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Our preschool learning videos include preschool prep, circle time, songs, movement, reading, numbers, ABC, and more! They are full of preschool lessons that are great for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 5-year-olds! It probably contains a week’s worth of lessons, activities, and projects. This is the second video in our Preschool Learning Video series! It is great preschool prep and kindergarten prep to start learning some of these concepts. This is our beach and ocean lesson (part 1)

Many people were involved in designing this video. Rachel is also a certified music teacher (K-12) and has a master’s in music education from NYU. On our team we have: speech-language pathologists, a reading specialist, a Broadway musician, an early childhood curriculum specialist, a child and family therapist, and award-winning songwriters!

Though virtual preschool or online preschool is not ideal, this video is unique because it is real teachers and specialists engaging your child. We use hardly any background music, animation, or special effects (though it would be more entertaining) because we really want children to hear and focus on the language. We want it to feel less like tv, and more like a preschool class!

You can pause the video and just do a few lessons at a time!

Materials that may be helpful to do this first lesson include:
(No need to have all the materials and feel free to improvise and change activities to fit what you already have at home!)

Kinetic sand (My son loves this! It’s so much fun! You can get on Amazon)
String or yarn
Popsicle stick (but even a marker could work for the project or something like that!)
Something to write with

”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

We also have speech practice videos, full music classes, and toddler learning videos available on our channel! If you have a baby, 2-year-old, 3-year-old, 4-year-old or 5 year old, our channel is perfect for you!

Rachel teaches preschool music to young kids, toddlers, and babies and has a master’s in music education from NYU. She has also been a toddler teacher and has a sweet 2-year-old boy who inspired her online baby music classes and learning videos!

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Hi Hi Welcome to class i’m so happy you’re Here me too Today we’re going to learn about the Beach And the ocean hooray It’s going to be so much it’s that’s Gonna be so much fun Right now it’s circle time Yeah let’s start with our welcome song Yeah can you wave hello Hello Good job Hello how are you hello how are you Hello how are you how are you today Can You clap your hands can you clap your Hands can you clap your hands clap your Hands with me Can you swim like a fish Can you swim like a fish can you swim Like a fish Swim like a fish with me Can you Wiggle like an octopus And freeze Can you Wiggle like an octopus And freeze Can you wiggle like an octopus And freeze Wiggle like an octopus with me wiggle Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle that was so

Silly that was so silly you changed the Welcome song yeah i added in two ocean Animals because we’re talking about the Peach in the ocean yeah yeah Beach and the ocean First let’s say our names i’m miss Rachel I’m herbie What’s your name What’s your name Oh Wow That’s a wonderful name Next let’s check the weather okay What’s the weather what’s the weather What’s the weather like today Is it sunny is it cloudy what’s the Weather in life today What’s the weather like where you live Can you check I’ll check It’s sunny Wow Yeah it’s hot and sunny where we live It’s a perfect day for the Bee I can’t wait to go to the beach i’m so Excited me too What are some things we could wear when It’s really hot and sunny a coat and Boots herby that’s so silly no we would Not wear a coat and boots if it’s really Hot what would we wear Oh

Shorts yeah shorts would be great T-shirt yeah t-shirt’s a great idea Flip-flops yeah flip-flops or sandals And if we were going swimming we could Wear a Swim shirt Yeah we’re wearing our swim shirts today Yeah they’re really good because they Keep us safe from getting a sunburn mine Has a shark on it yeah I love swim shirts or a bathing suit With a swim shirt yes bathing suit yeah Next let’s do our days of the week oh Great do you know your days of the week Sort of Great can you snap your fingers Yeah Good job Days of the week Days of the week Days of the week days of the week days Of the week There’s sunday and there’s monday There’s tuesday and there’s wednesday There’s thursday and there’s friday and Then there’s saturday days of the week Yay You did such a great job singing your Days of the week guess what it’s time For Letter Of the day I can’t wait to find out what it is me Too

To find out what the letter of the day Is we have to open this magic bag and See the clue that’s inside it’s so Magical you say open and it will open Okay Hmm What letter does that sound like it’s a Good clue Bus bus bu Bus can you help me Hmm B is a letter b Is the sound that it makes b is the Letter b goes the b Hm B Bus does that sound the same oh yeah It does it’s b B is the letter do you think it’s b b is The letter of the day Yes We figured it out great job figuring it Out with the clue You said b And the b came out great job Put it on put it on put it On Great And we have two special cards that have Things that begin with b Hmm Do you know what these are can you help I think i know but i’m not sure let’s Ask our friends what are these

