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Get ready to Spark Creativity with some of my students in this new YouTube video. Welcome to Ms. Monica’s Classroom. We will be using the new My Feelings Bean Bags during this episode to learn about Feelings. The best part is that the children talk about their feelings and things that they do every day. Children can participate in the fun at home.

Today’s video is sponsored by Educational Insights. Today’s lesson is based on social emotional learning (SEL).

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My friends guess what today we’re going To learn about feelings yes feelings you Have feelings I have feelings there’s Something we can feel inside and we’re Gonna learn all about feelings oh and I Invited some friends to come to the Classroom and play some feeling games Sing some songs and talk about feelings Would you like to come along for the fun Great thank you to educational insights For sponsoring today’s video It’s Time To Go through hello all my friends how Are you hello all my friends can you Wave your hands let me see let me see Hello all my friends how are you let’s Do that again one more time hey Hello all my friends how are you again Hello all my friends how are you hello All my friends can you wave your hands Hello all my friends how are you how are You today very good oh how are you today Good wonderful how are you today good Wow and how are you today oh I’m so Happy you’re all here today I feel Really really excited today oh do you Know what we’re going to learn today who Thinks anyway raise your hand if you Know oh raise your hand what do you Think we’re gonna learn about rainbows Ooh maybe what do you think [Music] Um the weather maybe the weather oh That’s a good idea oh good one oh what Do you think we’re gonna learn about

Today [Music] Parts of cars oh you all have great Answers what do you think we’re gonna Write about Um feelings We’re gonna learn about feelings today Yay if you’re happy clap your hands clap Your hands yes we’re going to learn About feelings what are feelings okay go Ahead Ian Make you feel sad oh you can feel sad What are feelings Christmas is what are Feelings If you ever said feeling it makes you Cry oh it can make you cry feelings can Make us feel sad and cry you said sad Too what do you think Amelia what are Feelings Um it makes you angry oh it can make you Angry you’re all correct feelings are Things we feel inside what else Oh if you draw a heart from your mom and Dad what does that mean what kind of Feeling are you having what do you think [Music] Oh listen Ari Ian wanted to tell you Something what kind of feeling do you Think he’s having if he draws a heart What love oh a feeling of love that’s Right feelings or things we feel inside And guess what krishnashi’s and Amelia And Ian and Ari do you know feelings can Change

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They can change sometimes we can feel Happy let me see happy faces let me see Let me see let me see happy faces and Sometimes we can feel what’s this one Second said let me see the sad face yes And sometimes we can feel [Music] [Applause] [Music] I hope you’re having fun because now It’s time for the freeze dance that’s Right but not just any freeze dance Today’s freeze dance we’re going to Actually incorporate our feelings yes And I’m going to use some bean bags from The my feelings bean bags oh my friends So the music will start and then we Dance dance dance dance we’re gonna play A freeze dance but when we freeze Whatever feeling face I’m holding you Have to make that face are you ready Here’s our happy bean bag here we go Music oh listen let’s move our feet move Your feet move your feet No no no no No oh When it freezes we’re gonna make a happy Maze when it stops ready [Music] Oh you are good at this what feeling Face do you have happy oh let me see Hold it up open up shake your happy bean Bag what makes you feel happy crowned Oh so you like drawing pictures oh does

That make you feel happy Okay I’m gonna switch the face this time I’m not gonna tell you what it is so you Have to pay attention you know what it Is Oh my goodness okay go go go The feet [Music] Remember you’re gonna make the face When the Music Stops and Let me see you yes yes a sad face oh Ian what feeling face are you holding Yeah oh show us your sad face let’s see It that’s your sad face oh show us your Sad bean bag oh let me see what do you Do when you’re sad Um I know what do you think Um come to our parents oh you can tell Your parents that’s a good idea I’ll try It again are you ready Here we go Move your feet You think so here we go get ready [Music] Chris now she’s what bean bag are you Holding Sleepy show us your sleepy bean bag can You hold it up show us shake it shake it Shake it oh sleepy what makes you feel Sleepy what makes you feel sleepy If I do that lots of stuff then that Makes you feel sleepy and then you’d Usually take a nap oh that’s a good idea Sometimes sometimes you don’t

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Sometimes [Music] Okay One more time are you ready are you Ready one more time Oh this is a different one This is the one I had okay you ready Hey so move your feet move your feet Move your feet You know what it is [Music] Come come and it’s so soft calm When we’re calm we go oh Good Oh good job clap for yourselves What thank you now friends I have a Question if you have a feeling of Anger oh this one feels a little rough I Think he’s a little angry oh if you’re Feeling Matt what are some things you Can do to make yourself feel calm what Can we do to get become calm what can we Do what should we do because how can we Become calm what do you think oh I have An idea guess what put your feet in the Front so I can show you everyone said Look at me if we need to become calm That means to calm our bodies we’re Going to do just like this I’m going to Take my cheeks and make them like Balloons can you give it a try first I’m Gonna go like this And then I blow out so first we’re going to make

Our cheeks inflate like a balloon let me See the balloons [Music] And So we have to calm our bodies we can Make a balloon and then blow out are you Ready let’s try again ready make a Balloon And another balloon And one more balloon That can really help us calm down Amelia What feeling face are you holding Um A scared face oh hold up that scared Face oh look he’s scared oh my goodness Can you show me a scared face This is my scare Yes and what what do you do if you’re Scared if something scares you what do You do Um [Music] You ask your mom oh did you tell her That you’re scared yeah she told me it’s Okay She does Yeah oh if I feel scared I tell someone Too I tell them I’m feeling scared oh But I have a special pillow that makes Me feel so calm do you have anything Special yeah what do you have Um I have a unicorn Pillow to the town It is a unicorn Pillow yeah does it make You feel calm and safe yeah oh is it a

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Big unicorn or a small unicorn It’s a big one oh that is so special but My friends what if you’re feeling sad What do you do if you’re sad at home What do you do do you make yourself Laugh yeah oh you can make yourself Laugh what else can you do if you’re sad Yeah what can we do Um When you’re sad yes Do you make yourself be happy make Yourself happy again right go ahead [Music] You can draw pictures when you’re sad That’s a good idea what can you do if You’re sad Amelia Oh play at the playground that would Make me happy too what about you Chris Now she’s if you’re sad Oh give a big hug everyone give Themselves a big hug and you can even Yes air hug and you can even hug Yourself everyone give yourselves a big Hug for such a good job today a big hugs Oh and relax My friends it’s time for us to say Goodbye do you know how to wave give me A big wave all right do you know what Time it is it’s time to say goodbye wait Wait wait Goodbye Ari waitarere Amelia [Applause] [Music] And goodbye Christmas

Thank you everyone Round of Applause for Yourselves You did it good job don’t forget to Always share your feelings with your Family and friends your feelings are Important Do you want to see them who wants to see Them raise your hand if you want to see Them [Music] Angry face [Music] Um [Music] [Music]

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