What Should Darla Do? Read Aloud for Kids

Kids Books: WHAT SHOULD DARLA DO? In this read aloud for children, YOU get the power to choose! You completely control Darla’s day and her future by making decisions for her at every step o her day. KidTime StoryTime is letting Green Bear and Doug the Dinosaur call the shots. And Darla’s day turns out DRAMATICALLY different.

Written by Ganit and Adir Levy with illustrations by Doro Kaiser, this is the latest book in the series What Should Danny Do? where kids also get to choose, leading to 8 or 9 different storylines per book!




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0:00 What Should Darla Do?
1:48 Read aloud start
4:55 Green Bear’s Choices
12:09 Doug’s Choices
22:38 Life Lesson


Hey Kid Today’s story is by popular demand! So first, a story before the story. 
First we read What Should Danny Do? And then we read What Should Danny Do? School Day! And then we read What Should Danny Do? On Vacation! And now, because you asked for 
it, you’re getting Danny’s cousin!  That’s right! It is… DRUM ROLL! What Should Darla Do? I’m ready
I’m ready Okay so if you don’t know how this 
works, let me explain the basic rules Because there are rules
yeah some rules So this is how it works. These stories – the Danny books and the Darla book – are all multiple choice stories. So in Darla’s case, we have eight stories in one.   So the way that we always do things is 
that Green Bear makes one set of choices Yeah, I say what I want to do And then Doug the Dinosaur 
makes his own set of choices Because even though sometimes it is 
hard, I have to make good decisions And this is what we call Power to Choose! Because that is what the series is all about. 
What choices would you make? Would they be   Like Doug’s? Would they be like Green 
Bear’s? Or will they be all your own? Because since there are eight stories in one  We have only two choices to make 
and you can make your own world of choices. Yeah but mine’s gonna be the best! Also I should point out that this is 
what we call a friendly competition. Yeah we are not fighting.
I’m going win!!! It’s just a friendly competition. Okay so here we go! Power to Choose with Darla. Oh hey hi! I’m Darla. Hey Darla! I’m 
an astronaut-in-training. That means I’m obsessed with space because 
it’s the coolest thing ever. Of course you can see the signs 
now that she says it – I mean   Besides the obvious space suit 
that she’s wearing – so chic! Her bed is a rocket ship, and 
everywhere you look there’s stars  

And planets and galaxies. And I bet these 
are KidTime StoryTimes about outer space! So absolutely oh and a rocket and 
obviously an alien from another country   Uh from another planet from another galaxy And a cacti. Which is from here. That’s earthling. Did you know that in space everything floats? Like this…. Whoa, off he goes… And like this…. Now off he goes…. Like this… But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. So to get to Mars I have to 
practice space flips, space eating,   And flying a rocket ship. Because 
Uber doesn’t go there yet. I also have to practice lots of 
other things that are really hard.   Luckily I have a special super 
power called Power to Choose! With that power, I can change my day and 
even my life with the choices I make.   You hear that? It’s almost choice time! Today I’m getting ready for a special day 
because you’ll be making choices for me.   That’s right. When you get to an ending, you 
can start over and make different choices.   Then we’ll see how the Power 
to Choose changes my day Remember what she said? It 
could change not only your day   It can change your LIFE. And as a grownup I can tell you that That is SO true. I saved the most important step for last:   My cape! Of course! My cousin Danny 
gave it to me for my birthday. Oh wait. Danny gave me a cape, 
too. Wait. I gotta get it on.   Okay, I’ll get it on. I’ll get 
it on… uh, just take me a second. Why don’t we have capes?
Uh, I think she has to order them in our size Okay I’m ready. Here we go. Oh but first,   She does some positive affirmations, 
which I know somebody here loves Oh it is me! I am bright, I am caring, kind, 
persistent, happy, strong, confident, creative, loved, unique, Grateful, hard-working, 
beautiful, friendly, helpful, thoughtful, brave. These are all good things to be because 
we’re gonna need all of that in the journey