A Balloon and a butterfly But Balloon and Butterfly they’re both so pretty yeah Especially the butterfly Put it in put it and put it [Music] That’s a butterfly Good job herbie Next let’s do one of our circle time Songs since we’re talking about the Ocean today let’s sing baby shark Today we have a special guest my stepdad Papa tim he’s going to help us and play The guitar Hi kids Let’s call georgie to sing with us he Loves to sing with you can you help me Call his name Great i’ll count to three and we’ll call Georgie’s name one Two three Georgie Hi everybody hi georgie let’s sing baby Shark yeah Baby shark do do do do do do do do baby Shark do do do do do do do do baby shark Do do do do do do do baby shark Mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo mommy Shark daddy daddy [Music]

[Music] [Music] It’s [Music] [Applause] Did you like my harmony it was beautiful And i loved your singing and doing the Motions great job For our next circle time song let’s do Row row row your boat okay and pretend We’re in the ocean yeah okay let’s get In the boat okay now let’s get out our Paddles do you have your paddles I got my paddles good Okay Ready go row row row your boat gently Down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is But a dream This time let’s pretend we’re in the Ocean and we see a great white shark Good idea Row row row your boat gently down the Ocean If you see a great white shark don’t Forget to scream Next it’s time for our rhyme of the day Rhymes are words that sound the same at The end yeah Lip and Do those sound the same at the end yeah They do yeah you know what else rhymes What herbie and burby That’s so silly except burby’s not

Really a word So That’s so funny and rachel and rachel Rachel Okay do you know where your lip is we Have two lips Lip And then there’s ship A ship is really really really big it’s Bigger than a boat whoa yeah Ships go in the ocean the shape of the Day is uh Do you know what this is Yeah our friends at home helped it’s a Triangle yeah it’s a triangle i couldn’t Remember it’s okay i forget things Sometimes yeah Triangles have three sides one two three And they have three angles One two three Next let’s go to our gumball machine And count how many gumballs are in our Machine Let’s count One Two There are two gumballs in our machine Can you show me two fingers One Two good job Here’s a two two is the number of the Day Put it in the slot In

We have two Gumballs Let’s take a bubblegum break We’re gonna get up some pretend Bubblegum okay so get out some pretend Bubblegum What color is yours Mine’s pink put it in your mouth And we’re gonna chew it Are you chewing your gum Okay now we’re gonna blow a really big Bubble Are you ready Wow Oh no Our bubble popped and the sticky Bubblegum is all over our hands [Music] Stick to your head And you pull them And you pull them And you pull them away [Music] And you pull them And you pull them and you pull them away [Music] Stick to your ears [Music] Bubble gum makes your hands stick to Your knees Are they on your knees and you pull them And you pull them and you pull them away [Music] [Music]

And you pull them And you pull [Music] Stick to Your yay That was so much fun The color of the day is Blue Blue Blue also begins with b can you think of Anything at the Beach that is blue Hmm Maybe the sky On a beautiful day Or what else at the beach could be blue Hmm The water Yeah Good job maybe you can find some blue Things around your house It’s time for a circle time story Hmm what do you think this book is about It’s called biscuits first beach day by Alyssa satin cappuccilli Here we are biscuit it’s a beautiful Sunny day It’s a perfect day to spend at the beach Who sent wolf woof Yeah it was the doggy the doggy’s name Is biscuit We have our beach blanket and towels We have a big umbrella too That’s the way to help biscuit

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Wow biscuit is helping with the blanket That’s so nice It’s nice to be helpful We can build a big sand castle at the Beach biscuit i have my pail and shovel Funny puppy and you know just how to dig Biscuit likes to dig wow Have you ever made a sand castle The beach is filled with seashells Biscuit Let’s see how many we can find Oh biscuit you found a starfish Look biscuit puddles is here This way everybody we can all go for a Dip in the ocean Are you ready biscuit let’s jump over The ocean waves together here comes a Wave Splash Oh no biscuit not a big shake What happened It’s time to dry off it’s lunch time Wow Silly puppies no tugging on the towel It’s fun to have a picnic at the beach Biscuit we pack sandwiches fruit and Drinks Bow wow And some special treats for you too Oh The doggies have treats that’s nice And they also have a bowl of Water Oh no there goes our beach ball

