If Your Best Friend Is an Elf πŸŽ„ ELF READ ALOUD

If Your Best Friend Is an Elf πŸŽ„ ELF READ ALOUD… this FABULOUS Christmas story COMES WITH AN ELF! And the elf takes us on fun adventures from Elf Village to the North Pole! The author of How to Catch an Elf shows us what happens when an elf catches you! KidTime StoryTime reads!

From Read & Feel Publishing. Written by Adam Wallace, who also wrote How To Catch an Elf and How to Catch a Reindeer and a whole bunch of How To Catch tales! Illustrated by Alice Pescarin.




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[Music] Foreign Like And subscribe hey kid hey Green Bear hey Storyteller you're looking Really festive from the top of your head To the tips of your fingers thanks Green Bear you look pretty faster from top to Tail too I know so I'm super excited that we're All here together because I'm about to Show you A book that has come in a way I have Never seen a book ever come before That's kind of a big deal you've had a Lot of books I know but never one like This are you ready I'm ready okay you're Ready right here we go in three in a two And a one There's an elf in there Okay okay I I don't have a thing to let him out With call the technical genius yeah Okay okay Offspring technical genius yes I need you to help me release the elf Take home I have this Friend what does it matter because maybe You need a backup best friend okay okay You two I think maybe this is the part Where we remember that sharing is me Overrated that's not what I say all Right sharing is caring all right heard You okay we'll share the elf we'll have To work at a custody agreement later all Right

But I'll see if you know they didn't Even ask me if maybe I wanted the elf Look look at how adorable this elf is Okay I'm gonna play with him for just a Second okay so because he bet oh oh yeah He bends okay so we can sit the elf and To see Ben is like oh he could actually Sit on a shelf if you know you're into Elves on shelves and say he could wave And then can you turn his head yes he Can turn his head okay we have a fully Functioning elf y'all okay I'm just Gonna put you this aside for just a Little bit while I read the book okay Okay okay You behave now don't go off anywhere off To the North Pole because we have stuff To talk about Okay so Your best friend isn't It there are things that we should Probably know because elves probably I'm Thinking have different needs from other Kinds of best friends you know if you Had a giraffe best friend or a human Best friend they would probably have Different things that they like from an Elf for example so let's see if your Best friend is an elf what do we need to Know If your best friend is an elf I hope you Like to run because elves don't sit on Shelves their eyes are peeled for fun Bling bling bling that's right this is

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No Elf On Any shelf this is a runner Right here and and oh look at all the Kids time story times this house has it Oh I spy something with my eyes that I'd Like to point out I see here if your best friend is Um a unicorn and here if your best Friend is a mermaid also part of the Same series also with some pretty Awesome toys just saying so the fire is Burning and the elf is on the loose and The kids are about to get a big surprise And else name may seem strange and Clearly out of range but when an elf is Your best friend you get to change its Name I want to name him Spike that's a Terrible No it's not yes it is Me well I mean I I have an idea it's a Spike is it No it's chrysanthemum now I can say that Absolutely nobody okay okay so let's Compromise oh here we go well it's Compromising is good that way everybody Gets what they want well I like the Sound of that okay so it's gonna be Spiked mostly right how about if we name The elf hmm peppermint Spike Chrysanthemum whoa that's a big name for A little elf yeah but it works right so It's peppermint Spike chrysanthemum that Is a long name To visit the elf Village you

You very tall you need a little elf Magic balloon To make you very small meanwhile the Kid's like whoa Mr me it's me next [Applause] As you journey to elf Village flowers Look like trees because you're so tiny Giant bees come racing past elf magic Makes you breathe Elf Village is amazing it's colorful and Dandy when you take a deep breath in You smell your favorite candy And you hear that that's right elf Village always has the Happiest Christmas music in the world which means That you basically are instantaneously In the best mood of your life when You're here and how can you not be the Light the adorable architecture the Smell of candy in the air You only knew about your friend and you Are happy to no end but as your Elf Friend shows you around six talented Elves can now be found welcome Hey there Coming for a hug you know I heard Through the grapevine that elf hugs Smell like gingerbread Then Jiggy the dancing elf gives you Elves shoes to wear toot plays a tune With his flute to relax you so you've Not a care so first you get jiggy with It and you're having an amazing dance Party in the middle of Elf Village and

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Then suddenly the soothing flute sounds Lull you into a deep and restful Sleep now time's over toy making elves Are full of cheer they make gifts that Are fun but then they get a call from Santa it's Christmas Eve you have to run When the big guy says it's go time it's Go time Your best friend does Elf Magic you jump Into a hole wow when you come out the Other end you are at the North Pole Wait a minute Um peppermint Spike chrysanthemum Are you telling me that with your Elf Magic you're able to create a portal in The ground that transports you from Elf Village instantaneously into the North Pole Oh This is like the best friend to have Everything is go go Getting ready for Santa's flight then Your best friend asks a magical magician Would you like to join us tonight And this race is like are you kidding me And this face is like I've been waiting For this question my whole life and There they are loading up the sleigh Ready to go around the world making Everyone's Christmas Day And so you fly with Santa oh your best Friend by your side there he is Delivering presents around the world on A magical Christmas ride

When you get back to the North Pole You're happy and hungry too you're Greeted with an amazing Feast for Santa The Elves and you Will the wonders of This Night Never End And there they are cheering with some Refreshing invigorating milk and what do We have okay basically it's nothing but Dessert I want to move there me too Perfect can we have Yeah oh dessert oh well maybe one time It's time for you to go home another Magical hole appears you jump into it Whoa but before you're gone the elves Give you three cheers hip hip Hooray hip hip There they go As you remember your adventures bloom You happily Close Your Eyes by the time Your head hits the pillow kerplunk you Return to your very own size then your Best friend transforms to a doll for a Final Elf Magic surprise There he is so I'm gonna get him on Christmas Eve agreed agreed and then I Okay agreed agreed and that will work Out the rest afterwards yeah but we're To the old village and then to the North Pole okay okay okay and when do I get to Spend time with peppermint Spike Chrysanthemum Okay you can have them on the seventh Day yeah the seventh day which is which Day is that

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I'm saying We're gonna work that out yeah we're Gonna work out the fine print okay I Have a funny feeling I'm gonna get short Changed on my time with peppermints by Chrysanthemum what do you think You're gonna get plenty of time with me Don't you worry Thanks peppermint Spike Chris you're Welcome

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