Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher | Read Aloud for Kids

Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher | Read Aloud for Kids… The coolest cat in KidLit has an unexpected day at school when his substitute teacher turns out to be someone he knows… his Mom! KidTime StoryTime finds that Pete’s Mom is kinda wacky, making for an unusual school day!

Published by HarperKids! Written and illustrated by James Dean. Pete the Cat is based on his real cool cat!




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0:00 Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher
1:49 Read aloud start
8:19 Doug the Dinosaur Thoughts on the Book


MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW I know you do, but I do not like surprises. Hey Kid!
TwoTone. MEE! Doug the Dinosaur Hi Why the long face?
Oh because this Pete the Cat book has a surprise in it! MEE MEE MEE MEE I know that you want me to be brave, 
but you know me… I do not like surprises. Now I don’t think it’s going to 
be anything shocking. I mean,   You know first of all Pete the Cat is what? MEE
That’s right, cool. That’s right, so… not scary. No Not horrifying. No… So it’s probably gonna be 
like a cool surprise, right?  I guess so. I guess when she puts it that way. Tell you what. Why don’t you go get your emotional 
support bear and snuggle up for the story. Green Bear!!!!
Off he goes. MEE MEE MEE MEE Oh yes of course! Of course I have 
my special cat ring on, TwoTone. MEE MEE MEE MEE Oh that’s right! I did get new ears! Let me look for them. Thank you, TwoTone. MEE MEE! Let’s see… oh here they are. I think you’re 
going to like them. So okay, there we go. So What do you think? MEE MEE MEE MEE All right! I got theTwoTone seal 
of approval, so let’s do this.  MEEE! Alright… Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher Hello my name is what? My name is what?
My name is Wah-Wah-Wah-Wav Let’s see what’s inside. Hooray 
so-and-so can read this book.  Who is so-and-so, I wonder?

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You know that’s you and me and the KidTime Family Pete is ready for school. 
Where’s mom?, Pete asked.  She has a surprise for you, says Pete’s dad. Oh look at that. Pete has a mom and a dad. 
Never really stopped to think about that. Where do you think he came from? A cave?  Well I just never really… but no you’re right, 
you’re right. He didn’t just come from a cave. I would have known.
She definitely would have known. Of course Pete the Cat has a mom and a dad. 
He’s just always like out there having these   Solo adventures. Never thought about his 
life as a family member, but here we are. There’s a school bus being driven by 
Miss Meowsers. There’s his friends.   Pete the Cat’s dad looking very formal like 
he has like an office job or something. Pete goes to school and BOOM his mom is there!   What a surprise. That’s the surprise! 
Mom is the substitute teacher Hi class, I am Mrs. Cat, says Pete’s mom.
I am the substitute teacher. How about that? Do you think her name is Mom the Cat? Green Bear, first of all…no. Second of all, aren’t you supposed 
to be sitting with Doug the Dinosaur? I am right here! But we have questions.
Questions! Is her name Mom the Cat? Yeah is her name Mom the Cat? No that would make absolutely no sense 
because she wasn’t always a mom. I mean,   Wouldn’t it be awkward to be a little kitty cat 
and your name is Mom the Cat, but you’re a kid. I didn’t think about that.
I still think it makes sense It doesn’t make any sense at all. I 
think her name would be something like— Rat the Cat?
No Bat the Cat? No, absolutely not. Bat the Cat. Terrible name. I know! I really like it. Okay uh. No, I would think 
it would be something like   Mabel or Mavis or or or Catherine 
the Cat or…. Oh! I have it! FELINA Pete the Cat’s mom’s name is now Felina the Cat. MEEE MEEE MEEE Oh and it has theTwoTone seal of approval, 
so it’s good. That’s her name now.

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I will need your help today, says Pete’s mom Who we now know is named Felina. What do we do first? Art, said 
Pete. Yeah!, said the class.  The class lines up and Pete’s mom leads the line Is this art?, asks Pete’s mom. Um, Pete’s mom, this clearly says GYM G-Y-M not A-R-T. But off they go. Boing! This is not art, they 
confirm inside. This is gym. Stay and play, says the gym 
teacher. Okay let’s dunk a few. The class plays. Gym is fun with 
more kids, says Pete, and now   Rrrring! Gym is over and Pete’s 
mom takes the class to ART Except… Wait a minute! This again is 
not art. It is MUSIC class. Pete the Cat’s mom is playing mind games. I like it. I i actually think she is playing mind games LA-LA-LA LA-LA-LAAAA Confirming once again that this is not art, this   Is music. Stay and sing, says the 
music teacher. All right, why not? LALALALALALA The class sings. We are louder with 
more kids says Pete. True statement. Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble Oh you know that could only mean one thing It’s lunchtime! It says it right there!
Pete is hungry. Time for lunch. All right, let’s go to lunch. 
Maybe. Let’s see, let’s see,   Okay, this is NOT the lunchroom 
once again. This is the playground. Oh let’s have a picnic, says Pete. Okay that’s 
cool. Everybody has their lunchboxes. It’s a beautiful day outside. Not a cloud in the sky. The grass is soft and inviting. Perfect for a picnic. Now it’s time for art, says 
Pete’s mom. And everyone’s like   CHEERS! CHEERS! CHEERS! FINALLY. And Pete – Pete’s shoes 
are rather large for his tiny size. Pete leads the class. Is this art, asks Pete’s mom Mind games! I like how you work.

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Okay we can clearly see that it is A-R-T Which clearly stands for art, right? It is! Lots of kids are making art. And yes the teacher,   Look at that, wearing her Art Is Cool smock Oh no, says the art teacher.
Oh no? Why? It’s too late to join us. The day is almost over. WHAT?!?! All day we have been waiting for art, and now What is Mrs. Cat up to? Felina, what is up? The class goes to their classroom. I know!, says 
Pete, let’s make art here! Okay, says Pete’s mom. Was this her plan all along? It’s hard to tell when you are so wily like that. So out go the crayons. Pete calls a huddle Huddle! Whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper The class plans a surprise. Pete draws, Cali makes paper cats, 
everyone’s helping, everybody’s teaming up. Again ENORMOUS shoes. Surprise!, says Pete. The class made 
art for Pete’s mom using their crayons. Thank you, Mrs. Cat, says the class. We had a great day with you! Because she was a substitute teacher they 
wanted to do something special for her. Maybe-   Wait a minute- Maybe she wasn’t being 
all mysterious and wily like you said. Oh yeah she was No no no. I’m thinking that maybe she kept getting 
lost because she’s the substitute teacher. That doesn’t explain why she 
kept going into rooms that   Were clearly marked NOT art. She does have a point there. Sometimes, a different day is an awesome day! Well I guess that that that was the whole point. Why just do the usual and go to art 
and change it up like that, you know? Okay okay I accept that there were surprises.  See? I told you and StoryTeller 
told you and everybody told you Peter cat is what?

And school is…?
awesome So see? Nothing to worry about. Just sometimes we get a substitute and things will be a 
little different, but is different bad? No! Different is good! Different is…?
A new adventure! Exactly so that’s how we keep it cool.
Yah! Makes sense. MEE-MEE, MEE, MEE-MEE-MEE-MEE And new and adventurous is TwoTone approved! (SEE YOU NEXT TIME, KID! 😉

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.