Good puppy you found our beach ball What else did the little doggie find Yeah You found a seagull too The sky is bright and clear a warm Breeze is blowing the beach is a great Place to fly our kites Follow me biscuit Can you wolf like biscuit Woof Biscuit puddles where are you going now Wow Can you say bow wow like puddles Bow wow Oh What are the puppies doing now Yeah they’re sleeping Sweet puppies the beach is a perfect Place for lots of sun and fun And a little nap too That was a great story thanks for Reading with me i love reading It’s time for our lesson i’m so excited To learn about the beach and the ocean With you A beach is land next to a lot of water It can be sandy or rocky it can have Lots of pebbles Pebbles are tiny little rocks The ocean is a big body of salt water Some animals that like to spend time on The beach are Sea turtles birds like seagulls crabs Seals

And sea lions The biggest animal in the world lives in The ocean it’s the blue whale Blue wheels can be as long as two buses Some other animals that live in the Ocean are fish Sharks sea otters And seals What did the beach say to the shore Nothing it just waved get it wave Okay I found that on google Guess what it’s time for Our magic movie What do you see I see children Running through the ocean Splashing in the waves that looks like Fun This family looks happy They’re running on the beach together This family is playing with a ball on The beach Ooh What do you see I see sand castles it’s fun to build Sand castles Oh One little girl is patting the sand pat Pat pat Now we’re underwater I see a fish do you see one It looks kind of like nemo And the other fish in the back looks

Kind of like dory oh wow I see many fish There are lots of fish swimming together That’s called a school of fish Oh wow Do you see the seahorses What’s that It’s a Starfish Wow Do you know what kind of bird that is Yeah it’s a sequel Running so fast What is that little animal running so Fast It’s a crab Oh this crab’s walking kind of slow Aw I see a little baby Turtle so cute do you see the turtle Wow there’s a lot of pebbles on that Beach remember pebbles are little rocks Wow that was such a good magic movie About the beach in the ocean Let’s go see my friend jules to do some Movement songs yay This song’s called the hokey pokey i bet You already know it Are you all ready Okay let’s go you can follow along with Me right here [Music] [Music] You put your right foot in you put your

Right foot out you put your right foot In and you shake it all up you do the Hokey pokey and you turn yourself along That’s what it’s all about [Music] Should we put in this circle How about our elbows yeah Put your right elbow in you put your Right elbow out you put your right up a Win and you shake it all about you do The honky pokey and you turn yourself Around that’s what it’s all about Let’s do the left elbow ready You put your left elbow in you put your Left double out you put your left [Music] And you turned elbow around that’s what It’s all about All right let’s do our hands [Applause] [Music] That’s what it’s all about You put your left hand in put your left Hand out you put your left hand in and [Music] [Applause] [Music] You do the [Music] Hey guys jules here let’s try head Shoulders knees and toes Are you ready Let’s start at a slow tempo Head shoulders knees and toes knees and

Toes Head Shoulders knees and toes knees and Toes eyes and ears and mouth and Nose head Shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Yo we’re awesome Let’s do it again but a little bit Faster let’s try a faster tempo are you Ready head shoulders knees and toes Knees and toes Head shoulders knees and toes knees and Toes eyes and ears Head Shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Awesome job Okay Let’s try it really really fast Are you ready Shoulders knees and toes knees and toes That was fast Let’s try it as fast as we can are you Ready That was so fast but you all did so good Give yourself a high five It’s music time i love music time me too Today in music we’re gonna learn about Call and echo so i’m gonna sing Something as a call and then our friends At home and georgie will echo Okay are you ready i’m ready Down by the bay down by the bay where The watermelons grow where the Watermelons grow great job echoing let’s

Try more okay back to my home back to my Home i dare not go i dare not go or if i Do for if i do my mother will say my Mother will say great job yeah so that’s The song and then we’re gonna say Something really silly in the next part I can’t wait to hear what’s silly yeah It’s gonna be fun are you ready to sing It yeah can i play the piano great idea I’ve been practicing it’s so great to Practice your instrument good job there We go Now we’re ready to sing down by the bay With the piano and guitar Down by the bay [Music] My mother will say Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose Down by the bay down by the bed Where the watermelons grow Back to my home Did you ever see a whale with a polka Dot tail down by [Music] Or if i do [Music] Where the watermelons [Music] Did you ever see a bear combing his hair Down by the bay down by the bay Where the watermelons grow Back to my home Did you ever see llamas eating their Pajamas down by the

