Hocus Pocus Practice Focus ūü™Ą Growth Mindset Read Aloud

Hocus Pocus Practice Focus ūü™Ą Growth Mindset for Kids Read Aloud ūüźį Mila sees a magic show & decides to become a magician, too. But magic tricks are trickier than they look, and she almost quits until a magic moment comes along. KidTime StoryTime reveals the secret of making magic!

Famous real life magician David Copperfield wrote of Hocus Pocus Practice Focus: “A book that every child interested in magic should have and every girl interested in magic needs.” The inspiring, rhyming read-aloud reveals a magician’s greatest secret — preparation, practice, and persistence! It’s not only a great book for kids who love magic and magic tricks, it’s also about growth mindset and the importance of putting in the work to achieve something new.

Written by Amy Kimlat, who gave up on being a kid magician and wrote this book so other kid magicians would NOT quit! Illustrated by Srinidhi Srinivasan!




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Hello Kid and welcome to this super magical   KidTime StoryTime where this is 
not just a super-sized pencil It's not?
oh no! this is a magic wand What does it do?
Behold! A one Рa two Рa hocus pocus abracadabra stuff See? I'm working on that. 
And now for my next trick,   I shall be reading Hocus Pocus Practice Focus Wait a minute. Magic is just magic. And reading,   Well, that's a hard-earned skill 
set that you get by practicing Exactly, Green Bear, exactly.
I don't understand You will. You all will. Shall We Begin? 
And because oh! By the way! I forgot   To tell you that I am not Storyteller 
today. I am Storyteller the Sensational! Why did she change her name? Because Green Bear, she is 
being a magical persona now,   So she needs an actual magical persona 
name. And it must be spectacular! Oh okay, I get it now. Now that we all underРNo, wait I want 
the magic wand this way. Yes, this is right.  Now that we all understand 
the magical ways of reading, shall we…? Hocus Pocus Practice Focus:¬†
The Making of a Magician  Whoa whoa! Do you know who that is right there? That is a man with black hair.  Well yes and also a famous magician 
by the name of David Copperfield So if a famous magician wrote the foreword to this   Book, you know there's some 
serious magic all up in here. And what is he saying because this is 
a lot. So what does he basically say?   This is a book that every child 
interested in Magic should have. Oh and I love making magic.
And I love making magic And you love making magic and So if everyone loves magic then this 
book is for pretty much all of us. I love magic, too!
Wrong magic! All right let's go! When Mila woke up she declared I'm awake!
For today was a day for her party with cake And there's Mila, and there's her cat.   And this is obviously her bedroom. And I 
like her sunshiny PJs. And there's her dolly.

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And there's some artwork with what 
I am pretty sure is a magic hat. And here we have a small but mighty collection of 
stuffies and dolls, and some KidTime StoryTimes. Soon after they put out the birthday support 
supplies meow and Dad told her we we Haze a   Woman swept in as her friend sat and ate then 
they cheered when she said I am Greta the Great! I am here to delight you, amaze and perplex
Mila join me to help with a magic effects So that was the surprise. We 
have Greta the Great! And I am   Storyteller the Sensational and 
let's see what magic happens next And this kid's like whoa and she's like 
(muffled) and and this kid's like I'm   Excited but that's not gonna stop me from chewing 
my food and Mila's like YAY and everybody's like First Greta began with a hocus and a pocus
then from nowhere she pulled a bouquet into focus Next Greta poured juice 
from her pictures wide spout  In a tube of rolled paper and nothing leaked out Wow that is so cool! Then Greta the Great cut a rope into two
which she put back together without any glue I want to try that!
Absolutely no scissors for you. Last, Greta laid Mila on top of two chairs
when she took out just one, Mila stayed in the air Whaaaaat? Ouch her friends cheered and 
clapped as she giggled with glee  Then she thought to herself: 
Just how hard can this be? Ummm…. wait a minute. Like super hard or we would 
all be walking around floating on chairs, right? When her friends all went 
home she knew just what to do¬† She stood tall and said I'm a magician now, too! Um hmm um I‚ÄĒ I‚ÄĒ okay, so that's interesting. Uh but I went to a magic show once. And I saw it.¬†
And that doesn't just BOOM make me a magician. I went to a rock concert and 
that didn't make me a rock star But I know what's happening. 
She feels INSPIRED by it,   So what she MEANS to say is that she's 
GONNA be a magician. Not that she is Because you know between the dreaming of it and 
the doing of it is a lot of work in between kids Mila told all her stuffies to watch on her bed
I am here to amaze you, my stuffies, she said Mila turned to her bunny, commanding: sit down  Then she pulled out his chair 
and he crashed to the ground And while her bunny is being silent 
and stoic right there on the ground,   You know that on the inside 
he's sitting there thinking What? But why? Should we have maybe 
– I don't know – rehearse this thing?

