BUMP in the NIGHT ūüĎĻ Monster Read Aloud Story for Kids

BUMP in the NIGHT ūüĎĻ Monster Read Aloud Story for Kids… Mysterious BUMPS start happening in Billy’s bedroom! EEK! A monster appears! EEK! He takes Billy’s Teddy! EEK! But then he gives it back and starts juggling! WHAT?! KidTime StoryTime is reading this scary silly bedtime story!
If you were ever scare of the dark or a bump in the night or a monster in your room, you’ll lose all your fears after seeing how delightful a bumping bedroom monster can be!

Written and illustrated by our pal, Edward Hemingway!




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Hey Kid! Say it's bedtime and you have your cozy shirt on,   And maybe you have your fluffiest softest favorite 
blanket with you like I have with me today. And you're all settled in for a delicious nap or 
a delicious long sleep, and then suddenly BOOM! There's a Bump in the Night! Don't Panic, Red Bear! Is that you under there? Yeah. Yeah are you hiding 
under the covers right now? Yeah, it works really   Well, and besides, there's pictures of bears 
on here so I'm pretty sure this is my blanket. Can I take a peek?
Yeah okay, but real quick! Okay so are you gonna stick around for StoryTime?
Yeah but I'm just gonna be under here. Okay just move a little bit out 
of the way of the book, okay?  All right we're good Oh I see another bump under the blanket.   Pink Bear, is that you?
Yeah Yeah can I take a little peek? Okay,   Really quick. Okay are you scared of 
something going bump in the night? Yeah. Yeah uh just move over a little bit. Hey 
all right okay now we can get started Oh maybe not. Okay I'm gonna be under the covers,   Too, because clearly this is my blanket 
also so I'm gonna be under here, okay? Okay Green Bear, do you mind 
just scooching down a little bit? Okay okay I'll be nearby now under 
the blanket because of the bumping. Okay because of the bumping 
all right. Are you under the   Covers as well? Okay let's see what 
happens when we go Bump in the Night What's all there or should we say what's 
in there whoa only one way to find out Written by our friend Edward 
Hemingway. He's a pal of ours. Bedtime was exhausting for Billy. 
He had to put away his toys,   Play with the dog, and hide from his mother. Uh she found him with a little help. 
That's what you call a real "tattle-tail" With Teddy at his side oh look at that Teddy under 
the covers much like my Bears are all under the   Covers he closed his eyes and thought about all 
the exciting things they were gonna do the next   Day and look at this beautiful room oh it says 
here light sleeper that's an interesting pennant   To have on your wall look at the toys they're all 
so peaceful and smiling in the room and and the   Blocks are here and and all the toys are smiling 
and notice there's a rocket and this portrait and  

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Stars and this one and the moon shining down and 
everything is perfect until Billy heard a noise   Did you hear that something was inside his closet Billy wasn't afraid no no sorry Bob here he 
is he's under the covers no there's nothing   To be afraid of there's no reason to be 
under the covers oh how did that happen But we told you Billy imagined Ghoulies ghosties 
no not you ghosty but ghosties   Long leggetty beasties Things That Go Bump in 
the night and then it's not enough to be under   The covers may as well just get fully 
under the bed now and then the bumping Is it It looks like the coast is clear okay I think 
we made it it was probably nothing maybe a mouse Yeah Okay let's keep going it was a monster 
a blue a bumping a bouncing a bellowing   A monster look at that oh even the toys are 
aware of what is happening remember before   They're all smiling and look at now they're 
awake things are happening in this room   A two-toed thrill seeking Teddy grabbing 
monster and the toys are hiding at this   Point now behind the furniture and 
now Teddy's been taking hostage and Cry Me a River Oh well that was that did it okay   Okay problem solved the teddy has been handed back 
to Billy thank you oh it looks is that is that   Thing smiling huh maybe it's not so bad now where 
were we oh yeah it was a juggling yo-yo using   Horseback riding monster what a goalie scaring 
ghosty chasing long-leggedy beasty roping monster Billy was pretty impressed wait wait wait wait 
wait wait wait let's look at this room again with   A closer eye shall we remember at the beginning 
where the banner said light sleeper now it says   Billy with an exclamation point like he's winning 
tonight and then like there were stars and Rockets   And now it's toys and they're looking down and 
they're approving and look the toys that were   Previously like happy and then freaking out and 
then hiding behind the bureau now they're like   Peeking out again and they're smiling and looking 
surprised and the ghosties and Ghoulies and stuff   Well they're looking like surprised in a bad way 
and oh Teddy smiling Billy smiling and notice   The Keen Observer amongst us notice the blocks 
shall we go ahead and take a little close-up   Look there do you notice that they happen to 
spell out no fear that's right no fear because   I was totally not afraid and I was never hiding 
under that blanket no no now I was just um uh   Cold yeah I was cold that's it but I'm super Brave 
and I'm like above the blanket now yeah very brave   What are we waiting for he shouted onward to 
Adventure and everybody's like and these guys   Are like see you later and and now the banner says 
dreamer and now there's a ship out here let's go  

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So on where they went It's an adventure on the high seas I brave totally Brave we're above the blanket 
yep yep yep nothing to say here just a couple   Of Brave Bears yeah a couple of Brave 
Bears a brave Storyteller we're good   Bump it's back again something 
was inside Billy's closet Oh something's under the blanket again but Billy 
wasn't afraid oh no not afraid at all okay he   Is going he's walking he's smiling the bear 
looks happy every okay let's see what happens It's tattletail licky tail no siree Bob 
everybody's Brave just like us totally Brave   100 of the time a bump in the night it explains 
can almost always be explained and now we shall   Explain but if it happens to be a monster which it 
could be technically sometimes there's no reason   To get scared here is why nothing scary about a 
ponytail no absolutely not a sweet smile isn't   Scary sweet is debatable but it is a smile his 
knees are pretty cute that's the front view now   The side view his nose looks like a blue carrot 
have you ever been scared of a blue carrot oh Apparently some people are all the bones in his 
body are funny bones funny not scary bones and   Did we mention those knees say there is nothing 
to be afraid of yeah see there's nothing to be   Scared of it all ah but just in case ah 
I'm gonna take the blanket oh yeah yeah It's our completely natural things and so is 
that thing but uh just in case I'm gonna take   The blanket oh I think there's gonna be a 
fight over the blanket all right kid well   Just remember if things go bump in the night if 
it has a cute ponytail and a blue carrot-shaped   Nose and uh and you have a blanket to um just 
um take cover under just in case you'll be fine

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.