Tuna fish Wow i found a really shiny Rock have you ever looked for rocks and Shells at the beach it’s so much fun It’s like hunting for treasure [Music] It’s rachel look what i found Wow Herpe found what’s this called a Seashell Oh wow it’s oh wow it’s full of sand Yeah herpe found a seashell Awesome herbie let’s play with it this Is a big seashell [Music] Wow i found some really cool little Pebbles and rocks on the beach it’s like Treasure yeah It was so fun searching for them [Music] Can you get out five little fishies Good job Five little fishy swimming in the sea Teasing mr sharky can’t catch me

Along comes mr sharky quiet as Convenient snap that fishy ride out of The sea how many are left one Two Three Four good counting [Music] Four little fishy swimming in the sea Teasing mr shark he can’t catch me Along comes mr sharky quiet as can be And snaps that fishy rat out of the sea How many are left count with me one Two three good job Three little fishies swimming in the sea Teasing mr sharky can’t catch me along Comes mr sharkey quiet as can be and Snaps that fishy ride out of the sea Good singing How many are left one Two Two little fishies swimming in the sea Teasing mr shark he can’t catch me Along comes mr sharky quiet as can be And snaps that fishy right out of the Sea How many are left just One One little fishy swimming in the sea Teasing mr shark he can’t catch me Mr sharky quiet as can be and snaps that Fishy right out of the sea And that was so good Great job friends I’m so excited i’m gonna go play in the

Water now Wait herbie you need an adult to go with You i’ll go with you wait for me Okay Hey guys Do you want to sing about some sea Creatures Awesome I’m gonna need your help counting the Legs of my favorite sea creature friends So you’re willing to help me Awesome So What type of sea creature Has eight Legs Eight Legs That’s right it’s an octopus I Am a squiggly wiggly octopus i have Eight legs to swim A squiggly wiggly octopus i have eight Legs to swim Stop Let’s count them One Two Three Four Five six Seven Eight Eight legs

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I Am a starfish floating through the sea i Have five legs to swim A starfish floating through the sea i Have five legs to swim Stop Let’s count them One Two Three four Five Five legs I Am a sea turtle swimming three i have Four legs to swim a sea turtle swimming Free i have four legs to swim Stop Let’s count them One Two Three Four Four legs I am a seahorse slowly galloping i have One leg to swim A seahorse slowly galloping i have one Leg to swim Stop Let’s count it One Y’all did such a good job counting some Of the legs of my favorite sea creatures Bye-bye Hi friends i’m so excited we’re going to

Do a science experiment we’re going to See what sinks And what floats i can’t wait to try it i Found some things in the yard outside And i found some things in my house Inside okay let’s do the experiment i Need your help can you help Let’s start with this What is this Yeah it’s a leaf do you think it’s going To sink or float What is your prediction sink or float Let’s try it and see It’s floating wow Next we have two rocks and two is the Number of the day One Two I have a big rock and a small rock Do you think these rocks will sink or Float what is your prediction Okay let’s try the big rock first Ready set Go It sunk to the bottom really fast What do you think will happen with the Little rock will it sink too It sunk really fast too the big and the Small rock both sunk guess what i found In my yard A beautiful Flower Yeah what color is this it’s Purple do you think it’s going to sink

Or float What’s your prediction I think it’s going to float let’s try It’s floating wow We were right Next i found this Do you know what this is Yeah it’s an acorn Let’s put it in and see if it sinks or Floats what’s your prediction what do You think is going to happen Okay let’s try it ready set Go Whoa it’s floating I thought it was going to sink The acorn is floating Wow Look what i found how many sticks do i Have One Two Two sticks Which stick is bigger Yeah this stick is bigger and the stick Is smaller Do you think they’ll both sink or both Float Hmm I think the big stick will sink and the Little stick will float that’s my Prediction let’s see what happens The big stick is floating Wow The little stick is also floating i was

Wrong since the number of the day is two I have two pine cones a big pine cone And a little pine cone so cute Is it a little nose No so silly Okay do you think these pine cones will Sink or float Okay let’s see what happens I’m gonna put them in at the same time Putting them in the water They’re both floating Wow Now let’s try things from inside my House are you ready Do you know what this is Yeah it’s a block do you think it’s Going to sink or float What’s your prediction Hmm Let’s try it Ready set Wow The block floats Wow That’s cool do you know what this is Made out of the block is made out of Wood Wow This penny is really small do you think It will sink or float I don’t know Let’s try it and see Ready set Go

