The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World (Not Really) – Read Aloud Book for Kids

The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World (Not Really) – Read Aloud Book for Kids 👻 From the rock who brought us The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World comes the SCARIEST book! Sort of. But why is there a unicorn? Just don’t be scared. KidTime StoryTime is bravely reading it to you.

Written by Joey Acker, who promises you will NOT learn ANYTHING from this maybe-terrifying, super-wacky book, but you might end up loving to read, even if you never loved it before!




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Hey Kid!
Welcome to This is a takeover!!!
What?!?! THUNDER! Did you just make a thunder in here? That’s right. You SHOULD be terrified!
I’m more confused than anything… This is no longer KidTime StoryTime.
Well that’s EXACTLY what this is. This is now WitchTime StoryTime!
That’s absurd. And in fact to prove it, here comes the 
most horrible, scariest, most terrifying,   Blood-curdling book in the whole entire world. Is there a…? Is there a hole up there right now? So are you prepared? You are NOT prepared.
I’m probably not prepared. That’s right. You will never be prepared because   This is The Scariest Book 
in the Whole Entire World! Seriously? Of course seriously! This is the Scariest 
Thing Ever! Why aren’t you horrified? I’m more concerned about the hole 
that I think you’ve opened up in the ceiling  Never mind that. The point is you are 
going to now read and fall under my spell. I’m falling under your spell?  Yes! You’re falling under my spell. And 
you are now going to scare everyone! All those THINGS out there.
You mean kids? Yes those THINGS out there will all be horrified   Forever with The Scariest Book in 
the Whole Entire World! Now read! Oh, okay. I- I’m just- I’m not prepared because look at me! I’m not even prepared. I wasn’t expecting to read a scary book. Um… What do I do? Hey StoryTeller!
Green Bear!   Well we’re in the middle of a crisis right now.
I heard. Listen, you know what you gotta do? Please any advice would be welcome.  Okay remember that off-screen 
technical genius guy that you have? Yes of course.
Why don’t you have him help you? You’re- you’re right! That’s a 
brilliant idea! What, why have   An off-screen technical genius if you’re not 
going to use them in just such a quandary?

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That’s what I’m saying. Okay off-screen technical genius!
yes? Can you please make me scarier?
Of course. Okay, am I scary now, Green Bear?
Uh…You look like a snake. Is that a scary snake?
Nah, it’s kind of cute No no I don’t want to be cute!   Offscreen technical genius, can you 
make it slightly scarier? ~ As You Wish! Oh you know what? No. I can’t, I can’t 
see, and I can’t breathe in this thing. Stay calm. Okay what about now Green Bear? 
Getting warmer. Can we try just a little scarier? I have it What?! Are you kidding me?! I think at this point, he’s just messing with you.
Okay uh, what are we gonna do? Okay, let me handle this. Hey offscreen technical  genius! Yes? Give StoryTeller something 
that’s like slightly scary, okay?  Your wish is my command Oh! Did? Did he do it? YESSS! That’s absolutely perfect! I don’t like that outfit! What are you talking about? It’s perfect.
I feel vaguely threatened by it Oh then it’s perfect. UGHHHH! HEH HEH HEH HEH! Okay, let’s do this. Oh look! I have scary hands and spider fingers! Okay. Finally. Tech genius pulled through. ~ Thank you! Let’s get into this Scariest Book 
in the Whole Entire WORLD! Oh this book unfortunately belongs 
to you and me and the KidTime Family.