I blast to the breakfast table and see my brother. 
Good morning, Benji! I give him a big squishy hug. Just before I sit down, my sister, Hannah 
– hey Hannah! – sits right next to him. Hey! I wanted to sit next to Benji, I say.
Too bad, Hannah replies, I got here first. Oh here we go… choice time! What Should Darla Do? Sit in a different chair? 
Try to force Hannah off the chair?  Now I think she should probably just— Get her off the chair! Get her off the chair!
But that is not nice. I mean she was there first. Noooooo and this is my Power To Choose!
Okay Okay let’s see what happens when the 
choice is to force Hannah off the chair So the book tells us that 
we have to go to page 40.  So see, because all these 
pages mean different choices… Uh different day, different outcome,   Different life
And here we are. No fair! You sat next to him yesterday.   It’s my turn!
Nuh-uh-uh, you did! Oh this is already getting… Tension’s going high. I force my way onto the chair, but she 
shoves me off and I fall on my tush. Hey!,   I yell. I push her back, and then she falls. Hey! We both try sitting on the chair 
and forcing each other off,   And I can barely get a bite of food into my mouth. That’s not going so well, Green Bear Especially the not-eating… So then another after another 
minute, Benji announces Mama, all done!   And Mama comes to take him. So nobody spent time with the kid. Nobody! Now that Benji is gone, I don’t even care 
where I sit. I move over to the next seat.   When we’re done eating, Mommy reminds 
us to clean up and take out the trash. Look, Mommy looks so happy. She’s comforting 
the two girls, who look like this – You know that look We start putting things away, but 
we keep arguing over everything. I took out the trash last time! Your turn!  No way! You’re trying to steal 
my seat, Hannah says, you do it! Oh nooooo we both push the trash bag and rip! Stinky trash falls everywhere!

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Yuck. Oh my goodness, isn’t that awful? Oh that’s right. It’s not smell-o-vision. Yet. Now there’s even more to clean up. 
When we’re finally done cleaning,   Hannah takes out the trash, but I’m still mad at 
her so I go to my room to cool down for a while. Well somebody’s just indulging 
in all the angry choices. Later I blast off to the moon with Astronautica.   Ah look at the Astronautica 
doll. She is spectacular. And there’s the rocket in hand. 
She’s got the cape. I got the cape.  Swoosh! This is good practice 
for our mission to Mars, I say! Then I see Hannah walking into 
the kitchen with my baking set.  Hey that’s mine! Yeah but you’re not even using it, 
she says. Can I please play with it? Okay let’s get ready to use our choices   Power to Choose!
Okay we’re ready What Should Darla Do? So 
should we let her play with it   But tell her to ask next time she 
takes it? Or take it away from her? I know what I would choose  I know what you would choose and I 
know what Green Bear would choose Not to be predictable or anything,   But she should like totally take it away 
from her because like she didn’t ask first. But but but what if she asked next time 
because you tell her nicely? No, too late! ~ Oh okay Okay let’s see what happens. Take it away from her – go to page 10. Here we go Past all the other choices. I rush over and I try to grab the 
baking set out of her hands. Oh no!   This is just like the garbage 
bag incident all over again! And she pulls back as hard as 
she can, and then we keep tugging   Until BOOM. The entire set falls and breaks into pieces. I fall to pieces!!! You broke it, I yell
No YOU did, she says

I like that little cat thing 
she’s wearing, but I digress Now I’ll never be able to use it again! I grab 
Astronautica, and I rush to my room to cry.   Two broken things and one weepfest so far! After lunch, I remember that the rocket ship I 
built yesterday needs a final touch of paint.   Okay, let’s move on to something else. Hmm Hannah has some glitter paint that I know 
will make the rocket look extra shimmery. I sense a bad decision 
coming. What about you? Right? I mean she and Hannah are just cats and dogs 
today. So now she’s thinking about Hannah’s paint,   And now I don’t know. I just feel like it’s 
setting up the scene for potential trouble. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. Let’s see. She didn’t ask to borrow my baking set, so I’m 
not sure I should ask to borrow her glitter paint. So now Power to Choose!
What Should Darla Do? Take Hannah’s glitter paint without asking?  Or ask to borrow Hannah’s 
glitter paint? Let’s see… She should ask.
She should just take it. She should definitely ask.  No! She didn’t ask, so it’s just 
it’s- it’s- what’s the saying? Turnabout is fair play. Yeah yeah. 
She did it, so I’m gonna do it now. I don’t think that’s how it works. Haven’t 
you heard of two wrongs do not make a right? Ah, I don’t understand that math
That is not math  That is not math Okay, it’s true what Doug said. 
Two wrongs do not make a right.   Do you fix something wrong by doing something else 
that’s wrong? No. But let’s see how it turns out. So we are going to take Hannah’s 
glitter paints without asking.   Let’s go to page 18, and see how that works out. I grabbed the glitter paint – there 
she is – and blast to my room.   And this is Hannah’s room’s… cute She has like a head with a doll to do her 
hair. She has some KidTime StoryTimes.   There’s some more glitter. There’s some 
cat art. There’s her roller skates. Just as I begin painting 
my rocket, Hannah comes in Hey that’s my glitter paint!
Yeah so? You weren’t using it.