The penny sunk wow the penny is now on The bottom of the pool the penny must be Pretty dense Do you know what this is It’s a Dump truck It’s green i like it do you think i’ll Sink or float Hmm I don’t know mrs dumptruck Let’s see what happens Put me in the water The water is cold i like it Wow I am floating Look what i found a beach ball It’s pink do you think this beach ball Will sink or float hmm Let’s try it Wow it’s floating Wow it’s really big but it’s floating Cool it must not be that dense That was a really fun science experiment Great job Being at the beach is my porpoise Get it my porpoise Next let’s pretend we have an ice cream Shop on the beach ah yay First let’s pretend that you’re coming To my ice cream shop hi welcome to my Ice cream shop would you like an ice Cream Okay I’ll give you an ice cream

So i’m going to take the scooper Pick up the ice cream And put it On the cone Since the number of the day is two i’m Gonna give you two scoops Now it’s time for your next coop take The scooper put it on Hooray Now i press this Awesome Okay Can you give me two dollars of pretend Money Thank you Here’s your ice cream have a great day Now let’s pretend that you have the ice Cream shop Let’s pretend that this dog can talk and He wants an ice cream and he’s coming to Your ice cream shop Okay so you say welcome to my ice cream Store or anything you want you can say Hi doggie whatever you want Hello I’m so happy to be in your ice cream Store Can i get an ice cream with two scoops I’ll have chocolate and strawberry How much will that cost Now you tell the dog how much that will Cost Okay here’s your money The dog’s giving you some pretend

Money Giving you pretend money Giving you pretend money Now you can pretend to make the ice Cream for the dog You can just pretend at home with Pretend ice cream Okay You say on and i’ll put it on On what else did the dog want strawberry And Oh yeah chocolate Say on On Okay Now you can pretend to give the dog the Ice cream Giving the dog the ice cream Thank you so much It’s delicious Thank you for giving me ice cream I like your ice cream store Bye bye Oh good job playing ice cream store that Was so fun we did two scoops do you Think we could do more let’s try One scoop Wow What comes next Two Getting so big Three [Music] Wow do you think we can do four should

We try Okay we’ll try Four scoops of ice cream whoa Whoa That’s the biggest ice cream i’ve ever Seen Now we’re gonna do a song about one of My favorite whales named baby beluga do You know him too All right let’s sing Baby [Music] A little white whale on the road [Music] Where the is Play Where you dive and you splash all day The waves rolling and the waves roll out You see the water squirting out your Spouts [Music] Sing your little song Sing for all your friends we like to Is [Music] [Applause] [Music] Another day [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Good singing everybody Miss rachel uh-huh what do you call

Those birds making noise Do you remember what the birds we talked About are called I think it’s either beagles or seagulls I remember yeah Seagulls they’re seagulls i remember Because it says see It’s like the sea yeah it is the ocean Let’s talk about how to do a few ocean Art projects So For this project all you need is a paper Plate some tape and some markers or Crayons so the first thing you’re gonna Do is cut a little slice out right there And get a parent’s help with scissors And then you take that part and you’re Gonna put it on Here and it’s gonna become the tail wow So you just tape the tail And now you have a paper plate fish you Can put some fins on the top with paper Too if you want i picked a blue marker Since it’s the color of the day and i’m Going to give the fishy a little eye Great he has an eye now And then you can decorate it in any way You want For this project you draw a puffer fish Hi puffer fish and then you get out some Play-doh okay and then you’re gonna Flatten the play-doh onto the fish Okay i flattened my play-doh onto the Fish

Then You take some pipe cleaners and with a Grown-ups help you cut them up into Smaller pieces and then you stick him in The puffer fish And now he has some spikes And Wow Can you help say in And Oh he’s getting really spiky thank you For my spikes you’re welcome And And so spiky One more spike and we’re done And Wow look what we made Great job I think i know a song That can get me out of this terrible Mood Will you pretend to be a crab with me Okay Let’s try it I’m in a very bad mood i’m feeling like A crab A crabby crab I’m in a terrible mood I don’t know what to do I’m such a crab A crabby crab So i’ll put one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like a

Crabby crab one Hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like the Crabby crabs do [Music] In my crabby crab mood I have to walk it through And breathe [Music] And i know i’ll feel better soon Pretending i’m a crab In the ocean blue Yes i’ll put one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like a Crabby crab one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like the Crabby crabs do Wow i feel so much better Let’s keep walking One hand back one leg back Do it again now we’re walking like the Crabby crabs one hand back One leg back Do it again now we’re walking like the Crabby crabs do Walking like crappy crabs do I feel so much better Hey friends i have a tub of water Now let’s make our water the color of The day And it’ll be really nice for the ocean

