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Learn about emotions from a real teacher, Ms Rachel! This educational video for kids was written by Ms Rachel and a therapist who has helped so many children handle their big feelings, Ms Rachel’s mom! Parents can trust that Ms Rachel’s preschool learning videos are backed by research, experience and created by professionals! 

The most important skill for kids to have when entering Kindergarten is the ability to regulate their emotions. This skill will help your child be happy and successful in school and form positive relationships. It even helps them succeed academically! 

In this “E for Emotions” special, your child will learn how to identify emotions and how to handle really big feelings! Research shows that we should validate how children feel and help them understand that it’s ok to feel emotions! We just need to express them in positive and appropriate ways. It also includes examples for how to handle a child throwing a toy or hitting and how the child can manage these impulses. This is the best toddler learning video for teaching children and their parents how to manage emotions. 

”Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

This educational video for toddlers and kids will teach about the following emotions and feelings: happy, sad, mad, frustrated, surprised, scared, silly and excited. This comprehensive special also shows common examples of when children feel difficult feelings. The techniques Ms Rachel shows to help children with these feelings can help children of all ages and even adults watching with their little ones! We will also show how to help a friend when they are feeling big feelings. Empathy is also so important to teach preschoolers. 

Ms Rachel and her mom include ideas at the bottom of the screen to help parents in their every day lives with teaching emotional knowledge, emotional regulation and emotional expression. Ms Rachel also shares learning standards for pre-school in the social emotional and academic areas. Children will learn about the letter E and the sound that it makes, recognizing rhymes, counting, colors, shapes and more! You will love this preschool learning video.

If a very young toddler is having a tantrum we can help with distraction and redirection, but it’s also wonderful to share these tools for regulating our emotions that will set us up for success in the future! 

Your child will also learn important preschool skills in every “Preschool for Littles” special, such as counting, letters and letter sounds, colors, numbers, recognizing rhymes and WH questions (Who, What, When Where, Why, How) We also show the ABCs (Alphabet Song) and how to count from 1-20. The show also includes affirmations for kids, which are a wonderful way to build confidence and self-esteem. 

As always, we include many fun kids songs and nursery rhymes and original kids songs. In this episode you’ll hear: 

Preschool for Littles Theme Song by Ms Rachel & Mr Aron 
Mr Golden Sun 
Happy Song – I’m So Happy by Ms Rachel & Mr Aron 
Looby Loo – Here We Go Looby Loo 
Row Row Row Your Boat
Banana, I Feel Surprised 
Peel Bananas Rhyme 
Emotions Finger Family 
We’re Waving 
It’s Ok To Cry by Jules 
Freeze Dance 
Stop Breathe Slowly by Aron 
ABCS – The Alphabet Song – ABC Song
Crabby Crab – By Jules
Big Feelings Affirmations – By Rachel & Aron 
The More We Get Together
If You Should Meet an Elephant 
Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock 
Counting 1- 20 Song – By Aron 
Walking, Walking 

The special includes two books, which are read alouds, “Breathe Slow and Steady, Teddy” and “Sam Feels Sad At School.” Your child will love the movement songs for toddlers and dance songs for toddlers we include. They will be definitely be moving and singing along! This video is wonderful for toddlers, kids, preschoolers, kindergartners and older children. This is our Preschool for Littles E special! We hope you enjoy this special songs for littles movie. We hope we help your child understand emotions and feelings. 

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Hi friends hi welcome to class today We’re going to learn all about our Emotions And the letter e Right now i feel happy because you’re Here to learn with us i’m happy too Let’s sing our welcome song yeah Hello hello How are you Hello hello we’re so happy to see you [Music] What does happy look like Yeah big smile You have a wonderful smile you do How do you think this little girl feels Um she’s happy Yes she’s happy yeah she’s happy she has A beautiful Smile that’s what i thought yeah What makes you happy Wow Yeah herpes you know what makes me happy What friends family and beings Beans that’s great herbie yeah that’s What i thought of Singing makes me happy oh makes me happy Too then let’s sing a song together yeah For this song let’s pretend we’re Feeling a little sad can you make a sad Face oh yeah i’m so sad Why are we sad because it’s raining and We want to play outside [Music] But then the sun comes out and we’re