[Music] If i Do my mother will say Did you ever have a time where you Couldn’t make a rhyme down by the bay Yay That was so much fun Guess what it’s time for Instrument of the day Hurry I can’t wait to see what the instrument Is me too The instrument of the day Is the piano the banjo Herbie i said the piano Let’s tell herbie together one two three The piano Yeah the piano i like the piano our Friend mr derek is gonna tell us all About the piano oh oh okay Thanks mr derek let’s go see him [Music] Hi everyone my name is mr derrick and I’m here to introduce the instrument of The day Do any of you know what this instrument Is Yes it’s the piano Now the piano is part of the percussion Family Let’s see how it works I make sounds by pressing a key On the piano Every time i press a key a tiny hammer

Hits the string And produces a sound let me show you [Music] Now can you guess how many keys are on The piano [Music] There are 88 88 keys You can make a lot of sounds with 88 Keys from high To low We can use those sounds to help us Imagine things like A fairy dancing in the forest [Music] Or an element stomping through the Jungle [Music] Anything is possible when you use your Imagination with the piano And that is the instrument of the day Our next call and echo song is a really Fun game oh great yeah it’s like tucked Up goose oh i love that duck goose duck Duck Uh-huh and then we run yeah you’re gonna Run after me oh okay okay so repeat After me You repeat after me too okay Okay Charlie over the ocean charlie over the Ocean charlie over the sea Charlie over the sea Charlie caught a big fish charlie caught

A big fish can’t catch me he can’t catch Me Oh herpe couldn’t catch me i was too Fast good job you can play this at home With your family Now it’s your turn in herbie’s turn okay I’ll try okay Charlie over the ocean charlie over the Ocean Charlie over the sea Charlie over the sea Charlie caught a big fish charlie caught A big fish daddy can’t catch me Good job can’t catch me tag I couldn’t catch you you were too fast And i couldn’t catch hervey Let’s go see my friend freda at playful Literacy to learn more about the letter B Hi everybody welcome to playful literacy My name is freda and i’m going to teach You the letter of the day Today’s letter is b do you know what Sound b makes That’s right the b sound and in my class I like to act out my sounds do you want To act it out with me Okay ready here we go Grab your two hands Clasp them together just like this And now while they’re holding hands We’re going to swing our arms around our Body and make a Sound too here we go

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Nice job that’s how i like to act out my B sound so that i learn it a little bit Easier Now i want to show you how you make the Letter b This is how i make my letter b This is my house And my lowercase letters go inside my House Just like this And my uppercase letters they can go To the top of my house Just like this I make a line And then a bubble And then a belly I make a line And then a bubble And then a belly And if i want to add my lowercase b I make a line And a belly I make a line And a belly I make a line And a belly One of my favorite things to do when i Have my sound of the day Is to see how many words i can come up With with that sound Today’s sound is So let’s see if my pictures have the Sound we’re looking for let’s start with This one

Oh my gosh he’s so cute what is it That’s right guys it’s a bear Bear do you hear the bust sound that We’re looking for [Music] Me too good work Let’s look at my next picture Yummy It’s a popsicle Do you hear the butt sound in popsicle It’s very close but It’s actually kind of soft at the Beginning my lips come together But my voice is not on so it’s a Different sound Popsicle There’s no b in that word let’s put it Over here Now let’s look at this one What is this everyone Ah it’s a book For book do you hear the sound Me too Nice work let’s put it over here Now we have two pictures with our sound Let’s do another one What’s this ocean animal An Octopus Wait a second My lips didn’t come together for octopus Actually my mouth got really big and Open Octopus

