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In this Preschool for Littles Bedtime Routine Special, we show a full bedtime routine, read some very special bedtime stories and then wind down with lullabies and relaxation techniques. Ms Rachel shares a bedtime routine song to make it easy to remember our whole routine! We know you will love bedtime with Ms. Rachel, Jules and Herbie!

Routines help children feel safe and secure. According to research, children who have bedtime routines take less time falling asleep, wake up less, sleep longer and go to sleep earlier. Even parents are shown to get more sleep when children have a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is a great way to bond with children and bedtime stories promote literacy.

This episode includes Raffi’s hit “Brush Your Teeth” which is a wonderful teeth brushing song and many wonderful bedtime songs to use as lullabies such as “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Frere Jacques”

The episode also includes a wonderful bedtime story for kids “Blanket : Journey to Extreme Coziness” by best selling author, Loryn Brantz.

We will meet one of Ms. Rachel’s wonderful friends, Alice, and see her bedtime routine!

All of our preschool videos and toddler videos include learning standards for these age groups. This video includes phonics (introducing the B sound) counting to 10, and the ability to follow routines and directions, such as cleaning up. This video includes bedtime stories for toddlers and is a high quality toddler learning video that is research based.

Bedtime Song

We take a nice warm bath
We put our PJs on
We brush our teeth
We read a story, sing a song
And then it’s time to sleep

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”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

More about Songs for Littles

Ms. Rachel has a masters degree in music education from New York University (NYU). She has also been a toddler teacher at a school for children with special needs including autism, apraxia, speech delays, developmental delays, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. She has worked in homes to support families with children with special needs. She believes all children are gifted, precious and our teachers as well!

We have many more baby learning videos, toddler learning videos and preschool learning videos on our YouTube page. We are incredibly passionate about early childhood education! We put a lot of time, care and research into each learning video for toddlers we create. Our videos are interactive screen time not passive screen time because research shows that this is most beneficial. We also have full baby music classes and full toddler music classes.

We use simple songs, music, basic sign language, and first words to build vocabulary. We also include social emotional learning. I show gestures and signs because are they are incredibly important building blocks for language development. Sign language will not impede speech development. Research shows that it enhances speech development. We have many videos with fun baby songs and toddler songs and videos that aim to help with speech development and first words. We also have preschool videos for preschoolers. These are great videos for teaching toddlers preschool readiness skills! They are full of preschool lessons that are great for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds and even 5 year olds or older! We also have preschool music classes.

Many people are involved in designing our videos. On our team we have: a speech-language pathologist, a reading specialist, a Broadway musician, an early childhood curriculum specialist, a child and family therapist, and award-winning songwriters!

If you have a baby, 1 year old, 2-year-old, 3-year-old, 4-year-old or 5-year-old, our channel is perfect for you! These are some of the best educational videos for kids you will find. Our Learn To Talk for Toddlers videos show First Words and functional speech may be helpful to children with speech delays or speech disorders.

We put your baby first and not entertainment value. Our videos are in English and we purposefully speak slowly and clearly for optimal learning. We hope you enjoy our English learning videos for toddlers.

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[Music] Hi friends Welcome to our preschool for little’s Bedtime special we’re going to do our Bedtime routine together Can you help Herbie with the bedtime routine And thank you We’re going to sing songs and read a Very special book First let’s sing our bedtime routine Song We take a nice warm bath we put our pjs On We brush our teeth we read a story sing A song And then it’s time to sleep Yay Great job Let’s go tell herbie it’s time for bed Come on [Music] Choo choo Choo choo Hi herbie it is rachel our friends are Here hey everybody yay they can play Trains with me Well we have to clean up because it’s Time for bed oh i want to play trains All night Herbie we all need sleep so we have Energy to play tomorrow oh yeah Herpe fell asleep and we haven’t done Our bedtime routine yet can you help me

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Wake him up Okay on the count of three let’s say Wake up herbie One Two Three Wake up herbie Is it tomorrow yet No but we haven’t done our bedtime Routine oh First Let’s clean up our toys oh yeah Everybody sing the clean up song pick up Toys and sing along Everybody sing the clean up song pick up Toys and sing along Yay Great job cleaning up can you remember What we do first in the bedtime routine I think it involves making pizza no Chicken No that’s so silly Can you help herbie remember Let’s sing our bedtime routine song We take a nice warm bath we put our pjs On We brush our teeth we read a story sing A song And then it’s time to sleep Yay Can you help herbie remember what’s First in the bedtime routine Yeah Take a nice warm