Happy again yeah feelings change yeah Feelings change can you sing it with us And dance with us Oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun Please shine down on me Oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun Hiding behind a tree These little children are asking you to Please come out so we can play with you Oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun Please shine down on me [Music] So [Music] Please shine down on me Oh mr sun Sun Mr golden sun Hiding behind a tree These little children are asking you to Please come out so we can play with you Oh mr sun Sun Mister golden sun Please shine Down on please [Music] Hi miss rachel tell me about what you’re

Building i’m building the tallest tower In the world With seven floors Wow I’m gonna check back in with you and see How tall it’s getting soon okay Hey bingo be careful Watch out Oops oh no My tower Herbie It’s okay to be mad but we need to use Our words not our hands you can say i’m So mad i’m so mad i hear that you’re mad And your tower got knocked down and it’s Okay to be mad But let’s try to stop breathe And make a smart choice Okay let’s stop stop now let’s breathe Let’s breathe I’m still mad okay let’s look at your Choice chart and see if there’s a smart Choice you want to choose What do you think um I like counting okay how about counting To ten okay let’s do it okay One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

Nine nine Ten Wow you made a smart choice and you Handled a big feeling i’m so proud of You Miss rachel yeah will you help me build The tower again I will we’ll make it the tallest tower Ever yeah we’ll make it better this time Let’s build the tallest tower In the world [Music] Why are the girls happy Yeah They’re having fun on the swings Together I’m so happy yeah i’m so happy jump clap I’m so happy today jump clap spin stomp Stomp hey i’m so happy jump i’m so happy And nothing’s gonna bring me down today I can sing and dance i can hang out with My friends i can draw a picture of the Sky I can spin [Music] [Music] I’m so happy and nothing’s gonna [Music] I’ll have hot chocolate to drink It’s okay i can get back again My joy isn’t the way i choose [Music] [Music] Nothing’s gonna bring me down i’m so

Happy [Music] I’m so happy So happy I’m [Music] I’m so happy [Music] What does matt look like Can you make a mad face Whoa Here’s my mad face When you feel mad you might feel tense And you might feel like you want to yell You might feel red and hot You might feel like a volcano that wants To erupt Mad can be a difficult feeling But if we have tools to handle it we’ll Be okay [Music] Tell me about this picture Yeah it’s a little girl with yellow bows In her hair Hmm Her arms are crossed like this and her Eyebrows are like this She’s not smiling I think she feels Mad yeah i think she feels mad but She’ll feel better soon Feelings come and feelings go [Music] Why are these children mad

Yeah They both want the same book hmm Maybe they could take turns or share the Book these boys are sharing a basketball That’s nice [Music] Wow No he did it yeah It’s even taller than it was before it’s So tall yeah i feel happy wow I feel happy too you were mad and now You feel happy feelings change yeah Feelings change great job let’s knock it Down now That’s so silly herbie yeah Mystery letter mystery letter mystery Letter what’s it gonna be Mystery letter mystery letter learning Our letters from a to z to figure out The letter of the day we need your help [Music] We have to look at our two clues we have To look at the clues What’s that Yeah it’s an egg yummy what’s that A cow That’s not a cow can you help hervey no What’s that oh oh It’s an elephant Yeah It’s an elephant E Egg E

Elephant Let’s sing our e song and see if it Sounds like f [Music] [Applause] [Music] So what’s the letter of the day what is It Yeah E You said e and the e came out wow Let’s put it on our board great job M A egg Elephant elephant start with e Yay [Music] Miss rachel yeah how do elephants talk To each other hmm i don’t know On the elephone That’s so silly [Music] [Applause] Potato Happy Potato Potato Worried Potato frustrated Potatoes Potatoes scared Potato excited Potato [Applause]

[Music] Here we go Here we All on a saturday night You put your right hand in You put your right hand down you give Your hand a shake [Music] Saturday night You put your left hand in you put your Left hand out You give your hand a shake shake shake And turn yourself about Here we go loopy blue Here we go lube light Here we go All on a saturday night You put your right foot in You put your right foot out you give Your foot the shake shake shake and turn Yourself about Here we go [Music] [Music] Saturday night you put [Music] [Music] Here [Music] Give yourself a shake shake shake and Turn yourself about Here we go Here we go looby light Here we

