Superhero School 💪 Super Read Aloud for Kids

Superhero School 💪 Super Read Aloud for Kids 🦸🏼‍♀️ Leonard & his friends are psyched to go to superhero school until their teacher keeps focusing on MATH. But when ice zombies attack, the fate of the world may depend on their ability to divide & multiply! KidTime StoryTime is at the scene of the rescue!

This superhero saga with a STEM twist is published by Bloomsbury Kids, written by Aaron Reynolds & illustrated by Andy Rash.





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0:00 Superhero School
1:48 Read aloud start
13:26 Cookie math


Hey Kid We’re super excited here at KidTime StoryTime 
HQ today because you know where we’re going?! We’re going to….. Superhero School! Get your cape!
Where’s your cape? I let a Abuela Bear borrow it.
Why? ~ Super baking Ohhh! I got my Super Viking 
Hat on for my super powers.  What kind of super powers does 
your Super Viking Hat give you? Super strength. Yeah!
Excellent! So remember… What do I say if you don’t actually have the 
thing that you think you need? Like, say, a cape? We improvise
That’s right we improvise So what do you got lying around? Got a 
blankie? That’ll work as a cape. Got a towel?   Also will work. Apron? Works brilliantly. And I am also ready!
What do you have Doug the Dinosaur? I have topped off to 100% in my heart 
my kindness because you know who I am? Yeah I know who you are, Doug the 
Dinosaur, but please announce it! I am the Superhero of Kindness!  But wait a minute – if you don’t have 
your cape what are you gonna have? Well besides my Super Duper Mad Reading Skills
Yeah besides that I just happen to have this Superhero Arm! WOW! That’s right, so if I should need 
something besides my Superhero Skills…  Uh, that’s not gonna let you read… I know. But should I need 
something that’s not for reading,   Like some other sort of superhero thing I need, I’ve 
got this at the ready? Okay we’re all ready. Let’s do this!
Let’s do this! Wait. I’m also here.
Whoaaa….Witcheficent! What are you doing here?! Everybody knows that a 
superhero needs a super villain.  Oh she’s kind of right. Of course I am.
So weird when she’s right. Let’s go in… Superhero School… no time 
to waste because who knows how many   Things are happening out 
there that need to be rescued Leonard was the only kid in his little league 
team who could hit a baseball into orbit…. Wow… that was impressive

He was the only kid in his class who 
had clobbered a Giant Lava Monster. WHOA. That is hot. Thank goodness 
that he had his Abuela’s oven mitts   To help him come to the rescue. He was the only kid on his block who had welded 
the Bay City Bridge back together using…   Heat Vision! So when his mom told him he 
was going to a special school,   He saw it coming a trillion billion light 
years away. Leonard couldn’t wait for… Superhero School to start!!!!   But first, he’ll have to finish welding that 
bridge and getting to that monster with a   Saw head and also rescuing the people that 
are sinking inside that bus and that car. Help help help help! He’ll get to them, don’t worry. He was fired up to leap tall 
buildings in a single bound.   He was super pumped up to bend steel beams with 
his bare hands into maybe his own initials. He was revved up and raring to stop speeding 
runaway trains just in the nick of time.  Because it’s always just in the nick of time! MONDAY at Superhero School, Leonard met his new 
teacher – The Blue Tornado. Whoa. But instead of learning how to leap tall buildings, 
Leonard’s class wrestled the time tables  The times tables! Nooooooooo!!!!
The times tables I’m sure I’ll be too busy destroying alien 
death rays to ever worry about multiplication,   Suggested Leonard hopefully. 
Mr. Tornado just chuckled. CHUCKLING This was very troubling. Look 
at these shocked faces, like, uh   Why are you chuckling about multiplication? 
And also, is anybody noticing that   Aliens from outer space are destroying 
and setting the entire city on fire? No? Is anybody gonna get on that? 
No? Mr. Leonard? No? Okay. TUESDAY at Superhero School, Leonard 
was fitted for his superhero uniform.   It had a cape and everything. But instead of   Learning how to bend steel beams with 
bare hands, the class battled division Division?!?!?!?
Division. Leonard tried to distract his 
teacher with an in-depth discussion   About vanquishing evil robots, 
but Mr. Tornado still assigned   25 division problems for homework. 
This was very disappointing. But if we can just look at the really 
cool outfits that they all have now.  