Animals To make the color blue let’s use food Coloring so we have to take it out here It is There’s the blue now we’ll put a few Drops in to the water to change the Color Say squeeze and i’ll squeeze it in Squeeze Squeeze squeeze Now let’s Mix it up I’m going to mix the water Mix Mix it up It’s turning so blue Wow blue Water The ocean animals will like the blue Water we made Can you help these animals get back to Their homes Thank you Who belongs in the ocean the octopus or The pig Yeah the octopus Let’s let the pig go back to the farm Thank you for finding my home i swim in The ocean Okay you stay in and i’ll put the Octopus in Put it in put it in put it You said in and the octopus went back in The ocean

I’m so happy in the ocean Can you help these animals find their Home who belongs in the sand the crab or The chicken Yeah the crab the chicken should go back To the farm The chicken lives on the farm so let’s Say bye bye chicken bye bye chicken Bye bye Let’s put the crab on the sand Put it on put it on put it On Thank you so much i love the sand can You help us find our homes Can you help them Awesome Okay Who belongs in the ocean The fish Or the horse Yeah the fish Let’s let the horse go back to the farm You belong on the farm mr horse oh thank You bye bye Say bye bye horse bye bye Thank you so much can you put me in the Water sure Put her in put her in put her In the water She’s so happy swimming Can you help us find our homes Sure Hmm Who would like to go on the sand with

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The crab the sea turtle or the cow Yeah the sea turtle the cow is gonna go Back to the farm Moo Moo thank I won’t put the sea turtle in the sand They also like the water Thank you so much i love the sand Put him on put him on put him on Oh he’s already crawling around This is fun Who should we put In the water The farmer Or the seahorse This one’s kind of tricky because Seahorse has the word horse in its name But a seahorse actually belongs in the Water or the ocean it swims and the Farmer belongs on the Farm okay i’m going back to the farm bye Bye Good job Thank you so much you helped me find my Home which is in the water on the beach Ah Put her in put her in put her say in and She’ll dive in And Yay Here’s our last one Who belongs on the sand or in the ocean The horse nay Or the starfish

Hello The starfish The horse lives on the farm Nay oh bye Let’s put the starfish in the sand Thank you so much i love the sand ah I love that it’s so nice This is a bucket and this is a shovel What’s this It’s called digging Dig i’m digging a hole Maybe we could put water in the hole That’s a good idea Wow A sand sandcastle Let’s pour some water in the hole we dug Wow Wow That is fun This book is called pete the cat pete at The beach created by james dean It is a hot day Pete the cat goes to the beach with his Mom and his brother bob Let’s go in the water bob says Maybe later says pete I’m hot says pete go in the water says Mom Maybe later says pete How do you think pete feels about the Water Pete makes a sand castle his mom helps Him dig Here comes a big wave and there goes

Pete Oh no Where did his sand castle go Bob rides a big wave wow says pete that Looks like fun Pete and his mom take a walk they find Seashells they see a crab Pete’s feet get wet his feet feel cool The rest of him is hot It is time for lunch Pete eats a sandwich he drinks lemonade The sun is very hot and pete is very Very hot Bob is wet and cool What do you think peach should do if He’s so so hot Let’s play ball says pete No thanks says bob i want to surf Pete throws the ball his mom catches it Let’s get our feet wet says mom Well okay says pete The water is cool it feels good pete Goes in deeper Bob waves to pete I want to show you how to surf he yells Pete does not say maybe later he says Let’s do it Lie on the board says bob pete lies on The board Paddle says bob pete paddles out he Waits for a big wave A big wave is coming Stand up says bob pete stands up Then pete falls down it was scary but it

Did not hurt Try again later says bob pete wants to Try again now Pete lies down again he paddles out and Waits Here comes a wave Pete stands up this time he rides the Wave Good job says bob Pete wants to surf all day Bob does too so they take turns Pete and bob rock and roll with the Waves what a great day It’s okay to be afraid but it’s more fun To surf How did pete feel about the water and Surfing in the beginning of the book I think he might have been scared How did he feel at the end I think he felt better and he had fun That was a great book thanks for reading With me Happy would you like to wear your Sunglasses yeah Yeah let’s put them on Put them on put them on put them On Good job Why do we wear sunglasses Yeah they protect our eyes from the sun And it makes it easier to see it’s not So bright yeah plus i look cool yeah you Look really cool so cool Do you know what these are

