Thankful Animals Thankful Me 🙏🏽 Thanksgiving Read Aloud

Thankful Animals, Thankful Me 🙏🏽 Thanksgiving Read Aloud. Gratitude for kids has never been cuter! The animals show us perfect examples of giving thanks for the simple things, from the sea to a cozy barn to a mud bath. KidTime StoryTime is learning how a life of thankfulness is easy!

Published by Familius, written by our friend Steve Metzger, and illustrated by Angelina Ardinskaya.




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Like & Subscribe…thank you! Hello hello our friends! This is me, Ferra 
Fox, along with my good friend Fernando Fox. As you can see, Fernando and I are very excited   Because we want you to know that as the newest 
members of KidTime StoryTime, we are so thankful. Like that: Thankful Animals. I feel 
like this book was written for us,   So we are also very thankful for the gentleman 
who wrote it. And thank you very much. I feel like we got a public service 
announcement from Ferra Fox and Fernando Fox. And I, too, am thankful for Steve 
Metzger for sending us this book   Which is just perfect at this time of year. 
So, why shouldn't the animals be thankful, right? I mean it makes perfect sense. They get to 
enjoy so many wonderful things just like us. But you know they enjoy different things from 
us, so let's see what makes them thankful. I wonder if some of the things that they enjoy   Are some of the same things that we 
would be thankful for. Let's look. Thankful Animals, Thankful Me A bee is thankful for its hive
a dolphin for its morning dive A mouse is thankful for her mice
a penguin for the snow and ice A shark is thankful for the sea Wait! Do I behold me?
Why, yes, Tibby. Oh! I am thankful for the sea! And oh, I 
I feel a funny feeling. Oh what is that?  Oh could it be… gratitude Oh, is that what it feels like?
Kind of warm and squishy and nice? Yep that's pretty much it.
Oh! I feel thankful! A shark is thankful for the sea
a robin for a tall oak tree A horse is thankful for a barn
a kitten for a ball of yarn A wolf is thankful for its pack
HOWLING!!!! Beautiful! A duckling for it's noisy QUACK! A bug is thankful for a leaf
a sea star for its coral reef A hawk is thankful for the sky
a piglet for a muddy sty A frog is thankful for its CROAK
a hippo for a place to soak I think we can agree that we all kind 
of enjoy that whole soaking business. Maybe even the mud bath. You never know! A trout is thankful for the stream
a puppy for a peaceful dream A lion is thankful for its ROAR
What are YOU most thankful for?

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This bear is thankful for your vote This ostrich thanks the sky-high notes! This fish is thankful for her friends This Dino's thankful for Love That Never Ends This Abuela's thankful she lives in freedom This unicorn's thankful she lives near the sun This French giraffe thanks macaroons This StoryTeller’s thankful for 
books… for books… for books… And you Can I still add cookies to my answer?  Oh that's a very good one. I 
am also thankful for cookies.

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.