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Go on a saturday night Can you pretend to smell flowers They smell so nice good job Now let’s pretend to blow out candles You did it you blew out all the candles This trick can help us take deep breaths Let’s try it [Music] Smell the flowers Blow out the candles Smell the flowers Blow out the candles We did it we took deep breaths together Try this with me put your hands on your Belly and try and do a belly breath make Your hands go out It’s time for a special book about belly Breaths Breathe slow and steady teddy by rachel Accurso and zanna ford lcsw Teddy is feeling mad because his block Tower fell down Breathe slow and steady teddy Everything’s okay Take a belly breath Now what do you say I feel better I can ask my daddy to help me build it Again Teddy is feeling sad because he misses His mom Breathe slow and steady teddy Everything’s okay Take a belly breath now what do you say

I feel better i’ll see her soon I can make her a picture Teddy is feeling afraid because he Doesn’t like the dark Breathe slow and steady teddy Everything’s okay Take a belly breath Now what do you say I feel better I can ask for my night light When i take a deep breath my brain works Better when i’m calm i can figure out What i need Taking deep breaths helps me can you try It put a stuffed animal on your belly And make it rise great job The End [Music] Hey herbie guess what it’s time for oh What’s time for the rhyme of the day hey It’s time for the time of the day And i need your help okay You help us If the words rhyme jump Okay i’m ready okay let me try okay i’m Ready Mad and elevator No those don’t rhyme they don’t sound The same at the end oh Right How about mad and happy No jumping those don’t sound the same at The end oh it doesn’t rhyme no but it’s

Okay to make mistakes oh okay i’ll try Again okay let’s try again how about mad And sad Yeah That’s the rhyme of the day [Music] That was so much fun Mad and sad rhyme they sound the same at The end they’re the rhyme of the day oh Miss rachel yeah i have one okay great Cat and matt Those rhymes [Music] Why is this boy scared Yeah he’s scared of the thunderstorm he Can say it’s too loud Hmm i wonder what could make him feel Better Maybe he could wear headphones and then He could hear music instead of the Thunderstorm [Music] What does scared look like can you make A scared face Whoa you look scared i feel scared Because i don’t know what’s under that Blanket Can you help me look Let’s count to three One Two Three Oh It’s just a puppy

I’m not scared anymore Let’s look at another picture Hmm Her eyebrows look kind of like this And her hands are up like this She looks Scared yes she looks scared What should she Do yeah maybe she can tell a grown-up And they could help her feel better Miss natalie yes i’m afraid to go to Sleep wait i think there’s a monster in My closet herbie there’s no monster in Your closet there isn’t no Can you look for me yes let’s look okay You look okay okay See No monster oh There’s no monster no I’m still a little afraid though what Makes you feel safe and comfy hmm Well My bunny Okay Here’s your bunny And my nightlight okay i’ll turn on your Nightlight for you Miss natalie yes sir I’m still scared to go to sleep When i’m scared i like to think of Things that make me feel happy oh what Makes you feel happy i like going down Slides yes i love playing outside yeah And i like playing with swings too of

Course the speed you can get and i liked Playing with friends yeah my friends Make me happy Like you oh Thanks herbie i feel safe and cozy now Good Good night Goodnight herby Row row row your boat get out your Paddles row row row your boat gently Down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is But a dream This time let’s pretend we see a Crocodile Row row row your boat gently down the Stream If you see a crocodile don’t forget to Scream Ah [Music] The number of the day is Five good job Let’s count five happy faces One Two Three Four Five five happy faces Yay On each hand we also have five Fingers good job Let’s count them together One two

Three Four Five Great work the number of the day is five [Music] So happy Okay All right Hi mr angelo oh hi herbie who was that On the phone oh that was my pizza my Cousin in the philippines you’re Pin sun that’s right pinson means cousin Wow and you heard me say goodbye too can You say That’s right and you just said goodbye In my language called tagalog Tagalog is the native language of the Philippines where i’m from Oh so you’ve been there before actually I was born there you were born there What was that could i go to the Philippines yes do you like warm beaches And awesome food yeah i like warm Beaches awesome food i like lots of Things i think you’re gonna really like It there then okay let’s go You’ll need a tour guide [Music] Why is this mommy surprised Her little boy gave her a cake yeah She didn’t know he was gonna bring her a Cake It was unexpected she’s surprised what Does surprise to look like