Yeah they’re shells They’re so beautiful Have you ever found shells at the beach Let’s sort these shells by the different Types it’s gonna be fun Okay This is one kind And then we have this one How do you think this one feels Yeah it’s kind of spiky and pointy it’s A little sharp so i’m being careful Do you like this one Okay Do you see another shell that looks like This Where Yeah it looks like this one it kind of Looks like a fan Good job sorting Do you see another shell that looks like This one Yeah these are both white shells with a Little swirl do you see another shell That looks like this one Do these look the same No No this one’s not spiky Yeah it goes over here great job How about this one do you see another One that looks like this Does it look like a fan No Is it white with a swirl no Is it small with little dots

No Do you think it goes here Yeah it goes there they’re both the Spiky ones Wow How many of each shell do we have One Two One Two One Two One Two wow we have two of each shell And two is the number of the day Awesome Great job sorting the shells with me i’m So proud of you [Music] Three four [Music] Five six [Music] Seven Eight Nine Ten [Music] Eleven 12 13 14 15 16

[Music] [Music] What do you think this book is about What do you see on the cover The title of the book is at the beach by Shira evans Some beaches have white sand Some beaches have dark sand Some beaches are rocky Some beaches are smooth Crabs live at the beach Some beaches have big crabs Some beaches have small crabs There are different shells on the beach Too The beach keeps changing the tide can be High Or it can be low Which has more water high tide or low Hmm It looks like the high tide has more Water When it’s high tide there is a lot of Water When it’s low tide there is less water What do you see in this picture I see lots of Boats And some houses And some clouds and some trees Some beaches have tide pools when it’s Low tide In a tide pool you can see sea stars And seaweed

When i was a little girl i used to Really like going in tide pools and Looking for really cool things Soon it will be high tide and the beach Will change again That was a great book we learned so much About the beach Oh no Georgie looks sad i should ask him What’s wrong Georgie are you okay what’s wrong you Look sad i am sad I can’t make friends oh georgie Let’s sprinkle a little kindness on that Thought I can’t make friends Sprinkle the kindness sprinkle the Kindness It says i can make friends Georgie you can make friends i can but i I I already tried and i couldn’t do it What happened I went up to emily on the beach and she Was playing in the sand And i came up and i told her everything I know about trucks which is 13 things And then she just walked away I wanted her to be my friend Georgie i know you can make friends Maybe i can help a little bit Okay So next time why don’t you try going up To emily and saying hi emily do you want

To play trucks Okay and then maybe you can ask emily Something about trucks and then you Could share one thing And you could take turns talking about Trucks It’s like when you play a game and you Take turns so you’re gonna go back and Forth and take turns talking about Trucks What if she doesn’t know anything about Trucks You could say what’s your favorite color Chuck oh So I come up to her And i say Hi emily What’s your favorite color truck That’s a good idea let’s try the whole Thing okay okay pretend i’m emily okay Okay here i come Hi emily Hi georgie um Do you I forgot How about do you want to play trucks With me okay Hi emily hi do you want to play trucks With me Yes i do what do you like about trucks I like that trucks go vroom vroom Vroom me too Did you know that trucks most trucks run

On diesel wow What’s your favorite color truck I like pink trucks Yeah what’s your favorite color truck i Like gray Cool High five for trucks Okay thanks See you did a great job Thank you Now we took the thought i can’t make Friends and we sprinkled a little Kindness on it and it was i can make Friends can you think of two reasons why You can make friends Because Well i like things like trucks And other people like things like trucks Yeah a lot of times friends like the Same things and I I guess i I made some friends already you and her Yeah i love being friends with you do You remember we both really like music Yeah yeah and you said do you like music And i said yeah and i said let’s sing Together and we became friends right Away so i know you can make friends and I’m nice you’re so nice you’re a nice Person and friends are nice to each Other Thank you and herbie’s your friend and Maybe our friends at home will be your

Friend will you be georgie’s friend yeah Will you be my friend Oh Great i have so many friends you feel Better now i feel much better how about We say the nicer thought that we Sprinkled kindness on let’s say i can Make friends i can make friends and it’s Okay if not everyone wants to be your Friend you can make some great friends Yeah yeah Do you feel better now yeah I feel much better good Would you like a hug Yeah Oh I love you I love you And i love you All of my friends Should we say some really nice things to Ourselves Yeah i’m a great kid I’m a great kid I can learn i can learn i’m smart i’m Smart i’m beautiful i’m beautiful I’m handsome Yeah Guess what i have Yeah it’s sunscreen Putting on sunscreen is so much fun so Much fun So much fun putting on sunscreen is so Much fun it keeps me safe from a burn we

