How to Catch a Reindeer 𐂂 Christmas Read Aloud

How to Catch a Reindeer 𐂂 Christmas Read Aloud… From the pros who taught you How To Catch an Elf comes a new lesson in catching yourself a prized Christmas memento. But there may be a BIG PROBLEM with this idea. KidTime StoryTime is exploring this holiday hoedown!

Published by Sourcebooks Wonderland! Written by Alice Walstead with illustrations by Andy Elkerton and Sarah Mensinga.




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LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen But do you recall… The most yummy reindeer of alllllll!!!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY, WITCHEFICENT?!?! Why yes, I AM feeling the holiday history spirit!   And I'm getting a very special BAT 
STEW ready with a very special ingredient WITCHEFICENT?!?! Red Bear! Pink Bear! Yup…we heard it. ~ Totally heard it. Did she just imply that…?
Nope, she didn't imply it. Oh good.  Nope, she outright said it. She's  
trying to put reindeer in her Bat Stew. Don’t say it!
Too late Ugh! You know just you can count on Witcheficent 
to take the most wonderful time of the year   and make it really, like,
NOT wonderful at all. And now I don't even know if I 
should read How To Catch A Reindeer No! You have to!
If not, the witches win. You're right, Pink Bear. You're right, Red Bear.  If I don't read How To Catch A 
Reindeer, the witches will win. Also, you should probably lock her 
cave on Christmas Eve. Just saying…  Just saying… They're right. I should do that and 
continue to read How To Catch A Reindeer. We are not gonna let Witcheficent 
and her weird holiday Bat Stew plans    Ruin a perfectly wonderful book that was 
written for us to enjoy, right? Let's do this. Oh in fact, look: To and From. 
Oh you know who this book is for.  You and me and the KidTime Family! How To Catch A Reindeer. It's Christmas Eve! That’s right, Santa's back!
He's here with the whole reindeer team There are presents and stockings and candy canes
and Christmas trees all agleam HO HO HO HO HO! And he's got a Santa Helper right there.
And there are the trusty reindeer leading the way.

You might have sung my name before
The tune starts with Dasher and Dancer Next in the song are Prancer and Vixen
but who's next? Do you know the answer? Okay okay, so… You know 
Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…   Comet! Is this Comet?! Comet, is that you? Bingo! That's right I'm Comet herself
I've been with the team from the start Christmas is my most favorite thing!
Each Christmas Eve fills my heart. And comet is such an OG – original 
gang member of the Reindeer Squad – that She remembers when they were delivering 
presents to the cave people in the caves And to the Middle Ages Castle people   Like princesses with Dragons 
and Knights in shining armor And the modern day kid and family in a home Now I've already seen the shelf with the elf
and that blue truck loaded with trees. I've even seen a green Santa so mean!
Tonight, I'll explore as I please. When Comet says "green Santa” you 
don't suppose she's referring to ME! No I'm pretty sure she wasn't 
talking about you, Witcheficent.  I was thinking more like the Grinch. Ugh. Second place Green Thing… Uh… Comet looks like she's up for an adventure.   She's got her reading glasses on 
and is X marking the spot here? And she wants to explore on  
Christmas Eve as Santa is working? Oh why is there a present flying out the window?  
I don't understand that part at all I've heard that some kids are setting up traps
to catch an elf or maybe Santa Claus If you think an offering some carrots will work
I promise I won't even pause You hear that? She won't even pause!
That's what she thinks… Let's just… I'm gonna ignore her. Find my center. 
Ok. Storyteller’s focused now on the book. And look at this pile of carrots that have been left  Right underneath this net 
clearly designed to catch Comet. But she's too smart. She's astute. She’s 
on it. She's not gonna fall for that. Meanwhile, all these kids who should be in bed   At this point are up there 
trying to catch poor Comet. I smell naughty list!
I smell naughty list, too, actually. SNIFF…SNIFF… Wait. Or is that Bat Stew?

