A Very BIG Fall 🍁 Fall for Kids Read Aloud

A Very Big Fall 🍁 Fall / Autumn for Kids Read Aloud… Life as a leaf is pretty sweet until the winds of change start to blow! Suddenly, adventurous Birch, nervous Oak, and grumpy Maple are changing colors, and the squirrels are telling stories. KidTime StoryTime is there for the Fall… which could spell the end OR a whole new beginning!

Published by Clarion Books/Harper Collins and written/illustrated by Emmy Kastner, who lives in Michigan where the fall leaves are amazing!




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0:00 A Very Big Fall
1:30 Read aloud start
10:15 Happy Fall


Hey Kid! Welcome to…. RED BEAR YELLS! Okay. I don’t know what just happened— PINK BEAR YELLS! Uh… FARRAH FOX YELLS I’M FALLING Wait a minute. Are you all— Ayyy-ya-yayyyy!!!!! Okay. I’m just gonna wait— Oh! OOHLALA! Okay,I think I see what’s happening. OOOH LA LA! MON DIEU! Olivia the Ostrich Yells! I’m falling!!! Ohhhh! Don’t stop me! I cannot be stopped! Oh my! Oh my! This has never happened to me before! What a gust of wind! I’m falling! I’m falling! 
I’m falling! I’m falling! Okay, I think they’re done now. BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK Et tu, Random Rooster? All right, I think we got the idea because we’re 
about to experience A Very Big Fall! STORYTELLER YELLS! Kidding! I’m not gonna fall. 
I don’t think. I don’t think. All right, let’s take a little peek behind—   There we go! It’s a different cover 
completely from the paper cover. Remember, Kid: Hot Tip – 
always look under the cover. This book belongs to you and 
me and the KidTime family,   And we are going to a beautiful 
but apparently very windy place. I hope I put on enough hairspray. Let’s get in here, see what’s going on with this very big fall. All the leaves had ever known was the sway 
and stretch and green of the trees Then one day, the wind blew a little bit colder.  

Oh yeah, good hoodie weather. And the leaves 
knew so something different was in the air I am loving these crisp breezes, Birch 
said. Is this what flying feels like? Everything is perfect. I don’t 
want anything to change, said Oak. No fair, said Maple. Oh Maple is… 
okay. Those trees have apples.   I want apples. I mean who doesn’t want an apple, Maple? You know this is just the 
beginning, a squirrel chirped.   Fall, said another squirrel. Birch was 
curious. Oh? The beginning of what? Fall!? The leaves agreed that that was a 
silly name for colder weather.   I mean, when you think about it, that’s 
why you can also use autumn. It happens every year, the first squirrel 
explained. You’ll start changing colors soon and then Wha-wha-wha-wha-what? We change colors? WooHoo! Birch said, ready for the adventure. But green is a very nice color to be, said Oak, 
who likes just exactly how things are right now. Oh squirrels think they know everything, 
Maple rolled her eyes. Maple… she’s saucy. Although the squirrels had been right about, well, rain.  Rain. And cats. Cats. And tree houses. 
Maybe they were right about this, too. Hmm, what could be in store 
for the leaves this fall? Turns out – oh look at that! – Oak loved being yellow! Look at that. The transformation has happened. Oak was perfectly content being 
green because it was a very nice color to be But then BOOM! Gorgeous. And Birch was quite impressed with her bold new hue. Look at that! Birch is a redhead, y’all. But change wasn’t quick for everyone. O…Maple! Maple thought Birch looked nice and orange but was jealous of Oak’s yellow. That was her favorite color. She was certain that at any moment 
she, too, would turn a Sunny Shade of… NOPE. Still green. Uh-oh. She had to keep waiting her turn. Okay so how 
do we spend our time? All right okay let’s see… A little little stretching – that’s always 
good – little little leaf yoga. And a little lying down looking up at the clouds in 
the sky. What patterns are up there? That’s a good way to spend 
some time. And then what else? Oh reading a KidTime StoryTime. Is there a 
better way to spend time? I don’t think so! Or listening to some beats. STORYTELLER JAMS I keep on falling… 
Get it? Falling?