She continued, exclaiming: The Show Must Go On!  So she grabbed her sweet 
Dolly whose face she had drawn Oh… Mila snipped   And she snipped till her dolls split in two
but then she had two halves and no clue what to do Oh! Looks to me like the trick went perfectly The next day Mila shouted: Hey watch my new trick!  Then she rolled up her homework 
and yelled: I'll be quick Meanwhile, I see teachers running 
over trying to stop her like this NOOOOOOOOOOO She squealed HOCUS then 
POCUS and poured in her punch  But the Sweet Sticky juice 
spilled on everyone's lunch Meanwhile the teachers are still like NOOOOOOOOOO
STOPPPPPP Her friends all looked stunned 
as he looked at the mess  Then she realized her teacher 
had juice on her dress Oh this is bad. ~ Oh this is good.  Oh you know it's extra bad if 
you-know-who says it's good Mila knew this was bad when she furrowed her brow
Mila go get a mop and please clean this mess now I will never Delight or Perplex or Amaze,
Mila cried to herself, I am done with this phase. I became a magician to get lots of cheers
but I have no powers, she said through her tears The principal heard Mila's cries of despair
No one has powers. They all just prepare. Magicians work hard just like dancers and singers  They don't become great just 
by snapping their fingers Oh thank goodness someone told her that! 
What did I say between the dream of the   Thing and the doing of the thing? 
What's in between those two things? Work Work!
Practice! Work Work!
Rehearsals! As she thought about this, Mila felt so confused.
They prepare?, Mila asked. Ms McGee looked amused. But how do you know? Mila couldn't think straight.
Then Ms McGee whispered: I'm Greta the Great. That's right. Shocker! The principal was Greta the   Great all along! I couldn't Рdid you 
know? Could you tell? I couldn't tell. I mean, I could tell that the 
principal was extremely stylish,  

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For sure, but without the big 
hair and the big dress and this ‚ÄĒ You know this all this going¬†
on. She’s a Master of Disguise. Which makes me wonder… who else in your life 
might be a magician and you don't even know it? Mila couldn't believe Ms McGee had her fooled
Here was Greta the Great as the head of her school I am sure that to you this is quite the surprise
but to get my work done I must stay in disguise You performed at my house?, Mila tried to recall
Yes the flowers, the floating, the pouring and all You will have to first 
study and practice and focus  Before jumping on stage to shout Hocus or Pocus There she is. Those were 
the tricks with the scissors  No not not for you And there there's the flowers that 
she pulled out of like nowhere And there's the juice into the paper 
which led to the tragedy in the cafeteria But where can I learn, Mila thought to herself
As she quickly imagined a book on a shelf At the library YES I learned magic tricks there
yes, the library has what I need to prepare Magic book section and all. Did you know 
you can get magic books at the library?   You can get a book on anything 
at the library, including magic Because that's how magic techniques 
get passed on through the ages Mila hoped that she'd find 
the one book that she'd need  But she left with a magic book pile to read Mila stayed up all night as if she was on stage
trying over and over one trick from one page At school Mila practiced her magic technique
Ms McGee was impressed and suggested a tweak Ah so you see what's happening now? She has become 
her Mentor. The principal has become her Mentor, Which is kind of like a teacher but not a teacher   You go to school with every 
day like you go to class. This is somebody special who takes you under 
their wing to guide you in something very special Like a magician taking a young magician 
wannabe under her wing and helping her. She was feeling encouraged 
and practiced most nights  Entertaining her family with all of her sleights Mila wanted to quit when she didn't have answers  But she just needed practice 
like singers and dancers Oh you see that face right there? 
That face that is a Danger Face. Oh yeah, I know that face well. 
That's the look of frustration   Right before I want to give up. 
And then I have to tell myself: No Green Bear! You have to keep going! Keep going!
Exactly. Keep going.

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So she studied rehearsed 
and improved with each try  Until Mila was older and a year had gone by! Ah you know that is stick-to-itiveness 
right there. Persistence, work work! She's   Working it! Work work! She's working her magic. Mila leapt out of bed: it's 
the day the day, she declared  For today she'd present everything she'd prepared Oh oh we're gonna have a show! Okay 
okay. There's bunny feeling much   Better since the unfortunate fall incident. 
And there's the cat.And Dolly looking good. And then there's the book, and this is the magic 
wand, which is slightly smaller than my wand And then there's some cards. It's 
classic stuff for magicians, you know. She beamed Hocus then Pocus without any fear
and made all of her Sweet Sticky juice disappear Like the words on the page! The juice it says I'll be here her 
bunny was her dolly stayed home   Thanks to practice she kept 
all her nerves in control I don't like this version of the trick Proudly Mila delighted amazed 
and perplexed all her guests  With her wonderful magic effects Her friends cheered and 
clapped at her birthday event  But today they cheered Mila the Magnificent! Turned and look her parents are so 
proud and her friends are impressed   Like for real like remember that time 
you spilled juice all over us and then   Like the teacher was super mad and 
this is not like that at all yay And Greta her Mentor Рher magician guide 
Рis there to see this glorious moment. And if you end up having to pick 
up this book for yourself Рthis   Hocus Pocus book because you're feeling inspired РThe back actually shows you how to do one of 
the tricks: How to make a toothpick disappear So you see what Green Bear said was right.
Wait, what did I say? The part where you said that reading is a 
skill set that you get by working hard at it. Yeah? So is Magic, which means you 
can make magic of your own. So now without further ado, I must take off as 
Storyteller The Sensational! Here we go again,   So I've been working on a 
very magical magic effect And here I go! I forget which side it works better with, but 
let's try this way in a-one and-a-two and-a-three

Now that’s what I call a dramatic exit! StoryTeller! StoryTeller where are you!?!?!?!?

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.