That’s not a That’s a different letter let’s put him Over here Oh but this one guys what is the girl Doing She’s riding her bicycle I hear the bug do you That’s right guys that’s at the Beginning of the word nicely done One of my favorite activities to do Is our sensory letters and today we’re Going to make a bee out of buttons now Everybody has a bunch of buttons at Their house somewhere Go and find your buttons I found mine in my kit and i want to Open this up and show you all the things I have inside Oh my gosh look at all of this A lot of things for sewing Sewing is when we put Clothes back together that have holes or Where there’s zippers and snaps have Broken And here i found some buttons Let’s use these for our sensory letter I’m going to make my letter b Here’s my big bubble And my belly Now i’m going to take my glue And make my line And trace my letter You can get your grown up to make you a Bee

And you can use your glue to help trace The bubble And the belly Now i’m going to take all of my buttons And i’m going to put them Starting from the top All the way down my b I’m going to make a button B This is so much fun Look at all of my buttons There are so many kinds And i can put them all around my letter Wow i have big buttons And i have small buttons Look at these tiny little ones Wow We made A button b I had so much fun learning all about the Letter b with you today thanks for Coming to playful literacy bye Okay friends for our sensory activity Today we have kinetic sand It’s gonna be so much fun to play with We’re gonna make sand castles let’s see How many sand castle molds we have One Two Two sand castle molds and that’s the Number of the day Okay so to make the sandcastle we have To put the sand into the mold Put it in

Put it in put it in put it In You’re helping by saying in Put it in put it in put it And good job Thank you for helping Now I’m gonna say ready set and then you say Go the magic word and we’ll see if it Made a sand castle are you ready Yay Ready Set Say go go Oh it works Look what we made A beautiful sand castle So fun Let’s make the other one So we’re gonna put the sand in again Put it in put it in put it in good job We’re gonna fill it up fill it up fill It Up Fill it up fill it up fill it up Okay now we gotta press down ready Set Go Oh another castle It’s so nice i’m gonna trim the edges Trim Trim the edges Wow this is a really cool castle Now how many sand castles do we have

One Two two sand castles yeah Let’s put them on the sand On the sand Fix it a little bit but this one on the Sand Wow Have you ever made a sand castle That’s awesome This sand is really cool you can even Make it into a Let me show you Roll roll roll the sand roll roll Roll the sand roll Roll Roll the sand we are rolling sand Whoa The sand is now a Ball which starts with the letter b Yeah that’s cool right Next i’d like to show you our little Ocean animals so we have an octopus A little sea turtle A crab A sea horse A fish and a star Now look at them very closely because I’m going to play a game with them and I’m going to try and trick you Which animal do you think is hiding in The sand Pika boo I showed you a clue Oh it was the color red hmm do you know

Which one it is Yeah It’s the Let’s take it out the crap Good job I was hiding in the sand Did i trick you You didn’t trick us we knew it was you Who do you think’s hiding in this sand Ball i’ll give you a clue Peekaboo What did that look like Pika boo What do you think it is What a silly octopus There He is You found me I was hiding in the sand did i trick you No you didn’t trick us We knew it was you good job playing the Game who do you think’s hiding in this Sandball Peek-a-boo Who was that Peekaboo It starts with the letter f What do you think It’s a Fish it was a fishy Did i trick you Swim swim swim you didn’t trick us mrs Fish We knew it was you

Thanks for playing swim swim swim bye Bye Hmm i wonder who’s in this sand ball Who’s hiding here’s your clue Boop It’s yellow do you remember what one of Our ocean animals was yellow Hmm It’s the S Starfish Oh You found me I was hiding did you know it was me when You saw the color yellow we did you Didn’t fool a starfish he thinks hiding This ball i’ll give you a clue it begins With the letter t And here’s a little clue we can see him Peeking out Did you see that Did you see that It’s a Turtle oh no it’s stuck Say out and we’ll get him out Oh Thank you so much i was stuck you’re so Nice did you know it was me a turtle We did because we saw the green and we Knew that it started with a t Turtle who do you think’s in our last Ball Oh my she is peeking out Hmm

Well the octopus was blue but we already Found the octopus do you think it’s Another octopus What other animals did we have Hmm Let’s get out a little more and see What we think Out out out Do you recognize this little animal It’s a sea horse wow Hello I’m a seahorse did you know it was me Or did you think it was the octopus We thought it might be an octopus Because it was blue like the octopus but We knew it was you Thank you for finding me Oh she gave us a kiss that’s so nice Swimming away Swimming Bye bye can you say bye bye good job Let’s go see my friends teresa and rowan They’re going to help us count some Seashells One two Three seashells four Five six seashells seven eight Nine seashells now we’ve got it ten What should we pack for the beach can You think of anything Great ideas one of the most important Things is sunscreen yeah we don’t want To get a sunburn we have to wear lots of Sunscreening do you know what this is