Bath miss rachel uh-huh can we play with Blocks instead of taking a bath it’s Time for a bath but you can play with Toys in the bath You could play with your really fun boat Toy okay your boat Yeah Do you want a bubble bath or a regular Bath bubble bath ooh that will be fun I like bubbles let’s go [Music] Turn the ship Bettenda hatches whatever that means This is fun Row row row your boat gently down the Stream merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but his dream Journaling now there’s nearly Gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is But a dream Herpe i love your singing thank you next Can you wash your hair oh yeah This is the way i wash my hair wash my Hair wash my hair this is the way i wash My hair when i take a bath Great job Thanks two more minutes in the bath and Then we’re gonna wrap you in a nice warm Towel Okay Two more minutes left to play and then We’ll put the toys away Okay

Turn the ship [Music] It’s time to get out let’s wrap you up In a nice warm towel okay [Music] Is the bee behind the Pajamas Is the bee behind the Doll Is the bee behind the Bed Yeah the b Is behind the Bed Bed starts with b B Good job First herbie took a bath yeah then we Got into our pajamas yeah our pjs yeah We put on our pjs hmm What’s next in our bedtime routine Yeah Yeah Brush teeth yeah i have my toothbrush me Too All done Herbie That’s not long enough it’s not we have To brush our teeth for two minutes oh Yeah we have to brush all sides of our Teeth to keep them strong and healthy Right yeah Let’s sing a song while we brush our Teeth okay

Hey do you want to help me sing a song About brushing our teeth Okay let’s practice You got it Let’s go When you wake up in the morning it’s a Quarter to one and you want to have a Little fun you brush your teeth You brush your teeth When you wake up in the morning it’s a Quarter to two and you want to find Something to do you brush your teeth You brush your teeth When you wake up in the morning it’s a Quarter to three and your mind starts Humming tweedle deedee you brush your Teeth You brush your teeth [Music] When you wake up in the morning a Quarter to four and you think you hear a Knock at the door you brush your teeth You brush your teeth [Music] When you get up in the Morning quarter of five and you just Can’t wait to come alive you brush your Teeth You brush your teeth Great job getting into bed herpe thanks Next we’re going to read this very Special book together yay i love special Books for this book wrap up in your Coziest blanket just like herpe

Blanket journey to extreme coziness By lauren france Oh Hello i didn’t see you there I was too busy being warm and cozy Inside my fuzziest blanket I call this a blanket cocoon You might be wondering what is a blanket Cocoon Well Let me tell you A cocoon is a protective covering Some insects make cocoons to have a safe Place to become their grown-up selves in Look over there That caterpillar is about to make a Cocoon Shh Be very quiet Watch as the caterpillar hangs from that Branch it’s making a warm and cozy Cocoon What do you think the caterpillar is Doing now Hello Caterpillar What’s going on in there I hope everything is okay Oh thank goodness the caterpillar is Okay And now it can fly Wow Nature is amazing Would you like to be inside a blanket

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Cocoon just like me This way to extreme coziness To make your very own snuggly cuddly Blanket cocoon follow these easy steps Step one find your most favorite blanket Step two Lay it out on the floor Step three lie down on the very edge of It Step four Now roll Congratulations You are inside a warm and cozy blanket Cocoon Now that you’re here there are a lot of Things you can do You can snuggle and wiggle and feel safe And warm you can close your eyes And wow look at me i’m soaring through Space And running through the rainforest Now i’m inside an igloo covered in snow And under the deep blue sea [Music] Now i’m I’m I’m up i’m up what’d i miss What have you been doing inside your Cocoon are you cozy and comfy Are you wiggly and giggly are you snug As a bug Oh What is going to happen when we leave Our blanket cocoons

Not knowing what will happen is kind of Scary Not knowing what will happen is also Kind of exciting I wonder what i’ll become i wonder what You’ll become We could be anything Let’s see I’m a blanket fly yay What did you become a blanket fly too Or a blanket cat or a blanket bunny Or best thing of all the amazing you That was a great book miss rachel i’m in My blanket cocoon yeah you’re so warm And safe in your cozy blanket cocoon Yeah would you like your bear lovey or Your bunny lovey bear lovey There you go sweetie It’s time for a special song I wrote this song for my little boy I love you to the moon I love you to the stars I love you further than the farthest Fart I love you too the moon I love you to the clouds I love you louder than the loudest Love [Music] I love you too the moon [Music] I love you to the sun You’ll always be my precious [Music]

You’ll Always be my precious little One It’s time to go to sleep now Okay It’s time to be calm now Let’s take a deep breath It’s time to be calm now Let’s take a deep breath You can take deep breaths and even count Backwards from 20 to help you fall Asleep good night i love you Turn off the light sweet dreams I’m thankful for the stars that light The sky I’m thankful i can watch and wonder why I’m thankful for stories And Piggybacks on dad I’m thankful that he hugs me when i’m Sad [Music] I’m thankful for the playground where I’m thankful [Music] [Applause] Climbing up a tree And teachers who said they believe in me [Music] [Music] Things that are small [Music] I’m thankful for the children everywhere I’m thankful for my blanket