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I'll admit that this trap looks interesting.
It has lights and style and flair. The thing is, though, I'm not hungry enough.
There's no way I'm going in there! Oh and now the trap gets more elaborate. An 
igloo and a sign advertising FREE reindeer moss inside.   And while the sign FREE is always super tempting – NO. Because look – there they are again –  
all these naughty kids trying to catch Comet.   And fortunately, Comet is too sharp. And also, they're completely exposed! 
They are terrible at these traps. I mean,   They're good at making traps, 
but then terrible at hiding Which is like an essential 
part of trapping anything. And also, why do they want to 
trap a reindeer? Because then   It's going to really slow Santa down 
if suddenly a reindeer goes missing. And then a slowed down Santa 
sleigh – you know what that means?   He may not make it to all of  
our houses. And that would be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I was gonna say tragic. Christmas decorations are awesome and bright
those candy canes twinkle and glow Though a maze looks like fun
I think that I'll pass  And I'll romp and play in the snow -uh oh – 
I’ll romp and play in the snow Even though they have not only concocted 
this beautiful Shiny Bright attractive   Sweet smelling maze, they've put this 
big beautiful present in the middle Clearly addressed for Comet – but again, 
do you see the mistake they're making? Wah Wahhhhh….. Again they're right out in the open showing that 
this is a trap. Comet wasn't born yesterday. Oh hot chocolate! Again with that 
FREE offering that we all love.   And the cocoa is in. And it is a very cold night. And also offering free night vision goggles.
Huh…that’s interesting. Why would I need night vision goggles?
My eyes do not need that support I think I'll stick with a snowball fight
That last toss made Blitzen snort! It's so funny when Blitzen snorts! And free   Night vision goggles – clever – but 
you know what's even more clever? That reindeer already have night vision!  
Fooled ya! HaHaHaHa! That's right! They already have night vision. So Comet can just bypass the goggles, and…. No matter how tempting that 
hot chocolate is… goodbye, hot chocolate! When did all these new reindeer get here?
I'm surprised but I must be BRAVE!

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Is that Santa sitting in a sleigh on the ground?
This is weird… and why won't he wave? Oh no, Comet's getting thrown off – 
now I'm concerned – getting thrown off by The decorative Santa and reindeer 
that get decorated outside of houses. Meanwhile, here we go. That gang again. Just keeps trying, keep trying. Remember, there's a little 
something in it for you…  Ok, what? What is in it for them? BAT STEW!
Aaand no. Okay that would be like a NOT motivator. And they've set up another trap. They've taken the floaty and filled it with 
marshmallow paste. Clever. And then added a poor victimized tied-up 
bunny with a sign that says Help Me.    Also clever. But I'm fingers-crossed 
that Comet does not fall for this. I'm chatting away but it 
seems they're not listening  It's like they don't know that it's me She’s distracted by the fake Santa, okay Oh wait, I get it! They're just plastic!
I'm embarrassed and hope Prancer didn't see Wah Waaaahhh It's okay, it's okay, it's a it's a good mistake.   It's perfectly fine. The point 
is is that they didn't catch you. And now they're trying to run after you,   But it looks like their plan went awry. And 
there's marshmallow paste going everywhere now. What in the Holly Jolly is that?!
Those huge ornaments started moving! They're rolling and rocking and bouncing around
I could run but I wanna start grooving What?! The Christmas Catcher 2000 is 
really a giant speaker system maybe? Ohhhh do I feel a Christmas party going on! It's a dance-fest! yeah yeah yeah! [Music] WAIT! Wait, we must stop. This is no 
time to have a Christmas dance party. I mean it feels like it is, but it's not  
because there are deliveries still to be made Whoa-ho-ho!! This is fun and better than a run.
Spin left! Swing right! I'm dancing on air! And a tree with lights to go rocking around?
Vixen, Let's Dance as a reindeer pair! Okay a little bit more Christmas dancing! 
All right! Because Comet said it's okay. [Music] OK, that's enough.

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We still have to do deliveries, don't we? Hey, friends come on over! It’s for Reindeergram.
Now let's say Merry Christmas and flash a smile! This was a great stop but a few Millions ago
Christmas Eve must continue with style Everyone, it’s for Reindeergram! And a-one 
and a-two and a-three: Say reindeer! REINDEER! Everybody keep their eyes open? Yeah? Okay! Back to the roof, Santa's back in the sleigh
We shouldn't keep the big guy waiting In the blink of an eye we'll take off in the sky
On now, Santa calls, no hesitating! No Ho Ho! I had the most fun ever, to be clear.
I'll see you again – let's do this next year! Let's do this next year – same time next year! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night HO HO HO HO HO! And off they go Nooooo nooooo! I needed my special ingredient! Well…I guess it's a Merry Christmas 
for everybody else, Witcheficent. UGGGHHHH! She's gonna get coal.  
She's totally gonna get coal. But she's just gonna use it to fire up the Bat Stew So I guess she’ll be fine. ~ Yeah, she's always fine. And most importantly, Comet and the rest of the reindeer 
are gonna be fine. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! ~ And Feliz Navidad!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.