It’s time for ABC PHONICS and LETTER WRITING! Get out those pencils and get ready to learn how to write the alphabet from A – Z. This fun lesson teaches toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners how to write the English letters and how they sound! Follow along with Lotty as she traces the letters. Lotty even completes the alphabet writing worksheet at a slow pace so that is easy for children to follow along. Repetition and practice is key in developing writing muscle memory with children. This video makes alphabet writing and even ABC letter recognition so simple! Play the video and follow along. Practice makes perfect so let your child follow along with this video daily until they are able to write the letter correctly on their own. Alphabet writing made simple!

Simple, repetitive ABC learning videos are a great way for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarteners to learn the alphabet. They are also great for Daycares to play in the background throughout the day. This alphabet writing lesson is not only a perfect way for children to write the different letters, but also to reinforce their knowledge and recognition of the entire alphabet! Repetition in children’s learning is the key to ABC letter success. Hope you enjoy our alphabet writing lesson! Thanks for watching. please leave a comment.


Lotty Learns is a FREE ABC writing and phonics kids learning website designed to give every child a jump-start in their education. Learning can be fun!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.