Baby Music Class (full class) Great for babies, toddlers & preschool! Toddler Learning Video Songs

A full music class for babies, toddlers and children (0-4 years old!) This is exactly what we do in our baby toddler music class in New York City! Now you can participate from the comfort of your own home in this Toddler Learning Video with fun songs you know and love! If you don’t do screen time, you can learn the class from our video and instruct your child yourself! Your child will start to learn how to tap a steady beat, read music, move to music, sing solfege, ear training, and baby sign language! Rachel has a masters in music education and Rachel and Jules are award winning songwriters. For more info, visit Thanks for watching our music class!

Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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Hi everyone welcome to music class we’re So glad you came today One two three four Hello Everyone We’re gonna have so much fun I’m so glad you came today are you ready To sing are you ready to play It’s time for songs for Littles Songs for Littles it’s time for songs Do you know how to blow one kiss Can you say yes Can you say no Reach up high so big and down low It’s time for songs for Little Songs littles it’s time for songs for Little Songs for Little Okay Can you give a friend a high Five you’re in a car are you old enough To drive can you say milk Can you say more Can you say all done before you grow Your food on the floor It’s time for songs [Applause] That was so fun Next we’re gonna get out our itsy bitsy Spiders and in this class we love when

You sing along we love to hear your Beautiful voices Ready Here we Bitsy go Went up the water spout Down came the rain and washed the spider Out Out came the sun and dried up all the Rain and the itsy bitsy spider went up The spout again yay can you clap good Job i wonder if we could do it again but This time with a really fast spider a Faster tempo in music we say tempo to Show how fast or slow a song is let’s Try it again but with a fast tempo and a Fast spider One two three four itsy bitsy spider Went up the water spout down came the Rain and Out came the sun and dried up all the Rain and the itsy bitsy spider went up The spot again let’s do it even faster Faster One two three Four down That was crazy so fast next we’re gonna Get into our boat so we’re gonna get out Our paddles let’s pretend we’re in a Boat did you get out your paddles And we’re gonna row so nicely and we’re In a nice calm stream what a beautiful Day Down the stream

Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is But a dream that was so nice and fun This time we’re gonna get in our boats Again but we’re gonna pretend that we See A crocodile are you ready Row row row your boat gently down the Street If you see a crocodile don’t forget to Scream That was so fun maybe we should do a Faster tempo Because we want to get away from that Crocodile you ready one two three four Row row row gently down the stream if You see a crocodile don’t forget to Scream Next we’re gonna do one of my favorites It’s called open shut them so get out Your hands one two hands are you ready Open shut them open shut them give a Little clap clap clap Open shut them open shut them put them In your lap Lap Creep Open wide your little mouth But do not let That was fun Guess what it’s time for What is the time for Word of the day Yay that’s my favorite part the word of The day hi herbie hi what what’s the


Word of the day today today’s word is Fast fast i know all about that like Snails and turtles No those things are slow They are Maybe the kids at home can help us think Of things that are fast oh yeah Do you do you know anything that’s fast Oh a race car a race car’s fast room i Know that yeah what else oh a cheetah Cheetahs cheetos I love cheetahs i see him in the zoo Yeah they’re at the too good job could i Sing a fast could i sing a fast song That would be great sing a fast song for The kids at home okay here we Go a B C That’s slow you’re singing slow Slow tempo i already forgot what fast is That’s okay you can ask for help it’s Okay to ask for help jules can you help Okay yeah i’m gonna give us a count off Ready okay one two three four five six Seven eight nine ten eleven Oh Hurry we’re not counting we’re doing the Abcs fast oh okay yeah that’s what i Meant to do okay abc’s good try though Okay i’m ready i’m ready one two three a B c d e f g H i j k l m n o p Q r s

T u v W X Y and z Now i know my abcs Next time won’t you sing with me That was awesome Can i give you a hug that would be Really nice oh thanks for coming oh Thank you thanks herbie okay i’m gonna Take a nap now yeah that was a lot of Fast singing bye For the next song we’re gonna use our Shakers so grab something at home to Shake and try and shake along with me to Defeat [Music] She get a baby You look so good in that onesie Is You look so good with that big smile Can you would [Music] With me Today Shake it shake it off baby Wow i like that high note at the end Really nice for this next song we’re Gonna march to the b Marching to the b helps us feel the Steady beat in our bodies and it’s one Of the first ways that kids can feel Music and learn about music so we’re Going to march around to the beat

Are you excited Let’s march March Can you march around Good job [Music] We stopped [Music] Oh it’s time to march again [Music] We are the dinosaurs [Music] We start [Applause] [Music] What do you think Roar Cause we are the dinosaurs Yay I’m a t-rex hey rachel guess what it’s Time for what is it time Let for get your middle of the day That’s my other favorite part oh hey Herbie are you excited for the Instrument of the day i’m so excited What is it i don’t know it’s a trombone Oh a dog bone i love those um um Trombone herbie oh a telephone iphone or Android um it’s a trombone herbie oh Trombone Do you want to hear how it sounds it’s Part of the brass family wow so it has a Nice deep rich tone like this [Music]