Hannah gets really mad, and you can 
tell because her face is like this —  And her cheeks are super red like 
she’s on fire from the inside And and what happens? She grabs the paint bottle 
out of my hand and pushes my rocket ship off the table.   Noooooooo!!!!! Not the rocket ship!!!! It crashes to the floor and the wing breaks off! And Hannah rushes out of the room – or as 
I like to call it – The scene of the crime. No!!! I yell. Now my rocket will 
never be able to get to Mars.  Today was the absolute worst day ever. Hannah was so mean to me. I didn’t get to 
sit next to Benji. My baking set broke,   And now my rocket broke, too. I wonder what 
I could have done to make this day better. Oh I think I know. Do you 
know? You know, don’t you? I think I can make the day better 
if I can try my Power to Choose!  This is not working out at all how I wanted. Okay, can I try now? Yes! Yes let’s do this We’re gonna try Doug’s way 
now. Let’s see what happens   Because this was ending number two. 
And I know you’re probably thinking… StoryTeller, uh I don’t understand. That was just the first 
time you’ve read the story. But that’s the thing about the power to choose That sometimes the ending will be two. Sometimes it’ll be seven. It’ll be three. Like, it’ll be completely out of order Because you just never know where your decisions will take you, ladies and gentlemen. So let’s begin again. We have to go back to the beginning where we 
start making our decisions. Ready? Here we go! I blast to the breakfast table and see my brother. 
Good morning, Benji! I gave him a big squishy hug. I know this is sort of like Groundhog’s Day 
when we keep repeating everything all over   And over again. But we’ll see how different the 
day goes now with completely different decisions. Just before I sit down, my sister 
Hannah sits right next to him.   Hey! I wanted to sit next to Benji. Too 
bad, I got here first, Hannah says. Ok so here we go: POWER TO CHOOSE! What Should Darla Do? I don’t see why she can’t just sit 
in a different chair. After all,   The table is pretty small. I mean, she’s still 
gonna have a really good view to squishy Benji,   I mean, you already tried the other one… Yeah, I mean let’s just see what happens 
when you try the nice option.   Uh, let’s see. Sit in a different chair. 
Go to page 14. Don’t mind if I do!

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Okay, I guess it’s not such a big deal, I 
say. I sit on the other side of the table.   Benji eats his yogurt and fruit with his hands. Ew! Hannah and I laugh at the mess 
he makes. Mommy asked us to clear   The table and take out the trash. I got the 
dishes, Hannah says. I got the food! I say. I’ve got the yogurt monster, Mommy laughs. 
So everybody actually got to enjoy breakfast together.   Nobody landed on their tushies HEH HEH HEH…Also known as their butts And they actually got to enjoy Benji. When the table is clear, I take out the trash. And 
just as I walk out, Zoe is riding by on a scooter.   Hey Darla, want to come ride with me?, 
she asked. Yeah let me ask my mom! What?! We didn’t even meet Zoe before. 
They were so busy breaking that trash   In the middle of the house that we missed a 
friend going by. Let’s see what we’re gonna do. Mommy says yes. YES! So I grab my helmet 
and I run outside and we take turns doing   Bunny hops. We’re getting good. Race 
you to the corner, Zoe says. You’re on! We blast down the street and the race is 
super close. But then I see an ultra rare   Mitsy Glitzy Unicorn lying on the 
grass in front of Sophia’s house. An ultra rare Mitsy Glitzy?! Whoa! Look what I found, I say. 
Oh you’re so lucky, Zoe says, I wanted a Mitsy Glitzy for so long. Let’s 
take it back to your house and play with it. Oh but wait. Herein lies a difficult 
choice when we face the Power to Choose.   What Should Darla Do? Take the unicorn home? Or check to see if it belongs to Sophia? After all 
it is right in front of her house, in her yard. Well well I have something important to say. 
Yeah, you should totally take it Doug the Dinosaur.   What? Yeah because after all it’s like ultra rare, and 
I know you really want a Mitsy Glitzy Unicorn. But it is not mine.
But it’s nobody’s! See?   Somebody just abandoned it right there But they might have just dropped it. I 
mean, that’s our friend Sophia’s house.  She doesn’t know! She doesn’t miss it at all! Don’t you think that you would miss your ultra 
rare Mitsy Glitzy if you could not find it? StoryTeller, I want to knock on the door 
and find out if it’s Sophia’s, okay?  Okay you got it, Doug Okay okay