[Music] [Applause] I like your surprised face Yeah maybe your eyebrows go up And your eyes are wide open Maybe your mouth is Open Surprised Good job How do you think this little boy feels Yeah his eyebrows are up his eyes are Wide his mouth is open he feels Surprised You surprised us I feel surprised I feel surprised herbie is a silly goose Orange i feel surprised Orange you glad i didn’t say Banana hairy me Can you hide behind something like herby And pop out And say surprise it’s fun Surprise good job Oh murphy Can you pretend to be a banana with me Go like this and pretend you’re a banana Wow Okay are you ready [Music] Bananas you Night Peel bananas peel peel bananas peel Bananas peel peel bananas chop bananas Chop chop bananas chop bananas chop chop

Bananas mash bananas mash mashed bananas Mash bananas mash mashed bananas eat Bananas eat eat bananas eat bananas eat Eat bananas Go Bananas [Music] That was so fun great job [Music] The color of the day is Yellow Good job Can you find something yellow At your house I’ll give you 10 seconds find something Yellow ten Nine eight seven Six five Four three Two One [Music] Did you find something yellow show me Wow I like it Now can you help me find something Yellow in this picture Yes the bananas are yellow what else is Yellow Uh-huh the school bus is yellow There’s one more thing do you see it Yeah the sun is yellow Great job It’s the emotions finger family

[Music] Happy finger happy finger where are you Here i am here i am how do you do I’m so happy Sad finger sad finger where are you Here i am here i am how do you do [Laughter] Silly finger silly finger where Are you Here i am here i am how do you do Mad finger mad finger where are you Here i am here i am how do you do Excited finger excited finger where are You Here i am here i am how do you do All the fingers all the fingers where Are you Here i am here i am how do you do So happy Bye bye Why is the little boy sad Yeah He wants to play baseball but it’s Raining [Music] What does sad look like can you make a Sad face Oh Yeah When we feel sad We might have a Frown and we might be Crying can you pretend to cry Where

Where Your body might be Hunched over or curled up in a ball What do you notice about this picture Yeah The little boy is sad he has a Frown and he’s Crying How could we help him feel better Hmm Maybe saying it’s okay Maybe patting his back Or Getting a grown-up to help It’s nice when we can help our friends Feel better that’s being a good friend We can also say what’s wrong [Music] And maybe We can Help Yeah you’re a great helper [Music] We’re waving we’re waving we’re waving Waving waving we’re weaving we’re waving We’re waving now we stop Did you stop good jump let’s try Clapping We’re clapping we’re clapping we’re Clapping clapping clapping we’re Clapping we’re clapping we’re clapping Now we stop Let’s try twisting We’re twisting we’re twisting we’re

Twisting twisting twisting we’re Twisting we’re twisting we’re twisting Now we stop Good job Hmm should we try jumping Let’s do it We’re jumping we’re jumping we’re Jumping jumping jumping we’re jumping We’re jumping we’re jumping now we saw That was so much fun great job Let’s read a book about another boy who Feels sad hmm I wonder what he’ll do to feel better [Music] Sam feels sad at school Sam is at school Sam feels sad he misses his mommy and Daddy He tells his teacher miss smith i feel Sad i miss my mommy and daddy Miss smith says your mommy and daddy Will come back to pick you up she sings A little song Your mommy’s coming back your mommy’s Coming back you’ll play and have a super Day then mommy’s coming back your Daddy’s coming back your daddy’s coming Back you’ll play and have a super dave And daddy’s coming back Hmm Do you think sam feels better No look at his face he still looks sad Let’s keep reading Sam still feels sad he wants his mommy

And daddy here now Miss smith brings over a special poster It has all kinds of ideas for what to do When you’re feeling sad Let’s look at the poster and read it When i’m sad i can look at my family Picture Hold a stuffed animal take a deep breath Draw a picture Ask for a hug Read a book look at our schedule Play with a friend Sing a song What do you think sam will choose Let’s keep reading and see sam loves to Draw maybe drawing a picture will help Him feel better He draws a picture of himself and his Mommy and daddy holding hands Sam starts to smile He has an idea he will give his mommy And daddy the special picture Miss smith gives sam an envelope to put The picture in sam feels happy again Oh look he wrote dad me mom that’s a Nice picture Sam has a great day playing with blocks Eating snack and dressing up like a fire Fighter Wow school is fun hmm what do you think Will happen next Oh look what happened what do you see Yeah his mommy and daddy came back let’s Keep reading

