Iguana Be a DRAGON ๐ŸฆŽ Funny Read Aloud for Kids

Iguana Be a DRAGON ๐ŸฆŽ Funny Read Aloud for Kids… Iguana moves into the neighborhood and gets invited to a pool party! So what’s the problem? Iguana thinks he won’t be amazing enough! So he tries to become a dragon instead. KidTime StoryTime suspects things may not go as planned…

Written and illustrated by the amazing Maddie Frost! Published by our pals at Bloomsbury Kids.




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Foreign I suspect that both pronunciations are Probably spot on yeah yeah we can be Creative I want to be a dragon iguana be A dragon it's really a funny title I Know but what does iguana want to be a Dragon or I want to be a direct you know What I mean well why why what's wrong With being an iguana I don't know You know what I feel like this is a quirky book we Should look under the cover you know how I like to look under the cover to see if Anything new was going on under there That we're not expecting from the front Cover so there's like one hey my Suspicions were correct this is the Scaly skin of an iguana or maybe a Dragon I really can't tell for sure but Look it's already different and then Different on this side from this oh oh There's gonna be a pool party and coming Not coming you know we're coming We love a good party and it's a pool Party at cheetah's house and the one With a balloon okay got it got it okay Let's go we have a party to attend to to Oh I like already These are called the end papers I think Which is funny because they're also at The beginning And it's already starting to tell us a

Story shall we so here we are in the Neighborhood remember we saw that Invitation that said that the party at Cheetah's house is where the balloon is Boom there it is and then and then oh Looks like we just sold the house and It's the pattern that we saw here uh-huh So I think iguana moved in here is that That's what we're putting together right With the pictures that's telling us a Story and then there are other people Who live in the neighborhood carrot I'm Thinking a rabbit lives there and cheese I'm thinking some sort of a rodent lives There and oh an acorn I bet that a Squirrel of some kind lives there maybe A bird here on this one Oh yeah I'm already enjoying the story Before the story I wanna I wanna be a dragon oh look moving in Sold sure enough there it is and got the Furniture in the boxes moving himself is So exciting when you move into a new Place you get to decorate and meet new People Iguana had just moved into a new house Look hanging up the pictures and there Are oh having a little pizza because who Has time to cook when you have to unpack Boxes of lamps and pictures and curtains And movies and cassettes cassettes Really cassettes and playing the tunes To pass the time away while it's Decorating and I love the lava lamp but

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He's bringing in some greenerys for Freshness and oxygen and oh and He had mail You're invited to a pool party 2PM Cheetah's house the one with a balloon We knew that please RSVP coming not Coming you know we're coming and he Paced Pace Pace Pace he stared what's Going on here he had never been to a Pool party before Oh but but that wasn't The problem I wonder what the problem is Maybe he needs a big yeah that must be It he needs a bathing suit and it's Probably in a box yeah I need to go find It yeah good theory let's see what's Going on Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the World that's right the invitation is Karma cheetah fastest that makes them Amazing what if there were other amazing Animals at the party I can drink 30 Gallons of water in 10 minutes okay Camel my tail is actually like another Arm okay monkey I use four tentacles to Experience my environment all right slug I release odor dude oh don't like that Amazing talent He made a checklist iguanas are green King They enjoy the sun don't forget your Scale screen SPF 100 and their green Wait I think we covered green and green oh Are we having

Feeling insecure oh I understand Do not worry you are amazing in your own Way thank you Doug for that pep talk I Think iguana is gonna feel better now I Am not amazing oh no we're having a Complete self-confidence crisis here Oh poor guy Maybe he could come up with something to Really wow the crowd a little painting Playing the recorder Keep keep practicing on that bud and oh Doing some spoon balancing very exotic Or he could just sit this one out he's Not coming what What He wasn't really in the mood to go Swimming anyway I don't believe that for A second me neither then out of nowhere He got a sign boom like literally a sign Gasp Leggings are amazing it's from Dragon Donuts now open oh dragons are amazing And donuts are amazing but what does That have to do with being an iguana He made another checklist okay dragons Can fly amazing They have magical horns for doing Magical things magic magic magic very Amazing Chase They shoot blazing fire out of their Mouths extremely amazing I do not like because even though I am Half dragon I feel more like a dinosaur Because I do not like to breathe fire it

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Is too hot so he went straight to Sweet Deals thrift shop to find something that Would make him look like a dragon oh Okay there's a fitting room a little bit Of everything in this shop oh costume Stuff a dollar each bar again what does He have there oh that's gonna be some Interesting stuff let's see what he Works up Uh no oh but honestly I like that one And no oh I like that one now it's cool No Uh maybe Um no no no definitely not hmm Looks like he's getting invent over here What do we have here Perfect I have to hand it to Iguana he took two Party hats two kites and turned it into A dragon costume I'm impressed I am Thunk well Just have to uh get used to it there was Just one thing missing the fire First he tried some vegetarian chili Careful All right we've been warned so the Vegetarian chili next some buffalo Cauliflower I'm not just saying that to finish the I'm feeling hot spicy kale kebabs wow he Can eat all that iguana breathe No fire Still nothing

And then he felt it tweet tweet Almost like uh So gliding He's turning very red he was hot too hot He spun out of control to shoot he saw a Pool in the distance Embrace for landing look at below oh He's gonna hit that pool which thank Goodness there's a pool there did you Notice that this is a house with the Balloon this isn't just any pool in any House this is the party house and here We go He swam as fast as he could to cool down And everybody's watching like Little did he no That he had landed right in the middle Of a race at cheetah's pool party well This guy came out of nowhere he's Cruising he's like a tiny torpedo Wow he is Amazing don't you think Cheetah was impressed wow you are an Amazing swimmer I'm so glad you came oh Um thanks me too as it turned out there Were a lot of amazing things about Iguana let's hear it he was an excellent Climber thank goodness he could get the Ball that got stuck up there during the Game he told hilarious jokes and then The frog said pineapple He was really good at hide and seek They can change their color check it out Another amazing thing about iguanas

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Iguanas are really amazing have you seen Them in person they're like they're like They're like Dinosaurs but then tiny and they crawl And they're fast just like the Iguana in This book was such a fast glimmer and he Was super thoughtful got the chips and Dip thanks dude Iguan didn't need to worry so much about Fitting in meanwhile everyone's floaty Is on point the flamingo on the flamingo The sloth on the burger the rabbit and The squirrel on the shark and the pizza Panda oh yeah they really know how to Pool party Himself And that is pretty Amazing but you probably knew that all Along didn't you iguana just had to Figure it out for himself yeah I totally Understand sometimes I I wanted to be Something even more amazing than green Bear no way yeah way sometimes I want to Be like a giant panda bear really yeah Because they look like a Oreo cookie Which is pretty delicious oh that is Very true and then I sometimes wish I Could be gigantic like a tree but I am Happy being the dinosaur because that Means that I have great friends like you Yeah and junk Adventure has a British Heart and we all just have to figure out What makes you sound special and I'm Really glad I let it goanna figured it

Out me too because iguana is pretty cool And very creative with the whole costume Yeah that is really true that's true so You can be creative you could swim fast You can catch things you could be super Caring there's so many ways to be Amazing aren't there but honestly I you Think you're pretty amazing yeah because You are our friend

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