Gold! By David Shannon πŸ‘‘ Read Aloud for Kids

Gold! By David Shannon πŸ‘‘ Read Aloud for Kids… Max Midas has the Golden Touch! A business genius, he’s a millionaire by age 7! But Max goes too far! He cheats! He gets greedy! He charges his parents rent! KidTime StoryTime is reading this amazing retelling of the King Midas legend by the author/illustrator of the famous NO DAVID books, David Shannon. FUN FACT: GOLD! is his very first book in rhyme!




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Foreign Hey kid here at k-time story time we Like to go for the gold we believe in The golden rule we love to Love this and I'm bringing you a book About a boy with the Golden Touch called Gold well it's so bright around here I Kind of wear shades Green Bear do you Recognize the name of the author Illustrator Wait a minute I who wrote All the no David books That's the very one oh this one's gonna Be golden let's see what Treasures await Within gold What are you seeing this for the kids I'm sorry Time family and that is David Shannon that is the author himself That's right because you know what Storyteller got to meet David Shannon That's right that's me and David Shannon Right there together and there he is Shiny this book and did you notice that He drew a little pig I wonder why I Wonder if it has something to do with The book well You know what I always say only one way To find out Max Little boy he did He did it and he didn't play with toys That is odd the first word that he Uttered when he was one year old wasn't Mama wasn't Papa what Maxie said was

Gold and there he is bypassing tutting Going straight for the gold his parents Tried to raise him right they said be Kind not cruel but Max's brain got stuck On gold when they talked the gold and Rule oh should we tell her dunk a Dinosaur the golden rule is my favorite Rule it says that we treat others the Way that we wish for them to treat us so If we want to be treated with kindness Then we treat others with kindness very Good dog the dinosaur it is a beautiful Rule did you his mother hugged him every Night his father read him stories a hugs A hug Maxi Shrugged and all those books Are boring what whoa he doesn't like Chocolate and he didn't like books Houston we have a problem He didn't like to go to school he Cheated on his test and counted up his Gold of the stars there were 50 more or Less No to each other I see that that box is Doing something wrong I know I see it Too he has that nice tie which is very Nice to wear to school but he's using it To hide the answers and cheat cheating Is wrong yeah Max is just racking up all Those golden stars but they don't really Count because he didn't come by them Honestly But Maximilian had the touch for raking In the dough he didn't think of bad or Good he thought of Bot and sold so

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That's what it means when you hear People say the Golden Touch that means That everything they touch is successful Particularly in business as our young Max seems to be He started selling lemonade out on the Parking strip and on the hottest driest Days he sold it by the Sip Oh that's not refreshing enough and These poor people are oh they're gonna Need more than one sip Made enough to buy a house it was money Quite well spent but when his parents Moved inside he charged them monthly Rent Oh oh I think alwala bear is upset I Don't believe it is storyteller Charge his parents rent where is they Get attitude where is the giving eye hi When Sadie opened up a stand to help Some needy kids he dropped a mouse in Her lemonade then ran away and hid well He just he does City dirty oh he sure Did he wiped out the lemonade Competition the dirty way Max took over Sadie's stand but he had Bigger plans and soon his lemonade was Sold in stores throughout the land his Lemonade made Millions more than 20 Banks could hold he never gave us sent Away he spent it all on gold gold and And two adorable pink bunny slippers but Mostly gold Statues clocks and coins and bowls if it

Was made of gold he simply couldn't get Enough that was how he rolled Maxie Piled up his gold until it made a Mountain on top he built a castle with a Fancy Golden Fountain and whoa there's Mom and Dad watching this whole thing go Up and I guess no one can really just Drop by for a visit because this big Wall says to stay out and oh His furniture and walls were gold to Max It looked like heaven a lot of people Said not bad for a kid who's only seven He's only seven that is very impressive But I feel like Max's business Acumen His business smarts are more developed Than his spirits oh wise words from Abuela bear but let's see he's still Seven he can still grow his heart along With his big business brain right as Time went by Max stayed inside and all Alone got older huh his Outlook didn't Change a bit in fact it just got colder Oh so he's not evolving his Spirit or His heart he's just hard leaning into That gold and look at the scene even the Egyptian statues giving him a little Side eye while he works on some business There's a tie that he used to cheat and There's a bull and a bull is a sign of a Vigorous economy so that's why that's on His golden desk with the gold and Elephant Gold is what I love the most Max would Often cry I love it more than teddy