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Uh look at this. This is like a space 
guy. And she’s like some sort of a   Aqua creature with the blues 
and the greens and the fins. Oh is that fox girl?
Oh I was hoping you might point her out. Farrah Fox, what do you think Fox 
Girl’s special superhero skill would be?  Well she’s slyer than everybody else Oh, sly like a fox, you say?
Sly like a fox, I say. Meanwhile they’re not looking 
too happy about division!!!! WEDNESDAY at Superhero School, 
Leonardo’s class inspected Mr.   Tornado’s vortex mobile. A 
vortex mobile? Look at that! It was fully loaded with front mounted shrink 
ray, submarine transformation capabilities…   Whoa, it could go underground? That is so cool. 
Like, underground like underwater underground. And a coat of invisibility wax. Look at 
that! Disappearing before our very eyes.   All the best options. That is a 
serious upgrade at the dealership. But instead of learning how to 
stop a speeding runaway train,   Leonard’s class conquered fractions. Fractions?!?!?!?
Fractions. I just love fractions, Mr. Tornado said. 
Mr. Tornado was starting to annoy Leonard. Look at him looking so cheery and and and and 
looking like he’s like “oh look everything’s awesome”   And Leonard’s looking like ”oh 
no” and she’s like ”ewgh” and the and there’s the   Oh there’s a robot in there and there’s Mr. 
Tornado and everybody’s checking out this Oh watch out, Kid! Watch out! The laser thing   Almost got you. Oh! Gotta be 
careful in superhero class. Accidents happen THURSDAY was the same. No lessons in 
throwing stray missiles into outer space,   No field trips to freeze an erupting 
volcano using only arctic breath… No classes on overthrowing super 
villains and mad scientists.   Leonard was getting sick of Superhero 
School. SICK OF IT, IT TELL YOU! SICK OF IT! So when the Ice Zombies struck, Leonard 
never saw them coming. Oh no! That’s   The problem with being all grrrr… You 
miss things, like, right behind him. The zombies are taking over, and nobody’s 
paying any attention in this town! On FRIDAY when the class arrived at 
school, the signs of a frosty struggle   Were everywhere. Icicles, snowballs, empty slurpy cups… AND they’re litterbugs? GROWL!

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And a note: Dear Superhero Students, have 
kidnapped the teachers, taking over the world,   School cancelled. Best Wishes, The Ice Zombies That’s very polite to let them 
know, you know, what’s up. The class sprang into action quicker 
than a swarm of evil ninja grasshoppers!   But Leonard and Sarah were 
the only kids who could fly. Just Leonard and just Sarah… 
hmm, what to do? what to do? The class was pretty heavy, so 
they split in exactly one half.   WHAT?! They’re using division?! Unheard of! I’ll take the girls, Sarah barked, 
I’m not touching the boys! Sarah could   Sometimes get super bossy but even among 
Superheroes, cooties had to be considered EWWW!!! COOTIES! That’s right. So the class zoomed straight 
to the arctic circle in no time flat.   And you got Leonard – he’s got the boys. And 
Sarah’s got the girls, including Fox Girl Arriving at the zombies lair – the lair! – 
the evil lair! – Leonard’s class discovered a   Huge frozen wall 15 feet thick! Thank 
goodness for heat vision! Heat vision! But Leonard’s eyes could blast through only 
5 feet of ice – not nearly enough. Luckily,   Jack and Maggie had heat vision, too. 
Fire up those eyeballs, said Leonard. Wait!, said Jack, I’ve got to take off 
my new glasses. Oh gotta take off the   New glasses. You don’t want to burn through 
those. Gosh, Mom would be so upset, right? With jack’s heatproof titanium glasses 
safely in their little plastic case,   The three gave the icy wall their full focus. 
Look at that! Look at those heat rays go go go go! With three times the heat – that’s 
right because they only had 5 feet   But they needed to get through 15 feet 
– but they have the 3 times the heat. So   Ker-melt! They blazed an entrance in no time Wait! Were we just tricked 
into using multiplication?  You were tricked! You were tricked! Wait. 
Why am I even happy about this? Multiplication bahbahbah…. On the other side of the wall, the Ice 
Zombies were fired up and ready to rumble LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! I hope your superpowers are on Full Blast! WOO! There are too many of them, cried Jack. Too 
many zombies! Leonard counted quickly.   There are only 20. We can take them. We just need 
super strength, shouted Sarah, who’s got it?! And let’s see: Leonard, Sarah, Diego, 
Richie, and Kim all raise their hands.   5 super strong students! No sweat. Five  