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Soon sam’s mom and dad come to the door They are here to pick him up He gives his mommy and daddy a big hug And says i was sad and i missed you but Then i had fun at school The end What did sam do to feel better Yes he drew a picture of his family And his mommy and daddy came back to Pick him up Just like the people who love you always Come back to pick you up [Music] Herbie what’s wrong hi jules i wanted to Play blocks with georgie But he’s busy today Wow it looks like you’re feeling sad Yeah i am sad but i’m not crying [Music] Earlier today i was crying You were Today i woke up feeling kind of sad oh And before i knew it A storm was brewing And raindrops started falling from my Eyes oh yeah But i know that i’ll feel better soon i Always do cause it’s okay to cry And it feels good to cry It’s okay Yeah i know that i’ll feel better soon i Always do cause it’s okay to cry it’s Okay sometimes to cry sometimes when i Cry i wanna hug me too

But sometimes when i cry i don’t want to Be touched so i appreciate you asking i Appreciate you letting me take my time Cause it’s okay to cry And it feels good to cry Yeah i know that i’ll feel better soon And i always do cause it’s okay [Music] It’s okay to feel sad and it’s okay to Cry We all feel sad sometimes but it doesn’t Last forever Feelings change and we can do something To feel better like when sam drew a Picture What makes you feel better when you feel Sad I like to talk about how i feel and get A hug from someone i love Hey herbie yeah let’s do a little freeze Dance okay let’s do it can you dance With us yeah let’s dance and dance Freeze Dance [Music] That was so fun it was funny you did a Funny pose when you froze yeah i did you Know when we dance And freeze It’s just like when we get mad we can Stop Breathe and make a smart choice yeah we Can always freeze and stop when we’re Mad yeah and we can dance if we’re mad

Too you know that might help sometimes Exercise running or dancing really helps When you’re mad let’s dance right now Yeah Please Now let’s run [Music] Freeze I’m really happy having fun with you Herbie [Music] Why are these children excited Yeah They’re excited to go on the water slide [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hi friends My name is erin [Music] I’m hard of hearing and i have two Hearing aids Today i’m going to show you sign Language [Applause] Let’s try signing the emotions together Ready let’s go This is the sign for happy

Happy When i hang out with my friends I feel happy Happy Miss rachel Remind me What do i do when i’m feeling mad Stop breathe slowly In and out Stop breathe slowly there’s no need to Shout you can make a smart choice Feelings come and go You’ll feel better soon Start by breathing Oh yeah [Music] Is the little boy frustrated Yeah he put his shirt on backwards it Can be hard to get dressed all by Yourself maybe he can ask for a little Help What does frustrated look like Oh you look frustrated This is how i look when i’m frustrated Sometimes we feel frustrated when we Want to do something but we can’t do it I feel frustrated because I can’t reach this apple and i really Want it Hmm I need to stop take a deep breath and Make a smart choice Okay first i stop Then i take a deep breath

I’m starting to feel better hmm now i Need to make a smart choice The smart choice i’m going to make is I’m going to ask for some help Can i get some help with this apple Please Oh Thank you a ladder I climbed the pretend ladder Can you help me climb pretend to climb a Ladder And now i can reach the apple Pick the apple with me We did it can you pretend to take a bite [Music] Yummy apple I’m so glad i asked for help let’s Practice asking for help I Need Help Or I Want Help please Help Tell me about this picture Yeah His arms are up like this And his teeth are clenched His mouth looks like this He feels Frustrated He feels frustrated i’m so frustrated i

Need help A b c d e f g H i j k l m n o p Q r s T u v W X Y and z Now i know my abc’s Next time won’t you sing with me [Music] Georgie you sound frustrated i’m so Frustrated i can’t get this open I hear that you’re frustrated because You can’t get it open It’s okay to be frustrated But Let’s stop Breathe And make a smart choice okay I’ll stop Breathe And make a smart choice My smart choice is I want help from a grown-up great choice How could i help you you could hold it While i open the latch Yeah i’ll hold the box steady while you Open it yeah you thought of a solution [Music] Okay georgie i’m holding it steady for You okay here it goes You did it you did it wow you thought of A solution yeah now let’s see what’s