Put a lot of sunscreen on so we don’t Get a sunburn Which rock is big and which rock is Small Yeah this is the big rock and this is The small one I got sand in my toes it feels tickly Tickle this hand is tickling my feet Do you know what this is Yeah it’s a beach ball What are some things we can do with a Ball Wow Yeah We can Throw a ball Throw it and catch it We can Spin it on our finger that’s really hard Whoa what can we do with our feet with a Ball we can Kick a ball yeah good job we can kick a Ball Hm what else can we do We can try and balance a ball On our head So silly We can play games with balls we can play Sports with balls hm what else if you Have balls that are smaller you can [Music] Juggle yeah That’s really fun there are so many fun Things we can do with

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Balls What letter does ball begin with hmm But Ball Does that sound like the letter of the Day But Ball Yeah Ball starts with b Great job [Music] What do you think this next book is About [Music] What do you see on the cover This book is called ocean life that’s The title The author is jill mcdonald and it’s From the hello world series it’s a Really nice series Splash Our big blue oceans are full of life Dive in and take a look Whales are the giants of the ocean A blue whale can grow to be as long as Two school buses Wow Whistle Dolphins are smart and playful squawk Click They communicate with one another by Making sounds Do you know what communicate means

It means they talk to each other by Making sounds Wow do you know what these are Sharks sharks have lots of sharp teeth If they lose a tooth another one quickly Grows in A baby shark is called a pup I love this ocean animal what is it it’s An Octopus Do you know how many arms an octopus has Yeah it has eight arms an octopus has Eight arms can you count them all Let’s count One Two Three Four Five six Seven eight eight arms Have you ever held a seashell They come in lots of shapes colors and Sizes you can find them on the beach A seashell is a hard cover for an animal That lives in the ocean What’s that It’s a sea horse It can quickly change colors to blend in With the background helping it hide from Enemies Wow the sea horse can change color Here it’s green and then it’s kind of Pink That’s neat

Crabs and lobsters have hard shells on The outside of their bodies pinch pinch Their claws open and close to catch food Sea turtles have flippers to help them Swim They live mostly in water but lay their Eggs in the sand on the beach Sea turtles have lived since the time of Dinosaurs wow Fish have a tail and fins to help them Swim Most fish are covered with scales which Protect their body and help them move Fish breathe through gills on the sides Of their head Jellyfish have long tentacles which they Use to capture food and sting their Enemies ouch Some jellyfish can glow in the dark That’s so cool What is your favorite animal in the Ocean Hi miss rachel hi georgie i learned some Of how far i’ll go from moana oh wow That’s a beautiful song yeah that song Is by lin manuel miranda he wrote the Music which means he’s the composer And he wrote the lyrics which means he’s Also the lyricist wow Yeah He’s one of my favorite composers mine Too You wanna hear it I’d love to okay

Okay See the nine more scam you see you Called me Wow good job Thanks thanks What if you stood up taller when you Sing it Yeah it’s nice to have really good Posture when we say Yeah you can stand up even taller can You show georgie how to stand up really Tall with your shoulders back yeah Confidence say i am confident i am Confident i’m a great singer i’m a great Singer good job yeah so you can stand up Straight and also you can sing a louder Dynamic yeah you can be louder see the Line where the sky meets the sea Can you try that okay See the line where the sky needs to see It calls me that was great i loved it Thanks yeah it’s getting better and Better Which do you like better Or see the line where the sky meets the C Wow that second one i’m afraid to be Loud because what if i make a mistake It’s okay to make mistakes everyone Makes mistakes i think it’s better to Make a mistake loud see if i sing the Words perfectly quietly See the line where the sky missus see it Calls me

And then see i made a mistake and i was Confident and loud See the line where the sky sees the sea It calls me I said one wrong word but it didn’t Matter that’s true yeah make a loud Mistake it’s okay Yeah Yeah and now let’s talk about the Feeling How do you think moana’s feeling in this Part hmm i hadn’t thought about it yeah I like to think about how the person is Feeling and who they’re singing to That’s called the invisible partner who You’re singing to wow so she says see The line where the sky Meets the c It calls me wow what do you think that Means how does it why does it call her How does it call her she wants to see The line Yeah she wants to see it She It calls her on the phone Oh She doesn’t mean it calls her on the Phone but that was a good guess she Means kind of it’s calling her heart Not on zoom Yeah yeah it’s like it’s called her Heart it calls her heart and you know What It’s kind of like i really like music so