The scariest— oh what? What? This book is dedicated to all the characters and authors who try to scare others including Joey Acker. Joey Acker?! That- that- he- Wait. The author 
is dedicating it to himself?! I like it. Shows a big strong ego.
Okay… And oh you should be ashamed of yourselves 
for dedicating your book to yourself. It is not easy to to wear this thing, but I’m 
gonna do it because… It bothers Witcheficent. UGHH-GH-GH Hooray. Uh uh… NOT. Okay. Are you kidding me? Why do you want to read The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World? Well really, it wasn’t like 
a choice in this case, Rock. I am trapped in here, but you can turn back now. Also if you close this book, I won’t have to go through the horrors again. Oh yes! Horrors! Horrors on repeat! ~ Okay. Rats and cheese!!! I thought you left. You’ve got my undivided attention. Fine. If you really want to know why this is   The Scariest Book in the Whole 
Entire World, I’ll tell you. Reason number one. I do not like to be scared.   I do not like surprises. And I do not like scary 
books. Er, that’s three reasons. Just go with it. Ok! Reason number two. Or really, 4 at this point. I heard there was a ghost in this book. GHOSTY GHOSTS! Guess what? I do not like ghosts. GHOSTY GHOSTS AGAIN Don’t take it to heart, Ghosty. He’s just a cranky Rock. Oops. I probably shouldn’t be yelling in a   Book full of scary things. Probably. 
But you know what really scares me? What? Reason number three. Spiders. Nope!
Oh look spiders! Spiders are so scary!

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You are not scared!
I am horrified, Witcheficent! So horrified. Are you sure?
I am totally scared. What’s wrong with your eye? No, nothing! I’m just- I’m 
just so scared I’m twitching All right fine WHEW! Okay what was next? Ah yes! Reason number four. I am afraid of the dark. Oh, the pages do 
seem to be getting a little darker… We were light there and we’re 
getting darker. And oh wait for it.   Oh hey, that wasn’t so bad. No. It didn’t get 
too dark. I guess I’m braver than I thought. AHHHHHHHHHHHH Hello?! Do not be alarmed! The lights 
have just gone off temporarily.   I am sure that there is nothing wrong whatsoever. I’m sure this has nothing to 
do with anything Witcheficent   Has secretly done to the wiring around here. Well, that’s creepy and random. Let 
me guess. Reason number five: clowns.  Oh I think I am a little creeped out now Dude, I can totally see you. My name 
is Bobo, and I’m here to help you. Uh… help? Yeah I found the light for you. And I’m 
supposed to give you reason number six. Oh. So NOT a scary clown in the dark, okay. The Beast! Beast? I don’t remember any beast in this book. Oh yeah it’s big, stinky, mean, has a scary horn on its head And I heard it eats spiders for breakfast and ghosts for lunch. GHOSTY FREAKS No, don’t worry, Ghosty. I 
won’t let the Beast eat you What does it eat for dinner?
Thinking thinking thinking…. Rocks GASP! DUN-DUN-DUN!!!!! Your life is in mortal danger, you cranky Rock! I’m a rock! He’s a rock! Wait! Where are you going? Oh this is so…. Are you scared yet?! You are terrified

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That’s right, you want to scream. You want to scream. What’s wrong with your eye again? I’m just- I’m twitching. 
I’m twitching from the fear. All right fine Sorry, Bro. I’m not sticking 
around this book. Bobo out.  Peace out, Bobo. Reason number seven: Bobo locked the door How am I gonna get out of here, and what is that awful smell? GRRRRRRR Ahhhh!!!! The stinky Beast! Ahhhh!!!! But StoryTeller! ~ I know, Corny, I know. It’s a unicorn!  
I know. We’re just… let’s just go with it. All right The ghost! BOO. Seriously?! Boo! Grrr. Help me, Bobo! Okay, so the unicorn and the guy with 
the skinny legs and the sheet over   His head is scarier than the clown in the 
dark?! This book is scary. Scary strange… Wow, I didn’t think there was 
anything scarier than a ghost   And a stinky Beast except maybe for a stinky… BOOTY! GREEN BEAR LAUGHS! A stinky booty!!!! WITCHEFICENT LAUGHS! Stinky Booty! Wait a minute. ~ What? Are we laughing… at the same thing? Yeah, Witcheficent. Does this mean… 
that we have something… in common? Nope! Absolutely not. THEY BOTH LAUGH Now that was a little bit scary. GHOSTY GHOSTS

Yeah I agree, Ghosty. So 
let’s just peace out of here like Bobo. And that was your horrifying! Terrifying! Blood-curdling! Absolutely awful WitchTime StoryTime KidTime StoryTime Witcheficent takeover!
Sort of… That’s right! And you will 
never be the same again!  Certainly my roof will never be the same again. MANIACAL LAUGH Again what’s with the thunder inside…? MANIACAL LAUGH!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.