Inside oh yeah let’s see what color is That Yeah it’s yellow Should we see what’s inside yeah let’s See what’s inside okay say open Open [Music] Wow What’s that Yeah it’s yellow corn yeah corn is Yellow let’s see what else is inside Do you know what this is Sometimes you put it on a sandwich Or eat it with a cracker it’s little Cheese yeah it’s cheese yellow cheese [Music] Let’s see what’s next What’s that Yeah it’s a crayon yeah what do we do With crayons Yeah we draw with them miss rachel i Like to draw oh wow You know we can make a sun with a yellow Crayon that’s such a good idea It makes me happy to think about a Yellow sun oh That’s great georgie Let’s see what else we have here what’s This Oh it’s a comb with a duck on it yeah It’s a little yellow comb What do we do with the comb We brush our hair Good job georgie

Okay okay let’s see what else is inside I’m actually feeling frustrated now Because i can’t get this out i feel Frustrated miss rachel uh-huh you could Take a deep breath good idea I feel better Maybe i’ll turn it and it will be easier To get out I did it Wow It’s a little yellow Duck duck Squeak squeak mr Wow what do all of our objects have in Common Yeah georgie They’re all yellow yeah they’re all Yellow good job and they all make me Feel happy That’s great Now let’s count them okay one Two Three Four Five Wow and five is the number of the day This is the sign for frustrated Frustrated If i don’t understand something and i Can’t figure it out I feel frustrated Frustrated Will you pretend to be a crab with me Okay

Let’s try it I’m in a very bad mood I’m feeling like a crab A crabby crab I’m in a terrible mood I don’t know what to do I’m such a crab A crabby crab So i’ll put one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like a Crabby crab one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like the Crabby crabs do [Music] In my kratty crab mood I have to walk it through And breathe And i know i’ll feel better soon Pretending i’m a crab In the ocean blue Yes i’ll put one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like a Crabby crab one hand back One leg back Do it again now i’m walking like the Crabby crabs do Wow i feel so much better [Music] Let’s keep walking One hand back one leg back Do it again now we’re walking like the

Crabby crabs one hand back One leg Do it again now we’re walking like the Crabby crabs do Walking like crabby crabs do I feel so much better Hi friends i’m miss rachel’s mom nana Zana I’m here today to talk about emotions Did you know that your emotions can be Very small Or they can be very big Like today i’m happy because i’m here With miss rachel’s friends But if papa tim came in and brought me a Surprise There’s anna here’s a surprise for you Well then my happy gets even bigger And then if i opened up the box And i saw the papa tim i’ve got my Favorite chocolate cupcake well then my Happy would get really really big Because i love chocolate cupcakes But then what do you think would happen If i dropped that cupcake Then i would get mad And you have to be careful not to let Your mad get too big Let me show you So if i got mad and i dropped that Cupcake And i said oh no i dropped my cupcake [Music] And then i start to get mad

And i keep thinking about that cupcake i Am so mad i really wanted to eat that Cupcake [Music] Then my mat gets a little bigger And then i stamp my feet and think I really wanted that cupcake [Music] And now it’s all dirty and i can’t eat It And then your mat gets bigger and bigger And if you’re not Careful that mat could get so big that It would pop So then we have to try and get that mat Smaller Can you think of ways to get your mat Smaller Take a breath that’s a good idea let’s Try that It’s working the mat got smaller Any other ideas Count to five ah One Two Three Four Five The man got smaller again Does anybody else have any ideas Think happy thoughts i like that let’s Try that It was a really nice apoppa tim to bring Me a cupcake he loves me so much and i

Love him and i love surprises and i’ll Have another surprise Look now the mad’s all gone it worked We took a breath we counted to five And we had happy thoughts and then we Made our mad smaller and smaller that’s A good idea So you remember that If you’re mad gets too big Take a breath Count to five and think happy thoughts Everybody [Music] Look friends it’s the big feelings Pineapple Can you say hi pineapple hi pineapple Hi friends How do you think pineapple is feeling Yeah i see a Smile I think pineapple’s feeling Happy [Music] Yes i am happy I’m happy because i’m here with my Friends [Music] Guess what it’s time for Our magic movie We all have emotions Some emotions are happy Sad Mad Scared

[Music] Surprised And frustrated [Music] It’s okay to have big feelings it’s Normal but we need to have tools that Help us handle our big feelings What helps you feel better when you have Big feelings Some people feel better when they take a Deep breath Ask for a break Drink water Exercise Play with a sensory toy Ask a grown-up for help Talk about their feelings Get a big hug How do you feel right now I feel happy because i’m spending time With you [Music] Let’s do some big feelings affirmations Together I can stop I can take a deep breath I can make a smart choice It’s no big deal I can do this [Music] I can handle challenges I can do hard things It’s just a small problem [Music]