So see let’s see here… check to 
see if it belongs to Sophia. Go to page 28. So the book is telling us to go to 
page 28 because that’s how it works. You go to the page that corresponds to 
your decision, and that changes everything. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK I think we should see if this 
Mitsy Glitzy belongs to Sophia,   I tell Zoe, and I knock on the door – again KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK And Sophia’s dad opens it. I hear Sophia crying. Hi Darla, Mr. Vargas says. Hi! Does this belong to Sophia? 
We found it right outside. Yes! We’ve been looking for it 
everywhere. Thank you so much. And Sophia runs at the door. Mitsy, you’re back!   And she grabs Mitsy Glitzy and gives her a big hug. See? Doug was right, Green Bear GRUMBLES…I want a Mitzy Glitzy You have your own unicorn. Do you guys want to stay and play with 
my unicorn?, she asks us. We’d love to! Best of both worlds, y’all! Did you 
hear that? They get to return it to   Its rightful owner AND still play with it! 
See doing the right thing does pay off. Mr. Vargas calls our moms and 
tells them how we returned   Sophia’s Mitsy Glitzy and Mommy’s so proud of me When we’re done playing, Zoe then comes over to my house. I put Astronautica’s helmet on and we lift off to practice our space walks, and Hannah braids her doll’s hair. You’re so good at braiding, Zoe says. Thanks, 
Hannah replies. I can do one in your hair, too.   And they play with each 
other’s hair for so long See, because all this braiding… I mean, that 
takes work. I wonder if she could do my hair? Are they ignoring me? Oh somebody’s 
feeling a little left out now.   You know she could just ask 
if they could braid her hair. I go to the bathroom, but when I come back, 
they’re gone. I search through the entire house,   But I can’t find them. And look 
at she’s looking like this — Looks like she’s just this close to 
having a little bit of a – you know – Then I hear them laughing in the backyard. I go 
outside and see them giggling and telling secrets What’s so funny, I wonder. Are they talking about me? And now- What Should Darla Do?

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Should we One – Ask them why they’re laughing   Or option number Two – get mad 
at Hannah for taking Zoe away. So do we just ask a simple 
question or do we lead with anger? Definitely not anger.
Anger. Okay, Doug’s choice. I- I think I’m making the right choice.
I think so. Let’s see. Let’s see… Ask them why they’re laughing takes us to page 22… Hey what’s so funny? I ask. I was spraying Zoe’s hair with water, says 
Hannah, but then the top of the spray bottle   Fell off and all the water spilled on her 
lap, so we came outside to dry off in the   Sun, Zoe adds. And now we’re laughing 
because it looks like I peed my pants! It really does, I say. While we laugh, a great 
idea pops into my head. Do you guys want to   Really get soaked?, I ask. Let’s ask 
if we can go to the pool at the park. So we blast off to ask my mom, and what does she say?   You’ve all behaved so well today 
you deserve it, she says. We all cheer! That’s right, because remember the dad of Sophia 
called to say thank you for finding the rare   Unicorn doll? And and they were 
so honest and so that, like, put   Bonus points on them because 
they did good, correct things. So then now good begets good. So 
they’ve earned something good back! Hannah and I zoomed to change into our bathing 
suits. Zoe runs next door to ask her mom and   Changes into hers. We have the best time 
swimming and splashing around the pools. Then Zoe and I look up at the diving board. 
Our neighbor, Liam, is about to jump off. We’re both a bit scared to jump, but to become 
an astronaut I’m going to have to be super brave.   Hey Zoe, I say, watch me fly to the moon! Whoa! And she’s even wearing the 
cape with her astronaut bathing suit!   I climb up the ladder one step at a 
time. Whoa this is higher than I thought it was. Any higher, and I’d be in space. I’m Darla 
and I choose to be brave, I yell. Blast off! This was the best day ever! I’m so proud of how I used my 
Power to Choose! End number one. Ooh see? First we had ending number 2 first. And then now for the second one we actually have ending number 1. Funny, right? How I told you how the endings are all scrambled up Storyteller? ~ Doug the dinosaur! Good job today Thank you Uh I know that sometimes there are no winners & losers

But I’m definitely a loser today. Green Bear I am reminded of something 
that uh genius Albert Einstein said. Genius Albert Einstein? WHOA. What’d 
he say? Was it about me?  Well um it applies to you. It says the definition of 
insanity is to do the same thing   Over and over again and expect a different result Wait. Did Albert Einstein call me crazy?
Maybe? No no no. He said that it’s crazy to think 
that you can do the same things over and over   Again and that somehow you’ll get a different 
result. Do you see what I’m saying here to you? She’s saying that because I always 
like to make the naughty choices  That is true, and I like to make the kind nice 
choices based out of love and consideration Yeah I think that works out really 
well for you, Doug the Dinosaur  Thank you. Oh maybe you could I know maybe learned a little 
bit from me? Yeah, I gotta do it the Doug to Dinosaur way. I gotta lead with love and consideration 
and not my hot-boiling cauldron of anger sometimes Yeah, I think that’ll be good for you. Yeah I’ll get a better result 
and I’ll get like a pool day  Instead of stinky garbage floors And and then I’ll see my friends
instead of not seeing your friends And and all my like rocket ship 
will be beautiful and not broken   Yeah that was sad ~ yeah that was sad So now you know, kid, make the positive loving thoughtful choice instead of Green Bear? The naughty choice because that’s your Power to Choose!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.