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Lotty learns has the Best learning videos for toddlers! Join Lotty on a Birthday surprise as she learns the long and short vowel sounds for the letter A. Your Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will learn letter sounds with Lotty and have a fun time full of surprises. This kids learning adventure will teach children letter blending, ABC Phonics, letter sounds, and vowel sounds. The Lotty Learns reading lessons will have your child reading in no time! Make sure to practice these reading concepts with your toddlers to maximize results.

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Learn Shapes for kids: reading lessons for kids Long and short vowel sounds with the Letter A Hi friends I’m so excited that you’re Back in braids alert today is a special Lesson because it’s my birthday and I Have a gift for Mommy and Daddy [Music] Let’s open it up together I wonder what it could be a new toy a Shirt maybe even a book Do you want to help me open it up and See what’s inside Oh look at the letters H a E Who Let’s try sounding out the letters ah [Music] It’s a hat Oh great there’s something else in this Gift S h o e s Let’s try sounding these out too [Music] Shoes A new hat and shoes Thanks Mommy and Daddy I can’t wait to Show these to my friends at school Let’s go I’m ready for school do you like my new Hat Did you know that the letter a is in the Word hat

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A is a special letter because it’s a Vowel Funny thing with vowels is that they can Make different sounds depending on the Word that they are in The short a sounds like ah like in the Word hat While the long a says its own name like In the word skates Do you want to try and say some words With me First let’s do some short a words cat [Music] Let’s try the word pan Ah [Music] Pan Sand Ah Sand You did great okay now let’s try some Words with the long a sound remember the Long a likes to say its own name Cake [Music] Now let’s try the word Lake And let’s try the word rain Green Oh no I need to clean this off before the bus Gets here [Music] What should I use to help me clean my New shoes let’s take a look at my

Backpack Can you help me clean my shoes which one Of these will help me clean up this mud Hmm a cup some soap a pencil Oh I need soap Soap hmm soap is a tricky word because There are two vowels next to each other When this happens the first fallow makes The long sound It says its own name while the second Vowel is usually silent the O in soap is Long and the a is silent Oh Oh Soap So this should do the job [Music] Clean clean clean Scrub scrub scrub [Music] Great job my shoes look good as new Thanks for helping me I think I can still make it to the bus On time let’s go What a way to start my birthday I’ve had A great time learning the letter A with You These words can be really tricky Sometimes so keep on practicing I’m off To school hope to see you again soon bye Bye [Music] First let’s write the capital letter A Let’s follow the numbers and Trace the

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Line like this Thank you Now the lowercase a Now let’s go over words with short a and Long a sounds first let’s draw a line Connecting the short a box to the short A words Apple Hat foreign [Music] Crab Okay now let’s do the long earrings Hey [Music] Foreign Awesome job [Music] Fill in the blank use a short a word in The first face and a long a in the last Space Hmm There is a cat In the Train Gold star Okay now it’s time for us to review all The new words we learned today We learned these words with a short a The short a says Ah this happens when There’s no e at the end of the word Let’s read these words together [Music] Hat Cat pan

[Music] And sand We also learned about the long a sound And these words the long a says its own Name because there’s an e at the end Remember when this happens the E says Silent read the words with me Skates Cake And Lake In this word there are two vowels next To each other a and I When this happens the first vowel says Its own name it makes a long a sound the I is the second vowel so it will stay Silent So this word says Brain we even learned A few other words for fun Shoes In soap wasn’t that fun make sure to Watch this lesson again if you need more Practice Visit for more reading Lessons and don’t forget to subscribe to Our Channel see you soon

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I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.