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Feelings come and feelings go [Music] I can ask for help [Music] I’ll feel better soon [Music] Everything will be okay [Music] I’m okay Yay you did it great job This is the sign for sad Sad When i fall and hurt myself I feel sad Sad The shape of the day is uh Hard good job Let’s try and make our own heart [Music] When i was a little girl my mom nana Zana taught me how to make a heart You take a piece of paper Fold it Like this Then You draw This shape Oh wow that doesn’t look like a heart Yet [Music] We have to use scissors remember only Use scissors with a grown-up’s help [Music] Okay i cut it out

But it still doesn’t look like a heart Can you help me say open And maybe it will open and turn into a Heart Say open Open We need to say it louder say open Open Wow It’s a heart wonderful A heart can represent love Love is when you really really really Care about somebody you want to make Them happy And you want to keep them safe you love Them i love you and your grown-ups love You so much Hmm i think i’ll decorate my heart with Some feelings faces Oops i messed up a little bit i wanted To do a circle i feel frustrated And mad Oh i need to take a deep breath I feel better Maybe i could make a smart choice Hmm I think the smart choice is Figuring out how to change it into Something else oh Like i made a circle now and maybe i’ll Make this a hat That’s pretty cool And then i’ll make a happy face Oh

I like how that turned out Happy Now i think i’ll make a sad face Two eyes And a frown Aw And maybe a tear Because sometimes when you’re sad you Cry Scared [Music] Surprised I like my heart I’m so happy now I’m happy that i made something it feels Good to make things I’m happy [Music] The more we get together together Together the more we get together the Happier we’ll be Cause your friends are my friends and my Friends are your friends the more we get Together the happier we’ll be The more we get together together Together the more we get together the Happier we’ll be Cause your friends are my friends and my Friends are your friends the more we get Together the happier we’ll be [Music] That’s so silly how do you think Pineapple’s feeling now [Music]

I feel so silly i feel so silly [Music] Yeah i feel so silly today [Music] That’s such a silly dance pineapple Yeah i feel silly Wow If you get a little too silly Sometimes you might need to stop and Take a deep breath even though it’s Really fun to be silly Yeah i feel better Still silly but not too silly Can you make a silly face So it’s silly [Music] This is the sign for surprised Surprised If someone gives me a gift i feel Surprised Surprised If you should need an elephant upon a Summer’s day What would you do And what would you say Say good morning elephant How do you do Lovely morning elephant now may i dance With you Trot [Music] [Music] Miss rachel yeah i thought of more Things that make me happy wow great

Black beans Kidney beans soy beans garbanzo beans Baby beans flava beans cali beans pinto Beans Counting beans playing with beans Drawing beans Yeah that’s silly herby beans are fun Can you pretend to be a clock with me Tick tock tick tock i’m a little cuckoo Cluck tick tock tick tock now i’m Striking one o’clock Cuckoo [Music] Tick tock tick tock i’m a little cuckoo Cluck tick tock tick tock now i’m Striking two o’clock [Music] [Music] Tick tock tick tock i’m a little cuckoo Clock tick tock tick tock now i’m Striking three o’clock [Music] Great job Hi everyone welcome back to playful Literacy i’m so happy you could make it Today we’re learning all about the Letter e And e says Here’s my letter e This is what it looks like he is one of Our vowels A E I

O and u And that’s our second vowel e says ah Can you put your fingers around your Mouth like me eh good word do you want To play a game with me Let’s play what could it be I’ll describe it you guess it ready here We go it’s something small And white and oval You eat it during breakfast And it has a yellow inside Can you guess what it is that’s right an Egg egg starts with Egg Good work Let’s play again What could it be This one’s tricky it’s an animal That’s gray it has a tail and a trunk What could it be That’s right an elephant good work Friend Hmm how do you think pineapple’s feeling Now [Music] Yeah i think pineapple might be mad too [Music] Pineapple can you use your words I’m so mad It’s okay to be mad But Maybe we can help you feel better I feel a little better after taking a Deep breath

