Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship ūüćé Read Aloud for Kids

Kids Books: BAD APPLE: A Tale of Friendship Read Aloud for Kids. It’s a tale of friendship against all odds! Mac finds his perfect friend in Will. Trouble is, Will is a WORM, so all the other apples bully Mac & call him a BAD Apple. Will the friendship survive? KidTime StoryTime reads!

Written and illustrated by our pal Edward Hemingway, who is definitely a good apple ūüćŹ




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Nope, I don’t see anything. ~ Me neither. Oh, hey Kid! We’re just trying to figure out something here. Uh, nope nope. Shiny‚Ķ Red‚Ķ Looks happy.
Nope, nothing bad about this apple. I don’t see it! Uh, StoryTeller, I also do not see anything¬†wrong with this apple. Look. It is shiny, it has a big happy face, And it almost¬†looks like the Apple wants to hug me. So uh maybe the title is a mistake. Okay. Okay thank you, Doug the Dinosaur¬†
and Red Bear. I mean I don’t think¬†¬† That title is a mistake because,¬†
well, titles are never a mistake. Oh no! For sure this title is not a mistake.  Abuela Bear! Okay what do 
you know that I don’t know? Well, I knew the grandfather of this writer.
Really?! You knew Ernest Hemingway?! Oh yes, and I know that he was 
very very smart. So I know that   His Grandson Рthis writer Рis also 
very very smart. But also I am confused. Why? Because that clearly looks like 
a very good Happy Shiny Apple. AY! Oh I know it can be confusing when the 
picture says one thing, but the title¬†says Bad Apple. Bad. I mean, usually we’re¬†
able to see when something is bad, right? I feel like you’re talking about me Nope Anyway, there must be some surprise inside,¬†¬† And you and I are going to get¬†
to the bottom of it. So let’s go! Let’s see what this bad apple…¬†
and it’s a tale of friendship so It can’t be bad. It’s hard to make¬†
friends if you’re bad, right? Unless…. Unless you hang out with other bad people! That’s right! HEH-HEH-HEH She’s always alone, so I don’t think so. I¬†
don’t think that works either. Okay, here we go. Mac was a good apple. Okay everybody,¬†¬† Did you hear that? It’s a good apple.¬†
It’s a Mac – probably a Macintosh apple. Look at that – so red and shiny and happy-looking. He shared his toys with other¬†
apples, like a good apple does,   Helped Granny Smith pick up after art class. Ohhh! Oh, we call her Abuela Smith. That Abuela Bear! And Mac loved to dive fearlessly into the watering holes 

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Look at that idyllic setting. On 
a sunny day, Mac could bob for hours… Oh yeah because apples Рthey’re famous for 
their bobbing abilities. Maybe you’ve heard. On cloudy days, Mac would search for¬†
the perfect pillow of green grass and take a long nap.  Look at this. 
Could this be any more perfect? That soft green grass and this 
winding path and the clouds are   Hanging low over the mountains and there are trees And the temperature is exactly 
that perfect temperature that¬†you love? ¬† That’s the temperature in this place. In his dreams, it was always sunny. But one¬†
day as Mac lay sleeping it began to rain. Whoa! Oh wow! You know that 
happens suddenly sometimes. Soon all the little creatures in the Earth 
around him poked their heads out to look for higher ground.  You know, all the little 
teeny tiny creatures. Sometimes when it rains When I was in elementary school 
all these worms would come out of nowhere   And be all over the sidewalks. 
It was crazy! Also snails. Does that ever happen to you where you are? Funny 
things come out when it’s raining. All the little creatures in the Earth around him¬†
poked their heads out to look for higher ground. Some of them found safety under the large¬†toadstools. ¬† Others crawled¬†onto stones and pebbles. But one small worm had DING! another¬†idea. When Mac woke up he was covered in raindrops & he wasn’t alone. You won’t believe the dream I just had! A¬†
funny little worm was tickling me right here.¬† He’s telling all the other creatures that¬†
came out, including this adorable ladybug¬†¬† And this beautiful butterfly. And now¬†I can’t seem to get him ~ out of your head? It was you!!! And that’s how Mac met Will! The beginning¬†
of a friendship Рa beautiful friendship!   And it all began in a beautiful place with 
the perfect temperature on a rainy day. Will showed Mac how to fly a kite. 
He’s got some mad skills! And how to fly himself. Whoa! And play in¬†
the dirt. He loved making a mess. Any worms out there liking to make a mess? 
Anybody? Anybody? You know who you are. Mac took his new friend to 
the watering hole to clean off.   Splash! You know how he loves diving into the 
water, and the water is just so perfect, isn’t it? He couldn’t remember a better day. And¬†
that’s how it is when you are hanging¬†¬† Out with somebody who just gets¬†
you, you know what I mean, Kid?