Super strong versus twenty. I think 
we’re being made to do math again, Kid Leonard quickly divided the zombies between them. Division?!?! Division. That’s 4 apiece, shouted Leonard. Attack! And 
that’s when Richie Zielinski got stung by a bee.   Good old Richie: super strong and also super allergic. Yeah I might also have the super 
strength… but back to the story Leonard quickly recalculated: Okay that’s 
5 apiece, shouted Leonard. Okay because   Yeah five can take out okay yeah you got it 
you got it they did the problem okay going on Well Richie took his allergy medication 
and breathed deep cleansing breaths Okay good The other four kicked the ice cubes out of five 
Ice Zombies each. They kicked the ice cubes   Out of the Ice Zombies, that’s funny. A cheer went up across the zombie-infested wasteland! Cheers! BOOO BOOO BOOOO! The teachers were saved. Look at that! And 
they had suffered almost no freezer burn. Almost The class soared back to school, teachers 
in tow, just before the last bell rang. RIIIIIIING! Right on time. What did I tell you? It’s always 
at the last possible minute for the DRAMA! But instead of thanking them for saving his life 
from certain doom, Mr. Tornado just said “Well done class. A+ on the math quiz.” Math quiz?! And then it hit Leonard like a giant mutant octopus It was a setup! It was a setup! BWOOOAAHAHA Wait a minute. This is not a– it was just to 
learn math? UGH This is not how evil stuff is supposed to go! And trickery! Ugh. You people don’t know anything around here… UGHHH! Splitting the class in half? 
Fractions. Heat vision times three? Multiplication. Ice zombies divided by 5 students? Division It was an evil trick! But Leonard went 
home for the weekend oddly super satisfied.  If this was an evil trick I feel oddly unsuper satisfied. After that, multiplication was less troubling, 
division was less disappointing,

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Fractions were less annoying. And once in a while Leonard’s class 
got to leap tall buildings and bend steel beams. Leonard had to admit Superhero School 
was pretty super after all. Besides, Leonard could always stop speeding runaway trains… On Saturday! But if we can just go back for one 
second, back one page, because once again   While everyone’s in Superhero 
School – the city is in danger! Who is paying attention?
This is my chance, I gotta go. Don’t! Don’t! Somebody stop! 
Close the door! Close the door! DOOR SLAMS!
Oh okay so now you know that math can Apparently also help your 
superhero skills. Who knew? I knew
Abuela Bear! Have you been super baking? I have been super baking and now it is time.
It’s time to eat? It is time to do math.
Math? Yes. I made two dozen chocolate chip cookies –   Two dozen…that’s 24! ~ But they are not just 
for you, Green Bear, you have to divide. I must divide.
Yes, how many want chocolate chip cookies? For sure me and Doug the Dinosaur and… Farrah Fox! Do you want some?  Oh yes absolutely, thank you, 
Green Bear for thinking of me You’re welcome. Okay so uh 
there’s three of us. StoryTeller, do you want a chocolate chip cookie?
Oh I mean yeah I wouldn’t mind some. Okay okay okay so we’re gonna 
have to do the math and divide Uh, that’s me and Doug and Farrah Fox and StoryTeller There’s 4 of us and there’s 24 cookies… Are you doing the math, Green Bear?!? I’m doing the math, Abuela Bear!!! This is really intense. I don’t even 
know how many cookies I’m going to get Okay I got it! He’s got it!  Okay Green Bear, tell me what is it 
when four people have to eat 24 cookies Also known as two dozen chocolate 
chip delicious Abuela bear cookies Okay okay okay — it is six cookies each! Oh very good, Green Bear! You see math can help 
you be a superhero and also a super eater OK, Kid now you know what it takes. 
You got to be mathematical,   You’ve got to be smart, you’ve got to be fast, 
maybe sometimes you have to have a super arm

Clearly improvising skills because 
you made that cape out of something And uh you know what? I gotta go because 
I need my superhero snack now. Til next time, Kid, keep it SUPER!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.