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Amidst the changes the leaves were still leaves. They couldn’t help but listen to all the conversations below Ooh!, Squealed Birch: Look! Pie! Where?! Pie? Where? Where?! Oh! Probably in that box right there. What what what what’s pie?, said Oak. 
Uh I don’t know, but I want some. Maple wants. She wants apples, she wants pie.  She just wants the good stuff in life, 
you know? Can’t blame her for that You’ll be able to hear better once you’re on the 
ground, said one of the squirrels. The ground?!   The Treetops erupted. WHAAAT?! How fast would I go? Um, that’s too far down. 
What about the trees? We fall?! I’m nervous and excited!   Down there? Will it hurt? Um, what if a friend isn’t ready to fall? Asking for a friend. Ah can I go first? No thank you. What 
about the trees? Oh!!! The wind blew harder yet And then it started to happen! For Birch, it was a joyful leap through the windy sky. Look at that form! That grace! That style! That athleticism, that casual Elegance. The judges give Birch a 10. Oak had more of a hesitant trip downward. Oh, am I close? Not really! Keep going! OAK YELLS NERVOUSLY He’ll get there eventually. 
Maybe by the next page. Maple was still high up in the branches, alone. She was not yellow. She was not falling. There was no pie. There were no apples. Things are NOT going well for Maple today. Impatient to join her friends, Maple 
yanked and pulled and do you happen   To see what’s happening to her? Because 
she’s not noticing at all. Did you see in the previous page – did you see the little 
touch of orangey red happening right there? And now it’s taking over this one part. 
And now it’s like two-thirds of her   And now there’s only its little tiny part that’s 
green, and I don’t think she’s even noticed.   Uh I’m not sure I’d be in such a rush to 
get down there, said one of the squirrels. Okay now, what up squirrel? Hmm   There are bottoms of boots and gutters. Oh! 
And dogs and rivers and rakes. Maple stopped tugging. You don’t say? These squirrels they’re just rabble rousers. Oh here we go, but it was too late! DOWN! DOWN! DOWN SHE WENT! WOOOOOO!

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Looking pretty nervous, but she’s 
doing it. She gets a 10 also! Somehow, the world seemed bigger on the ground. Maple was telling her friends about the boots and the rakes when there was a sudden GUSH! And then a WHOOSH! Then I don’t know what this means. Are they going 
to be carried away? And the squirrels are watching and they’re all like a couple of 
know-it-alls up there, to be honest with you. But they seem to know what’s going to happen but 
they don’t, and we don’t know yet until we turn the page! And the leaves were swept into a topsy turvy swirl. Is that a gutter, Maple shouted. And I see rakes and I see the squirrels and you know 
everything’s just going around so fast you know Because they’re like WHOOOOSH like that, right? Like as if you were being spun really fast and everything’s a blur And there’s like a dog and there’s a pie 
but it’s not in her mouth so it’s no good And then there’s the bottom of a boot and there’s a worm. I 
don’t know why. That must be a rake!, said Oak. Do I smell pie, said Birch. They landed. And that’s when they heard a whisper… ”There you are!”. And met a someone. Look at her – she loves them! She held Oak, Birch and Maple close to her chest because 
that’s what you do with very special things. It’s like she’s a modern-day Little Red 
Riding Hood, except it’s probably not a   Riding Hood as much as a little red hoodie hood. Yeah. The girl listened closely. See that? I’m a pirate, said Birch. 
She’s drawing, she’s making art.   She’s tracing the leaves to make designs. See that, I’m a pirate, said Birch. She became a pirate. Oh can you draw me bravely carrying 
10 leaves down the tree, Oak asked, suddenly feeling very brave. You know, um, I always knew I’d be red, said Maple. Nothing wrong with being a little bit Red, Maple And oh! The house has pie. Pie & happiness & crayons & drawings. And there’s gonna be more pie Maybe cooking because there’s flour there And fall was new all over again because now they 
weren’t on a tree, they were decor. Look at that To live on the walls, to become inspiration for 
art, to be a pirate, to be a champion! To leap over tall trees and cats in a single bound and hang 
out with little red hoodie hood and look who’s there.

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SQUIRREL GIGGLES I knew it’d turned out okay. Bok-Bok-Bok-Bok-Bok! And so did Random Rooster. So with that I bid you Happy Fall, y’all!

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About the Author: Irene Jones

I was a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System for over 20 years. I love teaching preschoolers and watching them progress from wide eyed blank slates to being able to read and write. The pride they enjoy from advancing their abilities and seeing their imagination grow is the greatest reward a teacher can receive.