Somebody who just loves you and gets you, finishes 
your sentences Until‚Ķ Oh no! Not ‚Äúuntil‚ÄĚ! DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!!!! He took Will to the orchard. Oh no.¬†
It was a perfect day until now. Why?   Look at.. this does not look good.  
Look at Mac! He’s got worms! Yeah! Mac’s a Rotten Apple! I’m not- I’m not rotten. I’m- I’m quite sweet,¬†
actually. So they left. Of course they left. Everybody’s making fun of them. Well actually,¬†except yellow apple. Yellow apple is like this Wouldn’t you be, too? Everybody’s taunting and calling names¬†
just because he has a non-apple friend.¬†¬† Maybe maybe y’all should expand your horizons! Will cheered Mac up by reading aloud¬†
from some of his favorite novels LOOK AT THAT! He’s doing a KidTime StoryTime! He was a bit of a ”bookworm” Ah! Get it?! Worm – Bookworm. Yeah!!! Mac liked the adventure stories the best,¬†
like the ones that took him to outer space! Where everything is possible! He also liked it when 
Will finished his sentences for him. The most exciting part is when 
pirates…find treasure in the dirt! But the next day, it happened again! HAHAHA!¬†
It’s the Bad Apple! Ewww! Worms! Ohhh taunting… These apples are just a bunch of bullies who¬†
only like to hang out with people who look just like them, right? And no one in the orchard 
would play with them, not even the crab apples. Bad apple! Bad apple!¬†¬† And the yellow apple who’s been watching quietly¬†
has a thought: crab apples can be so mean. So true. How do you think they 
got their name? That night,  the two friends sat alone on 
the grass without saying a word. In the morning, Will was nowhere to be found. You are a good apple. And then he drew the apple, 
and he drew a little sun and then signed it ~ Will. Oh no! He’s not a bad apple,¬†¬† But now he is a sad apple with a tiny tiny¬†
hole right here Рright there Рsee that? But probably also a tiny tiny hole 
right here Because they were tight.

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Mac went back to playing with his 
Orchard friends. A little baseball.   There’s yellow apples still like this… Yellow apple has been learning a lot, I 
think, like watching this whole process. Diving fearlessly into the 
watering hole and painting¬†¬† In Granny Smith’s class – also known as¬†
Abuela Smith – but Nothing Was the Same. Oh look! He drew worms in the apples! He’s got¬†
somebody on his mind. Even though he isn’t in his head anymore There was a hole in Mac that¬†
he couldn’t fill. Not a big hole. Just a teeny, tiny, little… You know… a small hole just big¬†
enough to fit ‚Äúdot dot dot‚ÄĚ And nobody finished his sentences, But we know¬†what the rest of that sentence is, don’t we? A small hole just big enough to¬†
fit you-know-who. His best friend. Meanwhile, he’s looking at his¬†
reflection in the glassy like Lake,   Thinking probably about the 
good times that they shared. Yellow apple is quietly watching in the 
distance, still observing, still learning.   Mac decided he had to find Will. We’re on a mission, people! Mac’s gotta find Will!   He searched low and then he searched 
high, that’s why he needed a ladder. And then he searched in between. (ANT COMPLAINS ”EEK”!) Don’t worry, little guy, we‚Äôre just looking for somebody. He searched in the dirt, around the watering hole,¬†
and just when he had given up all hope    Just like in the movies because you are searching and 
searching and you’re just about to give up hope Hopefully something good is¬†
about to happen on the next page…   He looked up in the sky 
half a mile to the clearing. And we see this beautiful sky. It’s like¬†
Autumn is setting in now.¬†¬† That’s right. Because Autumn is apple season. And we see a kite in the distance and‚Ķ No words needed! Because the picture¬†
tells the whole story! He‚Äôs not a bad or a sad apple anymore. He’s just a¬†
happy apple and there’s his bestie! And there are his KidTime StoryTimes. And he was 
flying a kite. And all the insects are there,   Including the ladybug and the butterfly 
and the grasshopper and the praying mantis. Everybody’s here to see the¬†
happy reunion among friends!

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Mac knew that he would rather be a bad apple with 
Will than a sad apple without him. I was hoping I could… help me turn the pages? How did you know?! Because¬†you will always be a good apple in my book They‚Äôre back together again! And you know¬†
why that is? Because that’s his person. Well, his worm. And the worm? That’s his¬†Apple. That’s how that goes. Yeah. I mean you have a person, right? You have a¬†
person Рor maybe you have a a dog Or maybe you have you know another human Рbut 
in this case it’s an apple and a worm. Good and happy. And there’s nothing bad¬†about that. But StoryTeller! That is crazy! ~ Why do you say that Doug the Dinosaur? If you could only be friends with¬†
people who were exactly like you,¬†¬† Then we couldn’t be best friends. No! And it would be very hard for me, actually,¬†¬† Because there are not a lot of¬†
half-dinos half-dragons. True story. There are a lot of bears out there, but 
you’re my number one! You’re my Dino! Thank you.¬† It’s true! What was up with those¬†
apples only being like Pro Apple Oh it’s true! If I only were¬†
friends with ostriches… Then this beautiful friendship right¬†
here will never have happened  Oh Fuchsia!I
Oh Olivia! True for me, too.
Oh yes, White Rat? Oh yeah if it wasn’t for me being willing¬†
to be friends with people who weren’t rats,¬†¬† I would never be best friends with cheese. Okay you can’t be best friends with¬†
cheese because you can’t eat your friends. Who says?! Oh and I have another example! If¬†
I was only friends with like other¬†¬† Grown-ups or other storytellers or other redheads,¬†¬† I would not be able to be friends with a kid like you! And that… that… Would be real bad.

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