The Good Morning Train Song – Preschool Songs – Thank you for 60,000 streams on #Spotify

Hey everyone oh my goodness I just have To say thank you thank you thank you to Each and every one of you who have ever Watched Circle Time with Miss Monica if You've ever streamed the song the good Morning train is coming how are you sure You're mind blown my Spotify rap I'm Just mind-blowing wait you just have to See take a look at this can I just make Myself a little bit smaller oh my Goodness 69 000 streams of this song 8.7 000 Listeners 1.9 000 hours and this song is In 95 countries can I just tell you I am Mind blown and I'm so grateful to each And every one of you thank you from the Bottom of my heart I'm a preschool Teacher who loves to just make up songs I've been doing it for my entire 22-year Career and I'm still going so there are More there are more songs where that Came from more music to come just thank You

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.