Yeah It’s a bathing suit it’s good to wear a Swim shirt with long sleeves so you Don’t get burned by the sun Yeah this is a little Bathing suit Another great thing to bring to the Beach is uh What’s this Yeah It’s a hat Put the hat on Rachel is wearing the hat I like wearing my beach hat Do you know what this is You might use this when you get out of The bath Yeah it’s a towel it’s good to bring Towels to the beach so you can dry off Do you know what these are Sun Glasses Yeah It’s nice to wear sunglasses at the Beach because the sun is so Bright but but bright the sun is so Bright I like bringing snacks to the beach Guess what i packed for the beach Strawberry [Applause] And Blueberries Wow

Blueberries start with the letter of the Day And they’re the color of the day Wow Do you know what this is It’s Water yeah This is another one of the most Important things to bring to the beach Some water so you don’t get dehydrated Yeah you drink a lot of water at the Beach water’s so good for you Maybe you should bring a phone to the Beach This is a toy phone turn it on turn it On turn it On Hi is elmo there Hi elmo What are you doing you’re at the beach Wow Do you know what this is It’s a Bucket What letter do you think bucket starts With but it The letter b Yeah wow You can make sand castles with buckets Some other fun things to bring to the Beach are sand toys like shovels and Rakes yeah it’s fun to dig in the sand Dick dick it’s fun to bring a beach ball

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To the beach to throw and catch and play Games with Can you think of anything else we might Want to bring to the beach let me know I can’t wait to go to the beach i think We’re all packed yay It’s time for art class Today we’re going to make a fish On a pretend fishing pole yeah The first thing you do is cut a fish out Of paper have a grown-up help you with The scissors Now we get to decorate the fish How would you decorate your fish I like to put a little eye And then a smile Happy fish since the color of the day is Blue i’m going to use a blue crayon I think i’ll color this fish with blue Triangles from the shape of the day So fun I like decorating the fish Now i’m going to add some green Green stripes What are you putting on your fish Next we take a piece of string And we’re going to tape it To A popsicle stick get out a piece of tape This is called masking tape And i’m going to tape the string To The popsicle stick Tape it tape it on

[Music] Now i’m going to put some tape On this side and tape the fish Okay let’s put some tape on the Fish Yay we put it on and now the fish Is on a fishing pole We did it we made a fishing pole and a Fish Awesome One two three four five once i caught a Fish alive six seven eight nine ten then I let it go Again why did you let it go because it Bit my finger so Which finger did it bite this little Finger on my right Let’s sing it again let me hear you sing In your nice loud voice One two three four five once i caught a Fish alive six seven eight nine ten then I let it go again why did you let it go Because it bit my finger so which finger Did it bite this little finger on my Right great job Let’s put a band-aid on our finger let’s Pretend Now it feels better Hey friends it’s time for show and tell I would like to show Two babies let’s count them One Two Two

Baby dolls but but Baby begins with b This baby is hungry so we’re going to Feed this baby this baby needs a bath so We’re gonna give this baby a bath are You ready Yay We’re going to give this baby some Broccoli Broccoli starts with b which is our Letter of the day Yeah So we open the broccoli Open And we’re gonna pour it into our little Bowl Pour This is pouring can you say pour help me Pour Pour Good job Now we’re gonna add some water from her Bottle To her bowl So we pour some water in we have to Squeeze this say squeeze Squeeze Squeeze the water [Music] Squeeze Squeeze Now what do we do with this spoon we Um Mix

We mix up her food Mixing food Mixing food Mix mix mix this is the way we mix the Food mix the food mix the food this is The way we mix the food for the baby Okay baby we have your food you’re Having Broccoli which begins with bee can you Say eat you say eat and i’ll feed the Baby eat Oh she’s eating She likes the food You say eat and i’ll feed her more Eat She likes it Say eat Good job baby Good job Thank you for helping me feed the baby Eat [Music] That’s a big bite baby good job The baby is eating Feeding baby Feeding baby food Eat Wow i think the baby is all done all Done all done broccoli all done All done All done I hear her saying all done good job baby Now let’s give her this what is this Called