Good [Music] Maybe we can help you if you tell us why You’re mad [Music] I’m mad because doggy took my ball Good job telling us why you’re mad Hmm how do you think we could help you Could you tell doggie that that’s my Ball Yes that’s a good idea You took a deep breath you felt more Calm And then you were able to tell us how to Help Hey doggie That’s pineapple special pink ball can i Get you a different ball Sure Oh Yay thank you so much for understanding Let me get you a different ball Here’s a different ball you can use Thank you um actually i have an idea of How i could feel better How I could play ball with doggy That’s such a great idea sharing makes Us feel good and playing with friends Makes us feel good yay Oh wow Your frown is starting to turn into a Smile Yay

Sharing makes us happy And talking about our feelings makes us Feel better Now i’m happy too Yay Sharing is fun And playing ball is very fun That’s so fun Happy friends yay Doggy’s clapping Everyone’s so happy now [Music] This is the sign for mad Mad If someone takes my toy I feel mad Mad here are some other tricks that can Help us with deep breaths [Music] We can do breaths with our five fingers [Music] Good job We can also do alligator breaths be an Alligator with me [Music] Great work ready to learn how to write The letter e [Music] Now take your red marker and make a dot In between your dashed line and your Bottom line that’s where we’re going to Begin our e Make sure you think about an e like a Cinnamon swirl

We’re going to go Make a small line across and around Small line across and around Let’s try to make that e A lowercase e with our pencil All the way across Small line out and around Nice job now let’s see if we can make Our e In rainbow sand salt are you ready let’s Go [Music] One Two Three Four Five Six [Music] Seven Eight [Music] Nine 10 11 12 13 14 15. 16 17 18 19 [Music] 20. hey

Where are all of my confident kids Wave your hands high so i can see you Today We are going to learn an important Emotion Called confidence With my very confident friend [Music] Odie the coder [Applause] A confident person Walks with their head held high They were a smile on the inside And the outside Confidence means believing in yourself It means your inner voice is always Saying You can do it You are your own cheerleader Go me Go me Here i go Say it with me Go me Go v Here i go I am confident Wow Look at all of my confident new friends [Music] This is the sign for scared [Music] Scared When i get lost

I feel scared Scared [Music] Oh I wonder how pineapples feeling now Pineapple is shaking a little bit Yeah i think pineapple might be scared Too let’s see if we can help Pineapple What’s wrong Oi I’m scared of the noise Boom It’s kind of too loud Oh i’m scared I hear that you’re feeling scared it’s Okay to feel scared But let’s see if we can help you Taking a deep breath might help Boom I still feel scared i’m scared of that Noise Oh that noise outside Yeah It’s just a loud truck passing by It’s just a truck Yeah Loud sounds are no big deal they can’t Hurt us Okay Can you think of any way we could help You with a loud sound Um Well i feel a little better now that i

Know it’s no big deal and it can’t hurt Me Good Um Maybe we could put on some music Yeah if we put on some music it won’t be As loud Thanks or i could also wear headphones That’s a good idea [Music] When you take a deep breath you get so Many good ideas because your brain is Calm Your brain works the best when it’s calm And it can figure out what you need to Do to feel better Oh okay Let’s put on the music We put on the music and i think Pineapple’s starting to feel better [Music] I am starting to feel better Loud sounds are no big deal yeah and it Wasn’t a big problem it was just a Little problem just a little problem A little problem that we could solve With some music Yay I feel happy I like music Walking walking walking walking hop hop Hop Hop hop hop Running running running running running

Running now we stop Now we stop Yeah that’s it Okay let’s try to tiptoe are you ready Tip toe tip toe tip toe Running running running running running Running now we stop Now we stop Wow y’all are so good at this Okay Let’s try marching are you ready Marching marching marching marching hop Hop hop Hop hop hop Running running running running running Running now we stop Now we stop Y’all did so good Do you think we could go a little bit Faster Okay let’s try it Walking walking walking walking hop hop Hop Hop hop hop Running running running running running [Music] Running running running running running Running now we stop now we stop marching Marching marching marching hop hop hop Hop hop hop running running running Running running running now we stop Now we stop Wow Y’all did so good

Awesome job at following directions okay Bye-bye Wow i’m so proud of you for learning all About emotions today You learn the names of different Emotions and you learned how to handle Really big feelings You also learn that feelings change they Come and go and if you feel upset you’ll Be okay again You are so smart wonderful and important You’re an amazing kid Let’s learn together again soon Bye friends bye everybody [Music] You

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.