The Worst Halloween Book in the Whole Entire World ūüĎĽ Halloween Story for Kids

The Worst Halloween Book in the Whole Entire World ūüĎĽ Halloween Story for Kids… We found THE BEST HALLOWEEN BOOK in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. But then our Witch took it and gave us THE WORST HALLOWEEN BOOK instead. KidTime StoryTime will find out if it’s a trick or a treat!

From author/illustrator Joey Acker, who has a knack for creating THE WORST BOOKS. Seriously, he’s published a whole bunch of them….




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Hello Kid! You think you've come to 
KidTime StoryTime to see StoryTeller,   But no! StoryTeller is not here. Oh no. 
Instead, you have found StoryElla DeVil. More maniacal laughter! And I am about to read to you the BEST 
Halloween book in the Whole Entire World! WHAAAT?!? Where is my book? Okay get back over here Witcheficent.
You Rang? You know what you've done.
Oh I have no idea. You know that I went out of my way to find   The very best Halloween book in the 
whole entire world and where is it? Oh what it look like?
Like a book. Is it- what is that word? Buhkuhk… Okay it's Square¬† Okay Square… oh wait a minute.¬†
Does it have like pages Inside? Yes! And and then they're like 
blah blah blah blah words  Yes! I have no idea.
Get back over here. What? I need you to return the 
best Halloween book in the¬†¬† Whole entire world because look who's watching. Oh oh… I see that thing. Yes that thing – I mean kid is¬†
waiting for the best Halloween   Book in the whole entire world. So 
come on, come on, bring it back. All right fine Magic spells! What?! This is The WORST Halloween 
Book in the Whole Entire World! Oh is that what it says? Hmmm… didn't notice it Okay, I'm really bummed out because I had¬†
worked so hard because I am StoryElla DeVil And I was gonna bring you the BEST Halloween 
book, and now because of you-know-who now I   Have the WORST Halloween Book in the Whole Entire 
World and I'm feeling kind of depressed about it StoryElla!
Green Bear! You're looking quite Dapper Thanks it's my Halloween Dapper look,   So I know you can do this, okay, 
because you are StoryElla DeVil I am StoryElla DeVil!

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You can't read anything!
I can read anything! And you're gonna make it awesome!
And we're gonna make it awesome! All right, thank you for the inspiration,   Little guy.
You're welcome All right let's do this. You and me, we've 
got this. Let's do this. It's the worst,   But maybe it'll be the best somehow. We'll see. Okay okay, let's not 
lose courage. Let's do this, okay Oh this book unfortunately belongs 
to you and me and kids Hi family Trick or Treat this book stinks GHOSTY BOOOS Yeah Ghosty, you're a much better ghost than 
the rock is. This rock Рalways with a sort   Of a poor attitude. I mean it looked like a 
pretty decent ghost, but well, that's gone. It stinks because it's the worst Halloween book 
in the whole entire world, and you're still here. Yep we sure are. We know why, don't we? Is it because you are curious?
Maybe. wow like a cat I know even TwoTone is scared. 
That is a fierce-looking black cat Reason number one: there is a giant creepy cat 
in this book, which I'm sure we'll see again Reason number two: there is no 
trick-or-treating in this book. NOOOOO!!!! Calm down, Green Bear, maybe it'll get 
better! Now I have the pep talk Green Bear. Okay I don't really like trick-or-treating 
but I love candy candy candy candy Chocolate! Maybe it'll get better.  Maybe it'll get better. 
That's the spirit, Green Bear! Reason number three: now I 
want some candy (KNOCK KNOCK!) Was that you? No? I'm not in a room and there's 
no door. (KNOCK KNOCK!)  Okay that's weird . Was that you again? No? Okay come in. What? Oh hello, little 
guy ,who are you? I'm Jerry Pumpkins! Reason number four: I'm talking 
to a pumpkin named Jerry Oh I like Jerry Pumpkins. He seems very nice.  Oh that is true Doug the 
Dinosaur. Jerry Pumpkins. Why not? Hey Jerry let's go trick-or-treating no um I 
definitely like Jerry pumpkins more than the Rock   Why not because I already told everyone 
there's no trick-or-treating in this book   Okay that means I'll be more candy 
for me fine I'm coming whoosh but  

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Where are we going well we're going 
that way obviously let's go there Oh it's a castle up on a hill on a dark 
night is it stormy dark and stormy night   Reason number five Jerry pumpkins wants to go 
trick-or-treating at a super scary castle and we   Don't even have costumes but I want candy listen 
listen rock you got the wrong attitude just say   That you're going as a rock and nobody has to know 
that you're actually a rock just we can you're   Wearing a costume see problem solved oh Green Bear 
you are such an American not an American I know I   Just want to give him a good pep talk just like I 
did to you you're welcome problem solved a little   Confidence boost here we go up the mountains 
up to the super scary Castle trick or treat   Ah the trick to making my delicious 
stew is one rock and one a pumpkin Reason number six I am now mad at Jerry pumpkins 
poor Jerry pumpkin said no that this was a trap   And that just so happens that the witch who 
by the way which officer did you call me did   You know that there was going to be a trap 
set in this book by a witch I have no idea Suspicious so look at our heroes they're tied 
up to this wall in this dungeon and the smoke   Is green and it's bubbling and it's probably 
like super duper hot so I wouldn't even touch   That cauldron and and now they're they're 
probably gonna become Rock pumpkin soup which   Apparently is a thing what is that Jerry it's my 
cat whistle uh there is no such thing as a cat   What is happening right now reason number seven 
giant creepy cat is back but wait Jerry pumpkin   I can't get over that name Cherry pumpkin now all 
pumpkins in my life are going to be named Jerry   But do you notice any of laughing and smiling yeah 
he looks happy to see creepy cat and he was a wait   He said it was a cat whistle so he purposely 
called over this giant cat which we thought   Was scary and crinkly looks pretty scary 
and and Spilled the whole cauldron freaked   Out the witch which is a big accomplishment 
really and and what's happening let's just   Turn the page and find out because I feel 
like there's something about to happen here   What is going on that is what I want to know 
saved but we still don't have any candy oh look   They made it out on the back of the big scary cat 
and they broke through the castle door completely   Wow they're gonna need a repairman in the morning 
and and they're at least they've gotten away with   Their lives um but uh there's something I need to 
tell you guys wait a minute this cat has the power   Of speech did you know that Tutone didn't know 
either okay book constantly surprising us right   I'm really a giant magic candy cat playing 
Happy Halloween he's a giant magic candy cat It's News to two-tone also and Noosa ghosty 
as well wait why is everybody smiling well   Apparently your special book that you suddenly 
dropped on my lap has a happy ending which   Episode oh no I'm gonna have to start reading 
these things maybe you should start reading   Never mind I didn't mean that I don't know what 
to do you really caught me here go magic candy   Cat you really ruined everything for me you had to 
bring the candy didn't you and that was kid time  

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Story time spooky time with story Ella DeVille 
Storyteller will be back another day but right now   Oh wait I was I was evil laughing what ghosty oh 
okay ghosty was wanting me to tell you to be sure   To smash that subscribe button preferably 
with not chocolatey hands and then back to   My evil laugh I'm assume in the middle of my 
evil laugh yeah but don't forget it's time to   Go to so they can like check 
out stuff about me and stuff okay okay kid to check out stuff about green 
bear and other stuff thank you you're welcome   And have a marvelous and happy and spooky 
Halloween that is absolutely not the worst

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.