Redlocks and the Three Bears 🧸 NOT a Goldilocks Read Aloud for Kids

Redlocks and the Three Bears 🧸 NOT a Goldilocks Read Aloud for Kids! What happens when Little Red Riding Hood takes over Goldilocks’ story? Then Redlocks and the 3 Bears run into the story of the 3 Little Pigs?! KidTime StoryTime is entering the wacky world of fairy tales mashups!

Published by Chronicle Books! Written and illustrated by Claudia Rueda, who lives in Colombia!




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Oh Be sure to like And subscribe yeah hey Kid you've probably heard of the story Of Goldilocks and the Three Bears yeah You're another one she's got the yellow Hair She's like a trespass yeah she totally Breaks into the Three Bears house and Each other Rude so we're not gonna read Goldilocks No way hey red bear do you want to tell The kid what we are gonna read yeah Is approved by Red Bear this is also Approved by storyteller Why is it green locks because this is What we call a fairy tale mashup I don't Get it wait all will be revealed inside The pages Box and I think it's just right here we Go I love a good Twisted fairy tale we take A fairy tale and then we twist it up and Then we make it something fresh and Different so no Goldilocks this is red Locks and the Three Bears and they're They're a little confused much like pink Baron green bear Mama was serving porridge when we heard Someone knocking at the door hello Foreign From the book next door was asking for Help I know you're thinking wait wait The book next door yes we are in fairy Tale land and little red has come over

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And that explains why she's red locks oh Maybe I still think it should be green Locks yeah me too okay There's a big bad wolf in my book and he Wants to eat me please help and the Three Bears are like what what except Baby bears looking kind of excited to Have a new guest at the door Please please I asked Papa and Mama to Let her stay so that is how we know that Baby bear is telling us this story so he Asked to stay and she's oh do you see What she's doing right there she's Eyeballing that famous hot porridge or Is it too cold porridge or is it just Right porridge the point is it's famous Porridge Not sure if that's how the story goes They said but okay Little red was so hungry she ate all my Porridge See if it was pink rocks yeah she would Never eat all the porridge if it was Green like she probably would Then she broke my favorite chair while Telling us all about the big bad wolf He's always Greenhouse I would never Break the chair if it was pancakes I Might accidentally break the chair this Little rat is quite the Vivid Storyteller as you can tell by wow It was getting late so I told her that She could use my bed she ET I thought redlocks was gonna be

Um a little bit better behaved and I'm Not sure why you thought that because I couldn't sleep because Mama's bed was Too soft oh yeah Dad's bed is always a Little too hard a little firm moms is a Little soft and poor baby bears is just Right which is why she's enjoying it so Much and that's when I saw You the Wolf The Big Bad Wolf has made his way over From the other story We ran to another book to stay away from The wolf we can do that yeah we can It's him the wolf from my book little Red said and meanwhile the three pigs What they're they're also like who who Told us to be part of this fairy tale Mashup and we were just busy making a House Then we heard someone whining So I decided to take a look What could be on the other side making Such a Ruckus meanwhile The Three Little Pigs and little red and well Mom and Papa bear are all like But baby bear that's the brave one here It was the wolf who was crying What yeah no no no Find your words whichever sent no wolf Does not cry well apparently this one Does this fairy tale is too Twisted even For me Nobody likes to have wolves in their Books

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I don't want to be the big bad wolf Anymore Well come to think of it Right nobody wants the big bad wolf Because it's big and bad first of all And with the Three Little Pigs it Totally blows down all their houses and Tries to eat them and then with little Red it invades the grandma's house and Tries to eat her so well Big Ben I'm Sorry but you have what you call a bad Rep I had an idea that baby bear always has A good idea I asked wolf to come Downstairs and offered him a bowl of hot Famous porridge and they're coming down And Mom's like not looking like that's Such a good idea and dad is feeling the Same way and little red is like what I Came here for safety and now the wolf is Here meanwhile the wolf is drying off His tears and is that a a little bit of A smile that we see is he sees that big Hot bowl of famous porridge on approach Wolf tasted the porridge and found it Neither too hot nor too cold but just Right And everybody's starting to feel a Little bit more comfortable and happy is The big bad wolf only seems interested In eating actual food as opposed to them He liked it so well that he ate it all Up every bit and then he asked for more This is this is not the big bad wolf

That we grew up with this is a a wolf That asked for permission and and and And asks for more instead of just taking It this just gets worse and more twisted After wolf had three bowls I measured His mouth to show little red it was not Big and terrible but just right and Everyone seems very comfortable with Baby bear putting his hands near the Wolf's Jaws but there you go I think We're having a happily ever after moment Except for someone They both returned to their book they're Both oh bye so they're going back to the Woods and I guess their story is going To be a little different now I think Grandma's safe that's good Little red took some porridge for Grandma and wolf wrote down Mama's Secret recipe wait who's that who's that Well actually I think I think Wow if it is Her story's been hijacked Beginning and again we we heard someone Looking at the door I think we've had enough visitors for Now said Mama who has clearly ladled up Three fresh bowls of hot porridge once Again Let's lock the tour and eat our porridge And little trespasser Goldilocks just Had to go back from whence she came Who's Goldilocks we've never heard of

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Her dad It was so So it wasn't clean enough it wasn't pink Enough I mean sure Goldilocks wasn't Actually gold and the bear was actually The most polite character in the entire Book all three fairy tales matched up Into one and somehow I feel that it was Just right

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