Bears or mother's apple pie whoa oh I will never be like that I will always Love your apple pie and I will always Loved you more than gold Green Bay hello Bear I love you I know you do your Social good boy not that Max is a bad Boy he's very good at business but Think he's a little bit greedy right I wish the world was made of gold and Gold was everywhere I like to eat and Drink it and breathe it in like air That got Max to thinking as he was Making breakfast he came up with an idea That was positively Reckless Max grabbed A bag of Goldust and oh for goodness Sakes he spooned it up like sugar and Dumped it on his flakes oh no no no no No no Maximilian took a bite it made his tummy Tingle but when he chewed it didn't Crunch instead it sort of jingled he Suddenly felt funny like his blood was Getting cold he walked up to the window Then Max turned into gold Wow Oh this is really bad this is Uh okay I'm just gonna say it this is Obsession gone too far too much of a Good thing am I right right Max was like a statue he couldn't move His arms he couldn't even walk or talk Or set off the alarms Max began to panic He thought how can this be no one ever Comes up here who's going to rescue me

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You're always going to go up there Because he has that giant wall to keep Everybody out and he probably has not Been making any friends no especially After he ruins Sadie's Lemonade Stand Yeah definitely I mean who would want to Hang out with him he's going to put rats In yourself and and he's gonna talk About gold only and how he only loves Gold and there's really any room for People or bears yeah or apple pie or Anybody hey it's really tragic tragic At the bottom of the mountain he saw his Mom and dad they were talking to their Neighbors and he suddenly felt sad Where's his mom and dad look look down There they are there's mom she looks Like she's enjoying a picnic on the lawn And there's Dad and she's waving at the Neighbor the neighbor's like hey there Miss Midas and she's like howdy neighbor And there's some kids riding bikes and Skateboarding and he's not playing with Them at all and and these two elderly Sisters are walking their dog they're Very nice but not that he would know That because he hasn't even gone down There to meet anybody and and then this Is an uncle with his nephew and they're Gonna wait for the ice cream but first Is this Dad right here who's just been Mowing the lawn so he's really hot and He needs a popsicle he's gonna get one For his daughter uh right after these

Kids buy theirs it's a very bustling Neighborhood there's a jogger going by Outside the wall and nobody's looking up Max tried in vain to close his eyes and Make it go away but he was made of solid Gold and had to watch all day There was one thing deep inside him that Hadn't turned to Gold a little dear that Max had saved since he was one year old Can you imagine saving a tear for that Many years And now that he was facing a future cold And Bleak that little tear was free at Last and rolling down his cheek And as it spread across his face what Happened next was weird Max changed back To normal and his Mountain disappeared Whoa Whoa the mountain disappeared and he's Turning back into human but look look at This leg it's still gold it's still Turning back into human along with that Bunny slipper and notice oh that's like A genie lamp right there but it's golden It seems to be fading and and this Voz Here seems to be disappearing and this Block of gold seems to also be Vanishing All the gold is falling down but it's Beginning to disappear Every bit of gold was gone and Max was In midair he landed with a thud and saw His parents standing there I'm sorry Mom and Dad And Dad's mother hugged him twice and

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Said I'm going to bake a pie Yeah his father hugged him too and said That reminds me of a story and Maxie Hung on every word so what if it was Boring meanwhile the neighborhood is a Buzz and this guy's like Martha did you See that and this is Bill over here Going and then over here the dad who had Just mowed the lawn is wondering if There's something weird in his popsicle Because he can't believe what he just Saw and this grown up here is like stand Back I don't know if there's any others Falling children in the air and I wonder It's a story that the dad is telling is A myth about King Midas have you ever Heard of King Midas because this kid is Named Max Midas and there was a King Midas there's a legend right we don't Know if it was real or not but he wanted The Midas touch that's where the saying Comes from and everything King Midas Touched turned to Gold because that's What he wished for and he got it and Then the problem was he couldn't eat Anything because it turned to gold and Then he went to hug his daughter and Guess what happened she turned go she Turned to go now I know it turned out to Be tragic right too much of a good thing Wanting the wrong things So I just I'm curious if that's the Story that dad was telling because that Would be appropriate let's see what

Happens next They asked the neighbors over and Max Made lemonade he gave them each a tall Cool glass to sip on in the shade Goodbye little glass My gold is gone Max told the crowd but Please don't think I'm poor I made Millions from my lemonade and I'll make Millions more he apologized to Sadie the Plucky neighbor girl will you help me Use my Millions to Make a Better World Cheers to that clink cling Then Maximilian Midas thought as he Finished off his slice Gold can never make you feel as good as Being nice that's because Gold without Soul can be cold tell us where they Could rhyme thank you Asha love and Friendship and honesty and goodness that Is worth its weight in gold I couldn't Have said it better myself

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