And my bear I’ll dream bout tomorrow And all the things we’ll do I’m thankful for the time i spend with You [Music] Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle The cow jumped over the moon The little dog laughed to see such fun And the dish ran away with the spoon Do you want to sing one of my favorite Lullabies with me Awesome Let’s give it a go This one’s called twinkle twinkle little Star Wait You know it Okay i wanna hear you sing ready Twinkle Twinkle little star How i wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky Twinkle twinkle little star How [Music] I think i’m ready for bed now Good night It’s time to meet one of miss rachel’s Wonderful friends and see her bedtime Routine This is miss rachel’s friend alice Can you say hi to alice

Hi alice Alice is a four-year-old girl who loves Animals music and shoes Her favorite color is red Alice had a busy day today and did lots Of fun things She played with her doll she went for a Walk And she rode her tricycle then she had Music time Wow Alice can play a lot of instruments Let’s see ellis turn on her Communication system to play a song Great job alex Now it’s time for alice’s bedtime Routine First alice’s mama helps alice get into Her pajamas Then alice brushes her teeth Next alice’s dada reads some of her Favorite books Alice’s mama sings her favorite song Then alice gets some cuddle time with Her mama and dada and they kiss her good Night Can you say good night to alice Good night alice i’m so happy you’re my Friend [Music] Starlight star bright First star i see tonight I wish i may I wish i might have the wish i wish

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Tonight Good night Good Night Time sends a warning call Sweet rest we wish for all Time Time sends a warning call Good Night Good Night Time sends a warning call [Music] Sweet rest we wish [Music] Let’s count how many sheep jump over the Bed One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Ten sheep jumped over the bed Let’s count them again One Two Three four Five

Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Ten sheep Good job [Laughter] [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar moving oh so Slow Whoa Caterpillar caterpillar munching as you Go Whoa Some people might say that you’re a Problem Some people might call you strange But caterpillar hang in there cause Things are gonna change [Music] Caterpillar caterpillar climbing up your Plant Whoa Quiet little caterpillar never saying Can’t No Every day you’re growing bigger You once were a little Guy and caterpillar caterpillar soon You’re gonna fly Where you’ll go [Music] I don’t know

[Music] Caterpillar caterpillar wrapped in your Cocoon Fuzzy cozy caterpillar you’ll come out Real soon [Music] I wish you could stay with me forever But it doesn’t work that way So caterpillar Butterfly It’s time to fly Away [Music] Bye bye [Music] When the sun turns down We lay down to sleep When the day [Music] Might is To dream Of stars that know your name And moons that show their Faces and planets Made of clouds And rockets Soaring past the Heavens when the sun turns down We lay down to sleep [Music] When the day is done You might start to dream Of rivers [Music]

Trees of laughing monkeys And tigers [Music] Sleep Sleep And dream Sleep Sleep And dreams [Music] When the sun turns down [Music] We lay down to sleep When the day is done You must start to dream The title of this book is evie and the Dinosaur birthday wish This is the front cover of the book evie Loved dinosaurs She loved them so much she decided to Have a dinosaur birthday party Evie and her brother made dinosaur Decorations Evie’s daddy made a green dinosaur cake When it was time to blow out the candles Evie closed her eyes and wished as hard As she could for a real dinosaur pet Evie’s mommy told her that dinosaurs Were extinct which means they are no Longer on our planet They have been gone for millions of Years evie How do you think evie felt I think so too

Evie felt sad She really wanted a dinosaur pet for her Birthday wish evie’s daddy said he could Dress up as a dinosaur for her birthday That made evie laugh her daddy would Make a funny dinosaur Just then evie had a spectacular idea Could i get a dinosaur stuffed animal And pretend it’s real Of course said evie’s mommy that’s a Great idea You could make a water bowl and a food Bowl for your dinosaur Said evie’s brother Evie liked that idea She could use play food from her toy Kitchen to feed her pretend dino pet I could also make a leash for her said Evie What will you name your dinosaur asked Evie’s daddy Evie thought for a minute I’ll name him happy Evie and her brother and her mommy and Daddy smiled They were happy too [Music] The animals are so tired we need to put Them to Sleep I found a Horse and he’s Sleepy he’s so tired let’s say night Night and put him in his pen

Night night horse Night night horse I found a sheep and she’s so tired let’s Say night night sheep Night night sheep Night night Good night sheep Oh It’s the Cow He’s so Tired I’m so tired I want to go to sleep Oh wait we gotta put you in your pen and Then you can go to sleep Night night cow Going to sleep I found the Chicken I’m so Tired it’s night time Yeah the chicken’s so tired too let’s Say Night night chicken All the animals are ready to go to sleep Because it’s night time Night night animals Tomorrow they can have more fun but now They need to go to sleep Night night animals [Music] I have peace in my mind i have peace In my heart

I have peace In my mind and peace inside my heart I am safe i am loved i am cared for and Adored i am safe and i am loved i’m Cared for and adored You are so loved [Music] You

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I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.