Pete the Cat 5 Little Pumpkins 🎃 Halloween for Kids Read Aloud

Pete the Cat 5 Little Pumpkins 🎃 Halloween for Kids Read Aloud… The coolest cat in KidLit is celebrating Halloween with five cool pumpkins. So naturally, KidTime StoryTime found the perfect cat-inspired costume in which to read this Halloween story! And the costume keeps changing!

From HarperKids, author/illustrator James Dean and co-author Kimberly Dean.




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Hey Kid. And welcome to KidTime SpookyTime! Oh I see something spooky all right. Hello, Witcheficent.
What are you supposed to be? Well isn’t it obvious?
Absolutely not. I am clearly a Feline Pumpkin Queen.
That’s not a thing. It’s a thing. That’s definitely not a thing
That’s what I said Olivia! How dare you?!
Well there’s no such Queen   Like that where I’m from
Or where I’m from. Ugh! Well where I’M from there IS such a thing as a   Pumpkin Feline Queen because I 
come from a place of imagination. StoryTeller!
Green Bear! What are you supposed to be?
I’m clearly a Feline Pumpkin Queen Is that a thing?
It’s a thing GHOSTY GHOSTS! Oh really, Ghosty? GHOSTY GHOSTS! Well I’m not even gonna translate what you said. Oh hey, StoryTeller. Or should 
I say Feline Pumpkin Queen.  Dill! You got it! And clearly you 
are a One-Eyed Pumpkin Pirate Pickle YUP YUP YUP YUP See? He got it! And if it wasn’t clear enough, I am 
clearly a Feline Pumpkin Queen because   We are reading Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins See? Cat. Meow. Pumpkins. Pumpkins.
Makes perfect sense, right? If you say so.  
Ahhh! OK. I do say so. Let’s go in and see what’s happening In this special Pete the Cat Halloween story. Ohhhh! This is very orange… much like my shirt. Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins Is that a frog witch on a flying broomstickle? YESSSSS Five Little Pumpkins. Let’s just count to be sure.

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One, a-two, a-three, a-four, a-five
Ha! Ha! Ha! Five little pumpkins! Sitting on a gate. The first one 
said: oh my, it’s getting late! Oh my it’s getting late! 
Look at the giant watch on even the bird.   The second one said: there are witches in the air! The third one said: but we don’t care What?! They should really care. You 
should be really horrified and scared!  UGGGHHH They should be. The fourth one said: let’s run 
and run and run. And where does Pete suddenly pull out four red high tops? And..tweet tweet!… so does the bird. That’s… that’s pretty spiffy to 
just have on hand like that.   The fifth one said: I’m ready for 
some fun. Arrr it’s pirate pumpkin! ARRRRRR! Now what are you supposed to be?!
I really have no idea. Clearly ladies I am a Feline Pumpkin Pirate Queen. Still not a thing.
I have to agree. Those two…! Oh! Oh! Went the wind. I was 
gonna say OOOOH, but really,   Look at the wind’s face. It’s more like a OH. OH…went the wind. And the Pirates are like oh! And the 
pumpkins are oh! And the Dracula pumpkin  oh! And the Franken-pumpkin oh!
And just the other pumpkin ohhhh! And out went the lights. BOOM! Uh, excuse me off-screen 
never-seen technical genius!  How can I help you? Can you turn on the magic 
power light source, please?  As you wish. It’s good to have a magical off-screen 
never-seen technical genius. Trust me on this. And the Five Little Pumpkins… …rolled out of sight! And wait a minute. Pete has just transformed into Robot Pete. He is a 
Robot. Pete is a Robot now. NOW what are you supposed to be?
I really don’t understand. I am clearly a Robo-Feline Pumpkin Pirate Queen.

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Still not a thing. I don’t compute what they say. Moving on HAPPY HALLOWEEN! HAPPY DILLOWEEN! MEE-MEE-MEE-MEE-MEEEE! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH Oh oh! Hello StoryTeller! Hi Doug the Dinosaur! You recognize me? Oh of course! You look great as a 
Robo-Feline Pumpkin Pirate Queen. See?! And that’s why it’s best to be from 
the Land of Imagination! Imagination! Happy Halloween, Kid!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.