The Stocking Stuffer 🎅🏽 Christmas Read Aloud

The Stocking Stuffer 🎅🏽 Christmas Read Aloud… this twist on Twas The Night Before Christmas introduces us to Santa’s newest, tiniest helper…Tinsel the Mouse! KidTime StoryTime is going to the North Pole!

Published by HarperKids! Written by Holley Merriweather & illustrated by Stephanie Graegin!




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Foreign Like And subscribe Hey kid we are in the Christmas spirit around here and nothing Says Christmas quite like the most Famous Christmas poem of all time it was The night before Christmas you've Probably heard of it right it was the Night before Christmas went all through The cave what a big bowl of bats too I Sorted to Crave not how it goes oh you Tell you which episode let Olivia the Ostrich show you how it's done It was a night before Christmas and I Was on stage what the audience oh at me And sorted to Rave okay that wasn't it Either see she's super picky oh I don't Know where they came up with these Versions I got your Storyteller oh white Rut you know the famous poem I got you It was a night before Christmas and all Through the house yes not a creature was Staring not even a rat So close well the point is that the Stocking stuffer which is literally the Size of a stocking you can actually put This in a stocking anyway the point is That the stocking stuffer is actually a Twist on the Twas the Night Before Christmas poems As a matter of fact pink Bear yeah kind Of is so without further Ado I want to See what this Twist on the Night Before Christmas is because you know the Storyteller I love a good Twist on a

Classic tale shall we Ah and there are the stockings that will Soon be hung by the chimney with care in The hopes of Saint Nicholas soon will be There an excerpt from the original Twas The Night Before Christmas And And here we go oh so pretty already Twas the Night Before Christmas when not Long ago a tradition began that few Children know a blizzard was raging up At the North Pole Elves rushed as it winds howled out of Control oh oh sideways no don't worry Are we ready called Santa there is no Time to waste it's the worst Christmas Storm that we've ever faced almost said An elf as she slid on the ice but are You sure that you've checked the list Twice Taking the scroll from the elves shaking Grasp because it's so cold Santa put on His glasses and said with a gasp the Naughty list is empty this is a first What a glorious Christmas I feel I could Burst what an empty naughty list no no Oh I am so proud of you oh oh well a bear I Guess I didn't make the naughty list This year and I am so put out you must Have been oh very good witch this year Well I I am a pretty good witch I have To admit you What I'm going to

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Go into mookies oh can you make them Shaped like bats well maybe oh come on I Was really good this year I truly have No idea how the naughty list is empty With Around but The Christmas miracle She said for all to enjoy but I must Tell the elves that we need some more Toys days with all the children now on The nice list we need to make sure that No one is missed What Santa didn't know was it I had been Listening hidden under the tree with a Christmas lights glistening I loved Watching Saint Nick The Elves and Reindeer as they made and wrapped Presents throughout the whole year I'd Wanted a job like an elf on a shelf but I had no magic just my little mouse self If every child was on the nice list There'd be no time for stockings I'd Have to assist this was my moment my Dream could come true Santa would see I'd be great on his crew This is his moment this is his Grail This is his Everest his Mountain to Scale make us proud little guy Wrote in power Rodent power I'm tinsel the mouse I live under the Tree curled up by the presence is where You'll find me but this year I'm ready To join on the sleigh and bring goodies

And gifts for a warm Christmas day while You're busy unpacking your bag full of Treats I could fill stockings with Trinkets and sweets Santa crinkled his brow and scratched at His beard was he not happy that I'd Volunteered Then his eyes little bright and his Fingers snapped quick tinsel my friend Will you join Old Saint Nick Twirled on my toe I'll help you Santa I'm ready to go ah make us all proud kid He's so adorable too The elves finished wrapping and loading The treats as Santa and I snuggled into Our seats on dancer on Prancer on Vixen On Comet we're running late now it's Time to step on it Rudolph's red nose Lit up with a glow as the sleigh took Flight straight out of the snow and it's Really coming down we waved goodbye to Our wintry North Pole and set our sights South with not one lump of coal Santa jiggled and wiggled into the first Flu it was finally time we had a big job To do now this is the part where I Paused to let you know that the flu is The inside part of the chimney where Santa Wiggles down and I tell you that Because as a kid who did not grow up With a chimney because we were in a warm Territory I didn't know what a flu was and in case You're also a warm weather kid maybe you

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Didn't know until now I leaped and tumbled from Santa's Red Cap straightened my collar and fixed my Bootstrap tinsel looking really good Santa hefted his bag from the Hearth to The tree unpacking and stacking the Presents with Glee a drum set for Dad a Skateboard for Ike for Mom an easel for Dottie a bike a squink toy for pepper The family's new pug who sat and watched Santa from her place on the rug and Everything looks illuminated and Beautiful and they're Santa hard at work And the Pug is quiet as a mouse and There's our Mouse with his own little Teeny tiny bag and there are the Stockings waiting to be what stuffed I spotted the stockings hanging high in A row I set down my bag and undid the Bow this was my chance my first Christmas Eve to bring good cheer to Those who believe dad get gumdrops and Brand new drumsticks for Mom paint Brushes with licorice whips for Dottie a Puzzle and a sweet candy cane Ike gets the lollipop and a model Airplane and finally pepper gets a tasty New bone we're all done here Santa on to The next home Not your tinsel there's still more to do Oh we've got to fuel up to see this Night through it's time to share treats From Ike and from Dottie they made them To show us they're nice and not naughty

We ate up the cookies Tiny Tim have one More I nibbled so fast that some fell to The floor Swift and small creature made a Mad Dash Scooped up some crumbs and was gone in a Flash what'd I tell you we're everywhere There's a house mouse What was that whispered Santa did you Just see I exclaimed it was a mouse I thought I was done but it wasn't Enough it turned out I had one more Stocking to stuff Did you see how he called him tiny tin Oh this book just gets cuter and cuter I took off my sock and hung it up high And filled it with gifts for the mouse Who ran by did you see that he took the Stocking off of his own foot so that the Little tiny Mouse would have his own Stocking stuffed full of goodies Boom boom As we rallied the reindeer to leave the Warm house I called down the chimney That's cute it even echoed We went on to visit each girl and each Boy delivering presents and spreading True joy and look at how beautifully Stuffed each stocking looks just Brimming with beauty and goodness as we Trotted the globe making our way no one Was forgotten on this holiday and look At this warm weather Christmas tree Right here I feel like that's a tree

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From one's Storyteller came from I stuffed every stocking on mantles Galore and when something was missing I Left a bit more at the last house I Cheered with my friend hooray the Naughty list comes to an end ching ching And they cheered and it looks like Santa Got out a teeny tiny cup for tin and There they are having a delicious glass Of cool refreshing invigorating milk As Christmas Eve quietly came to a close I nestled on top of Rudolph's red nose Look at it Glow Santa called out and Sang with a grin Merry Christmas to all Thanks to you tiny tin oh Foreign So don't you forget in your letter this Year it's Santa and tinsel who bring Christmas cheer write down your wishes And send them all through to Old Saint Nick and the stocking stuffer too And check it out he has graduated to a Whole new level at the North Pole Matching sweaters with Santa Matching little cups of hot cocoa just Like Santa and the male Santa and tinsel What'd I tell you we are virs Very important rodents very important Rodents which just goes to proof kid That you can never be too small or too Much too messy or too mousy to be a Stocking stuffer and a magical helper

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