Music calls my heart Yeah And you really like art and so art kind Of calls your your heart i love art yeah Maybe i could sing it like i’m Pretending to sing about art yeah that’s A great idea So yeah the ocean calls her heart she Loves the ocean See the line on the sky and this ski I messed up that’s okay you know what i Think you sounded great can we say great Job georgie great job georgie oh great Job yeah you tried your best and you Were nice and loud it doesn’t matter That you made a mistake see the line on The sky what is it okay let’s break it Down a little more And you just repeat after me can you Help and repeat after me and help Georgie can you help Thank you See the line see the line where the sky Where the sky meets the sea meets the Sea it calls me It calls me That was beautiful now try to put it Together okay See the line where the sky meets the sea It calls me Wow let’s pop for georgie and clap for You you’re doing a wonderful job too Thank you Could you sing the song with the kids

And i’ll play the piano sure we’ll sing More of the song can you help Great let’s do it I’ve been staring at the edge of the Water Long as i can remember Never really knowing why [Music] I wish I could be the perfect daughter But i come back to the water no matter How hard i try Every turn i take every trail i track Every path i make every road leads back To the place i know where i cannot go Wherever i belong to it be See the line where the sky meets the sea It calls me And no one knows How far it goes If the wind and my sail on the sea stays Behind me One day i’ll know What’s beyond that line will i cross That line the line where the sky needs To see it calls me [Music] One day i’ll know Great job Wow i love singing with you you did a Wonderful job let’s practice our musical Scale with sign language Put your hand in a fist like this for Dough

Do Re Mi Fa So [Music] Great job Okay friends since the number of the day Is two Let’s pop two dots in our ocean book This is a melissa and doug book that i Really like to read okay First let’s read what it says and then We’ll pop the dots out in the ocean Where the big waves roar Two little dolphins love to explore They’re very smart and often leap and Need about eight hours of sleep Wow Okay let’s do the pop Say pop Pop that was fun Say pop Pop Good job This book helps with pointing Do you know what this is It’s a pretend Fishing pole yeah so much fun Let’s pretend we’re going fishing in This pool what do you think we’ll catch Okay Fishing we cast it into the water Fishing

Oh something’s biting I wonder what it is Wow We caught a fish We caught an orange and yellow Fish Now i’m gonna put it back in the water Bye bye fish Let’s see what we catch next Fishing Fishing in the pool is so much fun Look what we caught It’s a little person Hello You caught me with the pretend fishing Pole That was fun can you throw me back in The water sure Ready set Go Plop let’s see if we can catch anything Else do you think we can Okay Fishing Fishing in the pool is so much Fun Yeah We caught something let’s reel it in Reel it in reel it in Wow it’s a Squid Hi I’m just a little squid Nice to meet you hello

I would like to go back in the water Okay Ready set go plop That was so fun fishing with you Bye How many beach balls do we have let’s Count one Two Two beach balls and that’s the number of The day Two beach balls One Two One of the beach balls is bigger Which beach ball is bigger Yeah This beach ball is bigger And this beach ball is Smaller good job Do you see the water What’s crashing in the water and coming In and out what are those called it Begins with a wha What sound Yeah those are waves Let’s write the letter b in the sands How can you do that You can use a stick to write in the sand It’s so much fun oh show me Now let’s write a lowercase b Hey rachel look when i wrote Playing at the beach is so much fun sand And waves castles and shells playing at The beach is so much fun it’s lots of

Fun to play Can you wave goodbye Good job Goodbye friends Goodbye friends Goodbye friends we’ll see you again real Soon Great job today i’m so proud of you you Learned so much you did awesome Bye Always remember You Are wonderful You Are valuable You’re Important You’re an Amazing kid [Music] Going to the beach Going to the beach on a sunny We’ve got all that we need here to play Going to the beach Going to the [Music] Holes in the beach we’ll build castles And moats and we might see some boats Then we’ll splash in the sea you meet me We’ll have fun in the sun We’re going to the beach [Applause] With our water and fruits and our Sunscreen and suits we’ll feel the sand

On our feet as we play in the heat we’ll Write our names in the sand on this Beautiful edge of sketch Land going to the beach [Applause]

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.