A Spoonful of Frogs 🧙‍♀️ Witch Story for Kids

A Spoonful of Frogs 🧙‍♀️ Witch Story for Kids… FUN FACT! Witches LOVE cooking shows! And the witch on this TV show is TRYING to show us how to make Frog Soup. Except the main ingredient keeps hopping away. This KidTime StoryTime will NOT make you hungry but will make you HAHA.
It’s a great story anytime but an extra special not-so-scary treat at Halloween for kids.

Published by HarperCollins with a scream! Written with relish by Casey Lyall, and bouncily illustrated by Vera Brosgol!




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Hey Kid! You know what they say??? What do they say?! Well, Abuela Bear… Just a spoonful
of froggies makes the Witch’s soup go down! The Witch’s soup go down! The Witch’s soup go down! What’s going on here?! Just a spoonful of froggies help the Witch’s
soup go down! In the most delightful way! CHA CHA CHA! That’s not how it goes! Ay, Witcheficent…you seem upset. You’re practically green…. It’s not FROGS that go into Stew. It’s BATS! How many times
have I told you? IT’S BAT STEW!!!! Witcheficent! Oh yes, Abuela Bear? I cannot hear you when you are yelling. Oh oh… I’m sorry Abuela. Now, use your inside voice ~ Okay ~ And try again. Okay it’s just that — UGH, she knows it’s Bat Stew! And StoryTeller…She’s just trying to upset me! Well I never… StoryTeller would never try to upset you I wouldn’t? Yes she would! I think you are hangry and you need a snack. Let’s let Storyteller read the book and come
with me, okay? Okay…. But…but… but it’s frogs, Abuela! It’s not bats Oh just come with me… Well, while Abuela bear works her unique form
of magical magic on our crankiest Witcheficent, We are about to experiment with what exactly
is A Spoonful of Frogs. WHAAAAAT?!?! That’s right. Apparently there’s a variation on the recipe
that Witcheficent is always talking about.

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It’s always BAT STEW this and BAT STEW that. But now we know there’s another witch recipe
out there, and we’re gonna go find out what it is. Let’s Stir It Up, shall we?! A spoonful of frogs make the witch’s stew
go down. Oh we are going into a television show. The Bewitching Kitchen. Everybody put your hands together for The
Bewitching Kitchen! [APPLAUSE] A witch’s favorite treat is frog soup. It’s easy to make and healthy, too! Start by placing your cauldron over the fire. Okay got that? Cauldron over fire. You don’t have an open flame in your house,
you say? That’s probably for the best now that I think about it. Okay! You can move on! No cauldron necessary. Or fire. Fill it with water, add a pinch of salt, a
sprinkle of pepper, and 22 cloves of garlic. That’s specific. Chop up six potatoes and three carrots
Toss them into the cauldron Too healthy! Move on back to Abuela’s! Mix in a cup of fly extract. Where can you find fly extract, you’re asking? Wherever fly extract is sold. The last and most important ingredient is
a spoonful of frog. Can I hear a Ribbit?! Yes Ribbit! This will add a kick of flavor and a pop pop-pop-pop-pop-pop! of color. Place the frogs on the spoon. Very easy, there you go. You just scoop them up in your own
tank o’ frogs. Everybody has one, right? Right? Yes! Okay! And oh…. Oopsies! Oh it’s live television. You never know what’s gonna happen.

Grab the frogs and put them on the spoon. Okay get the frogs, put them on the spoon.
POING! POING! Ribbit ribbit Okay find the frogs and place them on the spoon. Very easy, just find the frogs and place them on the spoon. If she can find them. That’s the deal when you have jumpy ingredients Scoop up the frog with the spoon. POING! Chase the Frog POING! POING! POING! And drop them in a pot! Oh. I didn’t see the pot. Did anybody get the pot? I had a cauldron not a pot. Okay all right. You got to do what you got to do, right? And then you carefully tip them out on to
the spoon…. Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit Oh you know who’s winning, right? Not her. And oh who left the window open?! WHOOP! WHOOP-WHOOP-WHOOP! Well it looks like the ingredients are getting away. Put the frogs in the— Put the frogs on the— Oh no! We’re exiting the TV studio because the frogs
have all left the building! We interrupt this program for a commercial
message while we go and capture the ingredients. Be right back after a word from our sponsors. Put the frogs in the HONK HONK HONK! Oh— and they’re out on the open road. ”on the spoon” and wait! Is that a? Is that a?! Whaaaaaat?!?!?!? Oh! You found my truck! YUP YUP YUP YUP What? Okay back to the story! And ooh… look at that picture. Is that a witch on a mission or what? The determination in her stance You don’t even see her face but you could
just see the – right?

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– and now oh! It looks like she has made eye contact(ssss) With the frogs. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! And she’s probably all like “I’ll get you my pretty!” At this point right now. And put the frogs on the spoon! And you see that face of RAAAHHH! Oh yeah – it’s on like Donkey Kong! And there she goes! And the frogs are all like ”ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit” Not looking alarmed whatsoever. I don’t think they’re reading the room Aaaand… SLIP! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! FROGS!!!!! SPLASH!!!!! PICKLES! WHAAAAT?!?! AHHHH!!! Run, Dill! Ahhh! Pickles are an acceptable substitute for frogs in this recipe! Add a spoonful of pickles, stir well, bring
the soup to a boil for one hour, and then serve hot. Whaaat?! She lost her shoe, she lost her hat, she lost
all the fuzzy curls in her hair And she lost the main ingredient But still, enjoy with friends. Ribbit…Ribbit AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Don’t worry! I won’t cook you. Ugh! See?! What did I tell you?! That’s why it’s BAT STEW! Oh, you are right, Witcheficent. WHAT?! Yes, it’s true. Obviously the little frogs are too hoppy. I— I really feel seen right now. You’re welcome! Oh wow… Finally… a happy ending.

Wow. A happy ending.

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.