Water Let’s help the baby take a drink of Water Aw the baby is drinking her water The baby is drinking The baby Had some broccoli and now she’s having Some water I think we’ll have to change her diaper Soon The baby’s all done water Oh We have to change the baby’s diaper So we Pull these And we change the baby’s diaper Oh she did a poo poo Gotta get a nice clean diaper for the Baby Okay let’s put on the nice clean diaper Put it on put it on put it on Good job You’re helping change the baby Oh no the baby is crying What should we do Let’s give the baby a pacifier she’s a Little baby so she still uses a pacifier Put it in put it in put it In [Music] Where where Where where She stopped crying She is happy with her pacifier good job

You helped the baby stop crying She’s crying again hmm what should we do Let’s give her a toy Can you say toy Toy toy Where where Give baby toy Oh she has the toy and she stopped Crying good job What’s this It’s a comb Can you help me comb the baby’s hair Stay calm Stay calm Calm Good job We’re combing the baby’s hair we’re Combing the baby’s hair we’re making the Baby look so nice we’re combing the Baby’s Hair Good job Wait wait wait Oh no The baby is crying again Uh oh can you say uh oh Oh Hmm How about we try a new diaper maybe the Baby needs a fresh dry diaper Put it on put it on put it on can you Stay on Put it on put it on put it on Put it on put it on put it on put it

On Put it on put it on put it on Good job Now the baby’s happy she’s laughing [Music] Uh oh the baby’s crying again What should we do Maybe we should give the baby some Milk can you say that Milk [Music] Milk say milk You said milk and the milk came out good Job Give baby milk Give baby bottle Drinking bottle The baby is drinking a bottle Oh she’s all done All done The milk is gone All done bottle all done [Music] She’s happy now she has a full tummy She’s laughing The baby was playing in the sand and now She’s dirty Uh oh What do we need to do to clean the baby If she’s dirty We need to give her a Bath yeah The baby’s covered in dirt so we need to Give her a

Bath Let’s go get her bath Should the baby wear her clothes in the Bath No So silly We don’t wear clothes in the bath No Can you shake your head no that’s so Silly Off Take clothes off Off Off Take off Now we need to put the baby in the bath Can you say in Put her in put her in put her Oh she’s happy in her bath Now what do we need to wash the baby it Begins with the Sound Water We’re going to pour in some water You stay in and i’ll pour the water in Pour it in pour it in pour it And you said in so i’m pouring the water In She likes the water on her little Toesies She likes the water on her toes She’s laughing she likes the bath Now we have some pretend soap Let’s put it on the baby put it on put

It on put it On Putting the pretend soap on the baby on The baby And in the water Now we take a washcloth And we wash the baby Wash baby Wash baby Wash baby Good job washing the baby Wash baby’s feet Wash baby’s legs Wash baby’s head Wash baby’s hair Wash baby’s ears Wash baby’s arms Wash baby’s hands She likes the water Now i’m gonna rinse off the baby When i rinse off her hair i’ll put my Hand here so we don’t get any soap in Her eyes I like that Yeah It doesn’t hurt Water feels good I like the bath oh the baby likes the Bath Rinse off the baby Rinse her hair Good job baby Rinse off the baby Yay

The baby is getting so clean Now the baby’s all done the bath all Done All done bath all done bath so we’re Gonna take her out Take baby out Okay Let’s get a nice warm towel ready for The baby Oh she doesn’t want to leave the bath It’s okay you’ll have another bath Tomorrow Maybe she’s cold Let’s wrap her in the towel put her in Put her in put her in Wrap her in the towel She feels so warm and happy now Thank you for my bath Oh she’s babbling let’s listen to what She’s trying to say [Music] M Yes you’re a baby Oh you’re so cute i love you baby Give the baby a hug and a kiss So much fun Thank you for helping me give the baby a Bath good job the baby is all clean All clean All done bath Okay friends it’s time to say goodbye But we’ll see you again real soon for Beach episode number two One two

And that episode we’re really gonna go To the beach yay Can you wave goodbye Good job Goodbye friends Goodbye friends Goodbye friends we’ll see you again real Soon Great job today i’m so proud of you you Learned so much you did awesome Bye Always remember You Are wonderful You Are valuable You’re important You’re an amazing kid [Music] You

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.