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That was great now what what is this What are you moving there this is the Slide this helps change the pitch of the Song do you want to give it a try grab One Now wait where does the sound come out Right here Okay i’ll try this slide ready That was fun Let’s do it again one more time all Right [Music] That was great good job perfect i love That that’s our instrument of the day The trombone all right i think i’m gonna Go dream about trombones now Bye bye Bye See you later Oh no I think i hear a shark Maybe we should sing baby shark Baby shark do doo doo doo baby shark doo Doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo Doo [Music] Daddy [Music] [Applause] Good job It’s Hey jules what are you doing Oh i was pretending to be a b How can you pretend to be a b you’re a

Person Well i was using my imagination i’m Playing pretend make believe wow Can i play too yeah sure i have a song About that exactly great Let’s try it Can you please Is [Music] Shake shake like a rattle can you shake Shake can you Play shake shake [Music] I’m gonna play I’m gonna use my imagination Believe that you’re a superhero that can Do anything yeah i’m gonna use my Imagination Imagination I’m gonna use my imagination This next song also helps us move to the Beat it’s something we use in music Education we’re going to pretend we’re On a train can you do this Okay let’s get on the train and we’re Gonna go to the beach Engine engine number nine Going down the chicago line see it Sparkle see it shine Engine engine number nine yay Since we’re talking about fast let’s Pretend that our trades going fast and We’re gonna march to the beat to a fast Train engine engine number nine going

Down the chicago line see it’s sparked We’ll see it shine engine engine number Nine yay That one was a fast tempo since the word Of the day is fast let’s do a fast song This one we have to pretend we’re Firefighters so we’re gonna slide down The pole Can you slide down the hole ding ding Ding we heard the alarm slide down the Pole Now we’re gonna drive hurry hurry drive The fire truck hurry hurry drive the Fire truck hurry hurry drive the fire Truck ding ding ding ding ding Now we need to turn the corner hurry Hurry turn the corner hurry hurry turn The corner hurry hurry turn the corner Ding ding ding ding ding Okay now we have to climb the ladder Because the fire’s really high hurry Hurry climb the ladder hurry hurry climb The ladder hurry hurry climb the ladder Ding ding ding ding ding now we need to Squirt the water hurry hurry squirt the Water hurry hurry squirt the water our Reed hurry squirt the water ding ding Ding ding ding ding the fire out Now we’re gonna go slow Slowly slowly back to the station slowly Slowly back to the stairs should slowly Slowly Back to the station ding ding ding ding Ding next we’re gonna do our solfege and

Practice our ear training we’re gonna do The musical scale What’s dough how does it sound Now we’re gonna do the sign language for It [Music] Let me step back so you can see all the Sign language and we’ll do it again Wow you sound wonderful do you think we Could do something really hard i don’t Know can we do it backwards That sounded wonderful Now let’s sing and march to the b Because marching to the steady b is one Of the first things we do in pre-k Because it really helps us feel the Music in our bodies and feel the beat Let’s do it ready yeah Along the way Us Yay Great job Look everyone it’s our music notes This note is called tah Tah Tah Tah Tah Since the word of the day is fast let’s Try and do it fast Can you try that ready go How about even faster ready go Great job for this next song we’re gonna Do the sign language for more

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More Can you try that More Good job The more we get together together The more we get together the happier We’ll be Cause your friends are my friends and my Friends are your friends the more we get Together the happier we’ll be Let’s do some baby sign language We ask for milk like this We ask for milk like this when we’re Thirsty and need a drink we ask for milk Like this Please We asked to eat like this We asked to eat like this When we’re hungry and need a snack we Asked to eat like this Please We asked to have a change we asked to Have a change When our diaper is so full we have to Have a change Great job with your baby signing next We’re gonna sing brown bear brown bear Brown bear brown bear what do you see I see a red bird looking at me Red bird red bird what do you see I see a yellow duck looking at me Yellow duck yellow duck what do you see I see a blue horse looking at me Blue horse blue horse what do you see

I see a green frog looking at me Green frog green frog what do you see I see a purple cat looking at me Purple cat purple cat what do you see I see a white dog looking at me White dog white dog what do you see I see a black sheep looking at me Black sheep black sheep what do you see I see a goldfish looking at me Goldfish goldfish what do you see I see a teacher looking at me Teacher teacher what do you see I see children looking at me Great job Where is rachel where did i go where is Rachel Where is [Music] You can you try it where Are you Where are you oh i can’t see you where Are you I see you you were right there you can Play that at home [Music] I like to say i love you I like to say i love you I like to say i love you I love you to my baby This next song is called supergirl are You a superhero You are one two three four I am super girl i can do anything that You can

I am I me super girl i know that i’m talented And smart I am super a girl a brilliant mind a Beautiful heart Watch me I can do anything that you can i am Super girl i rise to the top i lend a Hand I’m gonna fly [Applause] [Music] Is [Applause] Am super girl I am super girl I am super girl I am super girl Here Oh Dance beautifully All right friends it’s time to say Goodbye It’s time to say goodbye yeah but we’ll See them again soon oh we will yeah Can we see you again soon Okay great So we’re gonna sing our goodbye song Which uses the word adios which means Goodbye and spanish okay ready are the Oaks [Music] [Music] By my friends

See you soon

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.